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The media has created a modern-day association between the hoodie and criminal behavior.

If you see someone wearing a hoodie in your dream, you may want to consider the person as a character aspect of your own personality that you suspect is up to no good.

If you are wearing a hoodie, the same may be true of you. This symbol, however, begs you to ask whether your suspicion is based on something authentic or on fear and prejudice. Check your motives closely in some area of your life.

Dream Source: Complete Dictionary of Dreams
Author: Dr. Mıchael Lennox

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Since a hood is worn on the head, the first element of how to interpret it as a symbol connects to thoughts and mentality, either your own if you are wearing an outfit that includes a hood, or a part of you as represented by someone in your dream.

A hood is ultimately about hiding something, so you might want to consider what thoughts or ideas you are trying to keep hidden or secret. There can be some menace associated with hoods, between historical references to hooded people engaging in secret acts of mystery or violence to the modern-day association of the hoodie and criminal behavior. What are you trying to hide?... hood dream meaning