The meaning of the symbols of interior seen in a dream.

Interior (s)

What does the symbols of interior mean in a dream?

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The true motive; one’s interior and exterior must match; see “cup”... interior dream meaning

Interior Design

Remodeling your home in a dream may point to deep psychological work and attitude changes that are in progress. Thus, intenor design work represents planning by bnngmg in new ideas about yourself that may change your self- concept.... interior design dream meaning

Car Interior

1. Heart of the ministry; The type of interior determines what type of ministry. i. e. if the interior is worn out, it means the ministry is old, needing renewal... car interior dream meaning

Interior Scenes

The inner mind or soul. ... interior scenes dream meaning

Interior Designer

Symbolic of someone who has an eye for beauty, art, and tasteful things ... interior designer dream meaning

Interior Decorator

Making one’s life into an experience of beauty; changing, redoing parts of self.... interior decorator dream meaning