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Imp Dream Meaning: From 6 Different Sources

The devil as the tempter can appear in dreams as an imp, or as a manifestation of a particularly irritating type.
Dream Source: Dream Meanings of Versatile
Author: Versatile - Anonymous
Psychological / emotional perspective: The imp can represent the uncontrolled negative part of ourselves, that part that instinctively creates chaos and takes great joy in doing so.

It is perhaps an aspect of loss of control.

Dream Source: Dream Meanings of Versatile
Author: Versatile - Anonymous
Material aspects: An imp appearing in a dream usually foretells disorder and difficulty.

The imp often has the same significance as the devil in its aspect of tormenting us, of creating difficulty and harm within our life. Also consult the entries for demon, devil and fiend.

Dream Source: Dream Meanings of Versatile
Author: Versatile - Anonymous
To dream of an imp represents turmoil and confusion. You are going through some challenges in real life. Alternatively, the imp signifies the pessimistic and reticent side of your personality.
Dream Source: Dream Symbols and Analysis
Author: DreamForth
An imp appearing in a dream usually foretells disorder and difficulty.

The imp often has the same significance as the Devil (See Devil) in its aspect of tormenting one, of creating difficulty and harm within one’s life.

The imp can represent the uncontrolled negative part of ourselves, that part that instinctively creates chaos and takes great joy in doing so.

It is perhaps an aspect of loss of control.

The Devil as the Tempter can appear in dreams as an imp, or as a manifestation of a particularly irritating type.

Dream Source: Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary
Author: Pamela Ball

42 dream interpretation about imp related.


1. One feels unable to cope with some nonsexual type of situation.

2. One feels threatened sexually. ... impotence dream meaning


We are often imprisoned by a state of mind, by a fear, or by ignorarce. In attempting to develop a relation­ship, we may be trapped by feelings of dependence upon what our parents want us to do.

If we fear failure, we will not meet the challenge of the new, and so can be imprisoned by the fear. Such feelings as being an outsider, unwanted, resent­ful, can also imprison us in particular situations.

See escape, trapped. ... imprisoned dream meaning


To see imps in your dream, signifies trouble from what seems a passing pleasure.

To dream that you are an imp, denotes that folly and vice will bring you to poverty.... imps dream meaning


A substitution for spiritual inadequacy; research anatomical location, i.E. Breast implants reveal a need, but inability, to nurture adequately... implant dream meaning


To dream of implements, denotes unsatisfactory means of accomplishing some work.

If the implements are broken, you will be threatened with death or serious illness of relatives or friends, or failure n business.... implements dream meaning


Action taken against one who is accused, formally or informally... impeach dream meaning


To dream of an imposter suggests deception may be at play in your waking life. Be alert for meetings with others that generate ill feeling within.

To dream of yourself as an imposter indicates certain denial of your own feelings.

The message is to stop and take stock of your emotions in order to renew your intention to honor your own truth in all situations.... imposter dream meaning


To see anyone Impaled upon railings is a warning of threatened injury to yourself. Be careful.... impale dream meaning


To dream of seeing a person or body parts impaled, or if you dream that you are being impaled, suggests a forceful or passionate release of your repressed emotions. Now you can be more direct with others about your feelings. Also consider which part of the body is being impaled and what that body part symbolizes.... impaled dream meaning


Flaws revealed in order to remove, make perfect, or accept as is... imperfect dream meaning


Exposing one who is not in earnest; see “conned” and “imitation”... impersonate dream meaning


Conduct revealing one should slow down and think before acting... impetuous dream meaning


Revealing one’s needs may be met by going far, rather than near... import dream meaning


Genuine importance is more easily discerned in a dream; revealed to prompt prioritization... important dream meaning


A warning to not act hastily... impulsive dream meaning

Impediment (speech)

Fears that one might not be able to commu­nicate clearly. ... impediment (speech) dream meaning

Implements (tools, Damaged)

1. One is working with tools, ideas or people that are inferior.

2. Frustration in thinking that goals will be difficult or impossible to attain. ... implements (tools, damaged) dream meaning

Implements (tools, Good)

1. Belief that one has the “tools” to achieve one’s goals.

2. Challenge to create or build. ... implements (tools, good) dream meaning

Gold Coin Without Any Imprint

If this seen in his dream a son will be born in his house.... gold coin without any imprint dream meaning


(See Smashing)... impacting dream meaning


(See Justice)... impartiality dream meaning


To impel one’s animal to drive faster in a dream means heeding admonition.... impel dream meaning


(See Driver)... impetuousness dream meaning

Imposing Structure

(See Monument)... imposing structure dream meaning


(Saddling)... imposition dream meaning


(See Spit out)... imprecation dream meaning

Ritual Impurity

(See Excretion; Feces)... ritual impurity dream meaning

State Of Impurity

If he sees himself in the state of impurity (needing ghusl) his affairs will be jumbled. Any dream that causes seminal emission whereby ghusl be comes necessary, such a dream has no interpretation. For, nocturnal emission is a result of the one’s evil thoughts and the prompting of the cursed Shaytaan.... state of impurity dream meaning


(arb. Junub. Astate ofritual impurity that inhibits performance of one’s prayers. Feces; Semen; Urine) In a dream, to be in a state of ritual impurity means that one is avoiding to comply with fundamental religious obligations. According to Islamic traditions, one must have ablution even ifwhen pursuing any of his daily interests. Ifone sees himselfperforming his prayers without the required ritual ablution in a dream, it means corruption in his religious practices, though it also could be interpreted as committing oneself to serve God’s religion. Being in a state of ritual impurity in a dream also could mean confusion.

If one sees himself in such a state and finds no water to perform his ablution in the dream, it means adversities and inability to sustain one’s needs in this world, or to satisfy one’s aspirations in the hereafter. Washing oneself or washing one’s clothes of impurity in a dream means paying someone his due rights. In-laws; (Adversities; Benefits; Brother in-law; Distress; Father-in-law; Motherin- law; Profits; Son in-law; Stress) Having in-laws in a dream for someone who does not have in-laws means strength, peace and tranquility.... impurity dream meaning


Symbolic of stopping someone’s progress in life ... impound dream meaning

Prison / Being Imprisoned

May symbolize restrictions and dependency in many forms. Usually, it expresses a need for more space and freedom, as in Crowds, Shackles, and Cage. You feel limited (often because of a relationship or situations at work) or awkward. In rare cases, it refers to a “blind spot” or a sore point you’re saddled with.

Freud dreamed in his youth about a prison in the shape of a Box, which to him was the symbol of a uterus.... prison / being imprisoned dream meaning


An annual flowering plant, impatiens may point to your “impatience” with waiting for the right moment, for someone else, or for the arrival of some news.... impatiens dream meaning

Imperial Margarine

Imperial margarine spread on a piece of toast may suggest that you are being honored. It may remark on being treated well, like royalty. It may also signify a cheap imitation.... imperial margarine dream meaning

Seal / Imprint / Stamp

interpreted upon 5 sides: high rank, high standing, preservation / saving of something & collecting of wealth, blessing.... seal / imprint / stamp dream meaning


What the impostor is pretending to be is probably what you in real life are pretending to be: your persona or self-image. (For persona, see pages 38-39.)... impostor dream meaning


(see also Prison)

The likely meaning is that what is (being) imprisoned is some repressed emotion or instinctive drive.... imprison dream meaning


lucky numbers: 06-19-20-21-37-45

being: wil reach own goals slowly but surely, but never quick enough for you.

business people, with: feel restrained from indulging in creative schemes.

children: a letter containing money from a source you expected to be paying.

friends: feel another deserves to be restrained.

others: wil get away with an act but wil receive punishment from God. ... impatient dream meaning


lucky numbers: 15-25-31-35-40-43

being an: be diligent in your own work to secure your enterprises.

different animals, being, of: wil enjoy much wealth; others wil dispute your attainments.

general merchandise: wil be ashamed of actions; outwit your enemies to rectify them.

others being: wil come into possession of valuables of questionable ownership. ... importers dream meaning

Home Improvement / Housework

If your dream hasn’t been triggered by a television home makeover show, making improvements to your home may symbolize making improvements to yourself. Are there any jobs that you feel need to be done right now? Could you do with a coat of paint to brighten yourself up with a fresh new color? If you dream of building an extension, do you want or need to expand your horizons? Putting on a new roof may relate to raising your expectations, whilst applying a coat of varnish or paint can suggest a desire to disguise your own self-perceived flaws. It can also indicate the desire to gloss over problems in a relationship.

Whitewash may represent your attempts to cover up something that causes you embarrassment, whether relating to your own feelings of guilt or your suspicion that others are not what they seem. Clearing or laying down new paths or foundations may relate to new approaches to life.

If household breakages feature in your dream this may represent flawed ideas. A cracked cup can symbolize lost love. A dream of breaking things in the house may suggest anger or despair.

Dreams of housework in general suggest keeping your internal house in order, perhaps by taking time to clarify or define motives, opinions and feelings about others; they also stand for the cleaning out of non-functional or negative attitudes, thoughts and experiences. To dream that you are cleaning your house with a broom or dustpan and brush signifies your need to clear out your thoughts and get rid of old ways. You are seeking self-improvement.

If you, or a cleaner, are cleaning, this may also recall memories of your mother. Alternatively, the house being cleaned may symbolize the self and a need to give extra care and attention to neglected aspects of your personality.

When compared with sweeping up, vacuum cleaning suggests both a definite desire to do away once and for all with the effects of a past action, and a definite desire to move on and put the past behind you.

To dream of cleaning windows suggests that you are trying to get a clearer view of the world around you. Using a washing machine may suggest it is time to confront old issues that are destroying your peace of mind. The water may also point to deep-seated childhood issues that need to come out in the wash. Hanging your clothes out to dry may suggest a yearning for the lost innocence of childhood or a desire for uninhibited sexuality.

If you are washing the dishes in your dream kitchen, this may suggest a desire to wash away feelings of shame or disgust, or a wish to deny responsibility for something.... home improvement / housework dream meaning

Surreal Impossibility

Flying pigs, people walking on water and other impossible or absurd occurrences in your dream suggest that you need to explore your creative impulses. Such dreams may also indicate that some situation in your waking life is fundamentally unworkable.

If your body or face is distorted in your dream, it suggests you suffer from low self-esteem or have a body image issues, but if other people are distorted, is there someone in waking life that you distrust? Sex reversal dreams may suggest wish-fulfillment or simple curiosity, as well as the need to explore your anima or animus. A painting or a sculpture coming to life in a dream may be inviting you to become less inhibited. Is it time to become more animated and show the creative side of your personality? One object transforming into another can mean a wish to make changes in waking life; the two objects involved may suggest what direction that change will take. For example, a pen turning into a book may point to a desire to stop gathering information and to get to grips with the task in hand.

Talking animals may signal a need to draw on the instinctive side of your nature for inspiration and encouragement, whereas animals transforming into humans suggests the opposite: a desire to transcend instincts of which you may feel ashamed. If, however, a person transforms into an animal, this may suggest a desire to explore the deeper levels of your unconscious.

If you, or someone else, in your dream transform from a person into a plant or tree, this may suggest a need to withdraw from the world for a while. On the other hand, it could warn against being rooted to the spot, or being unwilling to make changes. The transformation of a plant into a person suggests some form of awakening, as when inertia finally gives way to action.... surreal impossibility dream meaning


lucky numbers: 13-17-21-31-35-45

being: be prepared to resist strong temptations put in your path.

another, one, to: are in line for social advancement if you get past the fol y of vice.

others: wil be cheated by friends over your lack of modesty.

to you: are making excuses for being remiss in business transactions.

insolent to you, being: new position improves your finances, responsibility and respect.

children: wil have a vigorous mind if you keep your temper at bay. ... impudent dream meaning

Other Important Dream Theorists

Austrian psychologist Alfred Adler (1870-1937) suggested that dreams are all about wish-fulfillment because they allow the dreamer to have skills and powers denied to him or her in waking life. According to Adler, ‘the purpose of dreams must be in the feelings they arouse.’

Gestalt psychologist Fritz Perls (1893-1970) believed that dreams project hidden aspects of our personalities and the best way to interpret them is to use a non-interpretative interviewing technique. In other words, you ask your dream character or object what they are trying to say. Then you try to adopt the dream’s mindset and answer the questions.

Australian dream expert Gayle Delaney suggests using an interviewing technique that addresses questions such as ‘how did the dream make you feel?’ or ‘how can you connect your dream with your waking life?’

Some dream theorists believe dreams deal with problems we can’t solve in waking life and offer solutions. Looking at them in the light of waking day, and believing them to be full of insight, we may sometimes come up with new ideas or insights while studying and interpreting them.

Thanks to the work of Jung and Freud and other influential dream theorists, dream interpretation is now accessible to everyone. It’s as popular today as it has ever been, with people from all walks of life using dreams as unique and personal sources of guidance and inspiration, or as tools for change, growth and personal development. As we’ve seen, there are many approaches to the study and interpretation of dreams and you’ll find a fusion of all of these in this book.... other important dream theorists dream meaning