Intermediary Dream Meanings

Intermediary Dream Meaning: From 3 Different Sources

An intermediary is someone who can plead our case or relay information. In spiritual terms this might be represented by a religious teacher or a medium (spiritual channeller). As we try to achieve a balance between the demands of the spiritual and physical realms, an intermediary such as an angelic figure may appear in dreams.
Dream Source: Dream Meanings of Versatile
Author: Versatile - Anonymous
Psychological / emotional perspective: When emotions run high we need someone who can ‘filter’ our energy to the point where it becomes manageable.

Dreaming of an argument or conflict where an intermediary is present allows us to regain control and listen to reason.

Dream Source: Dream Meanings of Versatile
Author: Versatile - Anonymous
Material aspects: In working life an intermediary performs the function of a negotiator. In dreams dealing with mundane matters, when two points of view need to be balanced, such a figure may appear.
Dream Source: Dream Meanings of Versatile
Author: Versatile - Anonymous

8 dream interpretation about intermediary related.

Venus (aphrodite)

Venus, the planet may be seen rising in the east along with the sun and is known as the Morning Star. It also sets in the west and is the Evening Star. Due to the way this plant travels across the sky, it is often a symbol of death and rebirth.

It is associated with the sun and considered to be the sun’s messenger and an intermediary between the sun and mankind (between mortal and the impartial). In Greek mythology, Aphrodite is the goddess of beauty and love.

The love that she represents is not of the emotional and fruitful kind, but rather lust, sensual pleasure and raw animal attraction. Aphrodite was able to stir sexual feelings in both animals and mankind and often represents the perverse side of human sexuality. She is the goddess of the house of prostitution. Aphrodite may represent our basic sexual nature before it is tamed and humanized by emotions and spirit. In order to understand the symbolism of Venus in a dream, some reflection is required. Are you full of lust and/or has your sexuality been ignored? Aphrodite may be stirring your basic sexual nature.

If you are feeling drained by life, the planet Venus may be a representation of the ability to regenerate and begin anew. Seeing Venus in a dream may be a reminder that there is an abundance of internal energy and resources accessible to all that tap into it.... venus (aphrodite) dream meaning

Messenger / Carrying A Message

Are you playing the role of an intermediary? Are you satisfied with that role or would you rather take care of your own affairs? What message do you have to transmit? Is the messenger coming to you—are you receiving an important message? In any case, important news.... messenger / carrying a message dream meaning


Material aspects: To be conscious of people talking in a dream gives a sense of being in contact with our own ability to communicate. We are able to express clearly what we feel and think, whereas in waking life we may not feel confident. Stopping people from talking means we wish some information to be kept hidden. Translating what is being said suggests we view ourselves as an intermediary, or in some cases the medium for understanding.... talking dream meaning


There are some aspects of spiritual learning that require an element of practicality about them. Often this will appear in dreams as a medium such as television.

It is as though the dreaming mind requires a recognizable intermediary in order to accept the information.... television dream meaning


The dumpster is the intermediary between declaring something as no longer wanted or needed and the removal of the thing itself. Dumpsters are usually located toward the back of property, connecting them with elements of your consciousness that are somewhat hidden. They tend to smell bad, so they connect with old consciousness that has already been declared as no longer useful but that still requires some attention. What change or shift in your life is not quite complete?... dumpster dream meaning


The frog is amphibious and can dwell in both the realms of the conscious and the unconscious, as represented by land and water. This intermediary state of tadpole signifies the natural order of things to begin in the inner realms before venturing out into the air. There is a connection to the tadpole and the notion of ideas that must swim around in the nurturing ponds of your mind before they are ready to spring forth into action.... tadpoles dream meaning


The valet is the intermediary between driving and a particular destination.

If driving connects to your movement through your life and a destination is the consciousness of something to be expressed, then the valet is the representation of the part of you that makes sure your access to your movement through life (your car) is well cared for when you are having an experience. Your relationship and sensation around what happens with the valet in your dream will inform your interpretation.... valet dream meaning


A dream postman who passes you by without giving you a letter may indicate feelings of disappointment.

If you run after the postman, this suggests that you are determined to create your own luck and if you see yourself as a postman, perhaps you feel that you deserve to be given more responsibility.

If you regard people who deliver mail as impartial go-betweens, the image of a postman may be linked for you with a person in waking life, perhaps yourself, who is acting as an intermediary.

If you dreamed that the postman was someone you know, such as your father, who handed you a letter in your sister’s handwriting, perhaps your dream is reflecting real life with your father playing the role of mediator between you and your sister.... postman dream meaning