Indecent Dream Meanings

Indecent Dream Meaning: From 2 Different Sources

lucky numbers: 17-25-29-31-32-35

being: wil be put in your place when trying to lay an indemnity on another.

friends: wil incur debts from moneylenders.

put in jail for: live strictly for success of business.

woman: wil be double-crossed by several sweethearts.


lucky numbers: 06-16-18-26-31-45

ascending a: wil extract yourself from unpleasant scheme.

cracked: big catastrophe ahead bringing unexpected income.

falling down: joy that the fire was out before you jumped into the fray.

going down a: your untimely, indecent behavior wil alienate your associates.

of own house: wil receive short-term stability.

ship smokestack: new opportunity appears over the horizon.

smoke coming from: your affairs wil turn to prosperity.

soot from a: cannot take credit for completing an unsavory task.

covering you: a tabloid misinterpretation of the facts haunts you.

sweep, a: messenger of good luck in profession.

clean your chimney, having: relief when family embarrassments are exposed.

face all black, with: wil do mediocre business.

hearing calling for work: wil make big profits with new idea.

of a: wil be bitterly disappointed at being falsely accused.

work, at: positive change in your personal life.

tall: fortunate events from unexpected income. ... chimney dream meaning


lucky numbers: 10-11-17-22-31-39

buying: unhappiness; physical deterioration of glandular function.

eating: wil be visited by an uninvited person who wil stay too long.

of: wil be in mourning over involvement in an indecent, racy intrigue.

operation, having a: wil invest in a useless stock of a toxic substance.

others refusing to eat: a sensational denial wil prove to your detriment.

pains in the, having: you trust yourself too much, to the disgust of an officious person. ... kidney dream meaning


lucky numbers: 02-27-31-33-43-44

being a lewd person: wil be criticized by the community; give them their just desserts.

doing indecent actions: your immoral pleasures wil crush every kindly feeling.

having, friends: wil be forced to scheme to keep honor.

others who are: wil contract an incurable disease in their company.

Pan, of: your secret liaisons wil become known through musical lyrics. ... satyr dream meaning


lucky numbers: 01-12-13-15-28-35

buying: an enemy is watching your actions.

of: careless actions wil cause damages.

others using: indiscreetly communicate your fury to indecent people.

picking teeth with a: wil receive financial damages.

throwing, away: wil lead a sanitary life.

toothbrush, using a: need to cleanse spiteful thought. ... toothpicks dream meaning