Injection Dream Meanings

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Injection Dream Meaning: From 13 Different Sources

Feeling other people’s opinions or will forced on and influencing one; internal influence of something exterior, social pressure to conform or be obedient; sexual intercourse.

If a sedative is given: return to non-responsibility, as in in­fancy.

See syringe.

Dream Source: A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences
Author: Tony Crisp
An injection puts a substance into your body in order to alter the chemistry of your system. One element of the symbolic meaning of an injection is that it takes a very small amount of something and creates a fairly big change.

The phrase “to inject something into” often refers to the act of increasing an idea’s power by adding some measure of passion or purpose.

Dream Source: Complete Dictionary of Dreams
Author: Dr. Mıchael Lennox
Injecting one’s own ideas, opinions, medical remedy, etc.; See “syringe”
Dream Source: Dream Dictionary Unlimited
Author: Margaret Hamilton
In traditional psychoanalysis, a dream about an injection is often viewed as a dream about sexual intercourse. Can also indicate an influence that is forced on us.

If we had bad experiences with being inoculated as children, then an injection dream can represent any number of different anxieties and fears.

Dream Source: Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia
Author: James R. Lewis and Evelyn Dorothy Oliver
[Syringe] whoever sees himself injected in a (bodily) part of his.

If it troubles him then he will not be commended.

If he sees other than that, then it is [interpreted as] good & a usefulness.

Dream Source: Islamic Dream - Cafer-i Sadik
Author: Cafer-i Sadik
To dream that you are being injected for health reasons, suggests you need to heal your unhealthy behavior, ideas or attitudes. This is a strong sign that you need to develop yourself on a mental and spiritual level.

To dream that someone is forcibly injecting you with a needle, represents your negative attitudes about a particular situation orperson. It also indicates the influence of peer pressure working against you. You are recognizing that someone is forcing their negative and unwelcome views or values on you.

Dream Source: My Dream Interpretation
Author: myjellybean
1. One feels sick inside.

2. Sexual or phallic symbol.

3. Be­ing forced to accept ideas or situations one disagrees with or fears.

Dream Source: New American Dream Dictionary
Author: Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin
also see Syringe

1- To dream of being given an injection is to be feeling that one’s personal space has been penetrated. Other people’s opinions, needs or desires may be forced on the dreamer leaving him little option but to co-operate.

To dream of giving an injection suggests that we are attempting to force ourselves on other people. Obviously; this may have sexual connotations.

2- An injection may be an attempt to heal, or to make one better. We may feel that we need external help in order to function more successfully. It will depend on our attitude to conventional medicine whether this is seen as co-opera- tion or resistance.

3- Spiritually, to find ourselves accepting an injection indicates that we arc prepared to create circumstances within ourselves which will help us to progress. More negatively; an injection can indicate short term pleasure rather than long term gain.

Dream Source: Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary
Author: Pamela Ball
This is an indicator of the relationship that you have with people around you. Generally, it represents the positive or negative influence that someone has over you.

If the dream generates a feeling of anxiety, it reveals fear of this external influence or the excess value you place on the opinions of others. However, the dream can be telling you to inject more entertainment and determination into your life. The syringe is also considered a phallic symbol. What you need may be more enthusiasm on the sexual plane. Finally, injections symbolize healing and protection. In this case, you should think about the current state of your spiritual side.

An oneiric interpretation from the thirties considered that dreaming of receiving an injection meant that you would be free of those enemies that plot against you.

Dream Source: The Big Dictionary of Dreams
Author: Martha Clarke
The idea of someone introducing something into your personal space or consciousness (such as animosity, criticism, or their own belief).

Direct or quick action (such as to correct a problem).

A particular health care experience, or receiving assistance in general.

Receiving a beneficial injection (with your permission) could represent strengthening or improving yourself, or protecting yourself from a future threat.

An injection against your will could be an indicator of a Toxic Dream, or it could represent a feeling or fear of someone forcing their opinions or expectations onto you, or “injecting” themselves into your life or consciousness somehow.

Consider the context and purpose of the injection, and your feelings about it.

See also: Vaccine; IV; Invading; Invaded, Being; Vein; Blood; Doctor; Sharp

Dream Source: The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary
Author: Nancy Wagaman
Shot of energy; quick pick me up; healing.

If addictive or lethal, you are injecting the self with destructive and dangerous thoughts; interference with the etheric body, blowing holes in the aura, losing energy.

Dream Source: The Dream Books Symbols
Author: Betty Bethards

2 dream interpretation about injection related.

Inject / Injection

Spiritually, to find ourselves accepting an injection indicates that we are prepared to create circumstances within ourselves which will help us to progress. More negatively, an injection can indicate short-term pleasure rather than long-term gain.... inject / injection dream meaning

Anesthetic / Injection

If you dream that you are having an anesthetic or are being put to sleep for an operation, this suggests that you may be trying to escape reality in some way in waking life or attempting to deaden some emotional pain. There may be something in life you don’t want to face or simply want to forget about for a while. The answer may be simple as taking a much-needed vacation. To be having an injection in your dream indicates the need to inject more enthusiasm into your life.

If the idea of inoculation or vaccination is present as well, you may want to protect yourself from intrusive emotions or unwanted urges.

Injections imply healing and protection, so this dream may be trying to show you how to become emotionally fit. Bear in mind that the syringe is also a phallic symbol, so your dream may have sexual connotations. Although much disliked and feared, the syringe is generally a benign symbol in dreams that work for your benefit. It emphasizes the message that in life, sometimes a little hardship and pain is needed for the greater good.... anesthetic / injection dream meaning