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Dreams starting with the letter S

Shit or boo meaning

Smelly stale bread

Saw komathi chakra in dream meaning

Sucking on my neck

Scared while sliding down a road

Snakes entering our private parts

Somebody giving me a pot

Seeing my daughter stealing in a dream

Someone gifted me mazie

Serving food to king and queen

Swapping of genitals

Sky full of stars at night and angels

Seeing your sister in law putting on your cloth in a dream

Sto niño wearing red

Spit in dream and real life

Seeing something white in your eye

Seeing your own house full of flowers

Someone cheerleading in front of you


Sagittarius sign in dreams mean

Seeing preist in a dream to go confession

Someone pees on me in my dream

Seeing old scraped buses with rust

Seeing a mad friend

Sucking periwinkle in the dream

Seahorse and eel

Spitting out feather

Sea in the sky

Sitting on a pawpaw tree

Seeing ram and cow brown in color

Saying innalilaahi

Sailing in the sea

Someone running tour with a cutlass

Someone gives me wine and spitting it

Swimming under a rock

Self circumcision

See a god in dream

Seeing a snake eating a frog

Seing a friend

Shiny dresses in my dreams

Seeing blue sun in dream

Swimming in river and collecting stones

Seven moons and a man sitting in one of them

Shopping with lover buying baby clothes

Seeing jehovah name in dream

Snake entering the vagaina

Smokey cloud that kills

Scattered sesame seeds

Sleeping grandchild

Stolen generator in the dream

Seeing boyfriend sucking nipples

School crowd and soldier

San death nombar

Some call you to lead a prayer to the woman

Someone praises my hair in my dreams

Stone falling out of vagina

Sister getting rape

Selling roasted maze

Snake swallowing a dead person

Someone who bring a kettle

Swimming in rain water

Seeing a pastor in dream

Stealing a dirty infant

Someone whispering in the ear


Seeing myself looking in mirror with bloodshot eyes

Seeing plantain and cassava in a dream means

Saving childin oacean

Searching for gold but instead found mecademia nuts

Some one peeing in your mouth

Seduced by uncle

Skylight window

Seeing a man in the desert

Spiritual meaning of a pregnant woman dreaming of hair fall

Selling a home and regretting it

Seeing someone’s name carved on staircase

Stranger trying to hurt you

Seeing a gecko

Someone dead is thanking you in a dream

Stop now

Said mono the train

Send all the gorillas

Stranger trying to get you

Stand up for the night

Sounds good to be

Seymour indiana to you

See my own daughter holding snake

Someone asking for keys to a house

Surfing on land

Seeing people fetching water for you

Searching my slippers infront of temples

Swimming with a minx

Sunshine with rainbow

Seeing penny in the floor

Seeing a clean newer penny heads up on the floor

Scary water fountain

Somebody pulled my hair and lots of my hair fell down

Saptarshi constellation

Snow while indoors toasty and warm dead cousin is alive and has difficulty leaving in the snow

Seeing a crowd of armed men and trying to escape them

Symbol of creaking egg in dream

Snake bite on face

Sitting under a plantain tree and crying

Seeing borehole full of water

Seeing soneone you know sitting on a desk and chair

Seeing my black dog in heat

Seing my girlfriend taking shower with another guy

Seeing my mom bleeding and confessing

Sister in law give me money

Stepping food

Somone having feelings for me but keeping it secret

Seeing fresh oga leaf in the dream

Saying astaghfirullah in the dream meaning

See lits of apes (monkeys)

Smoking body part

Safe of gold

Saw the photo of my dead uncle and aunty

Stras moving


Someone refunding debts back to me

Serving as a goal goai keeper in a dream

Septic tank

Seeing mad man


Seeing someone in a dream wiping off their faeces in the toilet

Seeing someone wipe off number 2

Seeing someone else’s feaces

Snake in grass

Skirt dream meaning

Spraying pesticides and trees

Standing in a circle


Seeing wearing chooda in dreams means

Stab with cutlass

Shaving half of my own sleep

Swimming in a pool of catfish

Speed boat losing all power

Speed boat lowing all power

Someone texting me i love you


Small country


Seeing red jujuba

Someone spray seed to the dreamer implies what

Swirl of water

Sitting on dirt

Something stuck in the eye

Snake in a washing machine

Serious face

Seeing my dead father i n a dream meaning

Seeing cauliflower in dream

Seeing holy oil honey corn and sugar in a dream

Seeing transgender in dream by islamic interpretation

Shaken hands

See president sleeping on bed

Sweep in dream

Stealing flowers in dreams

Sundalo na hinahabol ng maraming tao

Sundalo na hinahabol

Soldiers wearing black in a dream

Seeing my husband touch someone in my drrams

Sun heating

Smelling blossom trees

Self feeling

Spiritual meaning of a dead person giving you a gun

Stressed shopping

Seeing a house full of colorful roses


Snakeskin worn in hair

Seeing elephant apple

Salvation army lady

Seeing radha rani in dream

Sleeping fully dressed

Seeing earth moving equipment with a man

Someone picking up the black snake

Spiritual meaning of receiving two thousand naria note in a dream

Sisters lover pick up the snake

See star fruit

See my ex bf run mad means what

Shaking cousin hands while he holds wife and child

Seeing cd

Shaking hand with my crush

Swept away in muddy water

Sea port

Seeing someone been naked

Sleeping on a ride

Someone eating biltong

Seeing ganesh visarjan

Seeing a dead father trying to give a parcel

Someone trying to snatch my gold necklace from my neck

Seeing palm kanel in the dream

Seeing your wife laying sick and sweating heavily in a dream


Seeing your wife sleeping on a pool of her own sweat in a dream

Someone giving you a waste beads

Someone gave me milk

Somebody watching whole bathing

So many animals

Saving a newborn from rainfall

Sleeping with a widow

Spider nest

Someone placing watch on wrist

Sharing same bed and being naked with the royal king

Stopped at a read light

Symbol of eating oha soup in the dream

Stone in the poop

Snake to kitten

Slept on cowdung

Seeing a temple with lord jagannath

Someone going to burn me with a hot frying pan

Seeing a keyholder in your tummy

Sun and moon are fighting

Snake in a water container

Someone licking my vagina

Storm house

Seeing in a dream that that my ring is fade

Sky turn blue and trumpet sound

Snake looks like a rabbit

Snake rabbit

Someone stealing my sugar

See a new petrol available area

Someone cracking my back

Stolen crochet hooks

Smoking laced marijuana

Snake shoulder

Snake shoulder dream

Steel sheets

Shopping with my girlfriend

Someone gave a pot to another

Shadow of dead relatives

Suit trousers too big to wear to a wedding

Seen bundle of ten naira note in my dream

Sasquatch invading home

Spiritual meaning of seeing gold stored in a room but the floor is filled with portholes

Someone mopping floor

Someone sucking my toes

Son’s girlfriend furious

Sliding down sand dune

Seeing twenty naira note in my dream means

Solid dreams means

Shining bright

Sun its still not setting off

Seeing your eyebrows grow longer thicker and darker in color

Standing without a chair behind

Sprinkling water on me

Someone keeping something from me

Smoking with my wife of my ex

Snake under the casket spread on the grave

Snake under the castle spread on the grave

Snake under the castle is for you on the grave

Seeing my crush shirtless

Sharing cola nut in a dream

Some one collected my phone and gave me another phone

Swimming in beach and the water became dry land

Sending my child to a school in a dream

Symbolic meaning of cooking money spiritual


Seeing slippers

Some take over my blessings

Seing a satan symbol

Seeing a plant

Someone chasing you wanting to get your baby

Someone obeyed me

Snake around my penis

Someone rubbing my butt

Someone insulting me

Spiders coming out of eyes

Sliver cage

Seated n crying in a slaughtered house

Silver dirty ring

Stealing money from the temple

Stealing money from the temple in dream

Selling a woman

Snake and milk

Snake poured milk in pad

Seeing a mad woman in church

Six green butterflies

Sleeping next to a celebrity death corpse in my dream

Seeing sun and moon side by side

Slippers color red

Seeing my name meaning


Seeing africa from a distance

Seeing the african continent

Saw my neighbor want to use my toilet in a dream

Ship containers

Someone throwing cockroache on you

Sangoma cloths and beads

Sleeping in the attic

Sleeping in attic

Swinging on a rock

Seeing yourself buying snacks in a poor market place

Seeing 2 cows at my bride price

Seeing saint rita in my dream

Seeing visiting temple with my boyfriend

Scriptures in sky

Santo antónio

Someone took my boyfriend

Someone took mboyfriend bo

Someone made a special drink and we toasted and drank together

Seeing a lot of stars in the sky and taking pictures of them

Solen cloths

Sweets seen in dream means

Secret hand codes

Stranded on a cursed island

Shutting doors for strong wing blowing

Seeing a lizard pee on you in a dream


Saheed come in my home in my dream

Stowaway ship

Secret guest in house

See one of your friend is very sick

Skin walkers

Seeing your father in law pouring on you food

Somone stalked me while walking an a girl i dont know the face off was trying to protect me

Seeing sacred ash in dreams

Seeing my sister committing sucide

Spiritual meaning of watching muslim festive procession in dream

Someone breaking into house

Silver idol of god ayyappa

Someone eating horse head

Spitting gum out

Scellion dreams

Saw hen

Smelling mould

Sharing in dreams

Someone making advances at you

Slipper drifted away by flood

Someone post my picture on facebook

Saluting millitary officer

Submitting a cv

Someone telling you to count sand

See someone carrying a child in the dream

Some one braai fish

Selling moi moi in dream meaning

Seeing a female have a male penis in dream

Someone undermining me n my boyfriend friend

Someone undermining me n my boy friend

State official

Someone buys a gold wrist watch for you dream meaning

Saw goddess in dream

Seeing pregnant deer in dream

Symbol of white or red kolanut in dream

Seeing octopus in dream in islam

Snail necklaces

Someone came home dusting sand in his clothes

Snake biting your butt two times

Somebody putting food in vagina meaning

Studying on dreams

Smelling a used pad

Smells a dirty pad

Seeing magus in your dream

Spirit leaving your body

See broken scientific instrument

See broken scientific instrument in a dream

Seen my mum as wich in my dreams

Seeing the helicopter overhead


Someone dreams of you a woman holding a shield and dagger with a horn of of protection around you

Someone putting objects inside me

Seeing my crush in cuhrch

Seeing moi moi in dream meaning what

See your boyfriend wearing torn clothes in dreams

Seening poop in the bush dream

School director

Someone is in danger

Seeing worm in bed

Seeing a favourite team

Sand mix with sea water

Seeing in dream cone of mendhi

Seeing sister in mirror

Son giving his mom money

Swimming and water dries up

Shorter partner

Seeing frog teer number

Seeing natraj murti in dream

Sister asking money

Shot in my leg

Step in can middle of sidewalk

Step in can misske of sidewalk

Seeing many small ugu buds in dream

Stollen stuffed animals

Someone’s eye getting drilled out

Spiders on my towels

Soil in bed room

Shards of glass blown in in and when pulled out bled alot

Sword made of light

Sliding down hill then finding a harp

Someone getting hit by a semi

Seeing fire by calling the name jesus beautiful fire

Showering with dad


Sister and naked

Sampagueta is okay when you have family member who died

Showing your bestie a video with a private part

Seeing in dream lost my porch

Someone holding snake in dream attempting to bite me but i jumped away

Shrunken lumpy breasts

Some one put his hands in your palms

Signification reve lustre

She gave me a 1cooker and 1 scurf and 2ear cleaner

Someone was crying in my shop with one eye

Someone dreamt me cooking sadza

Strong winds dreaam interprétation

Someone pouring water in my left ear

Someone pouring water in my ear

Something moving thru my arm veins

Something moving thru veins

Seeing blood on shirt

Splash with water

Seeing both church and mosque at the same time in the dream

Sister giving you present in the dream meaning

Setting on toilet

Skin comes off turn into golden being

Serve water

Soul dream

Snake bites a goat

Sludge around home

Shirt backwards


Stupa in dream

Seing myself with beautiful long hair then my mother in christ calls me to come to her house

Skunk attack you

Seeing my son unconscious in dream

Seeing my daughter being rape in dreams

Safety pin in foot

Slapping a woman on the butt

Shark and water slide

Someone poured uncooked rice on me

Selling prewinkle in dream

Sad family

Seeing sliced bread and peanut butter

Seeing bread and peanut butter


Snake balls

Skinning asheep

Seeing oha leaf in the dream

Seeing your husband naked in your dream

Sucking someone big toe

Son got girlfriend pregnant

Sucking big toe

Smile in dreams

Someone painting a painting for you

Stealing diamond in the dream

Someone applying cream on head what does that mean

Snake passing through my legs

Someone give you money

Skating with ex

Scorpion in my shoe

Sits next to me

Sleeping with famous person

Sto niño in a dream

Sto niño image in a dream

Someone texted me faith

Seeing a bird’s nest and hearing baby birds from within it

Showing vintage pants

Sheet of board

See a winged demon

Sharing food with someone

Shaking hands with your co wife in a dream

Scarlet king snake

Spoarts car

Starý ludia

Sitting with legs folded

Saw bus taking reverse

Sea water coming over road

Spiritual golden flame

Smoking marijuana and the bowl breaks

Smoking and weed bowl breaks

Seeing a person walk on beach

Spiritual meaning of menstrual blood in a dream

Shrimp and parasite

Spider lands on mouth

Someone rubbing my toes

Seeing bulk in dream what does it mean

Seeing number 20 in dream meaning

Seeing stalactite and stalagmite

Sharing sugar cane to children in the dream

Searching for a lost pet

Sweeming in dirty river

Someone sturbing someone

Snake near water pot near me

Saw paper money while climbing the roof

Saw money while climbing the roof

Someone crashing lamborghini

See my lover as a husband dream meaning

Saw ur husband with new shoe

Snakes head in clouds

Someone i hate kissinger me

Swimming on the river

Seeing ex in a dream starting period

Seeing baby poop in dream and it mistaken enters your mouth

Sitting and then a chair beeaks

Spilling snuff seen in a dream

Sitting on a broken chair

Seeing ishwa in a dream

Slaughtering qnd defeathering chickens

Slaughtering snd

Seeing yourself being anointed by a prophet

Saw mom on train station i was with friends on station

Snake ina dream

Seeing two guys fighting on black attires and they covered their face one was with gun and shot the other

Sim card lost

Scarping of skin

Seeing my crush drunk in a dream what does it mean

Sand mixed with water and oil and when you try to drink it you get a taste of fish

Seeing varahi amman boar face in dream

Seeing me as varahi amman in mirror

Sit on chest

Son dressed in white

Squeeze utazi leaf

Samosa eating

Scooby doo and mummy

Snake near and fruits seen in a dream

Shillong teer dream frogs

Sleeping in mall with friends

Stepping in head of someone graves

Stepping in head jf someone grave

Stepping in head jf someone gdavesgraves

Stepping in head jf someone gdaves

Someone rubbing my ear

Singer dying

Someone use to live came to me a dream and gave a address

Swallowing a spoon and a fork

Seeing cut african periwinkle in the dream

Smacking someone but not causing harm

Skeleton cat bite in dream

See karbala najaf

Someone stole a microphone from church in dream

Suicide pact in a dream

Sister selling pure water

Someone biting you

Someone gives you basket of food in tears

Seeing many ladies in dream

Seeing many ladies in dream often

Seeing a girl in dream n talking to her

Seeing old used clothing in my dreams

Stranger snatch my key and throw it to someone

Someone snatch my key away

Someone giving me a tooth

Son water laundry basket baby spiders friends household items car trunk

Some giving money to the prist

Sto niño smiling on my dreams

Step daughters mother died in my dream

Someone accidentally hanging themselves

Standing on my hands in scream meanig

Someone dreams about me and that i cook food and carry in the church

Seeing someones genitals

Sucking your mothers breast

Snake sucking blood

Spiritual meaning of seeing a snake trying to suckle your breasts in a dream

Smaller boob size

String 8n breast


Swimming to the surface

Swimming to the surface out of air

Smouldering wood

Shoplifting being caught

Selling an army coin

Seeing my crush in a pond trying to catch a fish

Seeing husband as young

Saw my self in house talking with pastor and the wife meaning

Seeing lots of mazar in dream

Snake skeleton

Seeing square shape and triangle clouds

Shaving of eyelashes

Salt being poured in oil

Seeing 3 graves with water outside the church

Seen your mother giving you money in dream

Seeing deities

Seeng the shadow of horse in the sky that tim i was sitting with my ex in dream meani

Showing people flames

Suck blood from someone’s finger

Seeing your loved ones in the arms of someone else

See a double bed

Swollen paralysed face

Serving the king some meal

Served banana juice

Stolen chalice

Seeing my husband in the bathroom with another woman

Seeing rain in kabah in dream

Snake go under the pots

Snake sitting in my right sholder

Shopping with a friend who died

Seeing income tax raid in dream


Seeing yourself in dream around fire and someone throwing stones and at that time u awake and perform fajar prayer

Saw monkey mating in dream

Seen banana grown on banana plant in dream

Sick person looking younger

Seen someone planting banana sapling


Socking cow spoil breast in dream

String on toes

Seeing many black spots under the decking

Seeing many black spots under the ceiling

Splitting the ocean


Sister flirting with my crush

Someone chasing you with a cutlass in a dream

Son in law suicide

Seeing a death mad woman in a dream

Sucking sperm in the dream

Sleeping on bougainvillea flowers

Seeing the ka’aba

Smooth jade

Spreading and growing seed

Selling shoes

Slug bite in drean

Sharing kola nut

Sorrel crop field in dream

Someone caused me to be barren and i was enraged

Sword in stone

Stone pillar

Sister beat in my dream

Snails on my doorpost

Safety pin under skin

Seeing your daughter under palm tree meaning

Snake sucking blood in dream

See others seated at a table

Saw god amman with milk abishagum

Seeing a kitten

Sweeping and picking coins

Spider and leaking ceiling

Safety pins paperclips

Safetypins paperclips

Seeing friends from the past

Sunken earth

Some body i know give me couscous to eat in my dream

Silver cup dream

Saw mushrooms on tree

Seeing my daughter successfully being operated in my dream


Seeing st antony in dreams


Smoke from mouth

Seeing a bride without a groom

Sucking my boobs

Shirt white dream

Someone giving saree

Standing near the curry leaf tree

Seeing eight fingers of self in dream

Seeing eight fingers of self in dream means

Stains on clothes

Saw my wife swimming in a pool while raining

Someone urinating the grave

Stick broken into two

Spricual meaning of receiving land from a woman

See someone frying akara in my kitchen and collected the one she has fried

Stealing sugarcane and getting caught by owner

Silver tea strainer

Selling palm oil in gallon

Sky scraper and lightning

Stolen wheely bin

See yams in my dream

Spilled pill bottle

Saw 3 fat black and white colour cows as if coming to me in dream

Shri radharani

Saw a woman that i know in a shop

Some one was applying cream in there body

Strangers judging

Seeing ias officer in dream islamic interpretation

Seeing amla dream

Someone asking me about a police dog

Selling juice

Speaking to me and ask question to me

Someone telling you that you have dignity

Saw my grandmother in dream

Something pass on to you

Shuffling cards in a dream

Someone is pass on to you

Sister in dream

Snakes in a weddinh

Seing a fresh grave

Stomping on someone

See snake god temple

Seeing 2 lady fakir in dream

Seeing custard apples in dream

Sheep thrown into fire

Spiritual trance

Spanking kid

Sequoia tree

Shot by bullet in my lower belly

Seeing relatives naked

Seeing my dead father

Sharing money

Seeing my dead father in my dream with hands tied

Sword flying

Seeing pussy

See someone you know eating hot dogs from a dirty casket

Seeing ayyappan swamy steps

Saving a cat or dog from snakes

See my sister in the window

Snake vs gril vagina pussy

Sign of

Seeing the sea dry up

Seeing the sea dry up means

Silver dragon

Son and grandson fighting

Son sodomised

Seeing marinated red meat



Seaweed people

Sleep in chair

Seeing a pastor complain in my bedroom

Still born birth

Someone feeding curd to baby turtle

Squatting on flag pole

Sitting on flag pole

Seeing myself in a mirror and telling satan it’s time to go

Seeing myslef in a mirror and telling the devil it’s time to go he’s had enough fun

Seeing myslef in a dream and telling the devil inside of me it’s time to go

Snakes coming out of ground

Skin disease lady

Sucking a big breast in a dream

Sorting through saint medallions

Someone died because of lightning

Spaceship and sun

Spaceship amd sun

Spaceship pretending to be the sun

Stealing oil from church

Snake running away from you

See a woman of god praying for you with a mantel

Sea waves washing my body calmly

Sugar pepper

Shoe fell inside gutter

Swiming naked

Seeing crack green land in dream

Scottish attire

Spiritual mean of pick guinea fowl egg

Seeing an angel holding a scroll and said one is for someone

Seeing my son in a dream wearing uniform

Sitting with polices

Superficial disaster

Spiritual meaning of dreaming apanga

Stairs and church

Sick mermaid


Sewing sand

So many stones in my heart

Seeing maggots on a tree

Signature of my father in the dream

Seeing a fish in a dry stream of water in a dream

Someone touch broom on my shoulder in dream

Seeing a hoopoe bird in my grass

Sister giving me palm kernel in dream

Sleeping in mud

Shillong teer number dream nake man

Safed idli khane ka mtlb

Somebody asking money for a bought cloth from my husband in adream

Seing your dupatta flown away from you

See church in the bush in dream

Sun and earth

See church in abush in dream

Seeing an angel in the woods

Seeing mother naked in dream

Sitting in a restaurant

Someone trying to use u for ritual

Sun rotating in dream

Silver armour

Someone blowing air in my mouth

Seeing sweet potatoes uprooted without tubes

Shinny moon

Seven star in dream

Seeing a girl brush her hair meaning

Shot with arrow in neck

Symbol of priest beating in the church

Stubborn grass

Spiritual meaning of my dad giving medicine in my dream

Selling of iron shelf

Seeing a poor person

Saint charnel

Spider wearing clothes

Stop ñino

Swimming in the sea with brother

Seeing cut of arms up to shoulder floating on the water pond

Seven of spades wuth an eye on it

Sister crying in tub of water

Saw my brother abroad brought a wife for marriage

Snake with thors hammer for a head amd tail

Swarovski hjerte

Spiritual meaning of eating moimoi with friend

Sister in law showing her vaginitis

Shaving dirty hairs on hands

Sand dirt

Sand dirt in wheelbarrow

Swimming away from danger

Signing a blood contract

Snake around sworn

Snake around a sword

Searching for ice to save milk

Seeng tow cups of tea

Snake change to fish


Skipping class with a not so good friend in weird suits

Sports cars in dreams

Seeing a eagle

Sleeping in between dead mother and alive father

Sleeping with dead mither and alive father

Sodomizing a woman

Seeing an old store in dream

Shaking their head no

Spilling your bottle of pills

Socks without shoes

Seeing the color orange a lot

Sodomizing a transgender woman

Someone adult naked

Shop lifter


Sleeping in a bed with friend

Sick mother dancing

Spider cobweb

Seeing my late mum

Sharing sweet to colleagues

Spirit trying to take my child

Sister getting shot in the chest

Seeing ex gf in church meaning

Sister travelling abroad

Seeing someone random die

Shiting in the dream

Secret shinny world in my vents

Sheet in the dream means

Sheeting inside the mod house

Sheeting inside the room

Sheeting in the dream

Sheeting in the room

Spam captured in the bottle in the dream

Stolen hag stones

Spider crawling across the celing

Spam captured in a bottle in the dream meaning

Shout at a person

Someone corrected a paper i wrote with a red pen

Scolded by a dead father in dream

Summons for court

Stomach impaled

Singing with a monkey

Shot in neck

Scraping feet

Shoelaces being snakes

Seven stars in the sky

Someone blocking in my dreams

Seeing a man pay a bride price for me

Significant other name in clouds

Small bed

Sparks in cloth

Seen your fence collapse in dream

Small saligram in my dreams

Snake bite on buttock

Seeing someone up in space after singing a gospel song in a dream

Seeing double bed prepared in a dream

Standing on air and praying

Self defecation

Slapping husbands girlfriend

Seen your husband on fire

Snake on the rooftops

Someone wearing a wedding dress in church

Someone wearing a week dress in church

Someone you know in a feeding dress in churcj

Someone you know wearing a wedding dress in church

Surah al qariah

Swollen heart dream

Seeing people that passed away

Squid overwhelm going in many directions at once devouring (as in someone compromising

Sucking a nopple

Shembe church

Sitting on gold coins

Someone was chasing me with a gun and i escaped

Someone looking at you through your window

Snake coming down of a chimney

Smoky mountains

Sister in law grabbing my penis in my dream

Someone copying ur notes and leaning on you meaning

Smelling od8bad odor of chicken poop meaning

Screw lodged in throat

Seeing dollar sign

Seeing 2 young white christophine in my dream mean

Sliding horizontal

Space dreams

Seeing cocoyam in d dream during pregnancy boy or girl

Seeing a plantain in a dream during pregnancy


Saving my boyfriend after he falls in a pit toilet

Shapeshifting snake as a woman i know

Shadow person kills my friends to get to me

Screws going your fingers

Saving babies from a road accident

Seeing 3 babies wrapped with white rappers each sleeping while facing upwards on the same plate

Seeing 3 babies wrapped with white rappers each sleeping while while facing upwards on the same bed

Shutting off water supply

Skeleton flotation in the sky

Someone elses personal checkbook

Scared little boy

Seeing former husband young and happy

Somebody else is washing my clothes

Silk rose suit

Snake eating each other and a caterpillar inside a house

Seeing someone getting out of bottle

Scratching your head in dream

Shattered ark of the covenant

Snake peeing on tou

Shaking a gangrene hand

Shoes with a nail

Seeing name of allah written on paper

Sister and mad

Seeing someone searching for herbals in a dream

Shirt camel color

Seeing myself getting proposal and the proposal got accepted by my parents

Someone repaid my money

Saw three pawpaw fruit in my dream

Step in food

Spoilt sim in the dream

Seeing other girl puberty


Shivling and nandi in dream

Seeing myself as goodess in dream

Seeing gallons of red oil in the dream

Seing banga in dream

Seen my wife kissing other women

Someone giving you moimoi in the dream

Seeing mayor

Seeing two mad people fighting

Snake head coming out of your body

Saving box for the church

Spider webs and eggs

Seeing myself dead in a dream and talking to a living

Seeing your boyfriend in a dream naked with boils on his body

Spilled milk and oil in floor

Seeing a vision of car lights means what

Symbols of underground and river seen in a dream

Someone try to hurt my father in middle of the night in our own house

Sunday church

Salty taste in the mouth

Scary brother

Someone dead is waiting for you

Selling jake meaning

Scratches on your wallet

Someone asking for photos of myself meaning of dream

Seeing a snake in a flower on a grave

Seeing a snak

Someone was smelling me back of my neck

Seeing you pastor wear black

Swimming instructor

Scholarship in a dream

Sick friend and her face turned white

Seeing someone pouring honey on my head in a dream

Standing roza e rasool

Sucking a breast in the dream

Seeing my late father laying on a table

Split smile

Seeing malnutrition child in dream

Stars in bedroom

Square white room

Spinach meaning in dream

Snoop falling down

Someone moved my bed meaning

Selling cars with my family

Seeing uncle in law in a dream meaning

Storming and saving kids

Some one takes me in dirrent road

Saw widow in dream

Seeing my dead father in dream

Stepping in poo

Seeing blood of neighbour

Snake turning into a dog

Seeing someone naked and covering them with whitesheet

Seeing batman

Spiritual meaning of dreaming talking to prophet elijah

Sequioa tree

Saving a bunny

Seeing alta on feet in dream

Seeing the full moon a

Spiritual meaning in the dream when you give someone gift black stone on the silver ring ring necklace and bracelet

Spiritual meaning in the dream black ring necklace bracelet hearing on the silver when you give someone in your dream

Spiritual meaning in the dream blackstone on the syllabus rink rink bracelet and panda nicolas

Six fingers in legs

Seeing a temple

Seeing vagina open wide

Ski piste

Stranger giving me dinner

Seeing yourself in a dream with the doctor telling that you are pregnant of twen

Seeing someone bank statement

Someone’s bank statement

Smelling a very good scented perfume in a dream spiritual meaning

Smelling a very good scented oer

Seeing a sky full of human faces large in size

See mucus on your head in the dream

Six handed man

Stealing from my late step mum in my dream

Seeing sorghum ugali in a dream

Someone offering you water in a bucket

Some offering you water

Some one offering you water in a bucket

Suya beans in a dream

Sister in law giving you money

Spiritual orb and septer

Seeing someone giving bible

Seeing happy soldier in my dream

Seeing happy solder in my dream

Selling cooked beans