Infertile Dream Meanings

Infertile Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources


(Infertile; Sterile) Impotence in a dream means protection from sin, asceticism, abstinence and renouncing the pleasures of this world.

If one sees himself castrated in a dream, it means that he will gain power and fame.

If one marries a woman and finds himself incapable of performing sexual intercourse with her in a dream, it means that he will engage in a commerce without a capital.... impotence dream meaning


Fairies represent the extraordinary powers of the human soul. Concretely, the prodigious capacity for imagination. They invite us to use all our qualities, announcing projects that up until now seemed undoable. However, if you have too much fun in the fairy world—looking to flee from your frustrations this way—you run the risk of losing sense of reality. For a man, dreaming of a fairy represents the feminine side of his personality. For a woman, it symbolizes her maternal instinct.

Some traditions believe that fairies are real beings that direct the powers of nature. There is a culture that, when a land is infertile, invokes the help of fairies to make it bloom. In fact, there are those that claim it’s possible to communicate with them through dreams.... fairy dream meaning


Universal Landscape: New beginnings; possibility.

Dreaming Lens: How is the egg presented in the dream: as food or as a dormant life waiting to be hatched? What are you doing with the egg(s)? Are you in the egg? Do you know what is in the egg? What are your feelings about what is in the egg? Does the egg hatch in your dream?

Personal Focus: An egg symbolizes the potential for life that lies within it. From this perspective, this symbol always connects to new possibilities and new life. The type of egg in your dream and what it might hatch should provide the foundation of your exploration. The subtleties of your interpretation bring other meanings into the picture, including the context of the Dreaming Lens and your Personal Focus.

Any egg will fall into one of two categories: fertile or infertile. We are so used to consuming eggs in the Western world that it is easy to forget that if fertilized, our breakfast might well have become a chicken. Examine your dream egg to determine whether you perceived it as food or not. If so, your dream may point out issues of nurturing and self-care that are in the embryonic stage and waiting for birth and new life. If the egg is not for consumption, the meaning is more likely to fall on the side of creative possibilities on the horizon.

There are a number of other associations bound up with the image of the egg. The most prominent of these is the age-old question of which came first. There is no answer to this adage. Since either the idea in mind (egg) or the resulting manifestation (chicken) can be born without the other, an egg can represent the spontaneous manifestation of something new, whether the new idea has visible parents or not.

A person who is considered basic and decent is sometimes called a good egg. In this fashion, an egg can symbolize basic values and a sense of goodness. Additionally, the fragility of the shell of an egg prompts us to use the phrase walking on eggshells to refer to situations where we hold ourselves back, usually to hinder a reaction in others. This may be reflecting the care and consideration you direct toward what is new in your life so as to protect the delicacy of life unfolding. Conversely, you may be so careful that you stop yourself from moving toward your goals with certainty and power.... egg dream meaning


lucky numbers: 06-18-32-33-48-54

big and not being pregnant: put al of your eggs in an infertile basket.

big, if dreamt by an unmarried woman: the centering of life: you wil soon be married.

emaciated: persecution results from your lack of defense.

growing, a: redouble vigor on labors instead of amusement.

large, having a very: the way to your heart is not through your stomach.

lover’s: treachery from differing ambitions; balance them al .

married person dreaming of an: an unfaithful partner’s other lover is gluttony.

moving in the, something: a long journey of hard labor ahead for you.

of an: great expectations that al of your talents wil be utilized.

pains in the, having: wil have business bel yaches, but good health.

rubbing a naked: money is recovered; a relief of tension wil al ow more to come.

shot in the, being: love hurts; take this lesson to be positive and move on.

small, a: the future cannot be absorbed before you digest the past.

swollen, a: serious contagious il ness wil be overcome. ... abdomen dream meaning