Nation Dream Meanings

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Nation Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources

Symbolized as friend or foe, not literal nations of ethnic groups
Dream Source: Dream Dictionary Unlimited
Author: Margaret Hamilton

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United Nations

To dream of the United Nations suggests that the most important thing in your life at this time needs your full and undivided attention. There may be an injustice at foot and to dream of the UN implies that a fair solution is waiting to be discovered.... united nations dream meaning

National Anthem

To dream of hearing the national anthem suggests that you will receive news from a distance.

If you were singing the anthem, you need to be more disciplined and stop wasting time on meaningless pursuits.... national anthem dream meaning


Nationality, ethnicity, or culture can represent the actual country or continent, its people, its culture, or anything you personally associate with that area of the world.

Consider its context in your dream and what comes to mind when you think of that nationality.

For example, an object that is Chinese might represent Eastern culture, ancient origin, a particular philosophy, alternative medicine, or a person with whom you’ve interacted that you perceive to be of Chinese origin.

See also: Country; Region; Nomad; Telescope... nationality dream meaning

Nation/ Characteristics

1. That for which the people are generally known; may represent the actual nation in the natural;

2. Explore whether there is an existing connection between the country and the dreamer; 1st Kings 9:7; Acts 16:9.... nation/ characteristics dream meaning