Hard to swallow Dream Meanings

Hard To Swallow Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources


To dream of swallows, is a sign of peace and domestic harmony.

To see a wounded or dead one, signifies unavoidable sadness.... swallow dream meaning


To swallow something one is chewing in a dream means debts, or collectors demanding their money.

To swallow dust or sand in a dream means poverty, giving someone a warning look, greed, or it could mean bribing someone in authority.

(Also see Chewing; Food)... swallowing dream meaning

Chirp Of A Swallow

(See Sound of animals)... chirp of a swallow dream meaning

Hard Hat

(See Helmet)... hard hat dream meaning

Hard Work

(See Labor)... hard work dream meaning

Hard Drive

The hard drive in your personal computer is where information is stored.

If your hard drive has crashed in your dreams, it may point to a significant loss of information, which may create lasting problems and great emotional pain.

If the hard dnvc is full, it may reflect feelings of being oversaturat- ed by information or processing all you can handle. It may also point to the need to dnve hard to pursue a goal.... hard drive dream meaning

Swallow, Swallow’s Nest

Symbol: In antiquity the swallow was a symbol of light, and in the Middle Ages, a symbol of resurrection.

Vision: Seeing a swallow means that prospects are good for your love relationship and sometimes also for your professional life. Hearing the sound of swallows: you will finally receive a letter you have longed for for a long time. Looking at a swallow’s nest: you will either establish your own litde family or create additional space in your home. Seeing a swallow’s nest with eggs inside: for younger people it means a child is on its way, and for older people, grandchildren. Destroying a nest: destroying your happiness.

See Stork.

Depth Psychology: Both symbols are a clear sign of your longing to have a family, love, security, and a happy home.

If you are already married, make sure you discuss this dream with your spouse.... swallow, swallow’s nest dream meaning


Dreams of something hard represent your power, reliability, strength or stubbornness. Alternatively, this dream could also be an expression of a difficult time that you are moving through.

If this is true, then keep in mind that every challenge you face pushes, stretches, and deepens you into a more passionate and compassionate human being.... hard dream meaning

Can’t Swallow

To dream that have trouble swallowing, indicates that you are holding back your feelings or words. You may feel unable to express your anger, or to say what you really think. Alternatively, your dream may be telling you that you need to swallow your pride.... can’t swallow dream meaning

Trying Hard

In dreams where you are given a challenge or task and have to work on it for endless hours, do you curse or do you give up? The number of times you attempt to succeed could suggest how important you feel the struggle is that it represents in waking life.... trying hard dream meaning

Hard Object

Solid, definite, or for “for sure.” Strong or enduring.



Unfeeling, cold, or lacking compassion.

See also: Rigid; Dry Up; Stone; Metal... hard object dream meaning