Interdependence Dream Meanings

Interdependence Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources

Dreams of interdependence denote autonomy, mutuality, and the balance of your inner masculine and feminine energies. You desire to co-create a successful and long-lasting partnership whereby the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

See Co-op.

Dream Source: Strangest Dream Explanations
Author: Dream Explanations - Anonymous

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Religious feeling or beliefs, including moral code, or our feelings about organised religion. Each of us has a sense of our relationship with the forces of life within us, and the world outside us.

A church may depict this sense and what we do with it; our sense of what is holy or fundamental to all life, and therefore eternal, such as the urge to exist; the cycles of life and growth; reproduction and interdependence.

See Christ and archetypes; religion and dreams. ... church dream meaning


1. Partnership, unity and interdependence.

2. Diversity, duality, sometimes opposite individuals standing together.

3. Balance and symmetry. ... two dream meaning


Satisfying one’s needs or hunger’. This can be any area of need, such as emotional, mental, sexual, depending on dream context. Example: I am putting four of our puppies under the grill and cooking them’ (Maureen). Although Mau­reen hasn’t eaten her puppies yet, her dream illustrates how food is used to represent emotional needs. Maureen is child­less, has a lot of mother love, planned the pregnancy of her bitch, and gets enormous satisfaction from rearing the pup­pies. She is literally hungry for the exchange of love and care she finds in dealing with her puppies.

Occasionally shows information about actual nutritional needs or physical allergies. Also, to eat is to continue involve­ment in the fundamental processes of life, a celebration of interdependence.

To not eat: shows a conflict with the physi­cal reality of one’s body and its needs, an avoidance of growth or change; an attempt to be isolated from others, reality, the whole. Avoiding cenain foods: expression of decision making in dealing with needs; food allergy. Giving food to others: giving of oneself to others, or nunuring some aspect of one­self. Eating objects or repulsive food: meeting objectionable experiences; trying to ‘stomach’ things which make you ‘sick’.

Example: 1 ran into a house and came face to face with a huge stag. I noted the open back door, whereupon he staned eating my leg. I was pushing against his horns and managed to stop him chewing me’ (Jasmine C). Being eaten : the first pan of Jasmine’s dream (not quoted) is obviously sexual. Be­ing eaten therefore suggests she is being consumed by her sexual drive. Being eaten, especially if it is the face, also shows how our identity, or our fragile sense of self, is feeling attacked by emotions or fears, other people, or internal dnves.

The classic story of Jonah illustrates this, and shows how the conscious personality needs to develop a working relationship with the unconscious. Eaten by dogs, maggots: feelings about death.

See food. Sec also dog under animals; individuation. Idioms: eaten away; eat din; eat humble pie; eat like a horse; eat one’s hean out, eat one’s words; eat out of one’s hand; eat you out of house and home; what’s eating you?; proof of the pudding is in the eating; dog eat dog. ... eating dream meaning


To dream of autonomy reflects your feelings and attitudes about personal will, -sufficiency and partnership.

See Co-op and Interdependence.... autonomy dream meaning


Dreams of fireworks represent passion, love, romance, ecstasy, celebration and bliss. You are realizing your independence, interdependence, and are feeling free to love as fully as you choose.

See Fairy Tale.... fireworks dream meaning


If you live in America and you dream of the 4th of July, then this represents independence, freedom, interdependence, and the passion to live your dreams.

If you see skyrockets in your dreams, then you are in love or lust and/or are having a burst of creativity.

See Fireworks.... july dream meaning


Dreams of a link represents connection, networking, interdependence, and integration. This dream may be showing you that you are an important, a vital, irreplaceable link in the chain of humanity.

If you dream of clicking on a link that takes you to a website, you are exploring new terrain, and opening a new portal and dimension of yourself.... link dream meaning


A dream about a nest represents feelings and attitudes about home, interdependence and dependence.

An empty nest can represent the fear of abandonment or the desire for autonomy.

A nest also is a symbol of female sexuality. Consider the feeling tone.

See Goddess Hestia and Bird.... nest dream meaning


Dreams of spokes of a wheel signify issues of autonomy, independence and interdependence as you relate to a system or tribe of people. Dreams of spokes represent that your sub-personalities are coming together and connecting to the hub that is your center. This dream can also be word play about words that you’ve “spoken”.... spoke dream meaning

Trader Joe’s

Dreams of Trader Joe’s signify that you are accepting the many deliciously diverse aspects of yourself. You are realizing the beauty and richness of the people you interact with in your life and as you do, your soul is being fed a feast.

See Co-op, Interdependence or Grocery Store.... trader joe’s dream meaning