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Imitating Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources

If a woman sees herself wearing men’s clothing and imitating them in their look and actions in a dream, it means progress in her life if she is dressed handsomely, and it means digress and fear if not befitting.

To dress oneself in a traditional costume of another religious group means to celebrate, befriend and to participate in their religious festivities.

Dream Source: Islamic Dream Interpretation
Author: Ibn Seerin

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To dream of imitations, means that persons are working to deceive you.

For a young woman to dream some one is imitating her lover or herself, foretells she will be imposed upon, and will suffer for the faults of others. ... imitation dream meaning

Imitate / Imitation

Spiritually this is a representation of the microcosm of the macrocosm, the small imitating the large.... imitate / imitation dream meaning


To dream of seeing feathers falling around you, denotes that your burdens in life will be light and easily borne.

To see eagle feathers, denotes that your aspirations will be realized.

To see chicken feathers, denotes small annoyances.

To dream of buying or selling geese or duck feathers, denotes thrift and fortune.

To dream of black feathers, denotes disappointments and unhappy amours.

For a woman to dream of seeing ostrich and other ornamental feathers, denotes that she will advance in society, but her ways of gaining favor will not bear imitating. ... feather dream meaning


In a dream, gold is a disliked element which cause damages, anxiety and losses. Wearing a golden bracelet in a dream means receiving an inheritance. Wearing a golden ornament in a dream means marriage to an incompatible person. Any wedding gift one receives from such a person means trouble. Receiving a golden bar in a dream means losing money or business.

If one sees himself melting a bar ofgold in a dream, it means that he will be persecuted for committing a loathsome act and he will become the talk of the town. Seeing broken chips of gold or a whole coin of gold in a dream means meeting with the ruler of the country or with the governor of town. Minting gold in a dream represents evil, death or destruction. Seeingone’s house turning gold in a dream means that a fire will consume his house.

If one’s hand turns gold in a dream, it means that it may be paralyzed. Seeing one’s eyes turning gold in a dream means that he may become blind. Wearing a golden necklace, or a silver necklace, or a necklace studded with gems in a dream means that one will become a leader, or that he could receive something in trust. Gold in a dream also represents the elements of festivities, joy, profits, good deeds, dispelling stress, marriage, children, knowledge, spiritual guidance, or literally the business of gold smithing. Ifone sees gold turning into silver in a dream, it means decrease in value, or changing conditions in relation to women, children or properties.

The opposite is also true. Ifone sees silver turning into gold in a dream, it means increase in value, the rising moon of one’s wife, children, business or clan. Any gold embroidered garment or fabric in a dream means religious offerings. Any gold plated ornaments in a dream means emulating mundane people, or outwardly imitating spiritual people, or ostentatiously acting like them. Pure gold or silver in a dream means purity and sincerity of one’s intentions, making a true covenant or signing a peace treaty. Gold plated or silver plated ornaments or gold leaf objects in a dream represent a short life, changing circumstances, spending long and sleepless nights, or it could mean forgetfulness. Wearing any manufactured or handmade piece of jewelry in a dream means perpetual earnings.

The same interpretation is given to gold foils.

(Also see Goldsmith)... gold dream meaning


This colorful and talkative tropical bird may bring the message to communicate in colorful language and to deliver a persuasive oration. It may reveal that someone is imitating you.

(See Birds.)... parrot dream meaning


If swinging from limb to limb, stop and get yourself centered; if chattering or jumping up and down, still the mind through meditation; if monkey is imitating others, recognize and change some crazy numbers you are running you have picked up from others. Monkey see, monkey do. Determine direction from within.... monkey dream meaning


To dream that people fawn on you, or satisfy your every whim, could suggest your desire for more attention in waking life, but it could also be a warning against enemies in the guise of interested friends. Dreams of people imitating you could have a similar interpretation.... fawn dream meaning


lucky numbers: 10-15-17-28-42-43

baby: have an instinctive purely physical love.

cage, in a: there is a mischievous opposition to your love.

chimpanzee, of a: your intel igence wil play a trick on you.

up a tree: wil incur disease if you fol ow the wrong direction.

dancing: success in real estate wil take some tricky steps.

imitating others: care to expose falseness in friends.

poor people dreaming of: buckle down and use intel igence to gain good earnings.

rich people: guard against mischief maker in circle of friends. ... ape dream meaning


lucky numbers: 03-16-21-24-33-40

aisle in a: wil take a long trip.

alcove, entering an: someone is imitating you.

hiding in: secrets are sabotaging your relationship.

annex, an: are expanding to fit your enhanced ambition.

arch, of an: must bring diverse ways to meet at the keystone.

damaged, a: must mend ways of wasting effort.

passing under an: many wil seek favors from you.

big, a: wil have great opportunities to enhance your present life.

bricklayer, a: your professional career is stagnating; use your industrious imagination.

bricks, with: little deeds can slowly build a castle.

laying: a slow but steady increase in fortune.

burning: getting upper hand over situation with troublemaker.

collapsing, a: faith you placed in project is unjustified.

college: academic advancement wil come to you.

demolished, being: wil be accused of wrongdoings.

dome of a: wil receive honors from high officials.

facade, of a: relate with outer influences hiding inner resources.

foundation being built: death of someone you know and a place among strangers.

other, of: wil soon take a long trip.

haunted spot, finding a: emulate a quality in a dead relative.

Jacobean architectural work: wil gain by experience.

level, at a specific: represents level of awareness.

lintel spanning an opening in a, a: wil move to a larger building.

being under a: important changes.

lobby, meeting people in the: dishonor of treacherous friends who spy from afar.

mortar, mixing: an arduous task that wil produce a bitter deal.

move a door opening in a: adapt easily to new surroundings.

new, walking into a: perfect each step you make in your new environment.

restoring a: your vivid imagination wil realize your aspirations.

several: wil become very annoyed.

small, a: present affairs wil not prove successful.

steel beam: money is col ected from across enemy lines.

riveting a: energy and support gained through defiance of evil foes.

trapped in a: new job may be difficult but new boss is worse.

rooms going nowhere: only open familiar doors, go back to your origins.

wall, in a: belief systems must be radical y changed.

very tall: have tremendous potential and a superb destiny to accomplish.

wandering aimlessly in the hallways: have lost your time and thought process.

with faux materials: are unable to say “no!” to the wasting of your life force. ... building dream meaning


lucky numbers: 14-15-30-39-51-52

alive, being: happy days ahead for your unrealized potential.

apology from, receiving: your relationship has a future.

apprehension over: present peril is escaped.

around with, going: seek to acquire much-needed skil s.

arrival of: accept responsibility for that which is undeveloped.

bashful, having: your self-centeredness reacts immaturely to simple situations.

buying things for: buy that much-needed new outfit.

chagrined, being: experience awe, wonder and curiosity at not knowing something.

clumsy: the awkwardness of those who ask and seek to learn.

devotion for parents, having: are imitating them rather than creating your own life.

disgrace, being in: want another chance to attain your desires.

feeding small: have forgotten the child within your adult exterior.

others: are being deceived.

having many of your own: the facets of your inner child are final y communicating.

killing a child: destruction of high ideals by own misdeeds.

moaning: be cautious in dealing with those caring for children.

neglecting your: have begun projects that need your attention.

of: a woman wil become pregnant soon.

overturned while playing, being: an infantile rivalry reactivated in a new setting.

pretty: success if you express emotion and explore al possibilities.

prodigy, being a: are bored with present company.

several: wil have abundance in life.

sick, being: emotional wounds need to be healed.

stain on clothes: melancholy over how one appears to others.

stiff, being: involve your children in their own raising.

strong, a: for most of adolescence nothing seems right.

talking to own: your trauma at that age needs expression... children dream meaning


lucky numbers: 02-07-28-29-39-41

being idolized by others: are apprehensive over difference with a business associate.

idolizing a saint: are due for an increase in wages for your mastery over self.

an image: serious mental distortions lead to il luck.

your children: must conceal your expectations; they wil weight them down.

imitating an: your mysterious personality is jealous and unlucky.

movie star: are about to meet with major disapproval and discontent.

of an: intentions are to commit an injustice against another.

sacred cow, a: jealousy wil arise between you and warm friends.

Superman: moodiness at being unable to reveal yourself. ... idol dream meaning