Invisible stitches Dream Meanings

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Becoming invisible or appearing out of nowhere suggests something emerging from or relating to the uncon­scious, being forgotten; hidden influences, as when touching dimensions of experience (states of consciousness) usually unknown. ... invisible dream meaning

Invisible Caller

(Voice) Hearing the voice of an invisible caller admonishing, commanding, forbidding, blessing, or reprimanding the person seeing the dream means exactly what one has heard and has no further interpretations. This includes all voices.

(Also see Voice)... invisible caller dream meaning


To dream that you have stitches on your body, represents your responsibility in keeping a situation or relationship together. You may fear that this situation or relationship is falling apart and needs to be mended. Consider also the symbolism of where the stitches are on your body for additional clues.

To dream that you are stitching up somebody else, indicates that you need to take extra care in adding your personal touch to some situation.... stitches dream meaning