The meaning of the symbols of filling and application seen in a dream.

Filling out an application

What does the symbols of filling and application mean in a dream?

The keywords of this dream: Filling Application

4 dream interpretation about filling and application related.


Desire or Fear of making one’s needs known and / or to plan for them. Manipulation by others, or wanting to manipulate others. Relationship proposal: yearning for a long-term relationship.

Looking for something that is not easily obtained. What are you applying for? Are you confronted with new tasks that require talents you don’t know you have?... application dream meaning


If a filling makes itself known to you after it has been put in your mouth, there is likely something wrong with it. As such, most dreams about fillings have to do with the idea of one becoming loose or otherwise compromised. In this way, such a dream is about a long-ago problem coming back to challenge you once again, especially a problem around insecurity and having a strong and powerful voice.... filling dream meaning

Breast Filling With Milk

If a woman sees here breasts filling with milk or milk flowing from her breasts, it is interpreted as prosperity and wealth in abundance coming her way.... breast filling with milk dream meaning

Filling Station

See Gas Station.... filling station dream meaning