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You can expect a pleasant change of pace (possibly foreign travel) if you dreamed of a pyramid, unless it was lying on its side, inverted, or damaged, in which case it suggests approaching family or financial worries.... pyramid dream meaning


(Inverted; Queer) Seeing a pimp in a dream means moving from a clean place to a loathsome one, or from a vagina to the anus.

A pimp in a dream also represents a pervert, or an inverted person who exhibits sexual desire for both sexes.

(Also see Panderer; Thread)... pimp dream meaning


A patient cries or laughs: a sick person will soon recover from the illness • Someone from afar comes to cry in front of you: you may hear a grave news • You hear Inverted Bells tone: you’ll have guest visiting you from a... sound dream meaning


Conflict with natural drives; desire to be less domi­nated by them, avoidance of sex; attempt to find the spiritual, which may be an inverted fear of one’s unconscious or a bid for power to control; development of will.

See religion and dreams. ... ascetic dream meaning


(see Abyss, Basket, Cauldron, Chalice)

Womanhood. In ancient Egypt, a symbol of the divine feminine principle and womb of origination.

Generative force and creativity. Babylonians regarded the cosmos as the mixing bowl of the Areat Goddess.

Cosmic powers and influences. Native Americans use an inverted bowl to represent the heavens, which are indirectly linked to the ancestors (see Space, Stars).

Consider the type of bowl for more meaning.

For example, a mixing bowl might represent your need to better blend the various components of your life into balance.... bowl dream meaning


A symbol associated with the Third Reich of Hitler’s Germany, the swastika (with blades moving counterclockwise) represents forces of destruction. Inverted to its clock- wise rotation, it signifies creativity and regeneration.... swastika dream meaning

Brushing / Styling Hair

To dream that you are styling your hair indicates that you are concerned with your physical appearance. This type of image should put you on alert: dressing up in an exaggerated manner is a sign of falseness in human relationships. Not in vain, when we modify our image, we can momentarily avoid facing our faults. Soon or later, however, the mask must fall and your costume can no longer hide reality.

To find yourself in danger is an indication of success; to escape it has an inverted symbolism, it predicts misfortune.... brushing / styling hair dream meaning


In many cultures, jewels represent spiritual truths. So precious stones, necklaces, or bracelets are symbols of higher wisdom. But careful! Do not fool yourself: in dreams positive attributes are inverted due to the vanity of the person who flaunts the jewels. In oneiric terms, these elements are a warning that we should not trust appearances. Behind an attractive image may lurk a deceitful or even dangerous situation.

Dreaming of broken jewels expresses a clear feeling of frustration. Other interpretations believe in the sincerity of jewels. So, they represent patience, creativity, understanding, peace, and love. Traditionally, in this sense, gold and diamonds were the incorruptible part of the being; rubies denoted passion; emeralds, fertility; and finally, sapphires, the truth.

This dream augurs good luck.

Joke Dreaming of teasing others is evidence of excessive seriousness of the dreamer’s life and her need for fun; the funnier the joke, the more extreme her condition will be. However, if it becomes annoying, it might hide in the background a desire to hurt others with mean jokes.

If the joke explained in the dream is funny, business will go full speed ahead.

If it is not funny at all, business will fail.... jewels dream meaning


The pentagram is a widely misunderstood symbol; it has its roots in Christianity but is often used in the media in an inverted shape to refer to elements of the evil side of the occult. Its pure meaning connects to the five senses and the experience of the human body. In early Christianity it connects to the five wounds suffered by Christ. In the Tarot, the pentagram connects with money and prosperity. Any of these meanings might be expressed by a dream that features this geometrical image.... pentagram dream meaning