Location Dream Meanings

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A location can represent something you associate with a real-life location, event, person, memory, desire, fear, or something else in real life.

A location can also convey a mood or characteristic that consistent with whatever that location’s events represent (such as the happiness of a theme park representing your happiness on the first day of summer, or a peaceful lake representing the calmness of your quiet house).

Consider your feelings about the location and anything that stood out about it.

See also the specific type of location.

See also: Places (the category)

Dream Source: The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary
Author: Nancy Wagaman

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(see Directions, Landmarks)

Seeing specific cities, states, or countries in your dream may have some bearing on the overall interpretation.

For example, if the region has a symbolic name like Taylor, MI, this could indicate the need to “tailor” your activities or character to fit a specific situation. Areas that have animal names can be interpreted similarly, like Buffalo, NY, revealing a personality that tends to stampede over everyone standing in her / his way.... locations dream meaning