Ipecac Dream Meanings

Ipecac Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources


lucky numbers: 04-09-16-20-28-29

advising others of a: have confidence and are decisive in what you believe.

aloe to skin, applying: domestic problems are resolved.

drinking juice: wil heal the cuts in your stomach and the bruises on your heart.

antidote, taking an: for any thesis there is an antithesis; healing is synthesis.

camphor, using in the house: failure of the plans of a moth; wil risk vengeance.

castor oil, being ordered to take: recovery from a short bout of argumentativeness.

chamomile: peaceful settlements of adverse energies.

cupping, the process of: usury wil be only to your advantage.

finding a, for business affairs: wil economize and foil a scheme to ruin your interests.

giving children a: wil be highly considered by others who are not worthy of you.

iodine, swallowing: snap out of your depression.

liniment, rubbing a pain with: a valuable legacy of simple treasures.

manna as a mild laxative: everything in nature has medicinal properties.

divinely supplied: your health issues are nutritional.

poultice, applying a: climb out of that pit and develop that crazy obscure idea.

taking a: wil recover from an il ness very soon.

aspiration: neither listen to nor respect gossip.

belladonna: failure to meet debts, which cramps your hands.

giving: vain efforts to win affections away from the throes of poison.

cod liver oil: a love episode ful of ecstatic charm.

ipecac: your disgusting needs amuse you; wil stand firm against deceitful adventurers.

lozenge, throat: your disagreeable chatter does not make the job go away. ... remedy dream meaning