Jitters Dream Meanings

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Jitters Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources

A warning to be prepared or avert the situation shown to cause anxiety
Dream Source: Dream Dictionary Unlimited
Author: Margaret Hamilton

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An obstacle dream. Don’t give in to mental jitters and follow the ad- vice of more experienced heads and you can avoid the pitfalls.... bound dream meaning


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aisle in a, the: others wil taunt and belittle you into reacting; don’t.

walking down an: are guilty of bad actions; change tickets and sit in a different seat.

applause, giving: are unselfish and not envious of others, but they are envious of you.

hearing: forget present plans, begin an entirely new venture.

others: wish to receive the adulation of a star, to make up for none at al .

prominent person, to a: trust your instincts, not their credentials, in choosing al ies.

receiving: are prone to snobbishness over the life you wish you were living.

catcall, a: approval isn’t a prerequisite in life unless it’s your own.

jeering: someone wil cancel an agreement.

attending a, alone: a disagreeable encounter with reality over the pretense of being what you are not.

audience, an: putting through a deal, first you need a viable deal.

being on stage before an: face them boldly with your response.

political person, with a: an intense but temporary adventure.

social: pleasure with high distinction.

bored, being: wil be expected to accompany a dul , plodding guest.

cabaret, being in a: a charming insincerity on the part of newfound acquaintance.

can’t find: rethink your plan for self-growth.

drama, acting in a: the gracious appearance of a traffic cop can be deceiving.

having the jitters: wil take an important part in amateur theatricals.

writing: wil expose secret foolish act and lose best friend.

enjoying a theatrical spectacle: beware the double-dealings of your unrealistic ambitions.

floodlights, at the: public confrontations expose your inferiority complex.

looking into: the future is yours to see.

on your path: your focus is unfaltering.

shining on you: your sins are overexposed.

forgetting own line of a play: uncomfortable visit from people you dislike.

green room of a, being in the: wil soon relax into your accomplishments, or lack of them.

harlequin, dancing with a: delightful time with beloved.

hissing an actor: wil be held in contempt by those you respect.

being hissed: wil be anxious at the disregard and rudeness you receive.

late for a performance, being: make extra preparations for your day.

made it just in time: take a deep breath and start slowly.

matinee, attending a: a lapse from your stolid path.

not listening: have not formulated your presentation with updated input.

pantomime, a: an indiscrete blabbermouth wil cause a stumble in your route to success.

in a troop: minor disagreements can be removed from those unwil ing to solve them.

watching a: observe movements without words to understand motives.

performing: your escapades wil journey deeply into your shame.

prima donna, meeting a: your social circle is of glittery images and unreal characters.

rehearsing: need not stammer and stutter in one aspect of your life.

a musical scene: if you do not know how to behave, learn.

revue, taking part in a: take stock of your talents and develop those unique to you.

scenery, making the: wil opt out of a frolicking good time because of a minor infection.

seeing a dramatic spectacle: wil suffer through emotional crises and emerge.

good play with a loved one, a: matrimony.

large group, a: wil be forced to associate with unpleasant companions.

sweetheart: prosperity in the company of those in the pursuit of pleasure.

with family: are entertaining the idea that you too could be entertaining.

taking children to a: be cautious in discussing plans, but prepare for any eventuality.

usher won’t seat you: try another approach for a missed chance.

ventriloquist, being a: people disregard what you say: your face says the opposite of what you feel. ... theater dream meaning