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Dreaming of being a gang member may be an unconscious expression of the need to achieve things through force and intimidation.

If threatened by a gang, one may feel that life conditions or the factors associated with a particular issue have “ganged up” on them.... gang dream meaning


Be prepared for the intimidation that it may be lessened or averted... intimidated dream meaning


Warning one of forceful intimidation... pushed dream meaning


Dreams of something big symbolize power and influence.

If you are small in comparison to something big, this represents intimidation and inadequacy. However, if you are big in comparison to the size of your challenge and/or people you are dealing with, this represents that you feel capable, superior, powerful and possibly overly qualified.

See Super-Size.... big dream meaning


Dreams of a fist represent anger, aggressiveness, intimidation, arrogance, stress, and preparation for a fight, restraining anger, and feeling powerful. You are in a power struggle, machismo, strength, combat, competition and intimidation.

See Fight.... fist dream meaning


Dreams of a gangster symbolize that you’ve been identified with machismo and violence as a tactic for persuasion. Your dream is giving you the message that there is a price you pay for power via fear and intimidation.

See Criminal, Victim and Perpetrator.... gangster dream meaning


Dreams of a group denote a power and energy that is much stronger than that of an individual.

If you are a part of the group, you will feel strengthened, empowered, and supported.

If you don’t feel that you belong to this group, then you are dealing with feelings of intimidation, domination, fear of losing your individuality, and freedom.

See Crowd, Team and People.... group dream meaning


If you dream of the mafia, then this signifies your willingness to resort to force and intimidation to get what you want or need. Perhaps you are experiencing a devotion or desire for retribution for a family member.... mafia dream meaning


If you dream that something or someone is short, then it represents having little importance or a shrinking value to you.

A diminutive adult in your dream might also represent connection with your inner child, and that you are feeling vulnerable.

If you dream of being short and of someone else being tall, then you are processing feelings of inferiority, powerlessness, and intimidation. If, however, you dream that you are tall and someone else is short, then this dream expresses your feelings of superiority, power and domination. Consider the feeling tone.

See Size and Dwarf.... short dream meaning

Shot Gun

Dreams of a shot gun represent intimidation, force and that you perhaps feel backed into a corner. This dream could also signify that you feel forced to do the responsible thing, as in a “shot gun wedding”.

See Gun.... shot gun dream meaning


Dreams of a stick can represent anger and a desire to protect yourself against a real or imagined threat.

A stick also signifies intimidation, and that perhaps you are being overly forceful in your negotiations. Also, a stick can be a phallic symbol, which represents aggressive sexual feelings. Consider the feeling tone of this dream, to determine its significance for you.... stick dream meaning


This big snake signifies that someone is trying to snow you by intimidation.

No matter how strong the pressure, stand your ground and victory will be yours.... python dream meaning


A mountain, hill, or slope can represent: A challenge, hurdle, or obstacle.

A project or task to be done.

Overwhelm, exaggeration, intimidation, or dread.

The beauty or strength of nature.

Endurance or constancy over time.

A downhill slope can represent something you perceive as easy or as declining somehow.

See also: Ledge or Cliff; Ramp; Climbing; Descending; Sliding; Slipping... hill dream meaning


1. Intimidation/fear;

2. Overwhelming;

3. Demons; 1 Sam. 17:4.... giant dream meaning


1. Words;

2. Fear and intimidation

3. Words of people.

4. Threat;

5. Protection;

Prov. 23:2; Isa. 54:17; 2 Kings 11:8; 2 Tim.... knife dream meaning


lucky numbers: 04-08-11-21-34-45

friend, with a: your pride wil be injured, but al ow others’ theirs.

loved one: point out consequences of unwise action.

others: you rationalize your own behavior by accusing others of it.

relatives: watch neighbors’ behavior careful y but do not judge.

having an argument: wil have a strenuous time opposing intimidation.

and being scolded: are too cocky about your ideas.

heated, a: wil have difficulty in balancing the opposing facts.

others: one facet of your personality opposes the other. ... arguing dream meaning


Because teeth are located in the mouth, dreams of teeth have a great deal to do with issues of communication and your ability to process, or “chew on”, the data that you have acquired throughout the day.

If you dream of loosing your teeth, then you are venting your feelings of insecurity, powerlessness, financial stress, or your feelings about the loss or death of a family member.

If you dream of false teeth, then you are processing your feelings about lies, broken promises, and falsities.

If your teeth are strong and white, you feel bold, confident and powerful.

If you dream that someone is showing you their teeth, then this is a sign of aggressiveness and intimidation.

If you dream of flossing or brushing your teeth, then you are polishing up your verbal skills, your presentation, and your communication skills in order to make a good impression. Or, this could be a sign to clean up a communication that went awry that has left a bad taste in your mouth. Consider the feeling tone of this dream to discern the meaning for you.... teeth dream meaning



The archetype of the bully manifests the core truth that the spirit is always stronger than the body, and your relationship to this archetype should be evaluated within a framework far more expansive than evaluating whether you bully people or are being bullied. Consider whether in waking life you are giving up on things and people too easily. Conventional wisdom holds that underneath a bully is a coward trying to keep others from discovering his or her true identity.

If the theme of cowardice or intimidation by a boss, teacher or gang of thugs appears in your dreams, perhaps your unconscious is urging you to stand up to being bullied by your own inner fears.... bully dream meaning


lucky numbers: 04-10-28-35-38-55

abstaining from: your overindulgence is blocking you from important events.

friends: beware of jealous friends in the fast lane.

relatives: are ignoring principles that have guided the family.

applejack, drinking: humiliation through il -considered remarks.

barrel of, having a full: wil keep home congenial and comforting at al costs.

champagne, getting drunk on: the euphoric is momentary.

others: feeling bitter and disappointed that you were left out.

cocktails, having: you make friends jealous of each other by not treating them al alike.

distillery, a: a change to a more profitable business to support your bohemian lifestyle.

drinking: loyal friends wil not let you drive; false friends wil drive you themselves.

female friend, with a: women of questionable character wil manipulate your thoughts.

male: need to present your ideas without al owing intimidation.

large glass, in a: suffer self-delusion that hangers-on are friends.

small glass, in a: are hiding from reality in a shal ow-minded good nature.

with ice: must endure painful comments to avoid reacting to rivals.

drunk on, being: unhappiness does not end with joy, but a dul numbness.

empty bottle of: your courage is depleted, seek it elsewhere.

full: marry a mate of wealth and the intel igence not to drink.

gin, drinking: surprises in a disturbing situation toughen form.

intoxicated by looking at, becoming: are concealing your plans by deceptive actions.

mixing drinks: are flooding your mind with visionary ideas and missing the real ones.

moonshine, making your own: beware of accusations of il egal activities.

refusing a drink: your image as a serious student is not believed.

rum, offering: wil make friends, which you change frequently.

several highballs: an argument with an associate.

thirsty for, being: misfortune at ignoring your upbringing. ... liquor dream meaning


lucky numbers: 13-18-28-31-35-49

adder, of an: disputes with your lover.

killing an: victory over internal enemies.

many: the evil of temptation does not give up after one try.

seeing in a cage: a friend can no longer be trusted.

beaten, being: your plans wil be wrecked by the dire actions of enemies.

being chased by a: your conscience needs to shed its armor.

unable to kill a: unfortunate events that were not anticipated.

being in a cage at a zoo: your ungrateful friends weave your anxieties into a false portent.

boa constrictor, a: chal enge the devil but don’t deal with him.

cobra, of a: awakening of the cosmic power of the spine.

coiled, a: stormy times and much danger.

fangs of a: the mysterious poisons spread by the spoken word.

garter, a: hurtful gossip is being spread about you.

handling a: repeating ugly rumors makes you just as ugly.

grass, in the: what you hide is more powerful than what you express.

hissing, a: wil make a weighty mistake losing your temper.

killing a: wil have victory over enemies.

of: beware the primordial spiritual personage.

python, a: a stranger is instigating an intimidation of you.

rattle, encountering a: stand stil and watch those who can’t look you in the eye.

ready to strike: treachery from one you least expect.

several: jealous people would like to cause your ruin, your plan would reverse this.

shedding skin, a: wil be offered a new business opportunity.

surrendering, a: an enemy wil deeply provoke you into a regrettable response.

water, being attacked by a: to recover from this il ness, you must prevent the next one.

with two heads: seduction and disenchantment with humanity. ... snake dream meaning