Instruments Dream Meanings

Instruments Dream Meaning: From 4 Different Sources

See music / rhythm, musical instruments and surgery / surgical instruments
Dream Source: Dream Meanings of Versatile
Author: Versatile - Anonymous
If you play the musical instrument you dreamed of, your mind is simply practising your skill while you sleep! If you don’t play a musical instrument in real life, a dream of playing one forecasts a sudden and surprising change in your lifestyle.

A broken musical instrument is a warning to guard your health; to break a string on an instrument while playing predicts a broken love affair.

A dream of putting new strings on an instrument foretells that good news is coming. Carrying a musical instrument is a sign of success with the opposite sex.

Dream Source: My Dream Interpretation
Author: myjellybean
Medical instruments indicate family quarrels; other types of instruments signify family unity.

For Musical Instruments see under that heading or under separate listing, as Piano, Violin, etc.

Dream Source: The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams
Author: Stearn Robinson - Tom Corbett
lucky numbers: 12-21-22-29-39-42

of: wil make an advantageous marriage.

medical: warning of dangerous situation created by own family.

nautical: request aid in resolving the effects of your mistakes.

surgical: wil endure pain securing aid when you need it most.

using: must expect dissension within the family.

various other kinds of: big reunion of the family.

Musical Instruments

To see musical instruments, denotes anticipated pleasures.

If they are broken, the pleasure will be marred by uncongenial companionship.

For a young woman, this dream foretells for her the power to make her life what she will. ... musical instruments dream meaning

Surgical Instruments

To see surgical instruments in a dream, foretells dissatisfaction will be felt by you at the indiscreet manner a friend manifests toward you. ... surgical instruments dream meaning

String Instruments

Seeing string instruments in a dream means recovering from an illness, or they can represent man’s spinal cord, or his spinal column, strength, sternness, relentlessness, health condition, or physical fitness. Seeing string instruments in a dream also means gaining some understanding about human nature, or the physiology of the human being, or they could represent medicine or astronomy.

If a bachelor sees string instruments in his dream, it may mean that he will get married.

If a wife sees herself playing a string instrument in her dream, it means that she will put a child in her lap. Ifone sees himself playing a string instrument in front of the governor’s house in a dream, it means that he will preside over people should he qualify. Otherwise, it could mean that he will piece together or fabricate a story. Seeing a lute or a guitar in a dream denotes no harm if one sees them or intends to hold them, except if one hears their music. Playing or hearing a string instrument in a dream represents lies. Playing them in one’s house in a dream represent a calamity that will befall that family.

It is also said that playing such an instrument in a dream also means winningfame and presiding over others, though it could also denote distress for the player.

If a string of such an instrument breaks in a dream, it means relaxation and relief from stress.

A broken string of a lute or a guitar or similar instrument in a dream represents a precious property that causes its owner a headache. Every time he remembers it, he suffers from heartburn or stomach pain. Seeing such an instrument by a layman or a hardworking person in a dream means consolation and a lesson to learn from life. Seeing it by an insolent person in a dream means further corruption, while if a a tyrant or an unjust person sees it in a dream, it means oppressing others, terrorizingthem and cuttingthemofffrom their families.

(Also seeBanjo; Musician)... string instruments dream meaning

Wind Instruments

(See Flute; Oboe)... wind instruments dream meaning