Limit or boundary Dream Meanings

Limit Or Boundary Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources

A limit, boundary, or edge can represent: A challenge or obstacle in your life.

A limitation put on you by others, society, circumstance, environment, or something else outside yourself.

A perceived personal limitation, or perhaps some you’re limiting yourself.

A beginning or ending.

An extreme, or something “far out” (such as “the edge of the world,” “the edge of reason,” or “the limit of your patience”).

“The best,” “the most,” or another superlative concept.

For more clues, consider the context of and your feelings about the limit or boundary.

See also: Edge, Coming to an; Ledge or Cliff; Divider; Restrained; Top; Bottom; Infinite; Frame

Dream Source: The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary
Author: Nancy Wagaman


Dreams of boundaries symbolize your attitudes and feelings about saying “No”. You are learning to set healthy limits, allowing yourself to have some alone time, learning to speak up for yourself, and protecting yourself against a real or perceived threat. Also a fortress could represent your desire to hold tight to your ideals and patterns as you fight against change. Alternatively, this dream may be showing you that you may have set too many boundaries and are keeping intimacy, love, and opportunities at bay.... boundary dream meaning