Garbled Dream Meanings

Garbled Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources

Something garbled or muddled (such as words you can’t read) can represent: An actual or imagined communication problem.

A desire to understand something, get an answer, or get help somehow in your life (such as from others or from God).

Frustration with a real-life problem, process, or relationship.

See also: Confused; Words; Mentally Unstable; Text; Voice; Communication; Language

Dream Source: The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary
Author: Nancy Wagaman

Texting / Text Messages

To dream about getting or sending a text message, on your phone or computer, symbolizes that you need to reach out to people who may not always physically be around. It could also suggest that you have been spending too much time text messaging in real life and this has carried over into your dreams.

If you were messaging someone you know, this can also mean there is an issue you need to confront with this person.

If you dreamed of texting a crush you may be obsessing over this person a bit, and this has carried over into your dreams.

If you can’t reach someone by text in your dream, you must listen to your inner voice more closely for your life to move on the way it should.

If you dream of getting garbled or hard-to-understand text messages, you may be the center of some negative gossip.

To dream of reading or spying on someone else’s text messages signifies that you are mistrustful of others and you tend to poke your nose into friends’ business.... texting / text messages dream meaning


Communicating in code can represent: Secrecy, or fear of others learning certain information.

A desire to maintain power or keep the upper hand.

Purposely being vague, making your message hard to understand, or wanting to hold back information.

See also: Symbol; Secret; Password; Help, Calling for; Communication; Text; Letter (Alphabet); Number; Computer; Garbled; Unknown Thing... code dream meaning


Dreaming that you can’t think clearly can reflect an actual unclear mental state during the dream, or it can represent trouble making a decision or figuring something out in real life.

See also: Fog; Garbled; Mentally Unstable; Forgetting; Decision, Your... confused dream meaning


Hearing or reading a language you don’t understand can represent: The idea of not being able to understand something you need to know.

Communication trouble in real life (or a fear of such).

See also: Writing; Words; Text; Garbled; Accent... language dream meaning


Communication (actual, imagined, desired, or feared).

Information (or a desire for or fear of it).

Reading text can represent: trying to understand something, find information, or solve a problem in real life; a desire for knowledge in general; an academic pursuit.

Consider the context and content of the text and your feelings about it.

See also: Words; Writing; Texting; Book; Story; Language; Communication; Following a Procedure; Garbled... text dream meaning


Seeing or hearing words can mean: Communication is on your mind (perhaps because there’s something you want to say or hear).

Your mind is in “reading mode” or “busy mode” (such as when you’ve been reading a lot earlier in the day).

Sometimes words show up when you’re dropping off to sleep or waking up that can seem important at the time, although they often have no significant meaning.

See also: Communication; Text; Noise; Name; Garbled; Hearing; Song; Writing; Language; Typing; Words and Numbers (the category)... words dream meaning


lucky numbers: 02-19-20-34-48-49

bar, at a: a vindictive argument with one equal y inclined.

being offered a, of water: birth of a child.

blower, a: a promotion through merit foretel s injury from accepting flattery.

breaking a: your actions wil cause the breakup of your affair to your distinct advantage.

and spilling water: children wil be healthy but business results prove unfavorable.

on clothes: favors from a stranger in exchange for arranging their il icit pleasures.

full of water: death of a mother and il health for children.

businessman dreaming of breaking a: unfavorable termination of fruitless speculation.

chewing: are so angry the verbalization is garbled; spewing out cutting remarks.

cutting: forthcoming break leads to a postponement of a wedding.

dirty: congenial work in a subordinate position requires no real effort.

drinking a, of fresh water: have a clear conscience as to the dangers of prompt matrimony.

empty, an: adjust your lifestyle to hard times; your marriage wil be sorely tested.

full, a: time to do some speculating with your vivid imagination.

goblet, breaking a: your very existence picks a quarrel among those despondent.

drinking out of a: sit with your back to the wal and let the enemy drink the first sip.

beer: are welcome anywhere and humiliated anytime.

house: your frankness with what should be hidden wil cloud your fondest hopes.

plate, seeing your reflection in a: the image you think you project.

breaking a: wil save another from the distress you caused. ... glass dream meaning