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Marriage Dream Meaning: From 34 Different Sources

Marriage may symbolize the union of opposite forces in your psyche, and the consequent achievement of wholeness. (For the male / femalc symbolism of opposing forces, see Couple, Hermaphrodite, Man, Woman.) The most obvious example is the bringing together of the masculine and feminine sides of your personality. 
Dream Source: A Dictionary of Dream Symbols
Author: Eric Ackroyd
Getting married in a cream may represent the sacred marriage between the male, the logical and expressive aspect, and female, the intuitive aspect of your soul.

The state of being married may comment on a creative project that fulfilled some longtime wish or desire. Dreaming about mamage may also symbolize your readiness for matrimony.

Dream Source: Ariadne's Book of Dream
Author: Ariadne Green
You need to integrate some aspects of your character. Marriage is a joining of two energies into a third entity of cooperation and harmony. Symbolically, it relates to habits, patterns, thought processes, or belief systems that at one time were experienced as separate but now are either integrating or need to.

If you are one of the marriage partners, consider the spouse in the dream as representing the quality of personality that is being called forth at this time.

Dream Source: Complete Dictionary of Dreams
Author: Dr. Mıchael Lennox
1. Covenant or partnership;

2. The joining of Jesus and the Bride of Christ;

3. The church;

4. Contract; Matt. 19:4-6; Eph. 5:31-32.

Dream Source: Dream Dictionary The Biblical Model
Author: Vincent Wienand
If the dreamer is getting married, and is happy about it, either a wedding or another type of much-desired contract or agreement is indicated.

If the dreamer is marrying someone whom she does NOT want to marry, then she may be headed for a task that she’d rather not perform.

If the dreamer is a guest at someone else’s wedding, the success of a long-term goal may depend on others. Astrological parallels: Venus, Jupiter, Libra, Sagittarius Tarot parallels: The Empress, Justice

Dream Source: Dream Explanations of Astro Center
Author: Astro Center
Spiritually there is a process of integration that needs to come about. This is usually known as a mystic union or mystic marriage. Here the physical and spiritual sides need to harmonize and when they do we are suffused by a sense of bliss.

The sense of rightness is sometimes felt first in dreams.

Dream Source: Dream Meanings of Versatile
Author: Versatile - Anonymous
Psychological / emotional perspective: Firstly the masculine and feminine sides (drive and receptivity) of our personality need to unite, then emotions are allowed to settle. In dreams this can manifest as a sense of peace.
Dream Source: Dream Meanings of Versatile
Author: Versatile - Anonymous
Material aspects: On a more mundane level, as these processes of integration are taking place we will often dream of marriage. In previous times, the sexual act was seen as symbolizing the union of the sacred and the secular.

The concept of the sacred marriage or sacred love ceremony originated with the ancients, who enacted annual ceremonies to bring fertility and prosperity, signifying commitment. Today dreams of marriage have that symbolism of dedication to someone else.

Dream Source: Dream Meanings of Versatile
Author: Versatile - Anonymous
Gives gender-specific: As an actual wedding ceremony tends to become less important but commitment is, both men and women may dream of an act of commitment, a proposal or making a vow when they feel secure within a relationship.

Dreaming of monogamy highlights this commitment.

Dream Source: Dream Meanings of Versatile
Author: Versatile - Anonymous
To dream of a marriage represents change, harmony, and obligations. You are facing a significant stage in your life where you will begin a new journey. It may also symbolize the joining of your various attributes and characteristics, especially the male and female attributes.

To dream of a marriage proposal indicates that some issue will influence you negatively.

To dream that you are getting married to your ex implies that you have come to terms with lessons and errors that you made in that relationship. You have been able to grow and discover new truths about yourself. It may also suggest that if you are in a relationship now, there are similar aspects as your previous relationship. You will not commit similar errors though. You have learned how to make changes. *See Wedding.

Dream Source: Dream Symbols and Analysis
Author: DreamForth
Marriage in a dream symbolizes commitment of oneself to another. It can also represent the inner marriage of formerly disjunctive aspects of oneself. (See also Bride / Bridegroom.)
Dream Source: Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia
Author: James R. Lewis and Evelyn Dorothy Oliver
Depth Psychology: If you are single, dreaming about marriage often means you secretly wish to be married. It might also be a reference to marital problems, either in the present or from a former marriage.

The best of all possibilities would be that the dream reflects harmony between your conscious and unconscious.

Dream Source: Dreamers Dictionary
Author: Garuda
Dreaming of a marriage, or a wedding, is the sign of a death in the family.

If the marriage was between strangers, then the death pertains to a not too close acquaintance or friend.

See Wedding for more information.

Dream Source: Encyclopedia of Dreams
Author: Michael and Elizabeth Thiessen
(Cage; Digging a grave; Duel; Golden cage; Pearl; Sanctuary; Silver cage) Marriage in a dream represents the providence of God Almighty and care for His servants. Marriage in a dream also means imprisonment, indebtedness, sorrow, distress, depression, carrying a liability, or endeavoring to achieve a high ranking position.

If one marries a known woman in his dream, it means that he will endeavor to satisfy the normal responsibilities of a husband. Ifone marries an unknown woman, and ifhe could not see her in his dream, it denotes the nearing of his death, or it could mean moving from an old house into a new one.

If a sick woman sees herself getting married to a man she does not recognize or know his name in a dream, it means that she may die from her illness.

If the man who sees himself getting married in the dream qualifies, it means that he will attain a high ranking job or a suitable position.

If one’s wedding ceremony is made with witnesses only in the dream, it means that he has made a covenant with God Almighty.

If he performs a traditional wedding ceremony with its celebrations and festivities in the dream, it means a new job, or it could mean acquiring fame, or becoming renowned for one’s good reputation or character. Marriage in a dream is also interpreted in association with a trade.

If one marries a woman who dies shortly after her wedding in the dream, it means that he will perform a job that earns him nothing but hard labor, toiling and stress.

If one marries an adulteress in a dream, it means that he is an adulterer.

If one marries a vicious, aggressive or a dominating wife in a dream, it means that his movements will be hampered with various restrictions.

If one marries a deceased woman in a dream, it means that he will revive a profitable project he had earlier abandoned.

If a man offers his mother in marriage to one of his friends in a dream, it means that he will sell his house.

If a pregnant woman sees herself getting married in a dream, it means that she will give birth to a girl.

If she sees herself in her wedding night in a dream, it means that she will beget a son.

If a mother who has a son sees herself getting married in a dream, it means that she will marry off her son. In general, the marriage of a married woman, or of an unwed woman in a dream means benefits.

If a woman marries a deceased man in a dream, it means that she will become lost and impoverished.

If a married man sees himself getting married to a second woman in a dream, it means profits.

To marry the daughter of a known man of knowledge in a dream means prosperity. Ifa sick woman marries a man of knowledge in her dream, it means recovering from her illness.

If a man sees himself marrying a living relative who is in a degree of consanguinity that precludes such a marriage in a dream, it means that he will sever his ties with such a relative, or with her family. Otherwise, if that relative is already dead, it means that he will contact her immediate relatives and establish a friendly relationship with them.

(Also see Cage; Duel; Sanctuary; Wife; Yoke)

Dream Source: Islamic Dream Interpretation
Author: Ibn Seerin
Union of contrasting parts of yourself (often your feminine and masculine sides). Longing for a permanent bond.

Folklore: Unfavorable omen, because after the so- called “happy ending,” “things” are just getting started.

Dream Source: Little Giant Encyclopedia
Author: Klaus Vollmar
A dream about marriage means you are feeling balanced and in control of your emotions.

The exception is if you dream of being forced into marriage, which means you are having strong doubts about a situation or relationship everyone else thinks is perfect for you.

If you dream your friend is getting married, you may be worried she is leaving you behind.

If you have a dream that your friend marries your boyfriend, you may have noticed some flirting between them in real life.

Dream Source: My Dream Interpretation
Author: myjellybean
1. A journey, romantic or otherwise.

2. Death, either of close relation or friend.

3. Commitment, either need for or fear of.

Dream Source: New American Dream Dictionary
Author: Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin
Marriage dreams for the young are numerous. They are naturally significant of a human desire for mating, but do not necessarily foretell that a marriage will be contacted. Traditional interpretations vary. Some are as follows: To dream of your own marriage, if you are not actually married, means that you will hear something that displeases you.

To see a marriage, happiness for the dreamer.

If everybody is mournful at the wedding, sadness awaits the dreamer.

For a married person, a dream of another marriage signifies distrust or deep-seated jealousy toward the present mate.

A dream of bigamy indicates uncontrollable emotions or suspicion of some other person related to the dreamer.

Dream Source: Psycho Dream Interpretation
Author: Ella Freeman Sharpe
Dreams of marriage represent integration and the embrace of opposites.

If you are married, then dreaming of marriage may be a processing dream about the current circumstances you and your spouse are grappling with.

If you are not married, then this dream may represent your desires and hopes for what your idealized marriage would look/feel like.

See Wedding, Wish Fulfillment Dreams, Commitment and Vows.

Dream Source: Strangest Dream Explanations
Author: Dream Explanations - Anonymous
For a woman to dream that she marries an old, decrepit man, wrinkled face and gray headed, denotes she will have a vast amount of trouble and sickness to encounter. If, while the ceremony is in progress, her lover passes, wearing black and looking at her in a reproachful way, she will be driven to desperation by the coldness and lack of sympathy of a friend.

To dream of seeing a marriage, denotes high enjoyment, if the wedding guests attend in pleasing colors and are happy; if they are dressed in black or other somber hues, there will be mourning and sorrow in store for the dreamer.

If you dream of contracting a marriage, you will have unpleasant news from the absent.

If you are an attendant at a wedding, you will experience much pleasure from the thoughtfulness of loved ones, and business affairs will be unusually promising.

To dream of any unfortunate occurrence in connection with a marriage, foretells distress, sickness, or death in your family.

For a young woman to dream that she is a bride, and unhappy or indifferent, foretells disappointments in love, and probably her own sickness. She should be careful of her conduct, as enemies are near her.

See Bride.

Dream Source: Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation
Author: Gustavus Hindman Miller
It is a symbol of commitment and, depending on the details of your dream, you may be currently dealing with this issue.

The commitment could be to your work, to yourself or to your partner. Mostly, a marriage in your dream represents the coming together all various parts of yourself (feminine and masculine, or spiritual and rational). It could represent a greater level of awareness where by the dreamer’s conscious and unconscious elements are becoming more familiar and are embracing one another.

The marriage dream is affirmation and encouragement to grow in self-awareness and to transform yourself. On a more practical level, if you are not married but would like to be, this dream could also be a form of wish-fulfillment.

Dream Source: The Bedside Dream Dictionary
Author: Silvana Amar
It is a symbol of commitment and, depending on the details of your dream, you may be currently dealing with this issue.

The commitment could be to your work, to yourself or to your partner. Mostly, a marriage in your dream represents the coming together all various parts of yourself (feminine and masculine, or spiritual and rational). It could represent a greater level of awareness where by the dreamer’s conscious and unconscious elements are becoming more familiar and are embracing one another.

The marriage dream is affirmation and encouragement to grow in self-awareness and to transform yourself. On a more practical level, if you are not married but would like to be, this dream could also be a form of wish-fulfillment

Dream Source: The Bedside Dream Dictionary
Author: Silvana Amar
This not only symbolizes the emotional union of the protagonist with another person, but also internal balance between the masculine and feminine polarity. Additionally, the dream could represent the relationship you maintain between your brain hemispheres (that is, that which governs intuition and that which governs analytical reason). Despite all this, this type of image reveals inner conflicts that affect the personality. “Literal” dreams about conjugal life tend to evolve throughout your life: first they tend to reflect the desire to find a soulmate; then, when the wedding is approaching, elements linked to compromise appear; later, dreams refer to a common project based on mutual love and respect. (See WEDDING) 
Dream Source: The Big Dictionary of Dreams
Author: Martha Clarke
Disappointments in her love affaire are predicted to the young woman who dreams of being married» particularly if the dream is accompanied by no particular thrill or excitement If she is a happy bride and the dream gives her extreme pleasure, the portent is one which should be comforting to a woman in love.

It is a happy augury to dream of being a bridesmaid, a maid of honor, or a best man at a wedding, for you will have cause to be thankful for the loving attentions of those who are close to you.

To dream of being present at a wedding where ail the circumstances are joyful, means happy years ahead If the guests are dressed in black or dark colors, the dreamer has sorrow to look forward to.

A woman who dreams that she marries a man of advanced years is likely to have much trouble in the near future.

It is a portent of illness, bad news and other kinds of ill luck.

Dream Source: The Complete Dream Book
Author: Gillian Holloway
For single people to dream they are married indicates that they are involved in an affair of diminishing returns and would do well to seek a new alliance.

Otherwise, see Wedding.

Dream Source: The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams
Author: Stearn Robinson - Tom Corbett
An agreement, partnership, or ongoing arrangement (whether related to a romantic relationship or not).

The idea of a commitment, promise, or contract.

A real or desired relationship (such as a romantic relationship, friendship, business partnership, etc.).

Being married when you’re not in real life can represent: a particular relationship in your real life, since most relationships involve the same basic dynamics as in marriage (trust, communication, etc.); exploring what it might be like to be married (in general or to a certain person); experiencing the demands of commitments or responsibilities in your life.

For more clues, consider the people involve, their dynamics, and what stood out about the marriage.

See also: Wedding; Relationship

Dream Source: The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary
Author: Nancy Wagaman
A uniting or bringing together of ideas, people, parts or aspects of self. To dream of marriage often represents a blending of the intellectual and intuitive or masculine and feminine parts of self. To dream of marrying a former lover or friend suggests integrating the positive qualities of the person into one’s own consciousness, rather than projecting them on to the other.

See Yin-Yang.

Dream Source: The Dream Books Symbols
Author: Betty Bethards
Marriage is the union of a male and female or two people deeply in love. In the universal language of mind, marriage represents the commitment between the conscious and subconscious minds. Dreams of marriage indicate the initiation of a new awareness for the dreamer.
Dream Source: The Element Encyclopedia
Author: Theresa Cheung
A dream invariably auguring sickness, death, etc.
Dream Source: The Fabric of Dream
Author: Katherine Taylor Craig
(see Bride, Engagement, Groom, Relationships, Wedding)
Dream Source: The Language of Dreams
Author: Patrica Telesco
Dreaming of a marriage, or a wedding, is the sign of a death in the family.

If the marriage was between strangers, then the death pertains to a not too close acquaintance or friend.

See Wedding for more information.

Dream Source: Tryskelion Dream Interpretation
Author: Pagan - Anonymous
lucky numbers: 04-10-11-15-21-25

announcing one’s own: friction from resentment of enemies wil last over time.

annulled, becoming a bachelor after an: have a strong, outstanding personality.

assisting at a: wil have pleasing news of little importance.

bridesmaid at a, ceremony, being a: wil marry soon if sincerely happy for the bride.

bride or groom: major financial loss affecting living standards and health.

children: have a naïve enthusiasm toward a new project.

daughter away in, giving a: good times are ahead; freedom from responsibility.

sister: unexpected big peril of serious incestuous entanglements.

flower girl: wil have a happy future from the care and consideration of family.

maid of honor: wil accept nothing less than the truth.

getting married: melancholy for the guests with unrequited loves.

honeymoon, a: looking forward to future activities.

infidelity: accusing yourself of being unfaithful to an idea.

money, for: your nervousness and irritability are not ways to avert your financial loss.

others announcing their: disagreeable news from those absent.

partner being suddenly grotesque: question if this is the right choice for you.

priest in a, of the: sit back; you’re into obsessing over other’s lives rather than living own.

relatives, announcing to: immediate recovery from being overly committed.

second, a: inner marriage of formerly disjointed aspects of one’s self.

to a younger man: facing a delicate mental outlook that needs restructuring.

secret, a: a disappointing love affair leaves you uncertain and confused.

virgin, to a: frigidness and lack of sympathy from mate.

widower dreaming of: some things cannot be replaced.

wife and husband restating their vows: happiness is ensured until death.

will, against your: a lively and eventful period of excessive responsibilities.

woman dreaming of, to an old man: are tired, sick and stressed from trouble ahead.

young, being an unhappy bride at a: enemies seek her downfal , adding burdens.

13 dream interpretation about marriage related.

Marriage, Wedding

One’s marriage or feelings about mar­riage, uniting two different aspects of dreamer such as intellect and feelings, practical and intuitive self; the ‘marriage’ be­tween conscious and unconscious self—any children of the marriage would be the flowering of new abilities or qualities; sometimes is about what our energy or drive is uniting us with, such as a new business venture or creative scheme—any children of this marriage suggest our intuitive assessment of the likely outcome. Also in some cultures dreaming of a wed- ding signifies a death in the family.

Example: ‘1 am at the wedding of my best friend.

The groom doesn’t turn up and she decides to marry the first per­son who comes along. I wonder whether this is a good thing to do’ (Mary T).

Dreaming of wedding if single: Mary could equally as well have dreamt she was the bride, but being in her 30s and unmarned it is easier for her to consider or exper­iment with the idea of marriage using the image of her friend. Should she marry whoever offers? When single one often dreams of marnage as a way of clarifying. What would it be like? Could one succeed in it? Is the present panner OK? How will one achieve it?

Example: ‘When I was engaged to my present husband I dreamt we were married and I looked down at my wedding ring. It was twisted and bent. In fact I now see it as a warning because we have not made a good marriage’ (SW). ... marriage, wedding dream meaning

Marriage Bond

To rescind one’s bond of marriage in a dream means either death or dismissal from work.

To revoke the bond of marriage in a dream also may mean selling a product for a term, requiring its return, or it may mean apostasy.

(Also see Marriage; Yoke)... marriage bond dream meaning

Marriage For Pleasure

(Morganatic marriage.

See Explorer)... marriage for pleasure dream meaning

Marriage Of A Man To A Man

If a person sees himself marrying an unknown young man, it means he will gain victory over his enemy. But if he is known and there is no enmity between them then he the “bridge” will acquire some goodness from either the “groom” or someone who resembles him in name or personality.... marriage of a man to a man dream meaning

Marriage Of A Wife

If a person sees his wife getting married to someone else, it means her household will become wealthy and prosperous.... marriage of a wife dream meaning

Marriage To One’s Mother, Sister Etc.

If a person dreams that he is marrying his mother, sister or any such person with whom marriage is forbidden is Islam-and such a dream is seen in any of the sacred months of Thil-Qa’dah, Thil-Hijjah, Muiharram or Rajab-it means he will proceed to Makkah and Madeenah. But if such a dream is not seen in any of the said months it means he will treat his relatives with kindness and serve them well.

If his relationship with them was estranged, it will be re-established.... marriage to one’s mother, sister etc. dream meaning

Morganatic Marriage

(Marriage for pleasure.

See Explorer)... morganatic marriage dream meaning

Plural Marriage

(See Polygamy)... plural marriage dream meaning

Marriage Ring

Separation or longing for a relationship.

Folklore: Separation.... marriage ring dream meaning

Interracial Marriage

A sign that a stranger from a far distance will be visiting you and will have a great influence in your life.

See also Wedding.... interracial marriage dream meaning

Marriage Or Marrying

To dream that you witness a Marriage is a warning of ill-health. But if you assist at the ceremony, it shows some pleasing news, not of great importance.

To dream that you are being Married, either as Bride or Bridegroom, is a most unfortunate omen.... marriage or marrying dream meaning

Marriage / Wife / Husband

Compensation and reconciliation of differences, melding of male and female energies. Usually, the dreamer’s own characteristics are indicated. Longing for partnership, particularly in a divorce or separation situation; or fear of marriage and commitment. Are you able to accept the Other? Are you able to preserve the space between yourself and the Other, and experience it as positive? However, you also ought to ask yourself if you are expecting your partner to fulfill all your desires, or are you willing to work for them yourself? Transference.... marriage / wife / husband dream meaning

Marriage / Engagement

Dreams about proposals may simply be wish-fulfillment, especially if the person to whom you are getting married is someone you are attracted to in waking life.

If you are already married and dream that someone else, a person you know or a stranger proposed to you, you need to think about what your dream suitor could represent to you, as this will hold the key to the interpretation. The dream suitor may represent a commitment that you may be being asked to make in real life, for example a new job offer. Your dream reaction to both the proposal and to the engagement ring will give you an indication as to how you feel about committing yourself to this person or project.

Like dreams about proposals, dreams about weddings and marriage may be simple wish-fulfillment.

If you have such a dream and are about to get married, pay attention to how you feel. Are you beaming with joy or filled with panic? If you are feeling anxious, your unconscious may have been urging you to acknowledge your qualms and either come to terms with them or call off the wedding.

If the church altar features in your dream marriage, bear in mind that this is a symbol of sacrifice too; if you are wearing white, this is a symbol of purity and innocence. Are you in danger of sacrificing yourself to someone who isn’t good for you? If a wedding dress or cake appears in your dream, this may refer to your feelings and hopes about relationships and wedding.

If the wedding dress is given by your mother, it refers to qualities and strengths associated with your mother that are relevant to your relationship. Listen to the uncertainties your unconscious is expressing and try to resolve them before the wedding day.

If you have no intention of getting married in real life and you are getting married in your dream to someone you know, this could suggest that you harbor unconscious romantic feelings towards them. Alternatively, your dream may be sending you such a dream to highlight another form of joining together, such as a marriage of ideas or a merging of plans and projects. Another interpretation suggests that your dreaming mind has conjured up a marriage scenario to indicate the need to bring together two opposing aspects of your personality—Jungians would suggest the masculine and feminine qualities we all possess—to create a harmonious whole. Could your bride have been your anima if you are a man and your bridegroom your animus if you are a woman?

Similarly, marrying a stranger in your dream may suggest the possibility of uniting two different but complementary aspects of your personality—your intuition and your intelligence for example. Such a partnership may empower you to take a new direction in your life and any children of this marriage may suggest the outcome or result of this new potential.

If you dreamed of being at someone else’s wedding, your unconscious may also have been highlighting two different aspects of your personality. On the other hand, if you know one of the partners getting married in your dream, perhaps you are worried about losing a close relationship with them.

If you were the best man or bridesmaid in your dream, pay attention to your feelings; if you felt jealous, this could suggest your fear of loneliness in waking life as in ’always a bridesmaid and never a bride’. Finally, if you have been married for many years and dream of marrying again, this may suggest that your feelings for your partner are as vibrant as ever. It may also suggest that your mutual commitment is showing signs of strain and needs special care and attention to revive it. In some cultures, to dream of a wedding signifies a death in the family or change in the family’s circumstances. To dream about a honeymoon may reflect a period of happiness in your waking life.... marriage / engagement dream meaning