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Dreams starting with the letter P

Parade and dog attacks my dog

Passagr on taxi accident

Pearl emanating out of the eye

Pearl in eye

Pearl coming out of the eye

Placenta of a baby

Picking ukpo in dream meaning

Plucking gauva leaves in a dream

Picking a ripe jackfruit

Possessed kid

Passport burned

Phone snaching

Pound cocoyam in dream

Preparing sweets


Plenty dead wall geckos in dream


Palm oil in a dream

Plucking and eating ripe cashaw in the dream what does it mean

Peeing on them

Pastor pouring cold water on my back

Picking up dead birds

Pastor chris praying for the congregation and i fall under is anointing

Passion fruits

Passion fruit




People dream meaning

President card

Person giving me two cutlasses

Pinch cheek

Pulling snakes from my eye

Picture of love ones



Picking ripened custard apple

Pick it up needles from the carpet

Paying for

Pick better kola in dream

Power tower

People are blind dream interpret

Petroleuam oil wells in dreams

Prophet giving you money in the dream what those it means

Pet saves you

People not speaking to dreamer

Panga mean in a dream

Parrot pecking shoulder back

Parrot sitting on shoulder

Palmyra fruit

Peel skin off big toe

Puppy being born

People chasing me trying to kill me

Planes dropping g bombs

Pick docanut in the dream

Protect against evil

Parking a car


Planting pepper

Pearcing ear

Pointing at insecurity

Plaid money

Pool with algae

Piaget sensorimotor substsge essay with references

Poor husband house

Pork ofal

Pigs dismembered

Parents nor agreeing for love marriage in dream

Pearl and gold

People trying to force me to drink blood and sign my name


Pooja room shifting

Pulling big black snake from the tree

Picture in a frame

Pus in eye

Pregnant with no belly

Pregnant and in white clothes

Plucking and eating ripe mango

Past relative and lions

Pulling out a front tooth and being black

Peel a banana to find maggots inside

Penis with snake head

Piercing my foot

Pink heart shape pillow

Pearl white fish

Phone message

Pepper source

Pulled backward fast over grass

Planting seeds with dead mother

Puppies coming in from the back door

Pinching of ear means what in a dream

Paint spilled

Picnic lost music find pushchair and casettes

Picnic lost music find a pushcair


Paying lobola in dream

Police rescue me

Picking spread money

Paying my bright price

Poop and gold

Paying my bride price

Person acting like an animal

Pay for college

Pigeon swallowing own egg

Purple dots

Pregnant for husbands brother


Penis turned into cactus

Poop of gold round shape

People falling under rocks

Prince in a dream


Pushing panic button but getting no help

Passed loved one with longer hair

Ploughing the land with oxen



Poisoned and then abducted

Poison by hidden ways then abducted

Psychiatrist was affectionate with me

Psychiatrist was affectionate

People in muddy clothes

Phone card

Passing stool difficult constipated

Passing stool difficult

Plate on my head silver

Putting food in my friends car but i can’t find the car vm

Peach and white snake

Picking diamond from stone in a dream

Person asking a question

Picking a baby out of the trash

Parakeets flying out of cages

Purpled night bird

Pick up

Packing a baby bag

Pulling out needles foot

People losing jobs

Poops in a bowl

Pulling barbed blood wire out of my vagina

Paraffin dream meaning

Prophesying to someone in a dream

Picking plucking ube in my dream

Pasted simsim in a mortar

Planting a seed for a dead person

Plants cutting and propogation

Pink angel wings


Paying out money to my ex husband

Pregnant woman dream of cardamon

Planning of wedding with x husband

Palm sugar

Pulling a string from my vagina

People taking off your trousers


Pregnant drowning a baby by accident and sworn of anys in closet floor

Police bribe me

Partner’s mistress confessing

Pigs coming to me

Purchase of land

Palm kernel in a dream

Pseudo word



Pulling poop out of rectum

Photographing moon

Protecting a child and myseeelff from danger

Pulling hair out of your mouth endlessly

Putting holden eyeshadow on my eye

Period on chair

Packing late for a flight

Poop in a box

Photo frame of dead person broken

Packets ofs

Packets of oreos

Pregnancy after inter course with partner without marriage

Plucking sour sop in dream means

Purple flower

Pouring cooking oil in bottle

Period was green

Playing ludo with a friend

Paying ludo with a friend in the dream meanings

Put wood in the fire

Pouring snuff on the ground

Putting tika by dead person in dream

Patterned linen fabric

Passing a police checkpoint

Picking money from someones trouser

Piles of clothes in a car

Pralaya m

Plates burning

Pointer finger split open

Pus neck

Plucking bamboo shoots

People talking

People in a kithen

Pail green bees

People having cavities

Parents selling their daughter

Picking black small fruit

Punching out


Pen dreams

Palm fruit pounding

Pegged by a girl

Portal in sky dream

Pulling crab out of stomach


Pole dancing

Pages white in letterbox


Poker match won with 4 kings

Pet dead with broken neck

Picking dried morula fruits

Partner dying from allergic reaction

Pastor beaten by woman

Paper clutter floor

Pulling a maggot out my nose

Plunging sheanutin a dream meaning

Putting food in anus

Punjabi in dream

Punctured lung

Parade passing in front of me

Picking and eating tamarind

Prince and princess

Princess catherine

People selling human meat

Pounding boiled yam

Pound yam at in law place

President wearing white sandals

Picking apples in a dream into a bag

Pork fat

Partner taken by friend

Picking ripe shear nut fruits and eating some

Picking mopane worms from the ground

Protecting infant

Piles of bones

Passing past a gipsy in horse and carage what dose it mean

Passing a romany gyipsy

Picking corn in ur dream

Pushing a guerny

Plants trying to kill me



Pregnant bird

Pinch my cheeks

Picked on about insecurities in front of a girl

Pulling out large stump

Plant system

Pounding red dried peppers mixed with one black pepper

Pinecone ash

Photos deleting

Pogo stick

Picking cho cho giving it to someone


Partner intimate

Persons face on fire


Person from past

Pooping lizard

Pit full of dirty water and worms

Priestly rob means what

Packing raw salmon to freeze

Plucking mosambi from tree


Pulling quills from your tongue

Pulling wuills from your tongue

Parents of ma late husband funish paying lobola for me

Parents negotiating my lobola

Pulling metal from my teeth

Person buried at my doorstep

People taunting you that have emotionally abused you

Planting seeds eggplant

Pushing someone of a cliff

Passenger seat car with black on my chin

Pants off

Punching in on a time clock


Passing gallstones in my dream

Passing gallstones in ny dream

Pool about to overflow

Pulling meat out of my teeth

Pulling roast beef from my teeth

Purple gem stone

Phone call from child from heaven

Phone call from child in heaven

Property dispute

Plants bearing fruits

Pastor giving me sugarcane

Playing roblox dream

Plastic jelly

Palm nuts ripe

Palm oil stain in the dream on white cloth


Put silver coins digging tk make a money tree

Putting a premature egg in my vagina

Picking coins under the sea

Picking black stone minerals

Pastor preaching drunk

Pulling wood out of mouth

Pregnant bride

Path is getting narrowed

Playing soccer with elders

Prisoners chef dream meaning


Picking sprayed money

Praying for a sick child in dream

Picking of lemonsito

Passed on loved ones

Palms of hands bleeding

Purple envelope



Pouring water on firewood

Plucking green chillies

Point of aale machine

Picking rubber band with some one at the washroom

Picking rubber band in a dream

President and daughter

Picking ripened mango fruits in the dream

Palm cut no blood

Pregnant woman dreams of giving birth to an albino baby boy

Playing airsoft


Picking up golf from the mud

Pinky finger in butt

Picking both coin and cash money


Ploughing in a field using oxen with strange people in a dream

Pregnant at age 65

Planting cassava stem

Pee with leeches

Predator fish

Preditor fish


Protecting my self from demonic people and fly away

Picking car keys from the grave

Police searched our home

Putting gold earrings on my dead mums ears

Picking ukpaka

Plant growing through floor

Pulling out earwax

Picking up r50 note

Picking ugba seed in a dream means

Partner delete text message

Pladed skirt

Passed loved one dying

Pet being hit by car

Party in a big beautiful house

Palm of hand on window

Puss chest

Pale horse

Pale horse missing leg

Playing with animal

Penis growing out of head

Protecting in dream

Plastic lids

Plastic sack

Potatoes mixed inbetween coal

Potatoes mised with coal

Placing sword on the head

Placing sword on head

Pink camel

Pregnant underage girl

Paying off debt in a dream

Prophetic dream

Partial items

People falling through collapsed floor

Prophet smiling to me in a dream means

Pitch black deamon hand with claws

Police arresting my mother

Picking up bullets from the dirt

Panda stuck in river


Purple veins spreading on arm

Paint splatter


Pouring water in plate for birds

Punctured hand


Picking calamansi

Picking calamanse

Poo on toilet

Preserving dung mixed with maize grains

People attacking

Pregnant woman dye her hair blond

Pigs sucking me

Punching in sleep

Punching in your sleep


Pox on half of my body

Putting palm leaves in your mouth

Person lost weight

Prince charles

Prime the drink

Popping pimple ear

Pop champagne

Picking mangoes in your dreams meaning

Picking mangoes in your dreams

Pouring virgin olive oil

Praying for a mad person in d dream

Passing by a church

Passing by church

Phone burning

Pearly surface

Prime minister my husband

Puberty difficulties

Puberty of daughter in dream

Penis bitten by slugs

Plate rocking side to side

Picking up nutmeg under the tree

Pulling worms from vagina in dreams

Pouring water in bed

Plane crash into house


Peace of land changing renovated

Picking ogbono in dream


Picking ogbono fruits in dream

Putting tilak on forehead by elder

Passionate kiss that taste sweet

Passionate kiss tasting seeet

Punched my daughter in the nose

Plans shooting each other

Peeing in garbage

Playing with my baby in the dream

Playing with my baby

Pushing a tree over

Palm oil red oil

Pinky finger bending

Parrot giving eggs

Plum tree

Paranormal activities

Pain in anus

Peacock lion cheethah are seen in my dream

Pulling dead skin out of mouth

Power drill

Picking native pear

Picking achi in the dream

Plucking in dreams custerd apple in dream and brought to homes is lucky

Polking eyes out

President eating

Picking tàmbis fruit in a dream

Path on beach

President in the dream

Pastor and his son

Peach color

Peach colored scorpion

Putting socks on the dead person in my dream

Putting a socks on the dead person in my dream


Plenty eyes

Plucking pennywort

Praying to the sun

Police raid

Poached egg

Pimento trees

Pushing children down

Picking hydrangeas

Partner going abroad without saying goodbye

Pastor urging you not to call him pastor

Petrol tanker

Praying to wake up

Praying underwater


Pulling never ending gum out of my mouth stuck in teeth

Prophet holding my hand


Putting holding kumkum by relative in dream

Peanut brittle being made

Pink iphone

Pulled in different directions

Prison in tower

Pink ant

Pastor visited my house in a dream

Picture frame falling

Parasite body

Plugging mushrooms from a dead palm tree

Pastor in a soldiers uniform

People exploding from virus


Pick in up egg in dream

Pink cap dream

People complimenting you


Possessive women


Picking and gathering bush mango drew cooking soup in the dream

Picking bush mango for cooking in the dream

Picking up a valuable krugerrand

Paper soup

Penis see in my dream

Pricked by blackjacks

Pressure cooker whistle sounds in dream

Pulihora rice appears in dream means

Pink salt in dream means

Pink ribbon wrapped around the keychain and key

Paths to past present and future


Picking up mopani worms in a dream

Penis measuring

Pulling candy out of my teeth

Painless cactus

Past mum holding a white towel

Pointing black angel

Painting a victorian house

Person in oven

Pig snout dream meaning

Putting tikka from priest

Playing on the beach in the sand

Pouring anointing oil in some one mouth


Pool of blood on dirt

Pruning different types of fruit from trees

Playing holi with the person you love

Picking money on mud

Packing and preparing to hawking bread

Pastor on fire

Past places i lived

Power or hands

Pgrp lm cadion

Pulling mice from my vagina

Physics meaning

Pink bedding

Pulling bone

Putting things in a box

Pushing an empty old wheelbarrow crossing a bridge

Pani puri in dream

Puppy losing am eye



Plating hair

Poop pants

Police gunning down friend

Parents don’t approve of boyfriend


Painful ovaries

Picking plenty periwinkle in dream

Pooping a box

Pink pig

Peeing on me

Picking money and a devil appears


Pushi dream

Pina colada

Pink drumsticks

Painting a horse

Purple white and gold robe

Pink planet

Parents caught me having a boyfriend in dreams

Pouring on of anointing oil on both hands by a manof god meaning

Partner in crime

Poison spray

Pearls in fish mouth

Pounding achi

Playing with a new born babygirl

Peeling off toenails


Pig blood


Presidential motorcade

Pants tight

Picking achi seeds in the dream

Putting fertilizer and maize in a dream

Pulling strings of pearls from my leg

Pink lemons

Playing with boobs

Pop sound

Plants growing from body

Picking coins in river

Painting ur leg

Putting floor polish

Parts of face missing


Pot plant

Pastor visiting with sad face

Pooing in a dream

Pulling a thread off the shoulders shirt

Picking ogbono fruit in my dream means

Playing football with your ex girlfriend in your dreams

Picking fruit

Poisinous strawberries

Picking up the wrong clothes

Phone got broken in a beach water

Pitch fork

Person on bed reaching out

Picking bitter kola in dream

Person in suitcase


Poor driving

Prince harry was really nice

Painting on canvas

Pink apple

Pulling a snake out of my mouth

Pegs on the floor at the prison room

Person smiling warmly at you

Pooping in a plate

Paper thin

Picking up tulsi beads in dream

Pot of water covered with a dirty plate

People being shot at

Pussy cat drims


Prophet kiss me


Puling valuable from weel

Puling things from weel

Puling dead person from wheel

Pulling person from weel

Puling person from hole of water

Pulls valuable things from hole full of water

Pull valuable things from hole full of water

Pulling valuable thing from hole full of water

Picking skulls from a fruit tree

Petting cat

Pastor asking me that if i give you a pen will you write

Pretty sundress

Polished shoes

Putting fertilizer on maize field

Poundings fufu in dream what’s a meaning

Person in tree

Paper clip hurling towards you

Put full of snakes

Planning a drawing with green

Person died

Picking coins in river in a dream

Person passed away

Planting potato plant vein in a dream means

Praying during periods and lost

Picking money from a waste bin basket that is inside my shop

Politicians giving you money

Plants and mud


Potted plants tipped out of pots with roots showy

Placking cotton wool in the dream meaning

Praise teacher

Pouring yourself water to your legs dream meaning

Praying and raising the dead

Passing 4 ppl dazed


Parents angry over marriage

Pollen falling from sky like snow and was on the ground and i was walking in it

Plenty big fishes wiggling catch with hands

Pastor giving money

Plucking re educated leaf in a dream

Partner getting gifted a snake

People spraying money and you are picking from the floor

Pulling my legs

Priest wearing black robe in dream

Phone breaks in half

Purple demon

Pilot found your lost money dream meaning

Pedalling backwards

Pastor drinking alcohol

Paper towel rolls

Pregnant woman dreams of receiving cocoyam

Pinking up the quran in dream islamic interpretation


Pounding mahangu dream

Planting a tree seed that grows really fast

Poops coming out in my ambilical

Paying my bill in a dream

Parents agree for love mareiage

Phot with brother in law his eyes covered

Pink colour sashimi

Porpocupine in number


Pluging mango in tthe dream

Parents disapproval of your relationship

Pushing a bicycle in a dream

Picking coffee in adream means what

Passport photo of deceased mother in law

Phone falling into gutter

Person smashing unknown creatures head

Portrait maternal

Pulling out hair

Pastor visiting my family and finishing his work of sweeping

Power bank in dream

Pail of water with water lily and tiny baby

Pile of grass

Preparing to go to church

Pounding pepper in a dream

Plants tipped over the floor

Posing for a photograph with someone

Prosthetic breasts

Pulling plastic bag from vagina

Pumpkin in the water


Prophets wife

People secretly living house

Poundung banga

Pussy as vagina

Precious stone embedded in hand

People talking over me


Protecting the child jesus

Placing one cup into the other

Pay taaxes

People wearing white in a church


Peanuts in a field

Pastor giving water to me

Pink rose quartz

Pennis in the mouth

Picking bottle cap in the dream

Playing hand drum in dream

Ploughed field

Plucking and eating tangerine fruit in dream

Palm of hand facing me with red light in palm

Preparing african salad with my fiance

Preparing african slal

Pulled toothpicks from my leg

Prawn feet

Piercing in armpit area

Pulling carabao in dream

Packing medicine from a drawer

Promise to a girl

Princess friend

Pentagram tattoo on back

Put pepper in your eyes

Paper on photo

Pulling a bolt out of my leg

Paralized and underwater

Peeling a litchi

Priest committing suicide

Phone breaking

Pillow in toilet

Panther swimming in water

Picking ogbonu fruit

Peer dargah

Preson at a bar

Packing food for trip

Packing food in kitchen for trip

Packing for trip

Port or station

Poop your pants

Poisoned water

Person asks to cook for him


Pending with gold

Prisoners have escape from me at work

Painting a wall using cream paint

Picking of iron nails

Pouring water into a salt bowl

Picking nuts fruita

Private part exposed in public

Planting plantain suckers

Pennis suck by a women

Pennis suck

Peeled jackfruit

Protecting the president

Picking up and eating water berries in a dream

Pregnant in real life and dream you see your babies facial profile through your belly

Pregnant women giving adan meaning

Preparing for a eulogy

Pet escaping

Pressing down while sleeping

Path going through an open arch

Path going through an arched gate

President and former president

Person giving you pin before pass away

Palm wine

Pulling your stitches out

Pokemon sun and moon

People calling me a faggot


Partner starting business

Purple slime

Pushing someone else’s head under water

Picking avocados

Picking ripe shea nut fruits

President joe biden

Pastor praying for your stomach

Paganistic ritual

Playing video games with friends and being happy


Placenta coming out of my vagina

Parents moving

Protect sibling

Pick money in an old cloth

People leaving a meeting

Pale violet

People opposing against you

Protecting unfamiliar house rain


Passed on loved one on a bridge

Picking snail from the stream

Pregnant and a dog pregnant

Pray inside the mosque

Puss draining

Police calling on your phone and hang up

Pulling out nerve

People clearing grasses around your home meaning

People clearing grasses around my house meaning

People clearing grasses around my house

Penis turning to snake

Picking spoiled ackee


Pyre in dream


Packages in the letterbox

Petting a two headed cow

Plan life line

Pastor adjust my cloth to cover my shoulder

Picking up coins in mud

Picking dalandan

Picking phone from water

Puppy dog teething

Prostratipn in dream and doing astagfar

Purple man

Personnputting snake inside the bottle

Pregnant woman eating cooked cassava

Picking pie in dream


Peoples faces morphing

Pin in my shirt

Pulling out a toenail ingrown

Pop on yourself


Pirpurple ple

Puppies and pigeons

Person i care about is a fruit getting blended up

Polishing other people shoes

Pub run by family

Peanut shell

Penis is long as my upper thigh

Plantain sucker in the dream


Pulling thorns out of skin

Puff puff

Plugging oha leave

Passing stool

Pack of tin milk

Pitcher plants dreameaning

Procession of animals

Picking many coins in the dry dam

Pounding yam using mortar pestle seen in a dream

Plantain flour

People moving their mouth and no sound

Purse strap broke

Pan leaves in a plate

Penny in a wishing well

Picking up coins from the graveyard


Picking up gold in a river

Picking gold

Planting seeds

Purple sun

Packing aku in my dream

Putting brown stockings over white socks

Perfect town

Pounding fufu in dreams

Pink lining in a raincoat

Peppermint patty

Pant draw string

Poop on doorstep

Paper air plane

Passing on half door and found food

Pulling weeds from the souls of my feet

Piercing ears

Puppy eating medicine

Pregnant aura

Possessed person


Police carrying a gun female cop

Pull hand of dead person

Pull hand of dead perdon

Pull hand of deadperson

Police knocking asking for husband about television

Picking sesame and mustard in dream

Poisonous green snake killed a person

Person turning rat

Pulling a foreign particle out of my left hand in my dream

Putting something in anus

Playing with my ex boyfriend child

Picking phone from water in a dream

Plugging one udara and licking the seed

Passing of stool dream number

Picking silver coins

Picking coins in the mud

Priest and nuns

President of the country visiting

Penis getting sucked

Picking white stone in dream

Pulling snails from the back of my head

Photo inside wallet

Prayers in temple

Phone charger burning

Phone charger butning

Personal world

Pomegranate tree


Priest sprinkle holy water on you in a dream

Puzzles mysteries

Pregnant wearing white suit

Pass from my penis means

Preparing land

Pregnancy test

Pit of balls

Printed words royal court

Physical fight mother

Peacock burning

Parental abandonment

Phone call of friends death

Phone call if friends death

Pe teacher

Paddy millets crops

Planes throwing white powder from sky

Pets in cage

Planes attacking

Putting eggs in your vagina

Pregnant girl picking colanut in the dream

Pastor preaching while in a army attire

Pastor putting tie in your neck

Peopled rolled in carpet

Pile of clothes

Protein shake

Pool flowers warm dirty

Police man gave me money to share in dream

Phone call with mom that dad died

Person asleep in bed

Picking of rib mango in the dream meaning

Picking of ribe mango in d dream


Pulling staple out of forehead

Putting numbers in order

Putting a white cloth on your head

Picking atis fruit

Palm of hand

Picking cherry and eating it

Plane crash but im not in it

Pouring milk on the floor

Pouring milk(cow)


Primordial monster

People chasing after me

Persian man black and white robe

Purple rainbow

Persian man on throne

Past friends

Pouring out water away from cooked yam

Puss in boots

Paint on hands

Ponding palm fruit

Putting coral lipstick on someone else

People running after a baby pig through a forest

Pulling teeth

Pink lemonade liquor

Preparing pongal at temple

Peeling skin islam

Plaster paris on leg

People got into trance and bless you

Pool implosion

Passing out stool in dreams

Passing out stool

Potty dog

Piercing of needle in dream means what

Pastor been naked in the dream

Pastor bean naked in the dream

Police mobile phone


Phupha ubuhlalo begolide

Picking of kernel in a dream

Picking a bag of money from a fallen plane

Pet store




Purple sun set

Personal belongings stolen

Personal belongings stolen from garage

Pink star

Plucked riped guavas and put them under a bag

Pirate costume

Pirate clothes

Picking eggs in a river large ones and they are many


Passenger in speeding car

Photos in wallet

Picking and eating dilly


Pink haired girl

Pile of toenails

Plastic coin

Picking 3 phones and returning them to the owner

Pointing finger with puss dripping

Pressing room mate boobs

Physically threatened by a man

Peach made of stone

Phone rings once

Producing zobo drink in the dream

Preparing zobo for sale in the dream

Pigs eating clothes

Picking maggi in a dream

Pots turned upside down

Pregnant women wearing white clothes seeing in dream

Pregnant ape

Past spiritual leader death in dream

Plant growing out of stomach

Picking grapefruit from a tree in a dream

Pot ful of cooked rice