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A dream of contrary containing a warning that your indolence may make someone else richer, and the greater the dreamed luxury, the more serious the warning.... luxury dream meaning


The meaning- of this  dream depends on various elements, such as the con- dition and kind of water, etc., which must be cor- related to the action, but as a general guide: to dream of floating on a raft sug- gests that your indolence will lead to someone else’s gain; a dream of building or repairing a raft is a forecast of achievement through your own efforts.... raft dream meaning

Incomplete Job

(Unfinished business) An incomplete job in a dream signifies joblessness, inactivity, indolence, or it could mean an unattainable desire for leadership.

An incomplete job in a dream also means despair.

(Also see Finished business)... incomplete job dream meaning


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blood: quenching your spiritual thirst.

breaking a glass, and: wil suffer a broken leg.

company of friends, in: beware, your flirting is sending the wrong message.

excess in: drinking partners wil take advantage of your indolence.

getting drunk from, sweet things: longing for a wealth that cannot gain you love.

liquor: beware of an accident caused by your desire for oblivion.

milk: abundant means and thoughtful occupations ahead.

moderation, in: are engaging in practices that wil discredit you and enjoying them.

nectar: wil accumulate honor and wealth, possibly through marriage.

others: want to be relieved of the responsibilities of adulthood.

out of a clean cup: immediate employment.

relatives: prompt engagement to old-time acquaintance.

soda fountain, at a: wil be asked by a neighbor to join a lodge.

someone: wil add degrees to your name, but stil feel helplessly dependent.

something sweet: wil be violently loved and engage in pleasures insinuatingly offered.

until satisfied: wil be required to go with a relative to a boring, tiresome party.

water from the side of the boat: someone wants to pour salt in your wounds.

clear spring: wil be very richly nourished in the future, health and happiness.

muddy, dirty: are overinvolved in your matters.

pitcher, from a: wil have pleasant companions.

pure, from a glass: a thirst for spiritual experience.

spring, from a: complete recovery from an il ness.

very cold: triumph over enemies.

wanting a drink and cannot find water: misfortune.

warm: you have loyal friends.

wine, red: escape and nourishment.

glass half full of, from a: your self-esteem is lowering.

white: happiness. ... drinking dream meaning