The meaning of the symbols of helper, help, carry, heavy, wood seen in a dream.

What does the symbols of helper, help, carry, heavy and wood mean in a dream?

The keywords of this dream: Helper Help Carry Heavy Wood


Uses of formed by man’s labor, i.E. Paperwork; furniture, etc., According to type wood; research accordingly; see “forest”... wood dream meaning


To dream of woods, brings a natural change in your affairs.

If the woods appear green, the change will be lucky.

If stripped of verdure, it will prove calamitous.

To see woods on fire, denotes that your plans will reach satisfactory maturity. Prosperity will beam with favor upon you.

To dream that you deal in firewood, denotes that you will win fortune by determined struggle. ... woods dream meaning


A role model, in terms of hard work, to be emulated. ... woodpecker dream meaning


1. If the dreamer is being carried, he/she feels like an emo­tional burden to the carrier.

2. If the dreamer is carrying some­one, the person carried may or may not be viewed as a burden. ... carry dream meaning


1. Burden and responsibility.

2. A measure of wealth.

3. Emo­tional burdens, sadness or grief. ... heavy dream meaning


(Disposer of estates; Guardian) In a dream, a woodcutter represents the person in charge of distributing one’s inheritance, since it is he who disposes of the dead branches of a tree. In a dream, a woodcutter also represents an agitator, winter profits, eavesdropping, gossip, burdens, or sins.... woodcutter dream meaning

Wooden Shoe

To dream of a wooden shoe, is significant of lonely wanderings and penniless circumstances. Those in love will suffer from unfaithfulness. ... wooden shoe dream meaning

Forest / Woods

They may represent your unconscious or your “mental space.” If you are lost in the woods, it may be a reflection of feelings of confusion and lack of clear direction.

The dark and threatening woods may represent the dark and unexplored areas of the psyche.

The details and experiences in your life.Is the forest dark or light?Peaceful or unwelcoming?A forest generally speaks of activities, persons and things hidden and away from public eye. ... forest / woods dream meaning

Woods / Forest

They may represent your unconscious or your “mental space”.

If you are lost in the woods it may be a reflection of feelings of confusion and lack of clear direction.

See also: Tree, Jungle... woods / forest dream meaning


To dream of a wood-pile, denotes unsatisfactory business and misunderstandings in love. ... wood-pile dream meaning


Evidence of dead works that have taken on the character of a drifter without roots or direction... drift-wood dream meaning


From the row next to the woods... woodrow dream meaning


See “woodrow”... woody dream meaning

Heavy Weight

(See Fat person)... heavy weight dream meaning


(See Backbone; Escort)... helper dream meaning

Wood Sculptor

In a dream, a wood sculptor represents someone who caters to a group of hypocrites and defrauds them of their money.... wood sculptor dream meaning


It symbolises a servant of the king who is well informed on governmental affairs. He advises the king or government in matters relating to national affairs so that the country advances in the right direction.

It is also said that he is the financial minister of the state who is experienced, intelligent, far sighted and influential.... wood-pigeon dream meaning

Wooden Clogs

(Sandals; Shoes; Slippers) A wooden clog maker in a dream represents piety, asceticism, repentance from sin, purity, cleanliness, a hygienic person, or a marriage into a family of outcasts.

(Also see Slippers)... wooden clogs dream meaning

Wooden Slippers

(See Slippers; Wooden clogs)... wooden slippers dream meaning


(See Carpenter; Construction worker)... woodworker dream meaning

Wooden Bowl

(Bowl) In a dream, a wooden bowl represents the world, or earning money from a business during a trip, while a porcelain or a ceramic bowl in a dream signifies earnings from a local business.

A bowl in a dream also represents one’s condition, state, or the management of his affairs. Licking a bowl, or licking one’s fingers after cleaning the bowl with one’s hand in a dream means consuming one’s share in this world and the nearing of one’s death.

A wooden bow1in a dream also represents a woman, a housekeeper, the workplace, or one’s shop. Ifone sees a gathering of people or scholars partaking in a sweet meal from a large wooden bowl in a dream, it represents a community project that unites people’s hearts and allows them to share their knowledge.

If one sees a group of people gathering to eat a fish or a piece of rotten meat in a dream, it means that a group of evil people are gathered to take advantage of a prostitute.

(Also see Bowl)... wooden bowl dream meaning

Wood Instrument

Music, relaxation, enjoying art, but also screaming silently. In most cases, it is an expression of great vitality.

According to classical depth psychology, a phallic symbol.... wood instrument dream meaning


Misunderstandings in love are betokened by dreaming of a woodpile.

To dream of working at a woodpile, either sawing or piling logs, is a sign of failure to make marriage a success.... woodpile dream meaning

Saw, Wood Shavings

Vision: Seeing or working with a saw: someone is out to humiliate or irritate you. Hearing someone use a saw: you are in need of a break—your nerves are irritated. Watching someone use a saw: somebody has disappeared and now you have to face the damage by yourself. Seeing a dull saw: you are working with inferior tools and won’t succeed. Seeing wood shavings: your work is creating useless “garbage.” See File.

Depth Psychology: The saw is a sign that you are overly critical and at times too cynical. Working with a saw: you need to solve conflicts and problems on your own.

The dream might also suggest you let go of a relationship. Sometimes the saw indicates sexual desires that call for attention.... saw, wood shavings dream meaning

Ringdove / Wood Pigeon

interpreted upon 3 sides: woman, child, [male] servant. *: a kind of the wild pigeon.

(good)... ringdove / wood pigeon dream meaning

Hammock, Wood Frame

Relying on balance; grounding.... hammock, wood frame dream meaning

Wood, Mahogany

Deeply grounding the present time period. ... wood, mahogany dream meaning

Wooden Leg

Shaky Future. ... wooden leg dream meaning

Wooden Stairway

Time travel.... wooden stairway dream meaning

Heavy Burden

see Burden, Cross, section (3).... heavy burden dream meaning

Forest / Woodland

Forests are dark and mysterious. They symbolize the unknown and the unconscious. This archetype appears in many myths—characters get lost in the wood or forest, only to discover great treasure or wisdom, as well as great dangers. Dreams about woodland and forests often have a lot to do with feeling lost and being unable to find the right path or direction.

See also TREES AND PLANTS.... forest / woodland dream meaning

Woodland Adventures

Finding yourself alone in the woods or exploring the countryside is a good sign. Nature has a calming influence on mind, body and soul, and this indicates a need for peace, and finding new ways to de-stress. If the woods are dark and foreboding, then it’s your subconscious telling you to delve deep, there’s something you need to face and work through on an emotional level. Once you’ve done this, you’ll find the inner peace you crave.... woodland adventures dream meaning

Forest / Wood

When forests or woods appear in your dream, they are representations of life, fertility, as well as a period of rejuvenation. They are also a reference to the season of spring. Sometimes they may refer to an unknown part of your life. You may have to learn to trust your instincts.

If you are taking a walk through a forest, it may mean that any hardships that you have recently endured will lead to the success that you seek. The darkness and concentration of trees, plants, animals and other creatures in a forest make it a powerful symbol of the unconscious and its instincts. Jung saw dreams of fear of entering or simply being in a forest as indicative of the dreamer’s anxiety about what might be found within the unconscious. For Freud, dreaming of entering the forest is a symbol of the sexual act.

If you are lost within a thick forest, you may be in need of some direction in your waking life.

See also PLACES.... forest / wood dream meaning