The meaning of the symbols of mass and coming vagina seen in a dream.

Mass coming out of vagina

What does the symbols of mass and coming vagina mean in a dream?

The keywords of this dream: Mass Coming

10 dream interpretation about mass and coming vagina related.


1. Femininity and female power.

2. Possible feelings of guilt or shame (to dream something is wrong with a vagina).

3. Feel­ings of a need to be more discreet, less exposed (to dream one’s vagina is exposed). ... vagina dream meaning


The approach of our individual self to the sense of wholeness, the communal whole or collective mind, or to the Christ.

See Christ under archetypes. ... mass dream meaning

Blowing Into A Vagina

(See Blowing)... blowing into a vagina dream meaning

Coming Down

(See Descending)... coming down dream meaning

Coming Home

(See Arrival)... coming home dream meaning

Home Coming

(See Arrival)... home coming dream meaning

Mass Production

Dreams of mass production symbolize wealth, success, efficiency, and organization.

See Manufacture and Prototype.... mass production dream meaning

Weapons Of Mass Destruction

Nightmares about weapons of mass destruction represent that you are venting out your fear of death, destruction, ego-obliteration and grand scale annihilation.

See War and Venting Dreams.... weapons of mass destruction dream meaning

Edge, Coming To An

A transition, such as within a process or between two phases.

Being forced to change, adapt, or take action of some kind in your life.

Feeling as if your options are very limited.

An obstacle or challenge.

Feeling pushed to an extreme or limit.

A sudden loss of support from others (perhaps giving you the opportunity to “fly” on your own somehow).

See also: Ledge or Cliff; Limit or Boundary; Sharp... edge, coming to an dream meaning

Coming In

1. Fashion;

2. On the clouds; Rev 1:7;1Pet 3:3-4... coming in dream meaning