Gale / hurricane Dream Meanings

Gale / Hurricane Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources

In both the real world and in dreamland, gales and high winds suggest potential disaster. Your dreaming mind may be warning you that someone’s pent-up emotion is about to burst out of control; that person could be you. Or has a situation reached a crisis point? A tornado or hurricane is an even stronger image of feeling powerless against violent and chaotic emotions. The image of a hurricane or tornado flattening houses or hurtling cars in the air may suggest the frailty of the material world or reflect your own feelings of insecurity

A dream whirlwind has a different message, as it suggests confusion or a romance that may be about to completely change your life. An argument with a loved one may turn into a dream storm or hurricane, but your dream may contain clues for avoiding the worst of the storm. For example, the sun may have shone through, you may have found shelter or a gentle breeze may have lifted your spirits.

If you lost your struggle against the wind, this indicates that you feel as if you are being forced to go along with others.

If you enjoyed being carried along by gusts of wind, this may suggest a longing for adventure, unpredictability and freedom from responsibility.

Dream Source: The Element Encyclopedia
Author: Theresa Cheung


To hear the roar and see a hurricane heading towards you with its frightful force, you will undergo torture and suspense, striving to avert failure and ruin in your affairs.

If you are in a house which is being blown to pieces by a hurricane, and you struggle in the awful gloom to extricate some one from the falling timbers, your life will suffer a change. You will move and remove to distant places, and still find no improvement in domestic or business affairs.

If you dream of looking on de’bris and havoc wrought by a hurricane, you will come close to trouble, which will be averted by the turn in the affairs of others.

To see dead and wounded caused by a hurricane, you will be much distressed over the troubles of others. ... hurricane dream meaning


To dream of being caught in a gale, signifies business losses and troubles for working people.... gale dream meaning

Dorothy (gale)

Judy Garland, as Dorothy in The Wizard oj Oz, may represent an adolescent aspect of your personality that is ready to individuate from the values of your family and your culture in general. She may take you on a heroine’s journey down the Yellow Brick Road to enlightenment. She may ask that you use your intelligence, open your heart, and cultivate courage in confronting the fears of the shadow of the Wicked Witch of the West in whatever form she takes in your life. She may tell you not to follow any gurus and that you don’t have to venture outside your own backyard to find your heart’s desire. She represents the spiritually maturing female.... dorothy (gale) dream meaning

Hurricane / Tornado

Although it might be possible to dream about a major weather disaster before it occurred, it is much more likely that you are dreaming about some kind of emotional turmoil occurring in your waking life. In fact, dreams of tornadoes are often symbolic of ongoing verbal arguments, fighting and emotional tension occurring in a relationship. A tornado is made up of wind moving very fast, just as air comes out of one’s mouth very fast during an argument. With this in mind, the next time one of these ‘tornado’ dreams occur, look at what has just taken place in your waking life. Have you just had an argument with someone? Has someone had an argument with you? Overall, the presence of tornadoes or hurricanes in dream land suggests that you are an extremely emotional person and that either you (or those around you) are prone to emotional outbursts.

Alternatively, you may feel as if you are being swept along by forces beyond your control—perhaps someone’s passion. A hurricane can also represent the power of your own passion, or passionate belief, which picks you up and carries you along.... hurricane / tornado dream meaning