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Revealing one’s needs may be met by going far, rather than near
Dream Source: Dream Dictionary Unlimited
Author: Margaret Hamilton


Genuine importance is more easily discerned in a dream; revealed to prompt prioritization... important dream meaning

Other Important Dream Theorists

Austrian psychologist Alfred Adler (1870-1937) suggested that dreams are all about wish-fulfillment because they allow the dreamer to have skills and powers denied to him or her in waking life. According to Adler, ‘the purpose of dreams must be in the feelings they arouse.’

Gestalt psychologist Fritz Perls (1893-1970) believed that dreams project hidden aspects of our personalities and the best way to interpret them is to use a non-interpretative interviewing technique. In other words, you ask your dream character or object what they are trying to say. Then you try to adopt the dream’s mindset and answer the questions.

Australian dream expert Gayle Delaney suggests using an interviewing technique that addresses questions such as ‘how did the dream make you feel?’ or ‘how can you connect your dream with your waking life?’

Some dream theorists believe dreams deal with problems we can’t solve in waking life and offer solutions. Looking at them in the light of waking day, and believing them to be full of insight, we may sometimes come up with new ideas or insights while studying and interpreting them.

Thanks to the work of Jung and Freud and other influential dream theorists, dream interpretation is now accessible to everyone. It’s as popular today as it has ever been, with people from all walks of life using dreams as unique and personal sources of guidance and inspiration, or as tools for change, growth and personal development. As we’ve seen, there are many approaches to the study and interpretation of dreams and you’ll find a fusion of all of these in this book.... other important dream theorists dream meaning


lucky numbers: 15-25-31-35-40-43

being an: be diligent in your own work to secure your enterprises.

different animals, being, of: wil enjoy much wealth; others wil dispute your attainments.

general merchandise: wil be ashamed of actions; outwit your enemies to rectify them.

others being: wil come into possession of valuables of questionable ownership. ... importers dream meaning