Grasping Dream Meanings

Grasping Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources

Holding or grasping an object can represent: Keeping or saving something (control, your job, etc.).

Trying to stop something from being taken away from you.

Trying to take or get something.

An attempt to maintain power or control.

Continuing a process or maintaining your effort.

See also: Holding; Taking From; Carrying; Holding a Person

Dream Source: The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary
Author: Nancy Wagaman


To dream of gathering nuts, augurs successful enterprises, and much favor in love.

To eat them, prosperity will aid you in grasping any desired pleasure.

For a woman to dream of nuts, foretells that her fortune will be on blissful heights.... nuts dream meaning

Holding The Sun

Holding or grasping the sum and having fullcontrol over it means that the observer of the dream will acquire dominion (or Land) in proportion to the amount he grasps provided the sum is clearly visible and its rays are crystal clear.

If the light and rays of the sun are seen shining on someone the interpretation is the same as above.... holding the sun dream meaning


(Acrimony; Dice; Grasping; Longevity; Migration) Falling teeth in a dream means longevity, or living past one’s contemporaries. Collecting one’s lost teeth in a dream means longevity, or it could mean having a large progeny.

If one cannot find his teeth in the dream, it means that his family will die before him, or that a member of his clan will emigrate to a new land. Ifone finds a lost tooth in a dream, it means the return of an immigrant to his homeland.

If the upper teeth fall into one’s hand in the dream, they represent profits. Ifthey fall in his lap in the dream, they mean a son, and if they fall on the floor in the dream, they means death.

If the lower teeth fall in the dream, they mean pain, sufferings, sorrows and distress. Falling teeth in a dream also mean paying one’s debts.

If a tooth falls in a dream, it means payment of a loan, while the number of fallen teeth represent the number of debts to be satisfied.

If one’s teeth fall without pain or a cause in the dream, then they represent worthless deeds.

If they fall because of a gum disease or cause pain in the dream, then they mean being forced to part with something from one’s house.

If the front teeth fall and cause pain and bleeding in the dream, they represent one’s incompetence or inability to complete a project.

If the front teeth fall without pain or bleeding in the dream, then they mean losing one’s property. Falling teeth in a dream also denote a long illness that may not necessarily culminate in death. Ifone collects his fallen teeth in a dream, it also means that he can no longer conceive children.

If one’s teeth fall into his lap in the dream, it means having a large progeny.

If one’s wife is pregnant, and if he pulls out a tooth without difficulty or pain in the dream, it means that his wife will give birth to a son.

If his gums bleed, it means that he will forsake his family, except ifhe owed someone money, then it means that he will be asked to pay, or that he will be forced to comply. Collecting fallen teeth in a dream also means saying something one will regret.

If a religious person loses his teeth in a dream, it means that he should be more assiduous in his devotion, and votive fasting will surely help him as a start.

If one loses his teeth and finds himself unable to eat properly in the dream, it also means poverty. Falling teeth in a dream also denote spending one’s money to acquire spiritual knowledge, then recuperating one’s investment through a new and a blessed business.

(Also see Body’; Pain; Tooth) ... teeth dream meaning


Foretells death and suffering, unless you dream of grasping it firmly, when it augurs success. Jung interprets the dagger as a phallic symbol.... dagger dream meaning


The shell of bnttle emotions we guard ourself with, grasping or hurtful attitudes. Being nipped by crab: physical or psychosomatic pain or even illness caused by being too tight or self protective.

See shellfish under fish. ... crab dream meaning


Feeling stung by remarks; irritation, feeling nettled; sickness in the body; a difficult situation you may try to avoid, as in grasping the nettle’ or stung into action’. ... nettle dream meaning


1- Dreaming of tweezers suggests that we need to look at a situation in minute detail. By grasping this detail properly much good can be achieved.

2- In the sense that tweezers are tools, such a dream might suggest that we need to develop the correct tools for the job.

To be using other implements as tweezers and vice versa would suggest confusion as to what our purpose is.

3- Tweezers signify attention to detailed examination of a spiritual concept.... tweezers dream meaning


The thumb is used to grasp, hold, and press down.

The presence of a rhumb may remark rhat you are under someone’s thumb or are being manipulated.

A broken or damaged thumb may suggest difficulty in grasping information or holding on to something for very long.... thumb dream meaning


Grasping an eel in a dream is a gpod omen if the fish does not wiggle out of your hand.... eel dream meaning


Rail ings of any kind, whether used as fences or as guards for porches, stairways, or other places, indicate that there is a rival ui the offing for the object of your affections.

To dream of grasping a railing is a prediction that you will take desperate chances to win the person you love.... railing dream meaning


Dreams of a knuckle symbolize that you are clutching or holding tightly to a person, ideal, or point of view. Perhaps you are grasping at something or someone to hold onto.

See Fist.... knuckle dream meaning


A dream which especially features the frosting and not the cake is a reminder that you can lose out on some of the basic satisfactions if you concentrate on grasping at the transitory pleasures.... frosting dream meaning


A lark in flight predicts quick success; to hear the song of a lark signifies joyful news; a caged, injured, or dead lark is a warning that your grasping attitude could cause you a loss; try to give others more consideration.... lark dream meaning


If swimming suggests perfect balance and harmony in emotional life, cosmic sense of self-propulsion as octopus has eight legs; if grasping at different things means going in too many directions without control; if emerging from the depths of the sea and appearing scary, means fear of unknown emotional depths.... octopus dream meaning


A net is a structure for gathering some things while letting other elements pass by, such as fish and water. In this way, it is a symbol for distinguishing between an object of your desire and that which is extraneous. What you are grasping for with a net or what the net is designed to capture is an important part of your interpretation. Such an image in a dream indicates the intention to catch a prized object.... net dream meaning


Helping, taking responsibility for, or delivering something (such as value, a message, or a gift).

Carrying a person or animal can represent helping or taking responsibility for someone or something in your life.

Carrying something heavy can represent feeling burdened, bogged down, or overloaded in your life.

Trying to carry too many things can represent trying to focus on or do too many things in your life.

See also: Grasping; Bucket or Basket; Pulling; Towing; Heavy; Walking; Cart; Cargo; Messenger; Delivery; Pregnancy; Carried, Being... carrying dream meaning


A hand in the form of a fist can represent: Aggression.

Power, or a desire for power.

Encouragement or support.


Holding on to something (beliefs, ideas, etc.) See also: Hand; Finger; Grasping; Tight; Body Part... fist dream meaning


Holding an object can represent the following relative to whatever the object represents: Continuation or maintenance.

Ownership or control.

Responsibility or caring for.

Affection or liking.

See also: Holding a Person; Restrained; Grasping... holding dream meaning

Holding A Person

Holding a person close (as in a hug) can represent the following with regard to that person or whatever they represent: Affection.


Possessiveness or controlling.

Wanting to keep or maintain.

For more clues, consider the context and how you felt about the holding.

See also: Grasping; Holding; Hug; Restrained; Cuddle... holding a person dream meaning



Resting or moving slowly.

Grasping or holding on.

A bond between mother and child, or the idea of keeping loved ones close physically, emotionally, or mentally (as a mother koala keeps her babies in her pouch).

Isolation from others.

Dreaming of this animal can represent too much or not enough of one of those qualities, or someone or something you associate with the quality or animal.

Consider also the animal’s actions, context, and your feelings about it.

See also: Animal; Panda... koala dream meaning


1. Dying spiritually; Job 33:4;

2. Grasping for air need of the Holy Spirit.... asthma dream meaning


lucky numbers: 09-11-30-37-39-46

making a legal complaint: important event, very beneficial.

of: you become angry over unimportant things too easily.

to others: your hopes have no foundation.

receiving complaints: your grasping for favorable opportunities shows your desperation. ... complaining dream meaning


lucky numbers: 03-07-21-33-38-46

being in a: doomed for disappointment unless you change your attitudes.

children: are not sincere in your approach; change it.

others: trouble smolders in loneliness.

grasping the, of a blanket: free yourself from the limits of your insecurity.

huddling in the: are hurt by assertiveness of the person you love.

pushed into a: revise your own actions by changing your direction.

putting articles in a: a mystery wil be solved; the traitor is your lies. ... corner dream meaning


lucky numbers: 14-30-31-38-41-45

children hitting with their: the selfish arrogance of insecurity.

clenched in front of your face: an ambush from one you thought was a friend.

against someone else: you hog the limelight, grasping for a sense of yourself.

double up a: aggressive tension can be released in smal degrees.

hitting someone with your: wil enjoy a very long friendship.

opening another’s tight: your strength wil remove obstacles.

others fighting with: wil have a delay in business.

using your: aggression, anger better left unexpressed. ... fists dream meaning


lucky numbers: 13-27-28-34-48-50

abroad from, going: ventures are far away, but close to your heart.

anthem of the USA, hearing the national: a temptation wil come—fol ow it.

singing, at an official ceremony: the bond of loyalty strengthens.

being an American: are grasping al material experience for survival.

being in: success in the world through own efforts.

deported from: are unable to feel gratitude.

returning to, from abroad: your prosperity must be appreciated and maintained.

deported: many people are envious of you.

seeing on a map: al roads lead to where the money is.

taking a trip to, alone: leave the baggage of envy behind.

others, with: unsettled future depends total y on your actions. ... america dream meaning


lucky numbers: 06-17-26-43-45-50

appetizers, making: are easing your entry into a social circle.

basting meats: wil undermine your expectations with misplaced trust.

cauldron, in a: transforming inedible ambitions into palatable possibilities.

boiling on the fire: a lucrative business deal wil amount to nothing.

of water: your worries are transitory.

overturning a: plans slated as profitable amount to nothing.

witches brewing in a: are disturbing the ingredients of a healthy family relationship.

cook at heart, being a: successful future as a caterer.

eating: wil receive a large amount of money from reunion of friends.

enamelware, with: friendship turns into a constant thorn in your side.

fritters, making: new work without additional compensation.

gourmet meal, a: are attempting to make your life experience palatable.

grease, with: a stupid move could splatter fire.

stain, having a: a distraction wil keep you from making a mistake.

several on the cook’s clothes: don’t accept offers from older men.

hash, eating: petty vexations and pressure from rivals.

making: unexplained visits by several family friends.

hearth, on the fire of a: acquaintances who had little regard for you wil visit.

lard, in: a rise in prosperity does not equal arise in social stature.

man: wil be invited to a party; take your positive attitude.

of: anxieties over family’s nurturing may cause you to burn yourself.

others: no use creating love, if you don’t serve it.

pots and pans: wil rush to the aid of a dangerous felon.

recipe in a contest, entering a: your decision wil prove correct.

using a: past financial setbacks wil be reconciled in your favor.

writing a: have misjudged one who highly respects you.

seasoning: a means to adjust your family to your capriciousness.

several people at the same time: grasping for love, any love.

stew, a: beware of receiving violence from someone.

stove: irritability of hungry people wil be quel ed with your presence.

cleaning a: too quick to accept any friendship; you lost important one.

woman: beware of treachery, caused by your temper. ... cooking dream meaning


lucky numbers: 06-17-21-29-32-44

alone: unfortunate woes can be handled by you alone.

being eaten by a lion: a prominent person wil take credit for your actions.

shark: are devoured by your inner anxieties.

belching after: thank the hostess before you display a lack of manners.

diet, on a: pare away your anxieties one at a time.

dreaming of, while fasting: your emotions need to be nurtured with other than food.

empty table, at an: find the source of your energy depletion.

large, a: are saddened at your love life and need to socialize.

family, with the: happy environment and profitable undertakings.

relatives: nostalgia for past relationship before vexations from your dependents.

fat things: warning of an il ness from absorbing others’ pain as yours.

floor, on the: someone has taken something from you; the loss makes you melancholy.

fruits: food is being withheld from you, which you justly deserve.

full, until you are: losses and depressed spirits won’t be al eviated by overeating.

hands, with your: a would-be lover is proving elusive.

human flesh: are shunned by society and rightly so.

meal, a big: are unable to share the discovery of valuables.

gourmet, alone: your lack of empathy has lost you friends.

nibbling, of: be careful what you write and sign.

in public: be careful in whom you confide.

others: are angry and disil usioned with your partner.

in company of: wil soon receive what you desired at the expense of what you had.

overeating: are being devoured by another’s voracious love; are emotional y starved.

salads: healthy overindulgence is stil overindulgence.

salted things: personal prosperity retained against threats posed by grasping friends.

secret, in: deep-seated desires and longings are not being fulfil ed.

sharing good: have enough to feel comfortable giving to others.

small portion of food: apologize or you wil be shut out of a friendship.

standing up: are doing things too hurriedly without thought.

suffocating while: take a deep breath before and in the middle of each bite.

unable to find food to eat: make a radical change in your diet and your companions. ... eating dream meaning


lucky numbers: 08-13-14-31-36-39

Fourth Estate, being a member of the: guard your tongue and write with responsibility.

money-printing, a: wil eat bitter bread and have impoverished ideas.

olive, an: don’t rely on friends.

owning a: quarrels over inheritance and the responsibilities that entails.

printing on a: public disorder through rumors written with ugly words.

wax, a: wil receive an invitation to the wedding of an unrequited love.

wine, a: are grasping at any known pleasure not yet experienced.

working at a: your performance merits distinction. ... press dream meaning


lucky numbers: 01-07-08-16-19-37

of a: you avenge being hurt by hurting other people.

grasping a: are the symbolic aggressor rather than the harmful one.

lance: others wil incite a battle, your strength of wil wil commit to it.

stabbing a, fish: wil receive an inheritance, to your great dissatisfaction

spearman: a rapid succession of major obstacles.

using a, to catch fish: concentrate your powerful mind against the distractions. ... spear dream meaning


lucky numbers: 06-09-11-21-26-34

beautiful, woman, a: people have a higher opinion of you than of themselves.

plain: high ambitions are causing you to be overstressed at their being unreachable.

ugly: wil be humiliated for your indulgence in il icit desires.

being, at school: your talents wil be revealed; concentrate on your skil s in using them.

at home in the tub, but seen: a woman faces her presence in you, as you do in her.

at work: your inadequacies have been exposed; trade on your adequacies.

at the airport: check your suitcase; carry little else on; you are sufficient in yourself.

in public: have been found out for what you are; live wel with that.

swimming pool: desire to expose yourself, but are stil hiding in your unconscious.

in the street: have doubts of your sexual capability; are grasping at less-noble instincts.

on a beach: wil be cheated by a lover who treats you as one of many conquests.

concealing nothing: be equal y forthright, awake and wise in your actions.

counting, people: beware of whom you meet by chance; il icit pleasures are expensive.

man dreaming of being: designing person is attempting to cause you public disgrace.

woman: are vulnerable to how others see you, when they never ask.

married people being: plenty of wealth and inferiority complexes,mutual y discounted.

men and women, together: are exposing themselves to wel -deserved criticism.

relative: wil have a quarrel over your scheme being better than his.

wife: relatives are talking about your not being up to their standards.

public reaction to your being: are anxious of another when your own welfare is at stake.

horrified: are searching for death as a place to hide, but it is evading you.

ignore you: are nervous about communicating with people who offer clothes, shelter.

laughing at you: feel ashamed at being found out; find out first.

running: a return to childhood; lack of ambition and inhibitions.

sleeping with a, person: big commotion and setbacks in the relationship.

woman away from home: someone is doing you wrong by sul ying your reputation.

streaking across the stage, and: your lack of freedom is pushing you to great lengths.

stripping: personal freedom is to live without moral restrictions.

unrequited lover: your stated feelings have changed.

walking around the streets: what made you lose your edge and fail?

your reaction to public: horror at being exposed at the most primal level.

feel proud: impossible to return to childhood innocence; soul discretion is advised.

hide: are stripped of al your pretensions; charm can be honest.

search for clothes: cannot live without encumbrances and inhibitions.

young beautiful girl: it’s arrogance that your mere presence is capable of such control. ... naked dream meaning