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A joke works because it shows situations in a new perspective. Perhaps you should re-examine your rigid perspective. Don’t take life quite so seriously, and let the soul be a source of joy.
Dream Source: Little Giant Encyclopedia
Author: Klaus Vollmar

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To dream of a jester, foretells you will ignore important things in looking after silly affairs. ... jester dream meaning


Something that one should not take too seriously... joke dream meaning

Joke / Joker

A joker in dreams is a free spirit or a self-actualized personality, one who has come to terms with life on the physical plane of existence.... joke / joker dream meaning


(see Clown, Laughter, Jester)

As is often the case in waking reality, jokes often cover up something far more pertinent in your dreams. They are also a way of calling attention to things that you might otherwise overlook. Consider the subject of the joke, and the peripherals in the dream, for more insight.... jokes dream meaning


(Fun; Joking) Jesting in a dream represents a state of poverty, adverse conditions, apathy, a low spirit, uncertainty, torpor, or low self-esteem. Jesting in a dream also represents an ailment, hunger, love, or sorrow.... jesting dream meaning

Practical Joke

If you dreamed of playing a practical joke on someone, your success will be delayed.

If you were the subject of the joke, you will have control over a new situation. Be wise in using this unexpected power, because if you try to go too far and take advantage of others, it will backfire on you!... practical joke dream meaning

Clown, Joker, Jester

false intelligence. ... clown, joker, jester dream meaning

Joker, Jester, Clown

False intelligence.... joker, jester, clown dream meaning