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Opening a goods box in your dream, signifies untold wealth and that delightful journeys to distant places may be made with happy results.

If the box is empty disappointment in works of all kinds will follow.

To see full money boxes, augurs cessation from business cares and a pleasant retirement. ... box dream meaning


Warning one to be pliable, avoiding controversial and arbitrary issues... boxing dream meaning

Chest, Box

May refer to one’s physical chest; more often the way we hide in ourselves, or keep hidden, our own feelings; our most valued ideals and hopes; our best insights; the best in us. ... chest, box dream meaning

Boxing Match

Ability to assert yourself. Aggression.

A frequent symbol for work / profession or marital situations, but it can also point to a positive fight.... boxing match dream meaning

Jack In The Box

The animated jack-in-the-box character that has popped out of this box sends a powerful sales pitch to fast- food consumers: “Get it fast and fresh from the grill. “ As the setting of a dream, however, driving through a Jack in the Box may metaphoncally comment that you might soon get an unexpected scary surprise popping out at you at the most unexpected time. It may frighten you or make you laugh. It may also indicate that you feel rushed and unnurtured.... jack in the box dream meaning

Cash Box

To dream of a full cash box, denotes that favorable prospects will open around you.

If empty, you will experience meager reimbursements.... cash box dream meaning

United States Mail Box

To see a United States mail box, in a dream, denotes that you are about to enter into transactions which will be claimed to be illegal.

To put a letter in one, denotes you will be held responsible for some irregularity of another. ... united states mail box dream meaning

Box Cutter

Removes mental stress of feeling “boxed in”; see “razor” and “knife”... box cutter dream meaning

Safe-deposit Box

A safe place; see “safe”... safe-deposit box dream meaning

Boxer (prizefighter)

1. A struggle for success, opportunities.

2. An inner struggle, often between two conflicting points of view.

3. A feeling that difficulties are out of control. ... boxer (prizefighter) dream meaning

Lunch Box

1. Social skills, resources.

2. A symbol of domestic bal­ance, contentment.

3. Slang for male genitals. ... lunch box dream meaning

Prizefight (boxing Match)

1. A struggle for financial success, opportunities.

2. An inner struggle, often between two conflict­ing points of view.

3. A feeling that difficulties are out of control. ... prizefight (boxing match) dream meaning

Treasure Box

(Jar; Preserves) Ifone finds a treasure box that is filled withjewelry in a dream, it means that he may acquire a large property, or it could mean joy or marriage.

A treasure box in a dream also means being proud of one’s child, or it could represent a wife who is concerned about the welfare of her family. It could also represent a book. Seeing ajar of preserves which is used in fermenting liquids in a dream connotes adversities and distress, or it may mean satisfying one’s debts.... treasure box dream meaning


Fighting, hostility, 1 Cor. 9:26 ... boxer dream meaning

Window Box

A window box full of flowers may welcome you to look into the eyes of another, or ii may represent the beauty of someone’s eyes.... window box dream meaning

Box (small)

Vision: Looking at a box: you are wasting too much rime grieving for the loss of your youth, and by doing that you are missing the advantages that are part of getting older. Holding a box in your hand: stop for a minute and think about whether—in the future—it will be worth sacrificing yourself for your relatives and friends. Seeing an open box: be careful, someone wants to steal from you. Somebody giving you a box: expect a pleasant surprise in the near future.

See Box, Crate (Large), Package.... box (small) dream meaning

U. S. Mail Box

If you dream of a mail box with United States on the side of it you will shortly find yourself being asked to do something that may be illegal.

If you are mailing a letter at the same time this is an omen that you will be held entirely to blame for everything while the other walks away.... u. s. mail box dream meaning

Box, Crate (large)

Vision: Looking at a closed box: others are keeping secrets. Does the box have a lock and is there a key in the lock? If so: you are bent on finding out about other people’s secrets. Looking at a box: you are either getting a present or will have a pleasant experience.

An empty box is a warning: you are going to lose something or somebody is stealing from you.

Depth Psychology: A box is the hiding place for our secrets and experiences (as well as memories). Why don’t you open the box and see what you find? See Box (Small), Suitcase.... box, crate (large) dream meaning

Pandora’s Box

This integration and/or venting dream is about coming to terms with your secrets, mystery, and shadow side. Your dream is showing you that you ultimately must take the contents of this box and face them, embrace them, erase them, replace them. Keep in mind what you resist persists.

See Integration Dreams.... pandora’s box dream meaning


Dreams of playing with an X-Box signifies a desire to win, and to become an expert in the art of strategy and game-playing. You are activating your sense of courage, adventure and heroism.... x-box dream meaning

Case / Box

interpreted upon 4 sides: glory, high standing, rank, woman.... case / box dream meaning

Boxer, Boxing

1.Do you feel as if you’re in a “sparring match” with someone around you? If so, dreaming of a boxing match could indicate that it’s not going to get any better and you need to take steps to end it.

A boxer with a lot of injuries foreshadows a lot of ideas that are going to need further research and revisions.

If the boxer is a woman, you’re nursing a lot of emotional scars that need more care than you’re giving them.... boxer, boxing dream meaning

Music Box

To see a music box your dream symbolizes the expectation of fun and pleasures.

If you were holding or carrying the box, this is an omen of success with the opposite sex.

If the music box was broken, problems in love and friendship are forecast.... music box dream meaning

Shoe Box

To dream of an empty shoe box, symbolizes that you are ready for true love and want it to come into your life.

If you dream of shoe boxes filled with new shoes, you may be overconfident in your success. Or, you may be on a life path that is unfamiliar to you.... shoe box dream meaning

Shoe Boxes

Feeling all ideas about future support are closed off.... shoe boxes dream meaning

Pandora’s Box

Process of growth: releasing all the negative, all fears, so positive awareness of self may emerge.... pandora’s box dream meaning

Boxing / Martial Art

If you dreamed of boxing, wrestling or practicing any kind of martial art, such as karate, judo or kick boxing, your dream may have had either hostile or defensive undertones. The violence of boxing or martial arts reveals a repressed hostility towards someone or something in your waking life. A knockout can indicate a guilty wish to inflict punishment or pain. Your dream may also be urging you to adopt a more calculated or self-disciplined approach to a certain threat or challenge in real life. At its most basic, boxing is an endurance sport; in dreams, it can suggest a period of uncertainty during which your intuitive and rational halves will be in conflict with each other. Your dream is telling you that if you have self-discipline and patience, you can develop inner strength and resilience.... boxing / martial art dream meaning

Tool Box

1. Problem solver;

2. Maintenance; Matt. 18:2-4; (4) Ps. 78:29.... tool box dream meaning