Loaning Dream Meanings

Loaning Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources

Lending something to someone can represent: Feeling that you’ve given something (tangible or intangible) to that person (and perhaps you expect them to return it or give you something in return).

Feeling that someone is indebted to you.

Helping someone (“lending” them your knowledge or expertise).

See also: Investment; Owing; Money; Finances; Borrowing

Dream Source: The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary
Author: Nancy Wagaman


1. Caution in financial matters.

2. Sorrow and loss.

3. Help will be available (if loaning something). ... borrow dream meaning


(Borrowing; Charity; Lending money) Loaning someone something in a dream represents a charity to be paid to the borrower, or that in fact the lender will need something from the borrower.

A loan in a dream also represents repentance of a sinner, or guidance for a heedless person. Loaning someone money in a dream also means generosity and giving due preference to others’ needs. Lendingpeople money with generosity to please God Almighty in a dream means spending money on God’s path. As for a sick person, being under the constraint of debts in a dream signifies further health complications.

If a sick person sees himself in a dream borrowing to pay his loans, it means his death.

If a borrower finds that his lender has died in a dream, it means relief from his stress. Signing a loan in a dream means being put under court restraint.

(Also see Borrowing; Charity; Lending money)... loan dream meaning


Borrowing something from someone can represent a feeling that you’ve taken something (tangible or intangible) from that person and you owe them something back.

For example, maybe in real life the person did you a favor and you intend to return the favor sometime.

See also: Debt; Owing; Loaning; Giving; Agreement; Finances; Money; Receiving... borrowing dream meaning


Finances (and especially the flow of money) can represent the flow of something that’s given and received in your life (such as time, effort, support, or something else of value).

A savings account with a high balance can represent something you’ve saved or “banked” (such as good will, favors that people owe you, or good karma).

Wasting money can represent wasting something valuable (such as time, energy, or effort).

For more clues to meaning, consider the flow of money, the context and motivations involved, and your feelings about it.

See also: Money; Check (Money); Paying; Buying; Accumulating; Bills; Debt; Owing; Loaning; Borrowing; Rich; Investment... finances dream meaning


A physical, emotional, or mental outlay (such as of money, time, or effort) in order to receive a future benefit.

Examples include investing in a child’s education for the benefit of their future success; spending time and effort in a relationship that provides love and security; acting generously and then being able to feel good about it.

See also: Finances; Loaning; Buying... investment dream meaning


Money (currency, bills, coins, a check, etc.) can represent: Value or “currency” of some kind.

Something of value that you’ve given or received in your life, or that you’d like to give or receive (such as money, love, respect, or good will).

Something you treasure (such as a relationship or memories).

Investment or saving.

Being given money can represent receiving: something valuable (tangible or intangible) in real life; feeling someone’s generosity (or a wish for such).

Paying money can represent giving something valuable, perhaps in return for something valuable.

Winning money can mean you’d like for this to happen in real life, or you’re feeling fortunate.

Someone demanding money can represent a real or feared demand in your life (monetary or otherwise).

Someone owing you money can represent feeling the person is indebted to you somehow, or that you’ve done more for this person than they’ve done for you.

See also: Finances; Rich; Check (Money); Loaning; Borrowing; Paying... money dream meaning


Owing (money, a favor, etc.) can represent: A sense of gratitude for something you received.

A feeling or fear that you owe someone something, or that they could demand something from you.

Someone owing you something can represent: feeling that person “owes you” or is indebted to you somehow, or that you have given more to this person in your relationship than you’ve received from them; the attitude of giving only in order to receive something back (perhaps giving conditional rather than unconditional love).

See also: Loaning; Finances; Bills; Debt; Borrowing; Money... owing dream meaning