Jewellry worn by women Dream Meanings

Jewellry Worn By Women Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources

if they are made from gold or silver they symbolise a pleasant life and embellishment for the women, But if they are one or two ankle-rings or bracelets then they represent her husband, brother or father.

The same is the interpretation of a crown although according to some, it presents a king or ruler.

Dream Source: Islamic Dream Interpretation
Author: Ibn Seerin


To dream of women, foreshadows intrigue.

To argue with one, foretells that you will be outwitted and foiled.

To see a dark-haired woman with blue eyes and a pug nose, definitely determines your withdrawal from a race in which you stood a showing for victory.

If she has brown eyes and a Roman nose, you will be cajoled into a dangerous speculation.

If she has auburn hair with this combination, it adds to your perplexity and anxiety.

If she is a blonde, you will find that all your engagements will be pleasant and favorable to your inclinations. ... women dream meaning


If its quantity is known it symbolises women, children and servants.

If it is so much that its quantity is not known it symbolises the Holy Qur’aan, religious knowledge, tasbeeh and thikr of Allah Ta’ala.... jewellry dream meaning

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