Fort / fortress Dream Meanings

Fort / Fortress Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources

(see also Mandalas)

A fort or fortress may be a symbol of your self, your total psyche, wholeness.

Dream Source: A Dictionary of Dream Symbols
Author: Eric Ackroyd


To dream of defending a fort, signifies your honor and possessions will be attacked, and you will have great worry over the matter.

To dream that you attack a fort and take it, denotes victory over your worst enemy, and fortunate engagements.... fort dream meaning


To dream that you are confined in a fortress, denotes that enemies will succeed in placing you in an undesirable situation.

To put others in a fortress, denotes your ability to rule in business or over women.... fortress dream meaning

Castle / Citadel / Fortress

The castle or fortress has been seen as a defended space since medieval times and, therefore, can be taken to represent the protected feminine. Its connection with the great mother and her attribute of wisdom arises from this concept.... castle / citadel / fortress dream meaning

Fortress (castle)

Symbol: A fortress is a svmbol of security and safety.

Vision: Living in a fortress: vou are satisfied with your present situation. Do vou have a need for more safety? Do vou need to protect yourself against the outside world? Seeing a fortress: a sense of adventure has been kindled. Standing in front of a fortress with the gates locked: your plans or actions will be met with resistance.

Depth Psychology: A fortress is a place of protection; for some, it might represent danger. Are you self-absorbed? Have you withdrawn from others? Do you feel comfortable in this fortress? Are the windows and doors closed? See Castle, House, Palace, Rock.... fortress (castle) dream meaning


If your dream involved smoothing someone’s forehead, it signifies a happy love affair.

A wrinkled forehead featured in a dream is an omen of contrary; you will soon have nothing to worry you.... forts dream meaning