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Seeking power. Aggression and symbol for masculinity. However, the knife may also point to security and protection. Often internal suffering and passions are being addressed, pointing out innermost secrets that you want to hide. Ask how to call up the unconscious strength that could bring results. Are you able to show your wounds and acknowledge your injuries? Can you see that acknowledging your wounds and your vulnerabilities could make you more human and likable? To acknowledge pain eliminates your fear of weakness, making aggressive action to protect your boundaries unnecessary. According to psychoanalysis, in the case of women, the desire for total abandon.

Analysis and differentiation, as in the Sword in the Tarot.

According to Freud, a phallic symbol; but today it is rarely seen in that context.

Folklore: Betrayal and deception.... knife dream meaning


Drives repressed and drives released, stress or stress reduction. This implies a “test by fire.” What is innermost comes to the surface. It might express a fantasy of merging in a relationship, or fusion of different parts of the Self in a developing personality. Also, what was hard is made to flow again.... volcano dream meaning


Symbol: A beard is a sign of male power, courage, and wisdom. Vision: Seeing men with long beards: a positive sign for prosperity to come.

A man dreaming about shaving off or otherwise losing his l>eard: an unconscious fear of losing his pow er, his masculinity. In addition the dream means that he must soon say goodbye to (or be abandoned by) a good friend.

A man dreaming about a woman with a beard: be more careful with the opposite sex; the woman is “wearing the pants” and hiding her innermost thoughts.

A white beard is a symbol of wisdom.

See Hair, Shaving.

Depth Psychology: In a man’s dream, the beard symbolizes masculine power. Shaving off a beard, however, means that he needs to let go of habitual behavior or prejudices. In a woman’s dream, a beard means that she is unconsciously looking for a father figure and more protection and security. ... beard dream meaning


Representative of one’s innermost seat of emotions... guts dream meaning


1. Disgust about something or someone.

2. Emergence of innermost feelings or anger. ... obscene dream meaning


1. Innermost fantasies will come true and be satisfied, usually sensual.

2. Social acceptability and regard, a general sense of being well-liked. ... tease dream meaning


(Artery) In a dream, the aorta represents man’s heart, souls and innermost self because it carries the blood from his heart to all the main arteries. In a dream, the aorta also represents one’s happiness, health, sorrows and pain.

(Also see Jugular vein)... aorta dream meaning


(Cerebrum) In a dream, a brain represents savings. Having an oversized brain in a dream means reason. Having no brain in a dream means ignorance. Eatingfrom one’s own brain or the marrows ofone’s own bones in a dream means suspicious dealing with one’s own money. Eating someone else’s brain in a dream means that one may die shortly or that he may steal someone’s savings.

A brain in a dream also may indicate one’s beliefs, religious life and the work of one’s innermost being.

(Also see Body’; Marrow)... brain dream meaning


(Dwellings; Face; Look; State; Transient) One’s garment in a dream represents his innermost thoughts that will eventually show in his attitude in life.

If one’s thoughts are good, then it will show, and if they are evil, they will also manifest.

If one wears a slipper over his head and a turban in his foot in a dream, it means that he is carrying trouble. Depending on its type and name, a garment in a dream could represent a man or a woman. Wearing a new garment in a dream is better than seeing an old one.

If a man sees himself wearing a woman’s apparel in a dream, it means that he is a bachelor. Ifa woman sees herself wearing a man’s garment in a dream, it means that she is unmarried. Wearing a tightly buttoned shirt in a dream means experiencing tight circumstances or reuniting with a traveller returning home, or it could mean marriage for an unwed person. Wearing a stately apparel in a dream means honor and dignity. Wearing a soldier’s uniform in a dream means war. Wearing a scholar’s robe or a teacher’s vest in a dream means studying to become a learned person. Wearing an ascetic’s woolen wrap in a dream means becoming a renunciate. Wearing a salesman’s suit in a dream means hard work or looking for work if the suit looks expensive in the dream, for people mostly wear expensive looking suits when they are still searching for work. Wearing a white garment in a dream means pride, honor and dignity. Wearing silk in a dream means strength and occupying a high rank in a business or government.

If one sees a deceased person wearing a silken garment in a dream, it means that he is dwelling in the heavenly paradise. Wearing a garment that is adorned with gold in a dream means victory over one’s enemy.

A black garment means honor, reign and having mastery over people. Wearing a green garment in a dream means martyrdom. Wearing a cotton garment in a dream means following the Prophet’s tradition (uwbp). Wearing a woolen garment in a dream means clarity, unless if it is coarse or unfitting and in that case, it means poverty and humiliation. Wearing a linen garment in a dream means enjoying a blessing or a favor. Wearing a brocaded garment in a dream means receiving an important and a revered message, rising in station, enjoying wealth or it could represent the blessing of having a child. Wearing a robe that is trailing behind one’s feet in a dream means rebellion and disobedience, while wearing a moderately short coat in a dream means purity, virtues and chastity. Wearing any type of garment in a dream means emulating the character of such people or becoming a prisoner of war. Wearing a kufi or a headdress for prayers in a dream means atonement for one’s sins. Wearing a jubbah or a long cloak in a dream means longevity. Wearing an open sports jacket in a dream means ease in one’s life or financial success. Wearing a special costume for a festival or a celebration in a dream means prosperity and a wealth that is saved for one’s children, or it could mean buying new merchandise for one’s shop. Wearing a military uniform in a dream means distress, trouble or a scientific dispute. Wearing one’s traditional costumes in a dream, or that of another community means to befriend them and to celebrate their festivities with joy.

(Also see Filth; Linen; Used clothing)... clothing dream meaning


(God’s Prophet Muhammad, blessings and peace be upon him; The Seal of the prophets; The last Messenger) It is related that God’s Messenger, upon whom be peace, has said : “One who sees me in a dream will see me in his wakefulness, for Satan cannot impersonate me. “He also has said : “One who sees me in a dream, it is as ifhe has truly seen me, for Satan cannot impersonate me. “ He also has said : “One who sees me in a dream will not enter the fire of hell.” Muslim theologians and scholars differ in opinion about the meaning of seeing tells of such a dream to describe the Prophet, upon whom be peace. Ifany of the “Describe him to me.” A§im Bin Kulayb added : “I described him as resembling Prophet (uwbp) is cognizance of his presence and understanding the reality of his character and example. Thus, recognizing the presence of the blessed being is as affirmation of the truth, while seeing the physical form represents his example and attributes, for being earthly does not change the essence of prophethood. When God’s Prophet (uwbp) said : “He will see me in wakefulness,” it means : ‘Expounding upon what he saw,’ for what one sees in such a dream is the truth which resides in the realms of the unseen. In the second saying, when God’s Prophet, upon whom be peace, said : “It is as if he has truly seen me,” it means that if one had seen him during the time of delivering God’s massage, the example will be the same. Thus, the first saying signifies what is real and true while the second saying implies the physical reality and its example. Ifone sees God’s Prophet, upon whom be peace, coming toward him in a dream, it means blessings and benefits, and if one sees God’s prophet (uwbp) turning away from him in a dream, it means the opposite. AI-Qagi ‘Iyag, God bless his soul, interpreted the words of God’s Prophet (uwbp) in his saying : “Has truly seen me,” to mean : “has truly seen my physical form,” that the blessed companions knew, while seeing him in another form in a dream means that one’s dream connotes personal interpretations. Following the explanation of AI-Qagi ‘Iyiig, Imam Al Nawawi commented by saying : “This is a weak explanation.

A stronger interpretation is to say that one who sees God’s Prophet (uwbp) in a dream has seen him in reality however his resemblance may appear. Whether the resemblance in the dream is known or not.” In a separate commentary, Shaikh Al-Baqlani added : “What AI-Qiigi ‘Iyaghas said does not contradict what ImamAl-Nawa wi has said.” This is because the first dream does not require interpretation, according to AI-Qagi ‘Iyag. In the second type of dream, that is discussed in Imam Al-Nawawi’s comments, one’s dream does require interpretation or analysis. This is to mean that since no Satan can impersonate God’s Prophet (uwbp), then whatever appearance he displays in one’s dream is true.

The meaning of God’s prophet’s saying : “For Satan cannot impersonate me,” implies that since God’s guardianship (‘Isma) is inviolable, and since God’s Prophet, upon whom be peace, is sacrosanct, then as he was protected during the time of delivering God’s message to humanity, he is still protected by the same guardianship after God Almighty took him back to Himself. Thus, whoever sees God’s Prophet (uwbp) in any appearance in a dream, it is as if has seen him in reality, regardless whether one sees him as a young man, or at the time of delivering his message, or as an old person.

If one sees him looking old in a dream, it means peace. Ifone sees him looking young in a dream, it means war.

If one sees him smiling in a dream, it means that one is truly emulating his traditions. Seeing God’s Prophet (uwbp) in his known and recognized appearance in a dream means that the one seeing the dream is a pious person, that his integrity is inviolable, and that his success is unquestionable. Seeing him (uwbp) in a dream frowning represents the ill state of the one seeing the dream. denotes the good religious standing of the person seeing the dream. Seeing him with some disfeatures in a dream, a deficiency or distortion in one’s application of his religious duties, for God’s Prophet (uwbp) is like a mirror that portrays the one standing before it.” In this sense, the person seeing the dream can God bless his soul. Like that, in the book of’Sh,arh al-Sh,ama-il’ of Imam AlTirmithi, it is also stated that Satan cannot impersonate God Almighty, His signs, prophets or angels. Ifsomeone suffering from distress sees God’s Prophet (uwbp) in a dream, it means that his difficulties will be removed.

If a prisoner sees him in a dream, it means that he will be released form prison. Ifone is living at a time of economic chaos, and if high prices are exploiting the people of the land, or if injustice is tyrannizing everyone, then seeing God’s Prophet, upon whom be peace, in a dream represents an end to such adversities. Seeing him in his beautiful, radiant and impeccable appearance as best described by his companions in a dream means glad tidings of attaining a successful conclusion to one’s life in this world and in the hereafter.

The state and clarity of one’s heart and how well polished is his own mirror determines in what appearance he may see him, upon whom be peace.

If God’s Prophet (uwbp) comes toward someone in a dream, or leads him in prayers, or if one sees himself accompanying him on the road, or if one eats something sweet from his blessed hand, or receives a cloak, or a suitable shirt, or if God’s Prophet promises him something, or prays for him, then if the one seeing the dream qualifies for leadership, and if he is a righteous and ajust man who commands what is good and forbids what is evil, and ifhe is learned and practices what he knows, and ifhe is a pious worshipper and a devout Muslim, he will then attain the station and company of the blessed ones.

If the one who sees the dream is a disobedient servant of God Almighty, it means that he will repent for his sins and return to his Lord.

If he is living in heedlessness, it means that he will be guided. Perhaps, he might attain his goals in acquiring knowledge, or learn how to reconstruct his innermost being to befit a human being who is grateful to his Lord. Ifone is fearing oppression, persecution, or loss of his property and wealth sees him (uwbp) in a dream, it means putting an end to such fears, for he is the best of intercessors to restore anyone before God Almighty. Ifone who follows innovations sees God’s Prophet (uwbp) in a dream, it means that he should fear God Almighty, heed to His warnings and correct himself and particularly if he sees Him (uwbp) walking away from him, or turning his back to him. Seeing God’s Prophet (uwbp) in a dream also means receiving glad tidings and happy news, or it could signify justice, establishing the truth, fulfillment of a promise, reaching a high rank amongthe members ofone’s family, or perhaps it could mean that one may suffer from their envy and jealousy, or leave his homeland and migrate to another country, or it could mean that he may lose his parents and become an orphan. Seeing him (uwbp) in a dream also could mean seeing miraculous events (Karamat), for his companions witnessed and testified to a deer greeting him, a camel who kissed his foot, the broiled leg of mutton talking to him, trees moving to give him cover, pebbles glorifying God’s praises in his hand, among countless miracles, including his Nocturnal Journey and ascension (Mi’raj) to the heavens to meet his Lord.

If an ophthalmologist sees him in a dream, it means that he will acquire great expertise in his field and become renowned in the land, for God’s prophet upon whom be peace, did return the eye of his companion Qutadah to its place and made his sight sharper than it was by God’s leave, after Qutadah had lost his eye during one of the battles with the unbelievers.

If a traveller in the desert sees God’s Prophet (uwbp) in a dream, or if there is drought somewhere, it means that rain will fall and springs will gush forth, as water gushed from between his blessed fingers when he placed his blessed hand over a half filled cup to quench the thirst of an entire army. Ifcalamities, starvation and drought has befallen a land and someone sees Him (uwbp) in a dream, it means that such calamities will be lifted and life will return to normal in that place.

If a woman sees him in a dream, it means that she will reach a high spiritual station, honor, righteousness, chastity, trustworthiness and perhaps be given a blessed progeny, or if she is wealthy, it means that she will spend her wealth on God’s path. Seeing him (uwbp) in a dream also means facing adversities, bearing patience and suffering from one’s enemy.

If an orphan sees him (uwbp) in a dream, it means that he will reach an exalted station and the same goes if a foreigner sees him in his dream.

If a physician sees him (uwbp) in a dream, it means that people will benefit from his medicine. Seeinghim (uwbp) in a dream also meansvictory over one’s enemy, or consolidating and paying one’s debts, or recovering from an illness, or attending a pilgrimage to God’s House in Mecca, or triumphing over one’s trials, or cessation of one’s adversities, or fertility of a barren land, or the pregnancy of a barren woman.

If a visitor to his mosque sees himself in a dream coming before God’s Prophet (uwbp) and finds him standing up, it denotes one’s correct religious standing, and it means that he will have commanding authority over the Imam of his time. Ifone finds him (uwbp) deceased in the dream, it means that a noble person from the family of the person seeing the dream will shortly die. Ifone sees the funeral of God’s Prophet (uwbp) in a dream, it means that a calamity will befall that country. Following his funeral procession up to his grave (uwbp) in a dream means that the person seeing the dream will yield to innovations. Visiting his grave (uwbp) in a dream means receiving a great treasure.

If one sees himself as the son of God’s Prophet (uwbp) in a dream, and even if one is not one of his descendents, it denotes one’s sincerity, true faith and certitude. Seeing God’s Prophet (uwbp) by one person does not exclude the remainder of the believers, but the blessings encompass all of them. Receiving something from him (uwbp) such as food or a drink in a dream means benefits and profits.

If one receives food which substance connotes negative circumstances, such as a melon or the like elements in a dream, it means that one will escape from a great danger, though he will toil and suffer from hardships during his trials.

If one sees that one of the limbs that belong to God’s Prophet (uwbp) has become his own in a dream, it means that he is following innovation and making changes in the laws God’s Prophet (uwbp) brought to humankind.

If one sees himself in a dream embodying the form of God’s Prophet, upon whom be peace, or wearing one of his garments, or receives his ring, or sword, then if the person is seeking to govern, he will attain that and the people will accept his leadership.

If one is suffering from persecution, or humiliation in the land, then seeing God’s Prophet (uwbp) standing in a dream means that God Almighty will grant him victory and make him rise above his enemies.

If one is poor, his needs will be satisfied, or if he is unmarried, he will get married.

If one sees him (uwbp) in a ruined place in a dream, it means that such a place will be rebuilt. Ifone enters a room and finds him (uwbp) sitting there in a dream, it means that a miraculous sign, or a major event will take place in such a locality. Ifone sees him (uwbp) making the call to prayers in a dream, it means that prosperity will spread in that place.

If one sees him establishing the prayers (lqamah) in a dream, it means that the Muslims will reunite and dispel their differences. Ifone sees him (uwbp) placing kohl over his eyelids in a dream, it means that he will find safety and correct his religious stand, or it could mean that one will study and become a scholar in the field of the prophetic sayings (Ah.adrth).

If a pregnant woman sees him (uwbp) in a dream, it means that she will beget a son. Ifone sees him (uwbp) having a black beard with no gray hair in it in a dream, it will bring happiness, joy and prosperity to one’s life.

If God’s Prophet (uwbp) is seen as an old man in a dream, it means strength in one’s life and victory over one’s enemy. Seeing him (uwbp) in his most exalted state in a dream means that the Imam, or the ruler of the country will rise in station and that his authority will expand.

If one sees his blessed neck wide, it means that the Imam is holding firmly to his trust. Ifone sees him (uwbp) having a large chest in a dream, it means that the Imam or the ruler of the country is generous toward his subjects. Ifone sees his blessed stomach (uwbp) empty in a dream, it means that the treasury of the country is empty. Ifone sees his right hand closed in a dream, it means that the Imam or the ruler of the country does not pay his employees, or distribute the collected alms tax.

If one sees his blessed right hand (uwbp) open in a dream, it denotes the generosity of the ruler and his compliance with the distribution of charities and alms tax as prescribed in God’s book.

If his hands are locked together in a dream, it means complications in the life of the Imam, or the ruler of the country.

The same will affect the life of the person seeing the dream, including suffering from distress and adversities.

If one sees his blessed leg beautiful and hairy in a dream, it means that one’s clan will become stronger, and his tribe will grow.

If one sees the blessed thighs of God’s Prophet tall in a dream, it denotes longevity of the Imamor the ruler of the country. Ifone sees him (uwbp) standing in the midst of soldiers and everyone is laughingandjoking in a dream, it means that the Muslim army will be defeated and humiliated in a war.lfhe is seen with a small army that is ill equipped and everyone is looking down in the dream, it means that the Muslim army will triumph in that year. Ifone sees him (uwbp) combing his blessed hair and beard in a dream, It means that one’s distress and adversities will be dispelled. Seeing him (uwbp) in his own mosque, or in any mosque, or in his usual place in a dream it means gaining power and honor.

If one sees him standing in the midst of his companions delivering a revelation in a dream, it means that one will acquire a greater knowledge, wisdom and spiritual understanding. Seeing the grave of God’s Prophet (uwbp) in a dream means prosperity and profits for a merchant, or the release ofa prisoner from his jail. Seeingoneselfin a dream as the father of God’s Prophet (uwbp) means that one’s faith will diminish and his certitude will weaken.

If a woman sees herself in a dream as one of the wives of God’s Prophet (uwbp), it represents her growingfaith. Ifone sees him (uwbp) looking into one’s affairs in a dream, it means that God’s Prophet (uwbp) is admonishing the one seeing the dream and commanding him to render his wife her due rights.

To walk behind him (uwbp) in a dream means following his (Sunnah) traditions in wakefulness.

To eat with him (uwbp) in a dream means that one is commanded to pay the annual alms tax (Islamic law) due over one’s money making assets, or liquid assets, gold, silver,jewelry, savings, etcetera, excepting one’s home or vehicle. Ifone sees God’s Prophet (uwbp) eating alone in a dream, it means that the one seeing the dream refuses to give charities and disdains to help those who ask for his help. In this sense, it is as if God’s Prophet, upon whom be peace, is commanding the person to give charities and to help the needy. Ifone sees him (uwbp) bare footed in a dream, it means that one has neglected to do his regular prayers.

To see him (uwbp) and to shake hands with him in a dream means that one is truly his follower.

If one sees his blood mixed with that of God’s Prophet (uwbp) in a dream, it means that one will marry a woman from among his descendents, or that one will marry the daughter of a great religious scholar.

If God’s Prophet (uwbp) gives someone some type of greens or herbs in a dream, it means that one will escape from a great danger.

If he (uwbp) gives him something fresh or honey in the dream, it means that one will learn the Holy Qur’iin and acquire a great knowledge and wisdom according to the amount he receives in his dream.

If one returns the gift to God’s Prophet (uwbp) it means that he will follow innovation.

To see him (uwbp) delivering a sermon in a dream means that he is commanding people to do good and to eschew evil. Ifone sees the color of his skin (uwbp) tan in a dream, it means that one will think about repenting from his sins and abstain from young people’s ignorance.

If the color of his skin is white in the dream, it means that one will repent for his sins and turn to God Almighty for acceptance.

If he (uwbp) reprimands someone in a dream, it means that one must refrain from innovation and follow the prophetic traditions. Ifone finds that God’s Prophet (uwbp) has died in a specific location in a dream, it means that the person seeing the dream will die in that same place and God knows best.

(Also see Visiting holy sites)... muhammad dream meaning


(Core; Kernel; Quintessence) The pith of any matter in a dream represents beneficial knowledge, sincerity in one’s words and actions, and his innermost righteousness.

(Also see Martingale)... pith dream meaning

Policeman / Woman

Sense of what is socially right or wrong— our feelings of what others would dislike or punish us for; our social rules of conduct rather than our innermost sense of lightness, therefore inhibitions; feelings of guilt or shame. Po­licewoman: more emphasis on moral issues connected with feeling values. ... policeman / woman dream meaning


Pathways you have created into your unconscious; ways you have evolved to deal with innermost feelings and memories; vagina or being in the womb; strategies developed to reach our inner resources and bring them to the surface.

See last example in death and rebirth under archetypes; sec­ond example in penis under body; corridor; examples in dark; enclosed, end; swimming. ... tunnel dream meaning


A vagina in a dream signifies relief for someone who is experiencing hardship, pressure, or sorrow. It also could mean satisfaction of one’s needs, fulfillment of one’s desire, marriage, partnership, exposing a secret, working with minerals, protecting women’s chastity, imprisonment, the house entrance, the front door, travels, the prayer niche inside a mosque, one’s innermost secret, running water, heat, an oven, a garment, a canyon, discovering a cure for an illness and feeling happy about it, finding an elixir, feeling relief after having sexual relationship with one’s spouse, a grave, distress, one’s wife, fire, a burning desires, family reunion, having children, dispelling doubt about what is right and what is wrong, clearly identifying true from false, finding guidance, or heeding admonition.

If a man looks at a woman’s vagina in a dream, it represents his wicked state of mind, needs, desires, humiliation, or it could represent the high standard a woman has achieved in his eyes. Ifa woman looks at a man’s sexual organ in a dream, it represents her strength and manlike drive. Ifa prisoner finds himselfhaving a vagina in a dream, it means his release from prison, and for someone who is depressed, it means relief from his depression.

If one has to appear in court, it means that he will win his case.

If one is facing an opponent, it means that he will conquer him. Seeing the vagina of an elderly woman in a dream means loss of business. Ifone reenters the womb of a woman through her vagina in a dream, it means his death.

A vagina in a dream also could represent a blood sucker, a murderer, or a deceitful person who portrays piety during the day, then shows his teeth at night. Avagina in a dream also represents a shameless and an insolent worker, or it could represent a bird’s nest. In this sense, capturing a bird, or looking inside a bird’s nest in a dream means getting married.

If a woman sees water entering her vagina in a dream, it means that she will conceive a child.

If a woman’s vagina turns into iron or into any metal in the dream, it means that she has lost all hope in accomplishing her aspirations, satisfying her desires or needs.

(Also see Blowing into the vagina; Looking at a sexual organ; Semen; Effeminate; Sexual intercourse; Sodomy)... vagina dream meaning


Innermost feelings; heanfelt feelings or urges.

See music; musical instrument. ... violin dream meaning


Bottle, Box, Vase. These containers symbolize the body of the woman and female sexuality, at least in men’s dreams.

The male body and male sexuality is seldom, if ever, represented by a vase.

If a container symbolizes male sexuality, it appears in the shape of a barrel or bottle.

For men and woman alike, though, a vase may represent the innermost part of the person in the sense of the unconscious. But here the image usually appears in the form of a box (Pandora’s Box) or a treasure chest.

What is inside the container is important (the spirit in the Bottle—the genie). Ever since Sigmund Freud, containers have been seen as referring to sexuality; if the container is empty, impotence. Pouring liquid from a container or removing a cork from a bottle is, according to classical psychoanalysis, usually a symbol for intercourse.... container dream meaning


One of the hardest gemstones, the emerald symbolizes the character or the innermost soul.

Folklore: Good fortune in business or separation from loved ones.... emerald dream meaning


The odor of asparagus is a portent that you will meet someone of the opposite sex who will reveal his or her innermost secrets.... asparagus dream meaning


Vision + Depth Psychology: Dreaming about clodies reveals how you see yourself. It might also be a sign of your need to hide from others (to disguise yourself). Different clothes have the following meaning:

Undershirt, slip: expresses your innermost, unconscious feelings. Underpants, panties: your sexual needs, desires, and hopes. Shirt or blouse: all feelings, cravings, or passions. Pants or skirt: your erotic desires. Coat: your “facade,” how others react to you.

Shoes: your present situation, where you are at the moment.... clothes dream meaning


To dream about Australia means that you believe you are being tugged toward opposing poles. It might also symbolize a deep look into your unfettered inner self. Australia, known as the ‘land down under,’ could represent your innermost buried thoughts.... australia dream meaning


Symbol: The skeleton is the personification of death, as well as a promise and “instrument” of a new stage in life.

Vision: Seeing a skeleton is a reference to your innermost convictions and the essence of your personality—never ignore it. Ancient dream interpretations state that the skeleton is a promise of a very long life.

See Bones, Cadaver, Death.

Depth Psychology: A skeleton is a symbol of the past and death and a sign of profound fear (fear of death, death wishes, etc.) Frequent dreams about skeletons might suggest that you need to consult with a psychotherapist.... skeleton dream meaning


Vision: The telephone says a lot about your personal “connections.” A telephone ringing: yrou will “get the message” about a certain matter. Are you calling long-distance? Are you told the number has been disconnected? Both possibilities are a sign of relationship problems. Being unable to make a connection means that—in real life—vou “can’t connect” either! Hearing a phone ring: you will soon get a negative reply or cancellation. Having a positive conversation on the phone: expect an important contract.

The party you are calling is not answering: you made arrangements for a meeting, but the other party will not show up. Hearing the phone ring in your sleep but you are not answering: you are afraid of your innermost feelings or denying them.

Depth Psychology: The telephone reflects your personal relationships and your contact with your unconscious. Are you feeling lonely? Do you receive few or no phone calls during the day? The rest of the dream symbols are very important because they may give you useful insights or helpful hints.... telephone dream meaning


A dream in which you are toothless indicates your failure to succeed. You might face sadness and illness.

To dream that others are toothless means that enemies are trying to damage your reputation. They will not succeed.

To dream about losing a tooth represents man’s innermost worries - death, age, weakness, destitution, and loneliness.... toothless dream meaning


Dreams of a flag represent an affiliation of which you are proud. Perhaps this dream represents familial or national pride, or maybe you desire to outwardly share your innermost feelings and beliefs.

If the flag is being waved, then you are proud of what the flag represents.

If the flag is being burned, then you are ashamed or against what the flag represents.

If the flag is white, then you are declaring surrender.... flag dream meaning


Dreams of this secret chamber represents mysteries and that you are realizing your connection with your shadow side and becoming aware of the deepest, innermost, sacred aspects of your nature.... grotto dream meaning


Dreams of this calm body of water is symbolic of your connection to the feminine, your innermost feelings, fantasies, intuition, and the mystery of life. Also, a lake represents the element of water, which is about emotional depth and -awareness.

See Ocean.... lake dream meaning


Because the contents of pockets are hidden from view, dreams of a pocket represent your innermost thoughts, feelings, and secrets.... pocket dream meaning


Dreams of this cover for your crown signifies protection for your deepest, innermost thoughts; your connection with spirit, highest wisdom.

If you are in fear of being scalped, you are afraid of loosing your mind or of being negatively influenced. Be mindful of who and where you share your insights.

See Head.... scalp dream meaning


If you dream of a scandal, then this dream is helping you to grapple with your innermost feelings versus your ego and the reputation of your public persona.

See Gossip.... scandal dream meaning


Psychological / emotional perspective: Alchemy from a psychological perspective is a philosophy of the cosmos and of mankind’s place in the scheme of things.

It is the refinement of thought, having the key through the archetypes to unlocking an understanding of the innermost and unconscious part of the psyche. As an agent for change it has a relevance in dreams through both its symbolism and processes.... alchemy dream meaning


Its image is associated with the desires and innermost feelings of the individual. Although they have a high burden of sensuality, they are also tied to strong material and spiritual yearnings.

They are, almost always, signs of physical and emotional well-being. Both picking and eating cherries are harbingers of joy, good news, and birth. To see them fall indicates a close love. The tree is also a good omen, it ensures happiness.... cherries dream meaning


(1) In a woman’s dream the animus may appear as a bull (for animus)-(6)).

(2) The bull may refer to your masculinity (whether you are a man or a woman).

If you are a woman, it may refer to the opposite sex - perhaps expressing your (unconscious) feelings about men in general or a particular man.

(3) Animality’ may be symbolized. A man may experience his own sexuality as something bestial, getting in the way of his ‘higher5 pursuits; an object of disgust or fear.

Similarly, a woman may, consciously or unconsciously, see male sexuality as nasty and brutish; the same may apply to other aspects of masculinity - for example, the fighting, competitive aspect.

If a woman dreams of being chased by a bull, the meaning may be that she is afraid of sexual relations with men. The bull may represent the woman’s father - in which case she may need to dissolve her father fixation. In any case, the woman would need to assert her femininity, not repress it: her own confident femininity has power to tame wild male lust and transform it into tender sensual adoration.

(4) The taming or tethering of a bull may signify the harmonious integration of your animality, especially your sexuality, or the whole of the hidden, unconscious part of your psyche.

See also section (8) below.

(5) The sacrifice of a bull may signify a victory (achieved or needed) of spirituality over animality. Sacrifice is the relinquishing or transforming of something in order to attain something more desirable. But the mere killing of a bull might signify the repression of emotion or instinct, or of your masculinity.

(6) Is it the proverbial bull in a china shop: the accident-prone blunderer, the person who never seems to have any luck and for whom everything goes wrong?

If so, the image may be seen as a warning that you need to change your self-image - which may entail changing your job or even your domestic situation.

It is no good thinking of making a living as a concert pianist if you have fingers missing. Take an honest look at yourself and build your career and your life on your strong points, not your weak ones. Give up your fantasies and take a good look at reality. Pay special attention to your dreams: they may now begin to reveal to

you your real strengths - buried talents, perhaps, that need to be dug up from your unconscious. (On persona)

Resist putting the blame for your ‘bad luck’ on someone or something else. Perhaps what we call ‘bad luck’ is actually brought about, not by chance, but by our innermost attitude towards life, which in turn is generated by a negative attitude towards ourselves.

(7) The bull may symbolize fertility (as in mythology). Your unconscious has the power to bring about new life if you allow it to penetrate your conscious mind.

(8) The bull may represent the self (in the Jungian sense), your true nature. Yes, those depths of the psyche that are despised or feared by the conscious ego may eventually be seen - by dint of constant self-exploration - as your true self.

(There are links here with (4) above. There is a famous series of Zen Buddhist drawings depicting the finding, tethering and taming of an ox, representing the search for one’s true nature and its discovery and realization through wrestling with and controlling one’s wild and stubborn egoistic self.)... bull dream meaning


Kissing symbolizes a reconciliation with the person receiving this affectionate gesture. The dream shows the attachment you feel for that person; perhaps it is a repressed attraction in real life. Likewise, this kind of dream may come from guilt caused by your minimal affection for someone. Although it might be a sexual dream, kisses, as we said, are identified more with love and how you offer it to others. However, they also have other negative connotations, such as the kiss of death or the kiss of betrayal. In this sense, the dream is showing your innermost feelings.

For gypsy tradition, kissing predicts that a dispute will soon come to an end.... kissing dream meaning


Surprisingly, tears in a dream bodes well: you can resume old projects and through them enjoy economic prosperity and social success. Similarly, the innermost desires will be satisfied and you will experience a time of happiness and joy. Associated symbolically with sperm and the fertility of water, in the psychoanalytic field, tears correspond to fecundity.

The Egyptians related tears with fertility, based on the myth of the flooding of the Nile (their means of fertilizing the fields); thanks to the tears shed by Isis in search of her murdered husband.... tears dream meaning


Your innermost fears or negative attitudes that are seen as larger than you can handle.

See also NIGHTMARES; SURREALISM AND FANTASY... monster dream meaning


The center (such as standing in the center of a circle) can represent: Being the center of attention.

Feeling “put on the spot.” Being in the middle of the action.

Experiencing the “heart” or innermost part of something.

Protecting yourself (as in hiding in the middle of a crowd).

See also: Between; Crowd; Rotating; Shopping Center; Medical Office... center dream meaning


1. The real person;

2. The inner part of person;

3. The spirit;

4. God’s measure of a person;

5. Innermost thoughts and issues of life;

6. The mind;

7. The emotions;

8. The deep;

9. The real altar of God. Ps. 19:14; 24:4; 28:3; 55:21... heart dream meaning

Radio / Television

A television may represent your mind with its stream of thoughts, and a radio your inner voice with its communications. The programs you watch and listen to are intimate and objective representations of what is going on in your mind, so pay particular attention to what is on your dream television or radio.

If you dreamed of adjusting a radio dial or television remote control to find a particular station or channel, perhaps your dreaming mind portrayed you as trying to tune into your intuition. A dream in which you channel surf may suggest your waking restlessness or boredom. As well as helping us stay abreast of current events, radios and televisions also offer mental stimulation and DVDs and VCRs allow us to record anything we want at a time that suits us.

If you dreamed of listening to a radio broadcast, TV program or trying to record a specific program, always try to recall its subject matter.

If it was a faithful replica of a something you saw and heard on television or radio last night, your dreaming mind is simply playing out the images again in your sleep or perhaps reproving you for watching rather than living life.

If it was a variation of the program’s theme or you felt deeply involved with the program (which may or may not have been an exact rerun of the original), the chances are that it reveals a facet of your waking life, or news from within yourself. Did you identify with one of the characters, or with a specific situation or topic in the show, because you have found yourself in a similar state in the past or fear that you will in the future? Alternatively, if you dream about radio or television program but do not feel that involved in the action, your unconscious could be providing you with light relief from waking anxiety.

If you see yourself on TV, your unconscious may be attempting to communicate emotions and ideas that you feel unable to express in waking life. The image may also arise from a desire for attention or recognition from the people in your life.

If you received static instead of a clear signal, this suggests an inability to make contact with your innermost thoughts. The image would be intensified if you watched a DVD recording of a program, as this indicates memories that are recorded or deeply embedded in your unconscious.

The purpose of TV or radio programs such as talk shows, soap operas or movies—is to entertain, enlighten and divert us from our everyday lives. Your unconscious may have used the plot or situation from an entertainment show of this kind and used it as a vehicle to replay an event in your past or to act out a current concern. Modern dream superstition suggests that if you enjoy dreaming about watching television, you will be successful in life; but if you are bored or upset by what you see, you will be led astray as your lack of concentration will mean you are unable to achieve success.... radio / television dream meaning


Your dreaming mind may at times employ sinister symbolism to address what it perceives to be the darker side of human nature. It has a wealth of material to call upon from both religion and mythology. There may be imps from hell to drag you into a fiery torment, demons of plague and pestilence, Beelzebub the ‘Lord of the Flies’, Asmodeus the demon of anger and lust, and a host of other demons, fiends and evil spirits in the form of toads, serpents, hobgoblins and elves. Each represents darker aspects of your own nature, perhaps a fear of the unknown that is not expressed in waking life, perhaps your frustrated desires and loss of control. Dreams of the devil himself (or modern representations of evil such as Darth Vader from Star Wars or Lord Voldemort from the Harry Potter books) may be seen as a representation of your dark, unconscious and baser urges. For Jungians, such a figure would be the ultimate shadow archetype. Devil dreams tend to occur when people are breaking with tradition in some way. They may also be related to evil or negative influences within yourself, possibly linking to a recent or impending decision or action of yours in waking life.

See also Devil entry in RELIGION.

Monsters may present, in hideous form, untamed impulses that fill you with disgust and loathing. By giving these impulses a monstrous rather than a human form, you can evade personal responsibility for them. Many dreamers report feelings of a great weight on their chest and a sense of great evil.

Sometimes the dreamer sees a figure who is sexually rapacious. These figures are known as incubi and succubi and they are demons in the form of imps.

They were often included in paintings in the medieval period and symbolize the uncontrolled world of dreams and desire.

If you are able to kill your dream demon or evil spirit, this may help you resolve your innermost fears in waking life.

See also NIGHTMARES; SPIRITS AND GHOSTS.... damnation dream meaning

Fairy Tales

Fairy tales are full of rich psychological symbolism that expresses our innermost fears and dreams. Beginning with the fathers of the field, Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, numerous psychoanalysts have turned to fairy tales in an effort to understand the human mind. Just as many fairy tales hinge upon a revelation of the truth about those who have been somehow disguised, so too fairy tales cut to the essence of adult identity. Freud suspected that dreams and fairy tales stemmed from the same place, and the relaxation of inhibition that occurs in the dream state is also true of many storytellers. So fairy tales might prove, as with dreams, to be windows opening into the unconscious. (Indeed, many fairy tales include dream-states as important plot points.) For Freud, fairy tales are rife with wish-fulfillment fantasies and complicated sexual undercurrents.

As far as Jung was concerned, the ‘collective unconscious’ that lies at the core of his work, and which he believed is shared by all human beings, is revealed through archetypes, forms and symbols found in ample quantity in fairy tales. Jungian therapists study fairy tales to help analyze the dreams of their patients. Jung’s disciples have gone on to interpret fairy tales as lives in miniature, suggesting, for example, that each character within a tale may represent an aspect of human personality.

More recently, perhaps the best-known—and certainly the most widely- quoted—psychologist to incorporate fairy tales into their practice is Bruno Bettelheim, who published Uses of Enchantment: The Meaning and Importance of Fairy Tales in 1976. Bettelheim argued that fairy tales are an important tool for children learning to navigate reality and survive in a world ruled by adults. The family conflicts and moral education of the protagonists (conveniently often children themselves) could provide models of coping. Others have disputed aspects of this interpretation. The German cultural critic and philosopher Walter Benjamin notes that the morality of fairy tales is rather complicated, with the heroes and heroines often known to lie, cheat, steal and torture villains. But there remains something empowering and psychologically insightful in these stories that, as fairy tale scholar Maria Tatar writes, demonstrate the ‘triumph of small and weak over tall and powerful’.

To sum up: one of the most useful functions of the fairy tale is to use fantasy to help address the problems of growing up. During the course of the fairy tale, the hero or heroine is taken on a journey to greater self-awareness and psychological wholeness. In a child’s life there may be many conflicts and the fairy tale helps the child express the hostility these situations may cause. Many psychologists recommend fairy tales as beneficial to children, believing they help children assimilate problems such as violence, sexuality, growing up and learning to deal with family conflict. In many ways, fantasy dreams share the same functions as fairy tales; not only do they provide a healthy outlet for socially unacceptable behavior, they can also empower the dreamer and teach hidden lessons.... fairy tales dream meaning


lucky numbers: 02-07-17-18-21-33

being burned by a: the search for wisdom is not without nodes of distress.

blowing out: competition and rivalry at the end of a period of your life.

burning brightly: expect an invitation to a feast and accept it.

at both ends: your indulgences are depleting your physical resources.

quietly: your peace is within your innermost self.

businessperson dreaming of: attain prosperity with good business ethics.

sick: wil recover, if you fol ow the good of the whole body.

unmarried: are craving for freedom from being married.

buying: are inclined to believe enemies.

candelabra, of a: your salvation is clearly guided through the unseen.

candlestick, of a: your spirit wil be enlightened.

carrying lighted: a smal effort produces remarkable results.

clear steady flame, with: wil have a splendid marriage ful of adventure.

colored, having: wil become a widow or a widower prematurely.

corpse: let those who have died, go!

flickering: are being guided through the unknown of detrimental gossip.

going out: a measure of the time left in your life.

putting: your quarrel with a friend has passed, start anew.

lighting a: be more reflective and reverent with friends, start anew.

maiden, a: wil have an affair against parent’s wishes.

making: are seeking guidance in a time of spiritual darkness.

maiden, a: a marriage offer introduced by a distant relative.

of a small wax: wisdom comes in smal doses.

carrying a lighted taper: good fortune wil protect your course in life.

unlighted: it is the only burden you wil ever carry.

having a small: indecisiveness with regard to proposal.

smoking: period of uncertainty, doubt and indecision. ... candles dream meaning


lucky numbers: 16-18-20-21-25-27

Antichrist, seeing the: an appreciation of what exists.

birth of: wil have peace, joy, and contentment by surrendering your innermost self.

Christ consciousness: wil have spiritual harmony.

crucified, being: your enemies wil be defeated.

garden, being in the: wil be highly esteemed and influential.

of: trust the higher power to reach wholeness.

resurrection of: are in harmony with yourself and your fate.

talking to: wil receive a big consolation for bringing others uplifting experiences.

Temple, in the: unpopular but correct efforts wil be rewarded. ... christ dream meaning


lucky numbers: 15-17-22-27-41-49

aisle, in a: difficulties and misfortune wil beset you.

altar: aspire to a spirituality fundamental to al life.

anthem in, hearing an: your prayers are being answered on your wel -planned work.

blasphemy in a, committing: use violent protest rather than practical action.

building, a: are loved by God, love him back.

several: happiness is buried too deep beneath your material ambition.

built, being: wil surmount difficulties while remaining true to your innermost thoughts.

catechism, preaching from the: distinction of your future position.

reading, a, manual: activities in a lucrative position.

receiving oral instruction: you can accept strictures behind advancement.

caving in: have deep feeling of regret that you have lost faith in God.

choir, singing in the: a surprise visit of an old friend reveals lover’s disloyalty.

hearing a: a lack of tolerance for one another leads to gloom.

Christening, attending your child’s: wil achieve hopes and desires.

friend’s, a: contentment with new life.

godparent, being a: be decisive in taking advantage of favorable opportunity.

communion, going to: wil receive many blessings.

children: guidance wil be received through your third eye.

crucifix, praying to a: you wil receive high honors.

hanging a: wil be involved in troubles you wil blame on others.

deacon, a: your actions wil be severely criticized.

decorated, fully: wil receive an inheritance of spiritual nourishment if you atone.

during mass, in: your approach is tentative for fear of refusal.

entering a: your making amends wil be received with kindness.

hearing a dispute in: conflict between daily life and spiritual values.

heresy, being accused of: wil assert yourself and gain stature in community affairs.

Holy Communion: wil make a friend who wil stand by you for life.

Judgment Day, at: are resigned to pay for your sins and be credited for your conduct.

parish, of a: there are no clouds in your future.

praying in: wil be kept from the wrong path if you cooperate with the family.

priest in, being with a: harbor guilt and shame for breaking important rules.

Sabbath, observing the: wil participate in the ritual.

reveling in the: wil mock the very truth of your life.

sacrilege, committing a: wil suffer much misery.

salvation, institution, joining a: a rude awakening for your family.

Savior, praying to the: desires wil be granted in the future.

granting wishes: spiritual healing has been earned, prayers are answered.

seated in: wil change habits, with the strength of spiritual forces.

talking in: friends are envious of your relationship with the forces of life.

vicar of a, talking to the: people wil cause anguish.

yard, being in: a sense of what is fundamental to al life and death.

others in a: cycles of life and growth, reproduction and interdependence. ... church dream meaning


lucky numbers: 01-14-23-35-38-41

buttoning up your: careful restraint is required in speculations.

high against the wind: adversity causes upset in business.

children’s: substantial means.

buying a: wil be a person of honor in family arguments.

outworn: are disil usioned by insincere romantic gesture.

dirty, getting your: wil lose a good friend due to your hypocrisy.

fleece, lined with: wil be depressed without the sun.

losing a: speculation wil cause your financial ruin.

mackinaw, bright plaid: outdoor activities.

worn out: accidents come when defenses are weakened.

of a new: your innermost feelings, if exposed, wil receive honors.

old, an: prosperity comes with the truth; your help wil be sought.

overcoat: how you wish the world would see you.

poncho, a: aid is on its way.

purple, and hat: others regard you with respect.

rain, buying a mackintosh: great strength of character blocks any tendency to steal.

wearing a new: take a fresh view of business troubles for unforeseen gain.

another person’s: wil be forced to seek a friend’s help.

old: a turn for the worse due to others’ dishonesty.

rain: attain an attitude to protect yourself.

torn, a: others wil siphon off your profits; they wil fal into disgrace. ... coat dream meaning


lucky numbers: 09-20-25-27-28-33

city, of a: a real-life problem if dream becomes a tolerable fantasy.

consulting someone about your dreams: expect news from far away.

family of children, of a: difficulty with authority.

legs won’t run, that your: the present situation wil develop into a fruitful one.

magical place, of a: are refreshed; al ow your soul to be.

neighborhood, of a: lack of attention to everyday affairs.

nice things, of: have impossible desires.

nightmares, experiencing numerous: time to relinquish one’s lifestyle, it’s excessive.

having a: treachery from one you trust.

including others: wil be confronted with abundant worries.

children: your disappointment would dispute hal owed ground.

others, of: wil have emotional sorrow.

poor, of being: change in your position.

recurring dream, a: reveals the innermost contents of your being.

rich, of being: wil be disil usioned.

series, in a: there is a thread connecting al parts; find it! ... dreaming dream meaning