Inoculation Dream Meanings

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Inoculation Dream Meaning: From 2 Different Sources

1. Taking precautions about something, particularly one’s sex life.

2. A warning to take care in a particular situation, sexual or otherwise.

Dream Source: New American Dream Dictionary
Author: Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin
Though money may be in short supply for the time being, you can be sure your creditors will be sympathetic and cooperative if you dreamed of being protected from disease by inoculation.
Dream Source: The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams
Author: Stearn Robinson - Tom Corbett

2 dream interpretation about inoculation related.

Anesthetic / Injection

If you dream that you are having an anesthetic or are being put to sleep for an operation, this suggests that you may be trying to escape reality in some way in waking life or attempting to deaden some emotional pain. There may be something in life you don’t want to face or simply want to forget about for a while. The answer may be simple as taking a much-needed vacation. To be having an injection in your dream indicates the need to inject more enthusiasm into your life.

If the idea of inoculation or vaccination is present as well, you may want to protect yourself from intrusive emotions or unwanted urges.

Injections imply healing and protection, so this dream may be trying to show you how to become emotionally fit. Bear in mind that the syringe is also a phallic symbol, so your dream may have sexual connotations. Although much disliked and feared, the syringe is generally a benign symbol in dreams that work for your benefit. It emphasizes the message that in life, sometimes a little hardship and pain is needed for the greater good.... anesthetic / injection dream meaning


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antiseptic, applying: your negative intentions need a new scab.

bitter: success does not come out of misjudging those who would hinder you.

chest: troubles are not serious, but wil strengthen your relationship.

disease: someone exerting power over you is causing you discomfort.

drops, nurse measuring: wil soon have a smal sum of money left to you.

others: don’t keep track of smal monetary values without registering the effects.

giving medicine to children: if they like the taste, il ness wil subside.

friends: your advice wil bring accord among friends.

relatives: be cautious in al your dealings, to not cause disappointment.

hospital: signals the onset of a physical complaint.

injection: take precaution with what you ingest.

inoculation: cleaning the slate for new buds to bloom.

morphine, taking: face disagreeable duty and tackle it with initiative.

putting medicine, in water: advancement within position.

tablet, taking a: avoidance never solves or rids you of the issue.

bottle of: the bitter taste in your mouth should lead to optimism.

cold: have lost your lover through your vagueness and indecisiveness.

overdosing on: your self-indulgence is self-destructive.

sleeping: dreams are the window to the soul, don’t close it.

take, refusing to: il humor and irritability mean your body is rejecting the medicine.

taking: your body’s healing mechanism has been activated.

bitter: wil attempt to injure one who trusts you.

pleasant: healing guide wil end troubles for ultimate good.

tasteful: the check wil not be in the mail; you look ridiculous expecting it.

vaccination, getting a: take precaution with your health. ... medicine dream meaning