Imprison Dream Meanings

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(see also Prison)

The likely meaning is that what is (being) imprisoned is some repressed emotion or instinctive drive.

Dream Source: A Dictionary of Dream Symbols
Author: Eric Ackroyd

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We are often imprisoned by a state of mind, by a fear, or by ignorarce. In attempting to develop a relation­ship, we may be trapped by feelings of dependence upon what our parents want us to do.

If we fear failure, we will not meet the challenge of the new, and so can be imprisoned by the fear. Such feelings as being an outsider, unwanted, resent­ful, can also imprison us in particular situations.

See escape, trapped. ... imprisoned dream meaning

Prison / Being Imprisoned

May symbolize restrictions and dependency in many forms. Usually, it expresses a need for more space and freedom, as in Crowds, Shackles, and Cage. You feel limited (often because of a relationship or situations at work) or awkward. In rare cases, it refers to a “blind spot” or a sore point you’re saddled with.

Freud dreamed in his youth about a prison in the shape of a Box, which to him was the symbol of a uterus.... prison / being imprisoned dream meaning