Inventory Dream Meanings

Inventory Dream Meaning: From 2 Different Sources

This dream indicates the need to take a careful, detailed internal inventory of the circumstances that have shaped your personality.
Dream Source: The Big Dictionary of Dreams
Author: Martha Clarke

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This is a practical symbol that relates to how you are moving through your life. As with any mode of transportation, a truck connects symbolically with the movement on one’s path through life.

A vehicle that is not your usual mode of transportation points to an underlying shift in perspective of where your life is heading.

A truck is a utility vehicle that is used when there is a need to move heavy cargo with ease. When one appears in a dream, the need being expressed connects to traveling into new territory that may require a considerable inventory of resources.

The size, structure, and purpose of the truck in your dream will give you the most informative clues for your interpretation. In identifying the truck’s specific use, you will have a better sense of the shift that is underlying this symbol’s meaning.

A moving van has implications that are far greater than a pickup truck might have, as one indicates the need for a complete reorganization of some aspect of your unconscious while the other implies only a minor alteration.

A truck with towing capacity points to the need to carry something old and broken into the new landscape that is emerging.

A more specialized vehicle, such as a cement truck or a construction vehicle, might lead you to consider what structural or foundational changes in your life may have sparked this image.

The body type, age, and color of the vehicle can also be considered for shades of meaning. An older truck could mean that you’ve made this change before, whereas something new could be commenting on the newness of what you are going through.... truck dream meaning


Dreams of a closet symbolize a place where your secret life, shadow and clothes/costumes hang behind closed doors. This dream may be revealing your unintegrated aspects of self that yearn to be exposed proudly in the light of day.

If your closet is cluttered, then it’s time to take an inventory of what to keep, what to release and what to wear.

See Clothes and Integration Dreams.... closet dream meaning


Represents a mental effort to develop intellectual activities. On the other hand, it is an element indicating the need to organize or review finances. It may be considered the desire to take inventory of possessions, both material and spiritual.... abacus dream meaning


Universal Landscape: Thoughts, intellect, and memories.

Dreaming Lens: Were you in an attic? Did you know the house to which it was attached? Was it from your childhood? Were you alone? What was in the space? What were you doing there?

Personal Focus: Any house or home connects to your sense of self. The highest floor of the house corresponds to intellect and thoughts. Attics are often used for storage. In this way, they represent memories, information, and knowledge that accumulate over the course of your life.

The state of the attic in your dream will illuminate your current relationship with your thoughts and memories. A musty, dirty atmosphere means you are in realms that you haven’t visited in a while. This can indicate anything from appropriate nostalgia to unhealthy avoidance. The emotional reaction to your dream will help you come to an accurate interpretation if this is the case. An attic that has been decorated and finished indicates that old material has been cleared out. Your job will be to decide whether this has been the result of a healthy inventory or glossing over of older issues that may have needed more consideration. Since things you are not quite finished with are often stored in an attic, going there in a dream may connect to going more deeply into something that you stored away for another time.

Exploring any part of a house symbolizes an exploration of yourself. An attic indicates that your journey is taking you back to thoughts based on your past. These can include generational influences if the attic contains items that originally belonged to your ancestors. Being trapped in an attic might point to being held hostage by old thought patterns. Someone living in your attic is helping you identify a Character Aspect that has a great deal of power in terms of your thoughts. These could be conscious thoughts as well as the more hidden thoughts that tend to have significant influence over our choices in life.

Disarray in your dream attic, and any feelings of being overwhelmed by what you find there, could indicate how you are currently responding to the chaos in your thought process. In such a dream, your psyche may be giving you a message to start cleaning up the junk that’s taking up space in your mind to make room for something new.... attic dream meaning

The Benefits Of A Dream Journal

If you jot down a dream as soon as you wake up, recording your dreams will become routine. Whether you record dreams on a computer or in a notebook, there are benefits to having a permanent record of your dreams.

Why Keeping a Dream Record Helps You Get the Message

1: YOU LOCK IN A DREAM MESSAGE. By recording a dream, you lock in its message. Otherwise, the odds are that you will forget the dream and lose whatever insight it is trying to share. If time is short, jot down key phrases and record the full version later.

2: IT KEEPS YOU IN TOUCH WITH YOUR PSYCHE. Recording a dream ensures that messages will keep coming. Dream communications are like talking to a friend, which, in this case, is your psyche or inner voice. If you do not return a friend’s calls or e-mails, they stop. Recording your dreams tells your psyche that you want to keep talking and hearing the advice your inner voice has to offer.

3: YOU SEE CRITICAL PATTERNS. A dream journal lets you notice patterns that relate to your emotional battles, decisions, relationships, and finding your path in life.

4: YOU NOTICE WARNINGS OR A POSITIVE HEADS-UP. It is said that you pre-dream everything of importance that happens to you. Whether a dream brings a health warning or is a heads-up about a promotion, recording your dreams regularly is like maintaining a flashlight on life’s dark roads. It can shed light on the unknown.

5: IT IS EASIER TO TRACK YOUR PSYCHOLOGICAL PROGRESS. Dreams unveil patterns about your psychological and emotional health. Each time you spot a pattern in your dream journal, you empower your own progress. Plugging into those patterns via dreams can make a striking difference to the success, peace, and happiness that you achieve.

6: A DREAM JOURNAL CAN BE A SPIRITUAL DIARY. If spirituality is important to you, your dream journal becomes a reflection of your inner life. For those who keep an eye on their spiritual progress, dreams can connect you to your soul. Many traditions value dreams as a spiritual connection and perceive dreams as a door to divine healing and blessings. Spiritual dreams are messages that relate to the journey of your soul and can answer life’s big questions. A dreamer who had never felt that God was real asked herself, “God, are you there?” She received a dream that knocked her socks off and the experience left her convinced that God personally knew her and loved her unconditionally. She described the dream experience as feeling more loved than she had ever felt in her life. Whatever your spiritual questions, staying active with a dream journal helps such experiences unfold.

7: A DREAM JOURNAL CAN BE THERAPEUTIC. Need a therapist? One key function of dreams and dreaming is to serve as a built-in counselor. The very act of dreaming may in and of itself help to relieve stress and keep your emotions in balance. At the same time, dreams often unearth insights with the deft hand of a loving counselor. At other times, jarring images may arise to get your attention when you are emotionally veering off track. Don’t laugh. Maintaining an active dream journal can feel like instant therapy.

It Pays to Review Your Dream Journal

REASON 1: A REVIEW IS A FAST TRACK TO NOTICE INSIGHTS AND SOLUTIONS. Every time you sift through past dream messages, your dreams become clearer. It’s like getting to know a new friend. Over time, you understand each other better and can help each other more. After you review your dreams, your psyche may begin to fast-track new, amazing insights and solutions. Reviewing such insights that were logged in a dream journal can be especially valuable for those in professions that require problem solving.

REASON 2: GOING THROUGH YOUR DREAMS HELPS YOU GAIN A FRESH PERSPECTIVE. Whether it is months or years later, reviewing your dreams can be the equivalent of taking an inventory of your life, who you are, and where you are at. You may notice emotional patterns to which you were previously blind and may decipher dreams whose meaning had escaped you. As you explore with fresh eyes, you see deeper meaning in certain dreams and discover further revelations about yourself and your life. As you take a trek through your dream journals, magical ongoing threads that recount the story of your life can unfold.

What to Put into a Dream Journal

Tricks for Dream Entries. Recording a dream may seem obvious, but there are a few tricks that are worth noting. Recording a dream is not the goal—the goal is to understand the dream’s message and to apply it. Including the following items as you record your nightly tales can improve your dream skills.

DATE. Note the date; someday, when you look back, it will be of interest.

TITLE. Give each dream a separate title that highlights its main impact.

DETAILS. Record every detail, even if you think it is unimportant or repetitive; such details may later prove important.

AS IF IT IS HAPPENING. Write the dream in the present tense, as if you are re-experiencing it. Doing so often helps recall extra details or fill in a scene you had previously forgotten.

FEELINGS. Note how a dream made you feel. The mood that a dream brings out in you can be a clue to its meaning.

A ONE-LINE SUMMARY. Immediately jot down a quick story line, as if writing a movie trailer that explains what your mini movie dream is about. Let this one-liner capture the heart of the dream, as your first impression about the dream.

LIFE CONTEXT. Make brief notes about your life. The question to ask yourself is always, “To what in me or to what in my life does the dream refer?” It may take a week or two to get an “aha” for every dream, and if you lose the thread of what was happening at the time, you are less likely to zero in on the message. Jot down brief reminders about:

• What was on your mind as you went to sleep.

• Major feelings you have been experiencing.

• Main issues that day, that week, or that period.

• Major pending decisions.

• Challenges, crises or turmoil related to relationships or other circumstances.... the benefits of a dream journal dream meaning


Universal Landscape: Inner sense of authority; who we are as a result of the parents we had.

Dreaming Lens: Which parent was in your dream? What were you doing at the time? Where were you? What age were you? What age were they? Were they the same as they are/were in life? Were they imparting information to you? Were they abusive? Were you?

Personal Focus: The voices of our parents become deeply imbedded as parts of our personality. This correlates with whatever information they repeatedly presented to us during our formative years. If their messages were ones of criticism and limitation, they live on within us as those inhibiting parts of our inner monologue. If they were supportive and loving, the same would apply. Chances are that they were a combination of all sorts of messages, some positive and others negative.

Depending on where you are in your life, you may be more aligned with the challenges they presented than the gifts they gave. It is usually most effective to deal with anger and resentment before authentically moving into forgiveness. The quality of the interaction in the dream will clue you in on where you are in that process. While dreaming of your parents may inform your actual relationship with them, it is important to consider what the dream is saying about how you parent yourself.

The Dreaming Lens will tell you if you are holding yourself back or encouraging yourself to move forward. If the context of the dream indicates being stuck, then you may be holding yourself back on account of messages you were given as a child. If there is positive activity or movement in the dream, the presence of your parent(s) may be giving you insight into ways in which you are empowering yourself.

A celebration or gathering where your parents are present can be considered a moment of inventory; of taking stock of who you are by virtue of who raised and guided you. If you lack a life connection with the dream parent, consider that their absence created just as powerful a Character Aspect of the inner parent as one who was present. Allow the Dreaming Lens to inform you of what area of your self-identity is being expressed. Allow the emotional sense of the dream to indicate how well (or poorly) you are functioning as an adult.... parents dream meaning


lucky numbers: 06-10-12-15-42-48

accosted by a, person, being: promise of profit to another; pennies to yourself.

advancing to become own boss: success is certain in furthering your own interest.

in present position: beware of jealous friends, rival may do you an injustice.

adversarial partner, having an: wil be unable to meet obligations in a healthy manor.

adversity in: wil realize ambitions, but not escape adversarial gossip of your conduct.

approached by a, man: results in projects through the intercession of an influential man.

arranging: misfortune is not to be misunderstood but remolded to future.

arriving, people: wil receive compliments from a wily man; don’t accept them.

assembly line, working on a: wil succeed and bring a partner with you.

attacked by a, person: wil profit from another’s being cheated.

beginning a good: must fight for good results at every threat that sorely affects you.

checking accounts: mental distress and il egal actions by carelessness, not intent.

community, having a: wil soon have a lawsuit over an ugly love affair.

conference, participating in a: wil be asked to arbitrate a conflict.

director, being a: choose the correct leadership quality to carry your business forward.

responding position as: hold your tongue when you have been provoked.

dismissed, being: your il usions of your value to the company were dispel ed.

others: are doomed for disappointment if you do not believe it could happen to you.

doing: your total resources commandeered to create something another needs.

executive ability, having: make wel thought-out decisions, then take the risks.

industrious person, being an: every effort put forth wil bring additional responsibility.

industry, having an: wil be very embarrassed by our period of rest and relaxation.

insolvent, being: your industry and enterprise wil not al ow you to fail.

inventory, taking: abundance wil soon be yours.

losing money in: wil lose your temper over untruthful gossip.

making: wil receive money from a friend without his knowledge.

lost own, having: wil be humiliated in unhealthy and gloomy surroundings.

man, being: make plans for your own business; an important conference is imminent.

dating a: your date wil be honest and thrifty, but your transactions wil bring discord.

dealing with a: improve your intel igent support; their frankness may harm you.

partner, having a: are prone to arguing, but it clears the air of unwarranted suspicion.

person dreaming of retirement: your raise is a prelude to being knocked upstairs.

receiving compliments on: wil enjoy good profits, but wil overvalue your contribution.

bonus, a: wil narrowly escape public censure for an unsubstantiated injustice.

large: your insecurities cause you to purport superiority. ... business dream meaning