Entrance / entryway Dream Meanings

Entrance / Entryway Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources

Entrances, as the name suggests, often symbolize entering into a new stage of life. Entryways into one’s home indicate entering more deeply into oneself. Entrances into caves, basements, or some other underground chamber may symbolize entering into the unconscious. Blocked or locked entrances may show difficulties or fears associated with entering.
Dream Source: Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia
Author: James R. Lewis and Evelyn Dorothy Oliver


How open the entrance is indicates how open the drea­ mer is. ... entrance dream meaning

Enter, Entrance

New experience or new area of experience. Secret entrance: an attitude or psychological stance’ which opens a new experience of self, or allows access to parts of oneself usually inaccessible.

See door. ... enter, entrance dream meaning

Entrance (as In Performing)

Often fear of success or a more generalized fear of failure (particularly when stage fright is part of the dream). “Where do I have to appear?”... entrance (as in performing) dream meaning

Door Or Entrance

A door, gate, portal, or other entrance or exit can represent a passage or transition from one area of space or time to another, such as: A new beginning, or a transition from one phase to another in your life.

Access to a different reality such as “the other side” or “another world.” A dream cue that indicates the dream story shifting from one setting or time frame to the next.

A door inside a house might represent a connection between two aspects of your life.

A house’s front door might represent a transition from your public life to your personal life.

Not being able to open a door can represent feeling stuck or unempowered, or a belief that you’re being held back (by a circumstance, a person, God, etc.).

A door that provides access (such as on a refrigerator or a safe) could represent the idea of access or permission to access something (an area, person, certain information, money, etc.).

A revolving door can represent a speedy or smooth transition; an obstacle or delay (if you got stuck); “going in circles” or being stuck in a pattern (if you went around and around).

See also: Passageway; Opening; Gatekeeper; Room; Entering; Lock; Faucet; Valve; Knocking; Knock, Hearing a; Password... door or entrance dream meaning