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Dreams starting with the letter S

Stabbing in arm

Son telling me his legs hurt

Son leg pain

Seeing a goat burning alive

Seeing my deceased father barbing his hair in dream

Smell shit

Sister choking sister

Snake with two heads

Snow and ice on water and land

Shooting a plane

Seeing plough jembe being sold

Someone throwing at you in your dreams

Skink dream

Solid loose cotton embroidery butterfly

Stealing pumpkins

Stealing pumpkins from a patch

Small plate


Shaving a rabbits head

Sitting in a plane to another country

Suicide and aunt

Sister shoted

Somebody shoted my sister

Steam iron under water

Seeing someone picking sugar apples

Saw my mother giving out my clothes in dream what does it mean

Sitting on chair on water in dream

Seeing a wali

Son running mad in a dream due to drugs

Show off

Screaming white woman

Self suicide

Shared accommodation

Someone get hit by obeah

Someone washing my clothes in dream

Someone washing my clothes

Swept away by sewer

Someone else has scratched eyes

Seeing your hair been shaved

Seeing yourself in a white kofeen

Son missing

Shaking hands with husband’s mistress

Spilled medicine pills

Someone writing on my forehead

Sea somebody lying down facing soil

Spewing endless pearls from mouth

Sweeping at market place in a dream

Shot in back


Someone try to remove my bangle and it is not possible in a dream

Someone try to remove my bandle and it is not possible in a dream

Swimming in maddy water

Swimming in a pool of dirty water with mad

Seem unkle gave me boiled meat in fineral

Seeing someone who is going to exhume a body

Sleeping on gravel road junction

Seeing a dog acting like a human being

Stitches on a body

Snakes coming out of my body

Seeing egg inside if my head

Snake in a pot of candies


Space travel

Stealth planes

See your clothes in a tree

See someone you like bleed from a bag on the back

Seeing a friend with hunchback in a dream

Seeing awl roti in dream

Silver buttons


Snake running

Six legged wplf

Sun and moon meet and rains

Sleeping at the mall

Seahorse with 3rd eye


Spinning in a chair

Spraying insecticide

Sinking car in the ocean and trying to pull it out


See the deceased taking bath

Staying too long

Seeing your mother making chapati and give to you means what in a dream

Selling corn pudding

Seeing jack fruit during pregnancy

Seeing a grassy slop with two holed dug in it in a dream

Seeing two empty freshly dug graves in a dream

Someone give me a bracelet

Soldier in love

Someone distributing blankets

Slicing of cooked cassava

Sucking my own breast in a dream

Sucking my own breast

Skinning a cow

Seeing someone always in dreams

Serpent egg

Snakes on the dreams

Symbol of monggo in dream

Someone playing tennis

Silence in dream

Shovel concrete tnt

Someone giving a loved one a cup and a flower

Smuggling drugs

Seeing police and army in a dream what does it mean

Sick brother and law

Source of river biblical way

Source of river

Shaking hands with a royal king

Seeing beautiful stones in a frozen lake

Someone paying for my groceries at a supermarket

Someone laying for my groceries

Someone sitting on your stomach

Someone hits me in the head

Shopping clothes using a bank debit card offered to me by someone

Someone sucking blood from me

Skyscraper destroyed

Seeing people wearing white and green


Someone dying from my family

Seeing a female friend naked breasts in dream meaning

Stung by bee

Spider and father who passed away

Someone advice you to get out of shelter and get out infront of sun

Someone dream you that you comeback home from abroad

Someone stole my bible in a dream

Sharing sweet to children in the dream

Sliding down a snowhill eith á chind

Seeing and touching a big hard penis of someone else

Sinking in mud and telling dead father

Sweets being thrown at you


Seeing cash in dustbin

Selling shrubs

Sowing finger millet grain dream

Someone placing hand on your head dream

Seeing deceased husband in mirror

Someone looking on in dream meaning

Symbols on back

Someone using palm oil to rub me in my palms

Shirt off

Sweeping in the church

Seeing a madman in dream and i shouted immediately

Scoring a goal with a ball

Sports ball

Shooting ball in a hoop

Swimming through the river full of dead people

Swimming across the river litter with dead bodies

Sñike dream

Seeming smike

Scuba diving drowning

Small white rabbit

Snake coil around my car

Snake opening its mouth

Snail running fast in my room

Steelwool scrub

Sewer water and raining

Stabbing dead

Seeing a royal chief next to you


Seeing bat fly over me

Seeing a married dwarfs

Seeing snake statue in dream

Small tree growing out of a rock

Staying with royal sons n daughter


Seen a church hall well furnished but full of grass on its floor in the dream

Someone won’t look at you

Still seeing one ex in dreams

Spiral dance

Soldier in love with me romantically

Snake finding food

Someone saying condolence in my dream

Skull opening

Slept on a dry land

Shephard hook

Sweeping in a wet market

See four zion church member

Squirrel biting right arm

Shinny black and white conch shell

Seeing cat

Satellite phone

Snake biting nipple

Seeing an old man giving me piles of papers

Stumbling on friends while shopping

Seeing my brother building a big house

Stealing dog

Stealing from you n



Submerged church

Submerged chapel

Searching for a lost object

Spritual meaning of oil and water mixed

Swallow by quicksand

Swollen lips

Someone had a picture of me wrap with the shirt in the freezer

Seat soon coming to visit as a little boy

Seeing my dead son as a little boy at the skating rink

Seeing my dead soon as a little boy at the skating rink

Saw my boyfriend late mother in the dream

Small bird with a long beak

Seeing multiple moons

Stain on someone else you love

Singing maori song in dream

Speaking maori

Someone that has died as i live in your dream


Swimming at idian ocean with my partner

Standing inverted

Someone tearing my clothes

Sapodilla tree

Sign your name wrong

Slaughtering two hens

Scoring my team

Seeing ganesha visa than in dream

Sitting on pole

Son beaten by father

Someone fart on me

Seeing dead people drinking alcohol in dream

Someone gary on me

Snapshots of my past

Snapshots of my past and present

Seeimg kinner in dream

Seeing my ex at my church

Set free

Snake wrapped around your waist

Someone behind me steps back

Steps back

Son drilling holes in a wall

Snacks dream

See an unkown person

Scratching a dead person back

Seeing sweeper

Stranger name

Someone giving their name

Stealing ur friends crush

Symbols of milkfish

Shitting stars

Signification of dream of hanuman idol breaking

Someone giving me fresh oha leaves in a dream what does it signify

Spill paint

Spilled paint

Seeing my husband in dream skinny

Someone cleaning your back in a dream

Seeing soldier flogging many people including my mom in the dream


Seeing a living person wrapped in kafan

Someone show me the farm on the dream

Shooting someone after they shot my partner

Shooting 2 men in my dream

Sowing millet

Snake and flowers

Skin of feet shedding

Start youtube channel

Simon cowell

Single horned cow

Seeing baby hipoos

Some one give me 4 fufu in dream


Seeing a cannula inserted in my hand


Snake and tiger in a dream at the same time

Snake in number meaning

Seeing traditional herbs

Smoking in dream

Seeing muthi

Sweeping a classroom

Shining water coming out of eyes

Son child raped in dream

Same tattoo with ex lover

Same tattoo with ex

Same dream of 4 year old boy gets more vivid

Seeing faeces in the dream

Serving food to guru in dream means

Someone wished me shalom

Seeing people fetching water


Someone cutting of your toes

Snatching mangalsutra

Seeing your friends fetching water in a dream

Seeing waterfalls

Stitches on head

Shooting your self

Seeing a black breast

Seeing a jain monk in dream

Seening ur dead bf tsking a shower

Sitting in the paliament

Someone return home from abroad

Someone wants to kill with pillow

Snake along base of wall

Secret code on a chip

Specific year in a dream

Sim card very tint

Something been removed from your stomach

Sitting in a dam

Stones in clear water

Statue of liberti

Seeing your ex ignore you

Sliding down sand

Seeing loved one shot

Seeing loved one shot and killed

Someone squeeze handkerchief with my money in it

Snake attach to my skirt but people helped me remove it

Symbolism in savvy

Savvy symbols


Seeing some wearing torn clothes

Seeing sibling as a leader

Stool dream

Seeing grave punishment in dream

Searching for spiritual items in a sore by mistake

Someone is following you and the world is breaking behind us

Shopping in a store with witchcraft items

Sister sitting on shoulder

Smoke coming from under electrical box

Seeing a trailer of an anticipated movie in the tv screen of a restaurant

Seeing a trailer of an anticipated movie (rebel moon) in the tv screen of a restaurant

Search …lklas

Search …feceew on my mattrese

Search …dreams of putting on a ring

Search …breast

Search …black cars

Search …a white cow


Someone i know giving me a popsicle

Spreading maize corns on sun

Standing on top rocks in the sea

Snake cream translucent skin black snake


Shoes melted


Spiral word

Something splattered every

Sliding upside down

Showering with husband’s brother

Someone giving me clothes

Spiders in a mans dream

Seeing square diamond ring of engagement in dreams

Sitting with grandmother on the toilet

Snake burrow in dream

Speaking to queen mother in a dream

Someone returning what she borrowes

Shoes having fungus

Stalking ex girlfriend

Stalking ex

Shook hands with ex

Seeing his girl apply cream on her body in his dreams

Snake killed by ants

See in a dream that my selling the land wht does it mean that

Seeing brother died with one leg and one hand

Snake climbing a tree in a foreign land

Star apple fruit

Seeing ex prime minister in dream islam

Shearing sheep drem meaning

Seeing a red heart drawn on a thumbs up

Seeing a red heart drawn ona thumb

Seeing dead relative cooking eggs

Saw baba udine in dream

Slippers falling inside gutter

Snake bite on the buttocks

Seeing weird shaped penis

Skull of a dead family member

Seeing rudraksha

Snall spelling mistake in your own name given by someine esle to you

Sucking pusy

Seeing a friend getting lobola

Sculptured faces

Someone in drugs

Swimming in river with twigs wearing 2white robes

Soiled baby

Someone pulling something from my vagina

Someone cracking your neck

Someone pulled something out of my vagina

Sieving water in a dream

Scattered planted flowers

Seeing idli batter in dream

Seeing someone wearing wet clothes

Surah zilzal

Selling hitech shoes at my house


Seeing the girlfriend of my ex pregnant

Step mother give me food in the drams

Sky with many moons

Saw many moons in the sky

Scared in a thick dark forest

Someone being attacked by a goanna

Sibling in wheelchair

Swimming at sea

Santa claus tried to kill me

Silent screams

Stollen pants

Spiritual dream meaning of washing my old vaccum flask

Seeing yourself praying in periods

Seeing to expect with baby girl

Someone give emi five new ten naira new note to go and give a celebrity

Someone give me ten naira new note


Snake wrapped around my belly in dream

Spitting raw meat

Scab on the head

Suicide curse

Seeing your cousin change into a demon

Seeing sister having mental illness in dream

Steamed bread

Soursop seeds in dream

Seeing a deceased person at your gate

Small boy wants to suck my breast

Seeing mothers eyes

Small boy wants to suck my beast

Surprise party

Someone dying and then resurrect

Stuffed animal thrown out the window

Some one cutting my curtains ina a dream

Scratches on back and blood


Someone put bruises on my knees

Someone bringing me a bowl of soup

Shoot husband

Symbol of dreaming very bright flame rupturing from the mountain

Someone eating my brain

Sticking knife in the ground in a dream meaning

Snakes cut in half

Snake with sword in mouth

Someone resting their head on my shoulders

Snake with a sword

Saving a child they wanted to kill

Seeing a baby picture in the dream and placing it in your tummy and praying with it then you woke up what does it mean

Someone gave me gum

Seeing father abraham in the dream

Shattered jigsaw puzzle

Seeing people in black mask

Stuck on a tower

Seated on a bench in church

Shrunken blouse

Stone from the sky fell and hit me in my head

Snails in bathroom

Seeing a mad person fighting you in a dream

Snake going underground

Seeing a dog licking your face

Shot shoulder

Sixpence given to me by my daughter

Slippers meaning

Seeing jal jalaho name in dream

Squeezed to death

Someone squeezes me to death with a baseball bat

Stuck in my clothes

Seeing the word adidas on your phone

Sneak every where on the hole of the house

Seeing your husband naked

Seeing baby faces in the sky

Snake and lizard fight

Seeing my husband is travelling with 2kids

Someone gifting you a calender

She’s butter

Saw my brother and his girlfriend in my dreams

Spiritual meaning of seeing a number 3

Spiritual meaning of the number 3

Stepping on the head of an egret unintentionally spiritual meaning

Shopping for a white dress

Sleeping egret at my back spiritual meaning

Spilling snuff on the floor spiritual meaning

Some one was tries to take me

Snapping picture with phone

Sister in law breast in a dream

Spiritual meaning of bathing with fanta

Sea giant

Sitting on a rock

Standing by the roadside dream

Shoe hit my bsck

Sitting on late mums laps

Smell in dreams

Sweeping my boss compound naked


Someone is dismissed

Shembe leader

Snatching a piece of cloth

Smoke fish in dream


Some one asking me to about my character flaws

Seeing deceased mother in a wheelchair


Sweet sorghum

Speaking to mum on the phone

Sick person dying hospital bed

Sister killing someone in the dream

Someone gives me green chillies in dream

Someone decieved me to take my phone away from me

Squirrel in dream

Saw jesus rise from the dead and he was glowing so bright

See a lot of water on the road but on the side you see a safe road

Smiling mask

Shoveling own foot

Some one almost bald

Some one in my dream wearing an eye patch

Someone left my car keys outside

Seeing late royal family in dream

Son being raped

Side saddle

Sides saddle

Seeing chameleon in dream

Snake and lader

Seduction on a ship

Sign of leave me in peace by a passed loved one

Some one giving white saree to me

Stranger in home

Someone giving your picture to someone else

Seraphim in my dream

Sheets of paper

Someone who passed giving you shoes

Shape shifter dreams in which people you know suddenly transform into something else typically a monster or beast represent unpredictable people in your


Seeing a mad woman cooking and selling food in dream

Selling white tissue paper

Something touched my arm with cold hands

Sucking boobs

Sucking booobs

Someone snatching my food

Seeing your pastor angry at you in a dream

Seeing someone watering the street to avoid too much dust much

Seeing my ex husband wearing yellow

Semi trailer

Storage yard

Suspect kidnapping

Someone comes towards me with a dead animal in his left hand and a small envelope in his right hand

Snake come out of babies mouth

Spiked tongue

Seeing palm fruit in a dream meaning

Sea turbulence

Seeing a snake that keeps coming back in your hair

Seeing your photo in the newspaper

Shopping with dead ex

Sealing mouth

Sealing of one mouth

Suck out snake venom

Spring lake

Spitting in my eye

Seeing someone beating a dog to death

Stab by demon

Seeing an alligator in the toilet

Seeing medusa as a princess and she let me hide in the closet and not get out i git curious so i get out and so her in snake form then i run but i trued to kill her in the end but she chiked me then i woke up

Someone else pruned my tree

Someone pulling me out of bed

Smell bad

Spitting soil with my gold earrings on it

Sucking my gf pussy

Sky smiling and talking

Seeing your head covered with a goat skin what does that mean

Samson the evil

Someone touches your chin

Snail on nipple

Sick daughter

Saw my daughter receive a scholarship in a dream

Seeing spiders and spiderwebs

Someone wants to have photo with you


Someone riding bicycle in a dream

Someone giving me a golden wrist watch

Someone snatching food

Snail latch on to nipple

Swimming with my boyfriend in a river

Swimming in my dream signifies

Stealing money from vending machine

Squeeze penis

Spiritual meaning of carrying fowl in dream

Seeing a dead loved one and multiple spiders

Seeing my recently deceased son behind a waterfall

Seeing snake and a white eagle in a dream

Seeing a mad man laughing at you

Soot falling down a chimney

Sking in snow downhill will uncle who passed

Sking down hill

Stealing from a grave and wanting to return it

Snake bite my vigina

Seeing a new moon

Something breaking up threw the earth

Son wearing dress in church

Seeing ground nuts in a dream

Snatching a panga from a stranger woman

Seeing betal leaf in dream

Selling broom

Sitting in the middle of the road

Someone slicing my palm with a knife

Starting new business in dream means what

Someone putting her finger into my vagina

Sited in the middle of pastors

Snake and caterpillar

Seeing lots of red and green bangles in dream

Someone coming in house and i am worshipping them

Seeing a native doctor in a dream

Sleep underneath the stars with boyfriend

Spilling oil around someones house

Seeing priest covered with dust and sand at the altar

Swimming in the sea with dead love

Severed toe

Socks swept by the strong current of the river

See pee in shoe

Street map

Seeing a baby in the fish pond

Soap that kills

Seeing every where is excretion

Switched baby at birth

Swimming pool and red balloon

Snake hiss

Showing a romany gypsy gold cross

Someone wanting to fo ritual for me to be rich

Swimming in ocean

Searching for girlfriend with girlfriends daughter

Seeing a forest in my dream

Somone staring

Someone gave the garland of gods to me

Sea oysters

Shear nut tree

Shear nut

Shear butter tree

Side swiping a car

Seeing sugar cane in ur dream means what

Smelling mold

Someone taking your sponge

Someone giving you a coke

Seeing st michael in dream


Standing in front of the mirror

Snakes trying to kill your bunny

Seening building in the sky

Sign white paper

Shock collar around my neck

Sister in law cheating

Star with 5 points

See yourself from behind in mirror

Someone cutting your hair too short

Seagulls chirping

Socked feet

Santa trying to kill me


Stepping into a swimming pool

Snake with female servant

Sname wth female servant

Spitting in my dream and i woke up with spit on my pillow

Stabbing a monkey

Seeing my self in dream in husband village house

Someone else disembodied kidney


Someone spitting in my mouth

Sliding into an underground ice river

Seeing women in white scrub uniforms

Selling of chin chin in a dream

Shining forehead

Surgery finger

Someone chancing you with cutlass un dream meaning

Sister getting shot in a dream

Someone else was cooking and baking

Seeing a répétition of same figures in a particular series

Swimming and found money

Stones rolling over the mountain

Sitting on chair three others standing

Slaughtering a cow at a funeral

Stealing rose number

Seeing ex lover with beard

Stealing other rose in dream what is the number

Stones falling over ur head

Slaughtering elephants at a slaughter house

Smelling sisters feet

Smelling my sister feet

Sugarcane in dream

Screaming no noise

Searching for boots

Shoe white

Seeing your clothes carry by running water

Seeing a tree with orange fruits and bread on it

Someone told me i will be a widower

Seagull poo

Scrubbing foor

Solder take my money away

Seeing someone in a car accident

Someone impersonating my brother

Someone impersonating my aunt

Someone avoiding you

Someone you care about deeply has 8 eyes

Someone pricks you with a needle and thread

Seeing a double headed cock eating aggressively in a dream

Sangoma telling me my pronlems

Seeing someone wearing a blue robe and traveling with black bag

Someone swimming to me


Snow removal

Seen prophet yusuf

Setting older books on fire dream meaning

Son of god

Smoke from a grave without fire

Seeing smoke from a grave

Six green glass cups

Stupa dream

Suffocation by kittens

Seeing transgender in happy mood

Seeing kinnar in happy mood

Someone coming towards me cant scream

Selling fish in a dream meaning

Selling fin

Selling dry fish in a dream meaning

Seeing healthy and beautiful in dream


Surgery seeing in dream

Selling dry fish in a dream means

Selling dry fish in a dream means what

Someone warning you to spread the gospel

Someone going abroad


Son been raped


Swallowing a piece of silver


Someone else telling you that you are 5months pregnant

Someone put a flat silver piece in your mouth and you swallow it but didn’t de the person

Someone wearing white gown with menstrution


Satan blowing a horn that was buried underground

Someone being mad at me

Shepherds dog

Someone snaching my mangalsutra

Someone dragging you with the rope on the neck

Seeing my dead brother alive but limping

Short doors


Scooby do

Searching for salt

Sister buried alive

Seeing a king in a dream

Shaved vagina

Someone cut up my pillow

Symbol of blue light flashing seen in dream

Swim in rain water

Serpentine line

Small dog drink blood

Someone falling from the sky

Seeing puppy killed

Sealing in heavy rain

Seeing someone shovel coal

Sprouts growing in legs

Some one forcing through the front door

Some one forcing through the door

Squeezing pus out of toe

Sale singn in one’s garden


Someone with four yellow eyes

Snake by grave

Sand beneath my feet

Swallowing 25 coins

Someone chain to tree

Someone who died

Seeing someone who is very sick living healthy and happy in my dream

Seeing the third wife of my husband attacking me in dreams

Shadow trying to kill you


Sidewalk curb

Santa claus suits

Seeing my late wife hawking and wanted to buy some thing

Spotted cat

See two girls in dream dancing

See two girls dancing in dream

Stabbed in back

Sibling fall out

Seeing a stormy wind in your house

Someone planting trees

Seein palanquin in dream meaning

Screaming under water and my friends are waving at me

Seeing shiva temple and two shivlings

Seeing 2 of something

Seeing blood on my fingernails

Seeing shea butter fruit in dreams

Searching for someone in a theatre


Shoe being throw at me

Sister giving nice clothes

Seeing angry possessed nun in a dream means

Seeing a one armed girl in the dream

Stolen flowers pot

Saving family of birds

Saw black owl

Sick child

Smoking handgun

Spending time with non mehrum in dream

Serving mentally disturbed guest clean water

Spilled pins and beads

Seeing my grandfather tomb

Stalked by a dangerous man

Someone going through a sand hole while pregnant

Seeing snake entering hole in your dream mean

Salt and pepper mill

Shivaji statue

Seeing my falling to a lake

Skinny feet

Silver face

Snakes in stomach dream meaning

Smoking cell phone

Sunrise and moon at the same time

Seeing a saucepan in prayer

Stepping on broken mirror

Sunken eyes

Say to him i love you

Someone peeing in your mouth

Seeing someone torturing someone close to you

Seeing your friend in a dream being hug by green snake

Selling my hair


Singing nursery rhymes

Someone mowing a lawn and coming closer to window

Seeing people in hell


Shaking hands with a friend in a kitchen

School fees cleared

Seeing a lizard and snake swimming and walking in water

Someone try to kill me with axe in ky dream

Standing on a junction of 4 roads

Salsa and chips

See blue energy

Spray paint in ear

Someone poison u but not drinking

Someone putting something on your lips

Someone asking salt in dream is good or bad

Spider walking away from you

Sitting lion on a lap

Striped shirt men

Snakes in a bathroom

Saw the name alibeto in my dream

Stooling in the street and wiping g my bottom

Stained white jeans

Seeing a strange guy laying next to me and comforting me by calling me pet names

Seeing a kamias fruit

Standing by the tv

Standing in the living room

Someone give me pap in the dream

Someone sucking my right breast while milk come out

Standing beside soak away in your dearm

Seeing a white abdominal snowman walking out of water

Swimming with turtles

Stampede of horses

Spear hunting

Sparrows in my flooded home

Seeing someone lying on roadside

Styling wet hair

Swimming in a deep pool of clear water

Seeing kids smoking drugs

Someone putting pins in your ears

Sitting in the car

Stones polish

Someone marked some word on my neck

Someone plucks noni fruit for me

Suspense death

Shot wild goat

Sister mrnstruating

Small girl hit me with the ball on my stomach and i wake up

Spyaing water on someone

Seeing my hair barbed in dream

Someone stealing from someone else

Saved by someone before i faint

Someone give you palm fruit

Seeing yourself at child dedication ceremony

Spiritual meaning of pounding fufu

Second wife of the president

Studying in bed kissing

Shaking hands with a present king

Spray huge ovacando tree worms dying

Sleeping on top of water

See dad’s face in mirror

Sweeping dirt in a classroom

Someone died and i began to lose my mind

Seeing your ex partner

Seeing gulab jamuns

Sitting down on a floor in church

Seeing love of life in passing

Sweeping the floor inside the classroom

Swallowed tacos and paper lips

Snake turning into a dog seen in a dream

Saftey pin lottery numbers

Sisters playing in potholes

Scared of getting married

Son was sleepwalking

Seeing your wife vigina


Small cut out decritive christmas tess

Someone is trying to kill me in my dream

Seeing a grave yard in the ocean

Summoning a witch

Summoning a witch who traps you

Salty taste in my mouth

Seeing president convoy

Seeing yourself in your hometown

Seeing yourself in a lower classroom

Seeing yourself in a classroom

Snake inside a cake

Sufuria are very clean

Some one rapt a dirty 200 naira note and put inside my mouth what is the meaning

Shaking hands the person skin crumbling

Sores on my son

Seeing myself tied up with some woman in a dream

Seeing myself tied up together with some woman in a dream

Suck husband

Snakes and stealing

Stuck head

Searching for a cream top

Sister wearing a crown

Slept in garbage dump

Sleeping inside the bathroom in a dream what does it mean

Someone removed me from a pit

Strawberry blond hair

Sliding down a rock

See mother naked

Someone’s trying to kill me

Seeing çattle outside my home

Sucking lovers penis

Spilled corn

Slipper in mouth

Shoot in head angel of death

Snake on neem tree

Seeing a relative with mental sickness in the dream

Search baby

Seeing a mad relative in the dream

Seven toes

Stripping bark off a tree

Shot in eyes

Shot in wyes

Seeing a fetish priest in my house

Some thing telling you that you are smart

Some 1 giving u red n green chillies in a dream what it mean

Spiders falling on your face

Someone pouring beer over my head

Seeing nebula in dreams

Saw someone pressing my neck to kill

Seen wearing yellow bangles in dream

Serving food men of god

Saw new born baby crying which lotto number is that

Saw new born baby crying

Seeing your sister commit suicide

Seeing bones through skin


Seeing a snake whom had been caught by a net

Seeing my clothes in dirty water

Soldiers flogging someone in the dream

Spiritual meaning of empty jerrycan

Sweeping house

Seeing fetish people and rituals in my dream

Seeing sun and moon in the sky at the same time

Seeing dead person reciting quran

Seeing naked people

Silver balls

Sucking own breast

Seeing rudraksha tree in dream


Sand dream meaning

Sweeping the market in a dream

Seeing people wearing white in dream

Seeing waste products in dream

See my dresses on the ground

Saw a glutinous rice cake in dream

Seeing a banana stem in dream

Spouse n sister are having an affair

Sprouted tomatoes


Selling slippers in dream

Stain on clothes

Sand storn

Sand d

Seeing a deceased loved one

Sleeping in a cow shed

Sleeping in a kraal

Snake eyes

Someone trying to act like me

Sttanger comforting you

Sister left luggage in a hotel

Stolen car number plate removed

Shoes on a rooftop

Skin peeling from mouth

Step son trying to killing me

Setting free frozen pigeon that is still alive

Seeing guinea corn with cowry

Sel roti dream

Someone blocked me from getting money

Snake biting a frog

Someone sitting to my left

Selling dry fish

Seeing 21:21 often

Someone urinate you

Stolen book

Six months

Selling dead bodies in the dream

Seeing a man naked in dream

Ship in a storm

Storm and a ship

Saw my ex boyfriend pregnant and he was with his girlfriend in the dream pregnant

Someone is trying to kill my father

Silver mask

Seen egusi in dream

Sharing money with your friend

Seeing amla in dream

Seeing alla in dream

Standing dead people wearing black and white suites

Seeing a weird penis in a dream

Seeing my ex in my vision am boiling water for him

Seeing discharge from my manhood in dreams meaning

Something non living starts to move