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Dreams starting with the letter R

Returning a lost item to a non existent address

Roasted palm fruit mean what in a dream

Red duck

Red gummy bear on paper

Runnig happily under the rain

Renovating a house

Removing golden wedding rings in a dream

Receiving wedding picture

Renting church and lawyer following

Refusing to be handcuffed in a dream

Receiving something from flying horse and the disappear together

Removing hair from teeth

Reverse funerals following behind a reverse paster that was opening up coffins eating the dead and throwing the lie people in there

Running to save myself and finding walls

Room that does not exist

Retaking exams


Red string around neck

Rock wall cracking

Rebuking witches in the dream

Red bicycle

Red and green soldier uniform

Red plastic boxes

Red tote bin

Running barefoot on a dirt road

Rebuking dead person in dream bable meaning

Ruby eye

Ressurection plant

Roadblocks by water

Recurring searching for a safe family home

Removing a black clothes in a dream

Rubber band on thumb

Receiving a bank card

Right turn

Refusing to take my offering

Riding black carabao

Reptiles biting me

Receiving money from the president

Recently deceased person buying icecream

Routing dead people

Rich old woman pass away left a beautiful home with everything inside

Rape plantain

Raw lamb meat

Rubbish in friends yard

Ritual soul swap

Received money as gift

Run with brother

Red rose to dead grandmother

Reuniting ex boyfriend

Running and getting nowhere

Rubbing your legs with oil

Rotten ground nuts

Rotten seeds

Running away from a mad woman who gave you a hug

River carrying my cloth

Rivwr carrying my coth

River full of plants

Ragi in dream

Red and gold book

Receding hairlines

Raped by a friend


Raging deer

Running to the exit

Red apples

Roots growing on tongue

Receive a pot


Riding a turbulent plane but calm

Roller coaster ride

Remove marriage bangles from hand by someone

Red cow inside your house

Room under water

Rubbing white powder on face

Removing tartar from teeth

Raindrop white box

Ruby ring in left hand middle finger

Rabbit 31 19

Recieving money from a disabled girl

Rice fields ready to harvest

Receiving arashina kumkuma

Removing feces

Red mouth

Removing maggots on your vagina


Right wrist snapped off

Rollercoaster crash

Roller coaster crash

Roaring to get rid of an unknown demon

Removing dead person from the grave

Running a race and winning

Rastaman red car

Receiving beetle leaf

Rastaman in red car

Receiving a kola nut

Red bell

Receiving horse as gift from the dead

Red painted rocks


Riding in an ordinary small boat meaning in a dream

Receiving a steel bar

Raping cow

Rescuing child from fire

Rescuing kid from fire and i was crying

Running bride

Red horse

Raising the river waters with my hands

Rock python

Redeeming yourself in your dream for better

Rain maker

Receiving 100 naira in dream

Rolling room

Rash in penis



Rice balls

Rat peeing on my face

Running late to a wedding

Removed thali in the dream given to brother

Removing meat stuck on tooth

Rhino dream no

Riding bikes with my dog

Rabbit lick my leg

Relative loosing eyesight

Roasting maize and eating it

Rapoko in dreams

Reflection back to front

Removing botfly

Reaching out to me

Round tiny puppies

Recovery of lost sandles

Rosewood leaves in dream

Red and black demon face in sky

Running nose

Rats in a water tank

Recovered documents

Running with holding broom

Rescuing trapped cats

Receive a gift from my dad

Rolling stones above you and houses damaged

Raising raven

Raising birds

Rat being bit by a venomous snake

Running from wolves

Receive cheque from pastor in dream

Roasting a cashew nut

Robbers stole my school certificate

Received lot of forgin money

Received lot of forgin momey

Racing to be home by sunset

Riding inside a store

Riding tiny motorscooter


Receiving white blouse as gift

Reciting noha and doing matam

Rope tied wrong

Rope untied

Receiving vibuthi

Relationship with a girl from a different dimension time

Relationship with a girl

Rich man become poor in a dream

Receiving dead persons teeth

River of honey

Removal of ash from the forehead

Rushing for a flight home

Removing of black clot from you i vagina in the dream

Receiving a fish

Raining worms

Removing toothpick in the hair

Running in a war

Roast beef string

Rashes all over my body especially stomach

Receiving a sympathy card

Ripe palm nut

Ripe fruit falls

Ripe plantain

Red and pink colored bananas from a cotton tree

Responding to salaam of men i dont know

Repent for wrong doings

Reciting allah’s name in a dream

Receiving food stuffs from a pastor in dream

Receiving food stuffs from a pastor in a dream

Rebuilding a birds nest

Receiving cross as a gift

Roblox and horror

Receive gift from an indian in the dream

Repair pot clay

Rain wetting my clothes inside the house


Restoring cars

Red sandal

Recover gold stolen in dream

Red game piece with word

Rock in my mouth

Renting house

Rose in water

Removing off a wedding dress



Returned to me

Red carpet on an altar

Red robin on my back and shoulder

Refusing shoes

Rock falling from the sky hitting my head woke me up

Rat tail symbolize

Receiving torn money dream meaning

Ripped certificate

Reciting astaghfirullah

Rice and pulses seen in dream

Rice and pulses in dream

Refill water from pond on copper pot

Relying on someone

Riding on tonga

Receiving banana

Refused dad giving me rice

Running towards taj mahal in your dream

Road blocked by car

Rv in lake

Right handed drive car

Right handed driving cars

Rhino riding

Radha with peacock

Roadblocks mountains

Receiving money and perfume meaning in dream


Ripe green maize

Rush mat


Reaching her feet in my dreams

Rush matting

Redcloth golden lotha knife

Running up a hill

Raped by father

Role model

Right hand withering

Rigjth hand withering

Receiving slipper gift


Recieving a gift of blood strain cloth

Rhino eating leaves

Remeet a jewelr that i once worked with

Rooster crossing road

Removing a chick from the stomach

Removing panty

Red coffee

Receiving a car gift from a deceased friend

Right eye taken out


Receiving sweater as a gift from girlfriend

Ripping out

Receiving airtime from dead mother

Reciting inna lillahi in adream

Remove wear clothes from hangig

Rubing critois

Repaired shoes one leg

Reciting surah kausar

Rooster and 2 hens

Receiving a call from a king dream

Religious priest giving me milk

Recharging a phone in my dreams

Repairing furniture

Receiving call on dream

Riding my bike in dream mesns

Red color skull candle

Red color candle

Receiving land as gift

Received a friendly text from my enemy

Receiving white stone from someone

Roman solder

Roman war

Reversing car

Red oni demon

Repenting sins

Red road of red roses after death by drowning

Radio dream meaning

Receiving torn money from old white woman


Rustling of leaves in a dense forest

Receive gift from church

Riding on a deer

Rubbing back with oil

Rice factory

Receiving foreign currency in the dream

Red white black lion cloth

River and temple

Remembering dream

Red stone

Rebuilding a mud church

Receiving 2 green money in a dream from a man

Recieving 2 cilver envelope with money from two people


Radha rani in dream

Recieving wrapper as a gift in a dream

Roti burning on tava

Road in mountain with daisies and smoke down hill and up clear

Removing wax in eyes

Red indianchild

Ringing a temple bell

Rescue my mother and sister inlaw

Running uluating widow

Ring and red roses from dead mother

Ring falling into toilet

Raped by mad man

Round nuts

Running through the woods blind

Rounded licking head

Running fly in a dream

Running fly

Receiving money from insane person

Rats infesting my house

River carrying away shoes

Red hibiscus flower in the tree

Rondavel house seen in a dream

Riding a girl uphill dream meaning

Red chilli seeds

Raffle draw

Red square piece of paper with black writing

Red piece of paper in your coat pocket

Root system

Rabbit people

Rape kill

Reading surat kauthar

Red headed women and a beast

Running in the woods

Removing the dead from the grave

Recurring mansion with an endless attic

Russian bear


Ring turning your finger green

Red blocks


Returning a stolen item

Rotten food

Riding a water bike

Rescue a baby in borehole in water what does mean

Restored jeep

Restored keep

Riding a weed whacker

Raisin bran

Rejecting chicken bloody meat in dream

Raw wood

Received bitter cola

Roasting dogs

Receiving slippers

Receivng slippers

Reading a letter from my dad who passed


Receiving nzu in dream meaning

Rocket landing in water

Releasing birds in hand

Removing obstacles from me

Removing small rats

Removing mice

Removing baby rats from my vagina

Riding motorcycle loaded with brothers

Reporting something wrong

Removing leaves from ear

Removing leaf from ear

Resisting zina

Retrieve my dress

Ripe betel

Rampaging animals

Recurring dream

Running from different black widows

Rolls royce gold

Rain and moon

Riding bike in ocean

Rolled carpet

Recover clothes

Returning from journey you made

Return of ex

Removing blood clot from vagina

Red feet from cold water

Roaming in a city

Running fast on a dirt road

Romance in water

Romance in a pool

Running in a feild

Rat run under crotch

Removing object from arm

Red cloud

Receiving bitter kola in dream means

Record store

Rocking baby

Rolling room me inside

Rolling eyey

Running in the woods in socks

Rat in house

Rat looking for good

Receiving a gold jewelry from your pastor in dream means

Return from abroad without money

Relative blind in dream

Ripe bread fruit fall from a tree

Recieving a single red rose from stranger

Receiving iphone as gift in a dream

Rat smelling you

Riding bicyle

Receiving an envelope addressed to me

Red chilli

Rock fillin a room

Red choir robes in a dream

Rock falling down on the road ahead

Removing things from mining full of water

Riding the bus

Rebuking in the name of jesus

Rebuking bad in the name of jesus

Radhakrishna idols in dreams

Red rashes

Red rashes on my thigh

Running down a duppy with a machete

Receive bangles in dream meaning

Relationship deceased

Relationship passed

Running on the beach

Raccoon that bit my child

Rapped by a gorilla

Running like a monkey

Rotating house

Red cloth

River of wax

River orange wax waterfall

Ressurection of a dead family member

Removing buges from my hand

Rice seeds

Ride in train

Receiving orphan baby in the dream

Receiving an orphan baby boy in the dream

Reverse rain

Reading bible in dream

Received brown money in dream

Removing shell of the seashells

Reciving rudraksha in dream

Reconcile with sister


Raining on me going to school

Running with a dead person

Returning gift

Receiving cake

Rain wet money

Raped neice

Red fruits

Red face of my dead mother

Receiving prayer mat

Receiving prayer mar

Reciving prayer may

Right toenail

Received used cloths from a rich man

Red light at the door

Restoring an old vintage car

Roasting kapenta on fire

Regurgitating blood and raw meat

Red and blue deck of playing cards

Reverse driving

Running in the mosque

Royal blue

Red roses given by deceased dad

Rotten tomatoes

Rain fell in a couple wedding and i was the baker

Red book

Rising and escaping scorpio in dream

River symbolize


Running aimlessly

Running away from mad men

Recently deceased mother giving daughter an empty white envelope covered in hearts

Removing skin tags

Red mud road

Red yacht

Rice in a toilet

Running away from enemy

Running with your wife from enemy

Removing the iron sheets and the damage woods of a ceiling

Riding in motor naked

Rubbing locust beans in the private part

Roasting giant rat in a dream


Reversed gravity holing a young child or baby

River lake fish bad smell and crossing over

River lake fish and smell

Running from a mob with my best friend and holding hands

Running from a mob with my friend

Running from a crowd

Running away from mob

Running away from falling dead tree branches and seeing my dead father laughing

Running away from falling dead tree branches and seeing my dead father

Running away from falling dead tree branches


Rondavel in a dream

Removing goat with rope in dream

Running as a dog

Running after a car

Ride home

Red coronation flowers

Rotting molar tooth


Red frog

Rowing and dropped phone into water

Recovering purse from the river

Rotten dustbin

Rolling eyes

Removing gizzard from your bedroom floor

Refuse to give a mad man money

Rectangle wide hole

Receiving three suits in the dream meaning

Recieving a torn shirt

Rat snake

Robot implanted

Rescuing fish from hooks

Receiving many success cards

Red gram

Removal of foreign objects from the body

Removing razor blade inside mouth seen in a dream

Robotic dog

Removing sweet potatoes from body

Riding a bycicle backwards

Reciving flower seeds from best friend

Running from my family

Reuniting with someone

Running to buy

Road cliff

Rebuke people i know

Ridges in dreaming

Regalia in a dream

Running through a waterpark

Red bed sheet

Recover stolen money

Relative marriage after killed by some one

Reading in river

Rig truck

Reversing car back bumper crashed n dropped off

Road at the end sunset

Rama kodanda

Rowing in a dream

Receive a red rose


Rubbing palm oil in the body

Renovation of old building in the dream


Rose being flushed down toilet

Rainbow fish

Red wedding veil

Receiving bonus at work

Receiving money at work

Receiving garland from church

Rgb cube


Rape in dream

Running in the streets

Riding a bike down a very steep hill

Ringe in water found

Recieveing hundred naira in the dream

Recurring dream world

Reaccuring dream world



Rose quartz breaking


Raining blood

Received cowries in my dream

Raccoon roadkill everywhere

Raining while being on a plane


Receiving gift from school teacher

Recovers cell phone

Retro furniture

Roots coming out of toe nail


Rise from dead

Rubbing egg in my dream

Ripening paddy at dream

Ripening paddy in dream

Red santa hat in a dream

Rain of sand

Received sweetgrass from an elder and why me

Red hot axe

Rhino water

Roses in clearwater

Roti making in dream teer number

Refusing to be handcuffed

Removing broom in the eye

Red chair

Reciting inna lillahi

Rice mill

Running down stairs

Removing blackjacks in others othes

Running away from you on a bike

Running from a mudslide

Rotten fruits

Running from malformed figure

Running from figure

Repair van

Red alligators

Renew dream meaning

Receiving 10 kilos of golden fish

Recieving a fish color gold

Rubbing someone’s head

Rusk color

Rotten capsicums

Ripe papaya

Receiving gold coins from dead father

Removing something from a foot

Running and hiding from rebels

Red sand

Removing pair of shoes because of rain

Raining backwards

Runing though graveyard

Raw chicken wings

Rv camper

Riding horse climax

Rubbing raw honey on legs

Receiving ugiri fruit


Running up the steps of a tower with a cape on

Ring and money

Rat heads

Recovery from illness

Running from sandy ocean water

Running from sandy water

Reptile eats head

Reptile eats child by head

Red snake blocking my wayb

Reading the prayers of the faithful during mass but lacking pages

Reading the book in church but lacking of words or pages

Received airpod in the dream

Rice field

Recieving unripe plantain from dead mom in dream

Red tie and red chemise


Relative blessing before death in dream

Red palm oil coming out of ground

Radha krishna

Refusing to do something

Room with no door

Roti and green gram dal

Repairing pot holes

Running into the sea wearing clothes

Rubbing honey to my skin in a dream

Running away from your wedding in a temple

Rubbing husbands back

Rounded teeth

Running away from masquerade in a dream means what

Red tile

Ring of fire in sky

Running away from pope

Running away from popee

Rolling away

River carrying away my shoe

Receiving promotion letter

Running from a known enemy

Running in the dark

Receive land as gift

Reeds growing in the clear stable water

Reeds in growing in the water

Riding a bicycle and i get lost

Riding bicycle and lost

Raped by lion

Receiving fresh sampaguita flowers

Rectangular volume shape

Ramputan fruit in my dream


Running from a black wolf

Running so fast and winning the race

Rich husband

Running down

Riding motorcycle with my brothers in dream

Rat bite dog

Red dog with yellow eyes

Red pepper

Roasted chicken in market

Red pepper snake

Riding bird

Riding a scooter

Rape by ghost

Red van blocking the road

Rat in your house

Rat that looks like a cherokee

Raccoon ocean

Raccoon jump water

Reoccurring dream manipulating boat goes into a dream

Rondavel house


Removing jiggers from feet in a dream meaning

Returning 2 cooking gas cylinders to be changed in my dream

Returning 2 cooking gas cylinders to be changed

Receiving money from the bishop

Red line drawn by some one on my eyelid

Rose apple

Rose aa

Ribs being squeezed

Receiving muthi from a relative

Reaching for sword

Resting sun

Ray ban 2023

Receiving holy eucharist from the pope

Remove metal injured arm

Removing metal arm

Regretting selling a house

River bed filling up with fish

Royal blue cloth meaning

Red bangles

Receiving 500 in the dream

Receive garri in dream

Right eye sinking into head

Running from lion


Reprinting of identification cards

Reprinting if cards

Raped by military officer

Ribbon by itself that curls


Rheum in eyes

Received a firearm in the mail

Rolling on the floor with another person


Receiving four almond fruit

Receiving flower seed to sow


Rescuing child and witches

Removing muscles

Running away from dead husband

Riding bicycle in to the water

Red and white

Rash on sisters head

Resting my head on a man chest

Reddish brown house

Running behind husband

Running after husband

Running in school hall

Rash on your child

Riding a bike to go to beach

Receiving sweet potatoes from your boyfriend

Receiving black slippers and one is dameged

Receiving sugarcane from a woman

River of snakes tossing a river of snakes

River of snakes

Radhe chanting

Row of trees

Removing periwinkle from shell

Red flowers staircase secret garden

Returning things back to you


Racing in a mini cart

Raw eggs

Red soil

Riding in car with deceased husband

Red pills

Receiving and eating meat

Rabbit and raven

Rupturing volcano

Receiving dried fish from mother in law in dream


Returning picked up phones to the owners

Red glow

Receiving syringe injection above forehead and becoming unconscious

Receiving from other person

Regret in the pass

Ripped plantain and banana

Rotten meat

Rat in a trap

Rabi pelaos

Red hotdog

Red roses

Ring tailed lemur

Romanica soilder with helmet feathers and as a pole running towards me in a field

Rubbing oil on my stomach

Recording studio

Rope around neck and shoulders

Rebuking evil in jesus name

Refusing to eat ginger

Receiving garden egg in a dream

Rasberry jam

Received money from governor

Removing black jack weeds from my clothes

Receiving a gift from a teacher in a dream

Retrieving clothes from the river in a dream

Roasted monkey in the dream

Running from police

Red tika on the forehead


Receiving a card game with for kings

Red car dream

Running from someone trying to kill me

Riding a tonga ride

Ring with letter s

Rodent digging hole in closet

Reversing a car without engine

Red glow in a house

Rock in nose

Remodeling a house

Red bindi in forehead

Removing shell from snails in the dream

Rain and plane

Riding a cart


Running out of gas

Refugee camp

Rat eating worms

Refusing to sell good goods for me

Removal of kitchen window shades

Red and yellow colour hair

Red burqa

Room with dark wood paneling

Running away from my wedding because i barley know the man

Received dm or text message from girl

Red hot fire burning in a coal furnance with the furnance door open

Red hot fire in a coal furnace with the door open

Red hot burning coal fire in a coal furnace

Returning money back to the person who gave it out

Ripped my cats head off

Report card at work

Riding as a passenger

Red saree

Reparing bed

Receiving gift of bunch of plantains

Riding in a car on a very bad road

Rich dad poor dad

Running in a track

Removed her cap

Rugged look

Removing a sweater

Reject money in dream

Ride a bicycle in my dream

Round holes

Reoccuring people

Receiving word that someone passed away in a dream

Refusing medical treatment

Ripe mango falling on head

River and falls

Ring coming off of right middle finger

Relay race and passing the stick


Rise in rank

Red chunri

Red chunri on my self


Removing something inside well

Removing debris from teeth

Removing of swollen node dream

Race suit

Racing suit

Radio waves


Rape by man

Rape by homeless

Robot dog murder squirrel

Running cows

Runs in pantyhose

Received ankara fabrics in a dream

Red palm wheevil

Reference to patio in dream

Really bad

Reading words written in black magic marker

Rain coat in the shower

Roof work

Red bag

Reconnection with someone

Returning a menu

Raw goat meat stolen

Rain woman dress car road swamp lust laugh

Rooms not being used

Rooms covered in dust sheets

Radha krishna statue

Riding a palomino horse

Running faster than someone

Receiving chicken mean from dead relative

Reunion with dad

River entering into a dam

Receiving a female new shoe even though i am a man

Raped by spouse

Rabbit dreams number

Receiving parafin from old friend

Renovating my grandpa house

Receiving old currency bank notes

Robbing and crime


Red pen

Red heart and red rose tattoo

Recess in dream

Receiving golden colored saree in dream

Rib cage with flowers

Recived a call from your boss


Rope tied around waist


Removing spikes from your tongue

Removing chicken feather


Received phone call to announce pregnancy

Round dwelling structure

Railroad ties

Roof of mouth skin falling off

Receiving paper bag full of mangoes

Racist teacher you know in real life take your hijab off in your dream

Room door

Refusing your old girl friend not to marry her

Raped by a bull

Riding a bike and going blind

Red eye symbol

Red eye

Rain water carrying one leg of my red slipper

Ridge gourd in dream

Red njeti

Received a brown sandals


Red dot

Riding in carabao with caro

Removing kidney stones

Removing paper from teeth

Right angles

Return my stolen phone

Removing jiggers from arm

Riding on the blanket

Running in gun fire

Retarded child


Rusty nail in drink

Red long fish in holes

Red bumps on legas

Ripped book

Riding a beautiful white horse but some thieves take it away from me

Receiving watermelon from dead person

Roof torn off


Riding a bike in a puddle

Riding or holding on to a freight train

Receiving traditional medicine from deceased father

Receiving traditional medicine

Rubbing palm oil in my palm in the dream

Red tape



Running naked in the rain

Rich house covered with plants

Running from fertish

Rooster without tail

Red rhododedren

Riding jeepney with friends

Rich man enter and ate in my house


Rice mixed with coins

Roaming in the market dressed like a mad person

Ride in car on roller coaster hills


Rectangle empty dining table

Red church thread

Red thread


Riding on the rooftop of a bus

Riding in the rooftop of a bus

Runnin away from people

Rock that have faces

Rock faces

Red long car

Red tip wings

Refused to fetch water from the river in my dream

Relationship going bad

Riding one person bycyle

Red ribbon on my wrist

Receiving a text message from someone i know

Returnig dirty clothes

Returning home in my night clothes

Resuscitating a baby


Rejecting marriage in a dream

Ring finger skin pealing

Red wool

River upp side long bridge

Radium doll asking to help


Relay race in dream

Room of toys

Room with deceased relatves

Receive money deposit

Receiving money from lover

Remove hair attachment for my hair

Running from somthing killing stags

Raining plastic


Receiving bangles as gift

Removing needles from a child leg and putting it your pocket meaning

Running hands through hair


Rubbing hands

Receiving blessings from dead father

Rubbing of cream in dream

Running dog

Running fast on sand

Raven with silver beak

Riding car down slope

Rabit teer dream number

Ring of light

Reject greeting

Rebuidlng and fixing a model

Receiving colorful bangles in dream

Rondavale building

Rice pudding

Religious place

Receiving corn mixed groundnut

Reach on top of steep road

Right hand palm