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Dreams starting with the letter R

Rescue trapped insect

Receiving white clothes in dream as gift

Reaching to a destination in a dream

Rectangles made of triangles

Running behind a big truck

Roast dog in a dream meaning

Rejecting an engagement ring

Red ticket

Receiving cloth from my late mom

Red black and white cloth depicting the sun

Rotten food in the fridge

Red figure belt

Receiving awhite envelope

Reading aaitul kursi in dream

Receive cigarette from someone

Renovation house

Rope on neck dream of my mother

Recieving bloiler in a dream

Red anthurium

Removing plaque from teeth

Running on a train

Reptilian eyes

Ring on the little finger

Removing powder from armpit

Received a phone call from an enemy in a dream

Red hair tie

Revelation in the dream

Roasting a snail meaning

Rice grain

Retriving diamond from deep sea diving

Rich soil

Receiving flower form girl

Removing fruits int he stream i dream

Riding a bike going upstair

Rain carried my slippers


Rain on flag

Ridden an keke in a dream

Red letters

Receiving red card in the dream meaning

Riding yellow school bus with ex girlfriend

Removing carrots on vagina

Read guru granth sahib in dream

Riding a horse in muddy waters

Running alone in the woods

Roaming with someone

Receiving money from governors

Rudolph red nose reindeer

Receiving cash

Rabbit swimming

Romaine salad expensive

Running slow in water

Removing vowels

Red and white beads

Red capes sephika

Rabit tail

Request pray

Ride a bicycle

Receiving an art scholarship

Receiving a art scholarship

Removing teeth with tounge

Riding a motorcycle ang it stop

Running away from ladies dady bodies in the forest

Removing finger nail in a dream means

Reeping the green plants

Red eyes black cloak man

Road convert to vegetables farm

Receiving a basket of cloth pegs

Receiving red glass bangles from priest in temple


Rubbing butt

Receiving a gift from boss in dream

Receiving a red meat as gift in a dream

Rosters on my rooftop

Removing weed

Reaching water from a dry land

Rescue mission

Reading prayers in arabic

Running away from water

River with golden leaves

Rusmalaee seen indream means

Receiving animals welcome in a dream

Rabbit bottle

Running in a dry grain field

Ring gold

Rice with hair

Riding bike near the ocean

Rolling downstairs

Rythm of as we are in fire as we are together

Red blood bright

Repairing bicycle

Rain dropping from heaven means what

Roasting palmfruit

Ripping a rats tail


Royalty in hell

Rich room

Red bed

Riding a motor bike

Red rose opening

Red dye

Romance with someone shorter

Receiving two rabbits given by late husband

Removing snake from your private part in your dream

Reciting haseeb

Riding bicycle in water

Receiving a green cloth

Roughing electric plug in water

Running to overtake in a dream

Relative died was looking thru the window smiling and waving

Rook leaking

Raped by pastor

Receiving a big clay pot in a dream

River boat race

Receiving rosehip

Riding a bike into a deep puddle

Red eyed monster

Ruins with no roof

Receiving dried fish from dead mother in the dream

Received food

Rihanna asap rocky in my dream

Refused to drinks water in dream means what

Refused to drinks water

Recieving lots of cowries in dream

Rails of clothes

Removing jiggers on the toe

Removing on your toe

Red oil on white shirt

Removing moral tooth

Rejecting food from my mother

Roundabout to be constructed soon

Road flowers

Reptile walking in group white reptile was leading

Rocks in shoe

Ring on poop

Red circle shape

Red alligator

Roman hot springs

River carrying away my clothes in the dream

Red alligator

Rolling down hill in empty tank

Red breadbox

Receive white material to sew in dream

Running from a beast that wants to eat a person

Rooster cow

Running down a mountain

Roof liking with water

Rocks on fire

Royal blue toilet tissue

Rushing a sick child to a hospital in a dream meaning

Removing bangle in dream

Red elephant

Removing pictures from wall

Riding a motorcycle while blind

Reading a foreign language


Red bird cleaning something out of my eye

Ruby on middle of a white spider

River with rocks

Rusty red

Ransacked shop

Rich man borrowing me money

Riding one bike with your dead dad in a dream meaning

Rotting sweet potato

Rice dreem number

Running after bus that changes direction

Reed mat in a dream symbolizes what

Removing ants from your dress and towel

Rangoli in my dreams

Rich person proposed marriage

Receiving a wallet full of things from uncle

Rc car

Rejecting food given by my dead mother

Raining protecting in kaaba outside

Red and ground nut oil


Receiving a gift from mother in law

Red eyes spirit

Rattlesnake trying to bite my cat

Random guys chasing my family

Removing ashes from fire place

Removing ash from fire place

Running caring a child the way ends and too much rain

Riding a horse down a steep hill and the going up a steep hill with difficulty

Rain in kaaba

Room roof

Receiving an oyster as a gift

Rubbing something in my house

Root chakra

Red and green waist robe

Receiving palm kernel from sister in a dream

Red spots on legs

Rejected at work

Riding in a car with a dead person driving

Red hibiscus in dream

Ride bike

Receiving something you dreamed about

Rats eating the pants under

Riding horse without saddle dream

Returning to college hostel

Receiving a line of silver

Ridding a cattle cart dream meaning

Running from a group of people who wants to hurt me

Refrigerator in dream

River washing down feces

Riding a horse bareback

Riding a horse bareback at a jumping show

Receiving the sun scorpion moon as a golden token

Railway track

Running in rain with my lover

Riding dragons in a dream

Red ink writing you are a whore

Recovering stolen clothes in a dream

Received money for mad men

Red sephika

Receiving a cure

Riding bycycle carring mother

Reading the koran

Reconciling with someone from the past

Raw larima

Received money from madman in dream

Receiving a helping hand

Roasted person

Receiving kajal in dream

Release pin from mouth

Rattlesnake shapeshifting

River of leaves

Red palmnuts

Running jason voorhees

Rose suit

Repairing an item then breaks again

Rolling cars

Recieving a gift house

Rape a girl

Recive a wallet

Rebuilding me abandoned house in a dream

Returning 3 lost phones to their owners

Red blue shirt

Running into a vault

Red cloth covering the head

Realizing dream isnt real

Root crops being harvest and pilling

Received both dry rat and fish in my dream

Removed my clothes from my ex home

Reflection of fire on the moon

Received a stone as a gift

Rabid german shepherd

Remembering my death mother when i was in monastry in my dream

Remembering death when i was in monastry mother and i was in monastry

Remembering death mother and i was in monastry

Received a gift from unknown person

Rotten harvest

Root medicine

Reflection in a mirror

Red smoke pluming

Room filled with dust

Rolling plate dream

Return stolen card

Rolling plate

Rubbing a mans arm

Rubbing a mans arms

Receiving golden lakshmi coin in dream meaning

Receiving money from family

Red tooth paste

Red toothpaste

Rescuing clothes that were being swept away in a river

Rocks in driveway dream

Ripe and fell from tree

Rubbing lotions on

Romancing with ur boyfriend

Red name


Ragi poridge

Raping staff mate

Raping minor staff mate

Running away in your own wedding

Remarrting an wx

Receive panties as gift from pastor

Roads covered by sea water

Ram broke his arm and started chasing me

Ram chasing a man

Receiving white envelope by pastor

Receiving oral from stranger

Removing clothes but still they are still more in your body

Received a gift from a madman

Rubbing my dining table

Rubbing my house stuff

Received flower from temple

Rhea ripley

Receiving song through a text message

Robbing with coconut oil

Red roses around a deceased person

Riding in a tricycle through flood in a dream

Road in clouds

Red lines on palm of hand

Riding a bike through muddy water in the road

Recieve sisters marriage news

Ripe and green avocados plentiful

Raccoon attacking

Received a magic stick

Reborn as dog

Ripping a log with an axe



Rupture of

Rain falling in the dream

Ride chariot to meet a saint

Rabit number teer

Run away

Riding a train

Riding a bike with mom in the dream

Rat bites

Riding a cow

Rolling double 3’s on dice

Running while jumping over the obstacles

Red blood footsteps

Removing mandazi from a green polythene bag and together with your lover taking it to another woman

Red cow tuesady

Receiving vibuthi on forehead

Rubbing my dead grandmother feet

Ragi mudde in dreem

Running down the mountain

Receiving id card

Rectangle box with red ribbons

Red centaur in the sky


Razor blades in hairbrush

Rocks snakes

Rocks and snakes

Red lizrd

Red lizards and black crickets on a wall

Running barefoot on volcanic sand

Raining snails

Running toward

Returns abroad friend

Road map

Rotten corn

Rope hanging from cealing

Romantic dream about bully

Rest in peace social media post

Rope pulled out of butt

Rope inside butt

Rope with virus went inside my butt

Receiving orange beads from a monk

Riding on a bus

Return death woman showing

Receiving beads

Running away from incoming rain

Rabbi in the dream

Running behind a white car

Receiving capital punishment in dream

Rabbi showing his weak legs


Received jewelry in my dream from a old lady

Red chill

Refuse to eat cooked penis

Receiving money from dead parent

Refusal to compete for affection

Ransack all computer

Radiant face

River carrying away clothes

Received a bag of bird seed

Recovered stolen money in the dream mean what

Reference book

Removing blackjackseeds on my clothe

Receiving women clothes in a dream

Receiving womeo clothes in a dreamf

Red face paint

Reflection in mirror is different person

Receiving african cherry in the dream

Roasted palm fruit

Removing plaster from a wall

Red banga

Running elephant and goats cross the river in jungle area and i was struggling to climb and wanting to reach them

Recite subhan allah


Red eye cat

Running towards the subway station with the dog in my arms

Running to a subway with the dog in my home

Raw meat in a tree

Running a theatre production

Red indians

Ragi leaves in dream

Right wrong

Riding a motorcycle and falling in the water with it

Ritual ceremony dream with family members

Removing your own splinter

Running around looking for something

Receiving mutton in form of gift

Rooster eating snake

Removing someones eye ball in the dream

Riding trails leading to caves

Returning lost wallet

Right hand injury

Rich dad


Record shop

Recieving sachet water in a dream

Riding bike without cloth

Ripping bugs out my vagina

Reciting la hawla wala quwata in dream

Roasting a pig

River water flowing upward in dream


Regurgitating sticks

Ringing telephone

Red and yellow birds


Running in the mud with socks

Riding a car with dead person

Reading inyanga bones in my dreams

Rotecting baby elephants from lion attacks

Reptilian humanoids

Refusing to buy okro in the dream

Reaping souls

Rama paduka in dream

Receiving vegetables from relatives

Right rib

Recieving walnuts as gift in dream

Red food coloring

Receive chess board game

Receiving chess board from someone

Rescue two lambs and a dog than someone stolen it for me in my dream

Rebirth of a person

Red bombs

Relief dream meaning

Running into street corner

Reciting suratul falaq and nas

Rooftop swimming pool

Raw yam

Riding bike crying

Running away and hiding

Roasting human body

Recieving medication


Room in disarray

Romannccing my stepsister

Round object ball growing bigger

Rain and storm in sea

Renew wedding vows

Repairing broken window

Riding in roof of the bus

Ruined carpet

Rose and milk bath

Red different car models

Rape dream

Receiving walking stick from sky in a dream

Red and white lighthouse

Recieving gifts from dead

River around house

Received huge amount of money in dream

Ruth and shouting

Removing feces out of vagina

Rattling sound

Rescheduled appointment

Running away from my own marriage in my dream

Red snake giving birth to a red snake

Running away with friends

Ripped coveralls

Refusing to eat cooked penis

Rotting flowers or roses

Removed battery


River full of timber

Receiving emergency calls

Rainy cloud

Ripped avocado

Ready to ripe marula

Reed mat

Research lab in the jungle

Roads catching on fire

Riding a uncontrollable speedboat with no pilot

Rusted x

Richest people

Running naked with a towel

Running naked with a tower

Remove of slippers in dream

Recieve a salah mat in a dream

Raven caw

Raven cawing

Refusing to sign a document

Running into ex lover

Receiving kola nuts as gifts in a dream

Remove back tyre

Ripping off a hangnail mean

Red soil covering green lawn in yard

Roasted meat

Removing jigger from you toes

Running after family

Rubbing cream on my legs

Rosary tied inside my throat

Rosary used to choke me in a dream

Ring river


Running in a wedding dress and someone trying to run me over

Riding camel

Rejecting money in dream

Rise farm

Running with a towel

Red room with two doors one leads to hell one leads to heaven

Res room two doors one to hell one to heaven

Running on water

River water flowing to new yeiled crop

Red and white wool combined

Removing my clothes from the drying line meaning


Repairing tiles

Rainbow stars

Repeated dreams of being in a very large house


Renovations home barn conversion

Rebuilding a barn to a home transforming

Relative burning pictures

Raw meat bleeding

Receive android phone as a gift in dream

Running through factory

Restraining the devil

Red tornado


Red blood in a dream

Raise at work

Remove a ring of a finger and huge sore left by it

Remove a ring of a finger and huge hole left it

Renting your house

Reaccuring places

Room under contraction

Recurring decimal

Receiving ludo gift in a dream

Romantic feeling

Rejecting 2ndl hand cloth in the dream

Right eye eyelid breaking

Receiving raw meat from your enemy

Remarrying ex



Receiving golden plate from other female to female

Red and black light bulb

Reaming your spitting but you wake up with spit on your pillow

Repeatedly looking for something

Room with carpets on the floor and field with water

Removing plants from a garden

Rabbit licking my head in a dream

Removing thick in my hands

Rocks and teeth

Rat biting buttocks

Receiving incense dream meaning

Running through shopping center naked

Retaliate the law in dream

Retaliate in dream

Razor not working

Red emerald

Return to sender spells

Receiving goddess statues and gift seen in dream

Red sangomas clothes

Rope frayed at end

Rough water

Railroad semaphore signal

Railroad semaphore sign

Reversing truck

Red claw

Run in fear from active shooter


Running bit late

Running to get somewhere and being late

Running to get somewhere then trapped in a confined space

Removed iron sheets top roof

Regularly i dreamt of my husband lover communicating with me

Rubbing clit licking sister in law

Reternig phone to the owner

Red color letters in a text

Red ink text

Removing nose boogers with fingers

Riding bicycle on mud and someone helped me out of mud

Received bunch of keys from a president


Ragtop barnacles foot stomping ahoy

Receiving blood transfusion in hospital

Resigning from work

Riding a bicycle on top of the ocean

Riding a bicycle on the ocean

Roken and styrofoam

Ring dressed inappropriately at a certain function

Rose trap

Room 8

Renewing of the vows

Raven red ball

Rip mouth open

Reappearing item

Rubbing body with palm oil

Red glass present

Random woman flirting

Removing mango thread from tooth

Running in bushing

Reuniting with my ex wife

Round rotis

Round rotis with cooked chicken meat

Round rotis with lots of meat

Red doek meaning

Runny nose

Ruining royal ceremony

Rotten magnus

Releasing prisoners from jail

Reciting la hawla wala quwwata

Riding in carabao and im falling

Repairing a sofa

Running away from gun man in a dream mean

River in the clear water mixed with oi

Receiving milk and bread

Receiving three sticks of matches

Rebuke a drunk in the dream

Removing jigger in dream

Rubber melting

Rural area

Receiving food from father inlaw

Received new blouse in dream

Running with friends

Receiving treatment

Ram’s head


Reckless kid

Red sash

Running in stairs with snakes

Red rose in a pot

Red small car

Removal of cavity on teeth


Reoccurring dream of parents leaving me with the person i fear most

Ruling president been my husband in my dearm

Red bag

Running late to work

Removing something in a sewerage

Rape attempts

Rabbi with blue eyes and a beard

Removing a bow tie

Rat in trouser

Running in the rain

Right hand in lion mouth but not hurt

Reaming of dead coming home to fight enemies

Receiving flour

Running away on staircases

Riding train with mother

Running away from a creature

Running away from creature from basement

Room full of money burning

Romantic dream about a friend

Repairing a room in your house

Rings in baby poop

Rhianna is a man

Receiving a white shirt in a dream

Raising yam mounds

Running to home

Requesting of charcoal in the dream

Recite a poem

Raining skies

Rough clothes meaning in dream

Receiving shachet of water

Retrieving my slippers from sand

Rubbing red oil in hands

Removing a white paint

Rendering falling off a house

Rotten of a tuber of yam

Receiving money and a coat

Removing cavities from teeth

Royal blue chalk

Roots of banana tree

Rae hamburger

Radha and krishna on a beetl leaf dream

Riding a bicycle naked dream meaning

Read and white doek for sangoma mean what

Rat seen in water

Right now i am jobless my famy father after retirement doing job in a workshop

Replacing the carpet

River flowing with so much water

Recently deceased ex

Rocks mountains

Rape by demon

River white stones green trees

River of jordan and the tree of life

Rocks on a mountain


Rinsing hair

Red dragon and full moon

Racially profiled

Ringing of 4 bells

Rainbow colored roses at a funeral

Roll ball

Receiving a siver stone bid in the dream

Received 3keys in dreams

Received keys to open boxes

Received a keys as gift to open boxes

Running without shirts


Raven flew at me and flew into my mouth

Raven flew at me head on and flew into my mouth

Riding on a motorcycle of my late grandfathers

Robbery in house

Receive trouser as a gift dream


Ringworm in palm of hand

Removing trousers

Receiving new wrapper in a dream

Red braman

Red braman cows and elephants

Rash on back

Rescuing a madman in a dream

Ride water

Running a cross the boundary

Rear ended my vehicle by a large dark vehicle

Red palm tree and snow falling

Receiving gift of empty salt cellar

Raped y a friend

Running scared from a snake

Roach in belly button

Riding bike in water


Red and black shag carpet

Reading bible

Receiving sarees

Received sarees

Riding in the car in full speed

Red eyes teer number

Running away from gun shots

Rinckledclose in dream

Remove sand from the river dream meaning

Receiving sachet water in the dream

Rats coming out of your vagina

Removing a broken pin

Receiving sanitary pads in a dream

Red bear

Rotten right leg

Removing an sd card

Riding unicycle with babies in arms


Ripe calamansi in dream


Robbery in my house

Receiving money from hijra

Reading recipe for cooking people

Rod or staff with 3 round stones on one end


Robbing palm oil forehead

Ride down mountain

Roster groundnut

Reviving new set of camping set biblical meaning

Riding on lion back

Recuing three children drowning in water

Rose of sharon tree n a river

Rose of sharon tree

Rose of sharon

Running to save my life

Rubbing a shirt

Removing plants

Red isiphika

Radha krishna dancing in dream

Red sandalwood

Rotten palm tree placed on my head

Ragi seen in dream

Rappelling down a mountain

Removing doors from the house

Removing doors


Receiving money from child

Rescuing blue baby bird from a cat

Red shiry

Receiving used clothes

Relative coming to fetch me in a dream

Receiving waist beads in a dream

Rebuking evil having the holy ghost

Ride through space

Reflection is angry

Reflection in window

Revert muslim

Remove the door in street

Red marble floor

Rolling out long plastic mat

Rolling out log mat

Red white blue

Revenge from old bsf dead uncle

Receive gold as gift in dream

Rotten plam plant is placed on my head

Red velvet baby rhino

Rain washed shoe away

Receiving a clay bowl and drinking water from it

Receiving a clay bowl and drinking from it

Removing clothes from wardrobe

Received half small pice of kola nut from my ex husband

Red flowers growing in muddy water what does it mean

Receiving a beautiful silver tray

Removing jiggers from your feet

Removing sindur from forehead

Rich son

Rush on the butt

Riding a vintage car by couple but septately

Root of a tree exposed

Received palm oil in the dream

Room feeling cramped

Running on sea

Rice beans

Reciving zircon

Red knotted clothe in a dream

Receiving dirty clothes

Roman ship

Reptile cloaked in human skin

Rats is eaten by pig

Rearranging classroom desks

Removing toenails color in a dream

Removed mail polish

Red orbs

Removing the feathers of a dead hen

Receiving parcel with baby things

Receiving compact powder

Running a race

Roasted marble culter giving to person in the dream what is meaning

Red kola nut

Rocks in mouth

Red kolanut

Receiving a talisman

Returned mail with someone’s new address

Returned mail with new address

Red clouds lighting and thunder storm

Running from a ship accident

Rs 100 note

Radha and krishna happy together

Reciving earings

Reading nursery rhymes

Red roses in the pool

Raw and roasted cashew nuts

Ripe spices red and green



Receiving golden wrist watch and bracelet

Refused to buy okro in the dream

Raft water

Receiving a gift from father

Refusing to sign paperwork

Rainbow moon

Rancid food

Rape of sister

Riding white scooty with friend

Reparing main gate

Red building

Rice corn

Receiving fish

Red bath robe female

Raising ocean and elephants

Rubber bands

Running in a swamp

Ripe coco

Racing semi trucks

Receiving ice in hand

Room changing

Rose with thorns across a heart

Removing furniture in front of door


Receive a letter from from army jeneral in the bible

Raccoon family on my bed

Ring of lights floating in ski

Recieve money in dream

Rotting fish

Removing cobweb from bird

Rejected money gift

Rejecting gift

Relation queing up to hug for my 18 years old birthday

Rusty ship dream

Receiving a green raincoat

Riding school bus up steep hill flipping and landing

Rabbit being eaten

Rodent being nipped

Rodent being bitten

Rusty cage

Rusty cart

Return home from canada

Rusty with holes roof

Receiving pink sweet

Roll meter

Rubbing a native chalk in the face in dream

Running naked in street

Regret of not able to save someones life

Receiving an expensive gift of perfume from a very famous rock star

Receiving a perfume gift from a famous rock star

Receiving turmeric kumkum and jasmine flowers

Received an nysc call up letter

Rebuking a demon

Red cloud flashes and lightning

Restaurant table dream

Running from a giant

Runaway lorry

Rhinoceros is sick

Relationship with someone rushing to be together

Running over grass

Received an agbada in a dream

Rotting fruit

Rice from vagina

Rat being eaten alive

Receiving land from a boy friend as a gift

Receiving a voice message from the dead

Right hand in lions mouth

Rubbing raw eggs on your body

Rat with teeth

Religious figure

Red peppers

Running turkeys

Receiving an old bill

Rambutan in dream

Running in a dollhouse

Random girlfriend for 1 night

Red eyed demon

Rapper dream

Rotten coconut seen in dream

Removing big frog from house

Receiving wrapper from a dead family member means what

Running on antlers buffalo bones

Read my boyfriend’s diary

Rainbow tiger

Red chilly stolen in dreams


Royal blue african cloths

Ring on my penis in dream meaning

River carry away a baby clothes

Rubbing salts to your legs

Removing pus from boil in the armpit in a dream

Received phone

Red beads

Rat wearing jewelry

Removing bones in the nose

Right forearm twisting and recoil

Remove tangle hair from a comb

Rubber duck boat

Rushing clear water in a between the rocks

Reunited with first love

Receiving ripe naseberry in a dream

Rain moon

Rice dream

Received a message that my baby daddy was involved in an accident

Received velvet tamarind in the dream

Raw obgono and raw rice in the dream

Rescued by sea turtle

Riding a giant sea turtle

Recieving a million

Receiving white and gold wrist watch in a dream

Running away from a train

Recieving a white credit card in my dream


Riding in a carriage

Returning home from abroad empty

Received fat envelope of money

Receive palm wine from my brother in a dream

Reaming seing spiritual leaders

Returning from abroad

Receive work opportunity

Renaissance dreams

Red prison uniform

Running wit baby nice up the stairs of building search

Rains outside ur car

Rescuing daughter from violent spouse

Removing wasp stinger

Removing stinger

Removing from skin

Rifle and police uniform

Red chilly in dream

Red chilly

Rolls on a tree

Reptilian demon

Red rose in hairs looks like bride

Reading that a dog has died

Reading that a dog died

Recieving toffee in a dream

Recieving tomtom

Raped by deceased brother

Ripping off arms

Ripe coffee beans

Rat in hot water

Red cow spiritual meaning

Rebukeing a hurt cousin in a dream

Rebukeing a hurt person in a dream

Row egg coming out of my vigina

Re infighting fire

Rabbit with girl

Railroad ties falling off the back of a truck while driving

Riding a bicycle naked

Receiving boiled eggs from a dead person in a dream

Ripe sugar apples

Receiving a plant

Rat biting left pointer finger

Red balnket

Reinjure old wound

Raising child from the dead

Receiving a white stone

Reviving a white stone

Reptile person



Red in dream

Removing leaves off a person’s legs and butt

Runninh away

Relative in spirit and taking their picture

Rainbow sprinkles on piano left by bkyfriend

Row coffee beans

Receiving holy communion in dreams

Removal of reproductive organs