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Dreams starting with the letter O

Of cleaning your sisters chlidren massive poops in their clothes

Opening a locker and see notes

Offering green chillies to someone

Oil and oil lamp

Open stomach

One foot larger than another

One person offered cashew fruit by asking my permission my brother eat it




Oil wells

One turtle

Our families negotiating


Old woman giving you old clothes


Old naighborhood

Old group

Old student


Oil burn on leg

Our child being cut up and served to us by a friend

Orange cat meow asking food

Open wound on foot

Old woman wherein a long veil

Oil fields dream number

One lady putting turmeric on his face and looking at me what it is mean

Oxen cultivating

Owning a bentley

Ocean give me a gold and sliver

Old boss steps hard on left foot

Other people losing jobs

Operating theatre

On top of a mountain

Old man gives blessings

Old clothes of your and your x found in the river

Old clothes for x lovers

Ok it to me

Overtaking a truck

Old woman orange hair smiles talking not audible

Open pill bottle with missing and scattered pills

Orange cup

Old brown door with impressive achitrive

Orgy dream

Oral female interrupted


Objects growing and chasing me

Old lady holding my hands

Own death

Orange girl

Old woman kind face smiling

Orgy without boyfriend

Orange snake in my scooter

Old steam train

Open window and horses runnning in water outside

Organ parts

Oval circle

Ox entering into house angrily

On a plane wearing an oxygen mask

Oxygen mask on a plane

Old woman giving used new like clothes to me

Oil dripping from ten fingers in dream means

Objects suffocating

Owl rescue

Over flowing pool

Over property

Old man chasing

Outstretched palm of hand gesture

Old prophet

Old man watering garden

Old love

Overdose meds alcohol and vomit

Old mac plus computer

Old tax uncashed tax refund check

One sided love and he is married i thought i moved on but in dreams i have feelings

On knees cleaning floor

Overflowing water tank

Orange cum

Opposites attract

Opposite of you

Old man molesting

Of boyfri

Oscar fish

Okpa in a dream means what


Opening big white door

Own head exploding

Of stap son trying to kill me

Old man says he is not married but his wife shows up

Old money

Old lady with glowing eyes

Offal dream

Ocean trying to keep child

One eyed lioness

Oatmeal with raisins

Octopus in ocean dream

Oil tankers

Of the hook


Opening a combination lock her

On 25th of december i dreamed that i give birth to babe boy which was handed to my grandpa


One foot shoes repaired

Offering money in temple

Ocean sucking you up


Old woman wearing glasses

Out of the country

Ocean or sea

One of my husband’s ex is trying to connect with him to invite him to a gathering

One million

Orange car going to run me down

One goat delivery 4 chil

Old soildier wearing rags with no shoe

On a boat going on river when my dad asked to be stopped

Oversize coat


Old boyfriend was with another woman when we were dating

Own child with fungal infection in head

Owning provision shop

Oregano overwhelming smell and i look all over and cant fond any ehen i wake up


Ovary follicles

Old rich man

Old woman with wine

Old clothes

Old woman holding a plate of food

One swollen cherk

Offering in church

Official staff smiling in the dream

Offering water to moon in dream

Old banknotes

Onion growing inside leg

Olives in soda

Old iron sheet

Om hum hreem

Old flowers

Opera glasses




Old man giving me candy

Of a man

Old paintings i have painted

Over vegetation


On an iron bridge

Overheat auto

Okay cassava

Object falling

Ovulation in the dream

Old woman suck

On the top of mountain facing sea

Olive oil spills

Overflowing cooking rice

On top of a rock high up in the air with ancestors beautiful and peaceful


On a sick bed

Offering saree to god

Okulota obulo

Over flow pot of soup on stove

Okulota abasirikale

One boot

Orgasme féminin

Old silver teapot

Oting with mom and nephew and niece

Outside marriage

Onion and green and red chillies

Offering bel leaves on shivling in dream


Our shoes disappear

Oha tree

Old workplace


Oiling boy hair

One year old boy

Onboard in cruise ship and approaching in a storm

One lizard drinking lassi from a glass

Other death by hanging

Offering chapatis to someone

Oil and salt

Ok so i was baby sitting a little girl named like bella and then we were on a ship and her mom came to pick her up but then all of a sudden she webbed her daughter on the ceiling and then she like attacked me with like canteensand was using the top part as a gun and they actually shot and then there was a weird man and he looked human but like he was wearing tons of paper clothes and so he attacked me and had a riffle and was shooting so i grabbed one of the canteens and tried to shoot him with it but he was wearing so much paper that it didnt hurt him so then bella’s mom laughed and i slammed her in the head with the canteen and she fell on the floor and then me and the paper guy were wrestling and then like i ripped all of his paper off and he was a slug and then bella screamed and fell down from the web stomped on the slug and then an eagle flew us off of the ship and landed us ontop of a huge building and it started tipping over

Of deleted photo

Older brother getting released from prison

Offered the position of an undertaker in the night shift

Owl swimming underwater

Okuloota ebigya

Outer office

Overtaking a group of soldiers

Organization receiving my cv

Overflowing toilet pot with water

Old lady touching my head and saying some words that i dont understand

Old woman touched my head and said some words in different language

Open wound on legs

Over protective father

Off lantern

Old woman blessing you in a dream

On your way to school

Offal in a dream


Offloading onions from sacks

Old neighborhood

Orange anaconda


Out to dinner

Old dream lingering

Only way out is thru a small tight tunnel

Outside a japanese home


Open gathering

One of my family members holding a spider and the spider ends up bitting my hand

Older age of myself

Open wall

One seed of alligator pepper shoot gun

Overflowing oil from my both hand

Of my dead mother n law talking to me showing me her elephants sculptures

Organs coming out of vagina

Orange blanket

Over flow cook rice


Old lady asking for a sanitary napkin


Others flying

Orb turned into spider

Old ladies giving blessings

Old ladies two

Ontup of pit toilet lying down

Opened doors

Offering sweet to a dead person


Ordained as catholic father

Old hen and cook pops in my bag

One man applied vibhuti to my forehead in my dream

Old woman touches my private part

Own world

Open calabash in dream


Old sofa

One month pregnant girl picking colanut in the dream

Old man molesting me

Old woman wearing gold

Old woman wearring gold

Others touching your food

Old candy

Ocean of oil paint

One guy was in love with me

Out of stock

Oil coming from the ground

Old classmate likes me


Owl at the kitchen


Ovary in a shape of heart


Orange cow

Over ripe pumpkins

Ogiri okpei

Oak house

Obese and beautyful

Our dream presidents why i’m talking to presidents wife and ladder agree about it i’m like me to marriage somebody has family i want to know what that mean

Old woman beating me

Obstacle in path

Oil on your head

Of all purpose flour buying also kite

Of bring planty yam from pit

One black bumble bee

Ocean sun fish

Old lady giving blessings

On two occasions as i sleep i seen a woman standing on me when she reach out i wake up what does that mean

Old white lady looking at my clothes

Obese husband

Ordered around by husband

Outside fireplace

Oak wood

Orgasm with the help of my cousin

One pair of big black shoes

Orange jam

Ones husband asks her for food in the dream

Orange discharge

Oil rafinery

Own wedding sad

Other town

Out side of breast sick and water comes out

Opened door

Open wound leg

Oet a hnknown creature in dream that was nice in the water


Old man with a small penis

Old man with a dead penis

Orange sky and moon

Olive green curtains

Origami dove

Ocean and a little girl playing on window lid from the top

Oyher car is burning dream

Ofw working midle east

Owls flying by an open portal



Opulence not young

Opulence for older women

Opulence old woman

Old man kiss


Own marriage bride unknown many people people who have passed away in real time 3amam

One foot in solid ground the other in wet

Only head of boy kids


Okulota ngolwana nakulila ekitongole kyona

Old woman sitting asking for food and drinks

Orange clothing

Offering haldi kumkum to ladies

Old uniform

Orange rose

Organized drawers

Orange coat

Orang coat

Ox of shiva seen running towards me

Orange snake and green lizard

Others moving my furniture

Out of date food

Orgy and seeing the devil

Obeying god

Old women in wedding dress

Oil spread on ground

One man licking my pussy in dream

One boy licking my pussy in dream

Ocean of blood

Old woman moving round three of us in dream

Oral job

One eye stuck open

Oil paint

Own death and become ghost

Oxygen tube

Overflowing water in shower

Other being possesive for me

Old woman judging me

Old friend i don’t remember

Own guts in my hand

Old ugly face

Ocean was in the clouds

Ocean was in the sky

Oral by mom

Outside of a building

Owl and butterfly


Old roman clock

Offering chandan to shivling

Of having oil bath

Open window

Owl moon

On a yacht

Old lady with njeti

On a heavy period

Okazi leaf

Oldest blonde women

Olive palm heart dream meaning

Own child with yellow ritual dress in dream

Old wooden house and alot of clothes hanging

Overflowing espresso

Observing from a distance

Orange soda

Orange snake tattoo

Old key

Old man face turing into one eye

Organ fall out

One eye cryin

One eye crying

Ocean sunfish

Oil to enter your eyes

Open eagle wings

Own from a deceased relative clothes


One guy obsessed on me

Old indian woman

Orange sand dunes

Old man fat kid black panther eating glass

Only right food shoes


Old dead

One crate of eggs given to you in a dream meaning

Of moving with a senior military man

Omuntu nga awadda amalusu mu mazzi

Over flow of sockaway in the dream

Orange snake with rabbit together

Of talking to my country president

One big eye in space

Old friend going to play casino

Om namas shivaiy meaning

Owl come in dream and hug me

Ophilayo eshonile

Of someone puking

One women scuide with gun

Obama riding shrek

Ocean waves crash in house

Oil yoga my

Octopus coming out of my vagina

Oha leaf

Oil stain on road


On air and on high top buildings dream

Old boyfriend

Old hair comb in dream

Opening hand

Opening fist

One legged woman

Old woman asking for food


Old lizard poop on you dream

Old lizard poop on you in the dream meaning


Own dad comes from many doors in a same time

Orange pumpkin

Overflowing water



Offering flower to god

Old man pray for you in a dream

October 30

Orca ate my grandma

Orange bell pepper

Onto of a mountain

Onto of a moving train

Opening my bag for checking

One clothes in garbage bin

Own hand clock moving anticlockwise

Opening lock of unknown brides handcuff

Orange color niqab wearing lady

Overloaded car

Outside window

Of siacharge from


One i love who is gone


Opening a door for a dog

Orange bedspread

Old lady making lamps

Orange colour

Optical illusion

Old man throwing a big stone in me

Overpowered guide book

Old vehicle

Oak and pine forest

Offering gifts to a king

Old men shattering glass windows


On a plane


Old elegant house

Open glass door

Old woman sweeping my palure with her hand after heavy rain

Old woman sweeping my palure after heavy rain

One uproot a flower and gave it someon else

Owl on a tree

Office at home

Older brother fantasy

Of changing body with singoma

Old man giving a food in dream

Old man giving a food in drem

Oak tree

Old man doing peace sing and smileing

Ocean that turns into blood beeacsue of water poisoning


Objects in the water


Opposite overtaking

Oyster shell given as a gift in a dream

Ouija board

Olive oil and coarse salt dream meaning

Old man trying to rape


Old stove

Odd sounding bell

Offering food to an insane brother

Old woman voice

Offered a cooked sneak to eat

Old pet

Open body of water

Ordained in dream meaning

Old house with paint dripping on walls and wood

Overflowing ice

Ocean wave breaking window

Open wounds in the armpits

Older man giving me paper money

Old lover

Olive tree in a dream

Olive tree

Off white hair

Opening kaaba doors

Ones name written one a paper plate

Old man face


Odin fighting apollo

Oney eyed cat dreaming

Our lady fatima in the money

Om namah shivaye

Offered a cigarette

Okuzina omukazzi


Orange bird

Obituary and opression

One eye deformed in dream

Offering flowers to god

Ovaries and uterus

One horned animal

Orthodox cross

Or is exposed

Orange bottles

Orphan reading quran

One water pump close other flowing water

Old woman in black cape

Old woman in black cloak


Old house with ghost

Old lady blessing us in our dream

Old friend women

Old ring



Own picture and garland

One in a luxurious car filled with red ants

One uncle bad intentions in dream

Okuloota nga olya kasooli

Old man with heterochromia talking in gibberish

Ogbono soup

Old person giving me blessing

Old school mates laughing at me

Of religiou leader or imam what uts mean

One fluffy snowman white mitten

Om mani

Old boarding house


Old spice

Obviously you don’t know what that means either

Old car

Open mouth snake skull

Overhear people gossiping about you

Oil drums arrested by security

Old man with grey heard praying for you

On car

Old mud house collapsing

Old crush


Oil on roof


Operating a robot

Old house dead brother someone trying to kill family

Old slipper

Oven clean

One seven milion

Of mother soiling clotes

Ole man with a staff

One dead conform on its back

Oncoming car

Own leg is in vitiligo

Oha leaves in a dream

Old woman is getting married in a sea

Operation unfinished

Oil dream

Orthodox jews

On a train

Of a woman opening her legs siwing a vigina

Orthodox acrobat mem

Orthodox men

Overprotective parents

Old woman in a cavern

Old woman in warmly lit cave

Oldman having high rank

Octopus urine

Osiris sitting on his throne and declare his self to me

Old school building with dark water

Old apple tree

Of ants toilet and seat


Offered transport home

Offered a ride

Off meal

On period

Ocean splitting in half

Ocean splitting

Older woman it is ok husband walked away he loves you worried about woman hitting on him

Old basement use to leave in


Old home dream

Old woman kneeling

Old home

Offing fans in my dream means what


Olive of sprinkle on bed

Organized woman

October 9

On a fast day dream about breaking fast unintentionally

On a bike driving with two goat brown in color


Ocean travel

Okpa in the dream

Oops in the dream

Offal dream meaning

Offals in a dream

Old woman anointing bed in dream

Olive oil

Orang gila muncul didepan dua kali

Open office building girder

On the height


Organizing objects

Object come out of the body dream mean

Older brother


One camel calf come running at me with happiness

One way flood

Okazi leaves in the dream

Obrazy religijne



Old shabby house

Omaha nebraska


Old woman

Octopus tied my hands





Old maize and dead mother

Old maize and dead mothee

Old man touch my feet

Objects coming out of rectum

Old 5rand coin

Open bible in the sky

One leg of slippers burning in the dream

Orange sphere


Overcoming bully

Old woman died long time taking me to kraal

Own photo frame fallen and broken

Offering fruit to nun in dream

Overflow water in a pail

Overflowing cleanwater

Octopus in stomach

Other person lying in my stomach



Offering tamarind to goddess kali

Onion seed



Off diya

Others eating but not you

Old house

Ocean water in temple

Organizing people

Old woman stabbed



Overtaking trucks

Object moved

Okulota nga bakwana

Omnitrix dream


Old dream suddenly becomes true in real life

Orange leprechaun

Overflowing pond

Of you giving someone golden flowers

Orange sky

Oversized home

Onces wife is wearing your shoes

Of dream child almost drowned


Obsidian glass

Old friend half naked in my dream

Orange beads

One floating white onion

Owing money

Old community

Old women walking in the road

Old man give you lotto numbers

Old friends in school dream

Ox coming to hit but move from aside and the cow child come to me and stand along with me

Ox coming to hit but move from aside and the cost child come to me and stand along with me


One leg slipper carried away by erosion in a dream


Old blind woman falling

On my knee

Open the door of church

Old boyfriend handing you a card saying don’t give up on him


Ones child dead

On a dolphins back in the water and surinder by ship

On a dolphins back in the water

On a animal back dovfin in the water

On a dovfin back in the water

On a dovfin backnow in the water

One eyed rabbit

One lady borrow my black and white slipppers

Ogbono seeds meaning

Offered a car lift and we later fall into gutter

Old phones working


On a cruise ship

Old shopping building

Open door

Old big man grab you in his hand in dream

Oak tree touching the sky

Owl beautiful feathers

Old people

Offering sugarcane juice to deceased

Own wedding

Old man

One patch of dead leaves on ground and bushes that are all green

Old lady between me and my husband


Ocean waves


Offering toffee to child

On the phone

Osmosis grass


Old pot dream

Orange soft drink

On a playground

Offering money to temple

On a cruise with a celebrity

Orgy in the church

Owing something

Overflowing oil

One shoe

Old women

Own marriage

Older lady with birthday cake

Overloading car in dream

Overflowing drain

Oil on grave stone


Older brother with hard penis

Offering arthi to goddess covered in water

Offered a handful of fibre optics

Open office

Opening door for dead mother in dream meaning


Opening door for dead mother meaning

Old man accusing me of stealing his log


Opposite flow of river in dream


Off white shirt in a dream



Old woman praying

Okpa means what in english

Offering haldi to shivling

Old co workers

Ox attack man

On the tree many duck

Overcharged and refund rejected

On point

Opened skull

Owho soup

One girl gave me her husband and son to me and she left for away

Of baby shoe

Offered a coin to the priest in the temple and he smiled at us

One more lap

Of clocks

One girl propose me

Orange colour dupata missing

Orange colour dupata

Omani lemon

Orange frozen snake

Old neighbor


Oil on hands

One day left to live

Orb in the moon

Objects being thrown at me

Old sis in a chairwill

Old sis in a chaurwill

Opening gate and welcoming dead father in dream


On dream win teer


Old woman sucked my breast

Old woman socked my breast

Old friend reappearing

Old stranger grandpa in ny toilet

On top of a building hanging on


Orange cat


Old school

Of boyfriend giving me sanitary pad

Old lady face hidden

Obsessive lover

Old lady pissing

Old lady


Our crush calls us ugly

Overstaying on your vacation


Obeah woman

Orange hair


Of a witch mesning

Old friend

Old frend



Old friend came back from over sea



Old friends

Orange colour river seeing on dream

Orgasm in dreams


One piéce

Ox eat green maize in my field in dream

Olive orchard


One person teached me kalima in dream

Old roads

Of a baby girl wrapped in white clothes


Osunset olovedone olake okisshand

Oil in pockets

On train with dead sistet

Old man tipping cones over in the middle of the road

Olive oils bottles throw on the floor

Ocean tidal wave

Onions plants

Old lady giving me a lot of money

Obstructions in a park

Open giant door in the forest god what does mean

Overie egg

Olive oil appying on private part

One eye and one foot

Old rich suitor

Old man naked professor

Over loaded car

Old person giving blessing in dream

Owl pissing on you

Over breaskfed baby

Orange inside is liquid gold

Oil gushing out of floor

Or allah to fulfill the dream

One person multiplying

Ocean at niggt

Octopus putting tentacles inside you

Of an unknown place in a boat

One million rand

One thousand paper bill money

One thousand pare bill money

Offloading a big garbage truck

Old woman spirit say can someone pray for meq

Ouran highschool host club

One thousand naira note given to a student in a dreamm

Operation of a child having a hole in stomach

One tooth snake

One tyre left i was driving

Open bathroom door

Out of ink

One fetching dirt water and other clean water in the same dam

Orbs one is called phoenix

Offloading provision in a dream sent from foreign country

Offloading provision in a dream sent from abroad

Organ hanging out from the vagina

Old kingdoms fighting

Overstuffed suitcase

Object entering my mind

Obsessed and chased me

Origami people

One lane road

One lane mountain road

Objcect falling from sky


Okra vegetables

Old woman child empty church

Old woman and my husband

Old woman in bed of my husband

Old woman joined laying down on the bed of my husband

Ordered food

Ordering carryout

Old woman holding a candle

Oruvar pai vangi tharuvathaga kanavu kandal enna artham

Old toothless man sucking breast of a young woman

Old lady kiss and say goodbye in the dream

Overcoming hurdles

Olive politics

Olive society

Oil bean eating

Overcast at night

Ovary eggs

Others back full of red slice

Oha leaf in draem

Oppitsite gender


One of the female breast exposed in public

Offering kolanuts and so on to deities in a dream

Old dustpan

Owl hook abdomen

Other people moving slowly

On a boat with jesus christ

Orange candy


Ostric egg

Old slippers

Olaf when having a stroke

Old lady kunkuma

Overflowing suds in washing machine

Overflowing suds

Owl poop

Open forum in church

Order to buy popcorn

Offering haldi to other people

Offering haldibto others

Occultic group

Over adding charcoal on a charcoal stove




Oil bottle exploding

Opening champagne bottle in dream

Offloading some heavy thing from your head


Of ex boyfriend as a pilot

Oil well in dreem

Optic illusion

One yellow eye creature

Others infected toenails

Old rajmahal see in dream

One thousand two hundred and fifty

Of another human


Outpouring of graces

Orange ball of light

Onions for breasts

On all fours hands and knees

Oga beating his servent in the dream

Opening a mirror and saw a skull

Owl captured in drinking glass

Organs coming out through vagina

Old language

Open heaven

Old friend leaving jacket

Out from assembly

Old woman smoking snuff

Orange cloak

One leg shorter making it hard to walk

One hand less girl in dream


Opon ayo dream meaning

Old man with black beards

On a dock my water

Of catching breadfruit

Over flowing gutters and water damage inside house

Over flowing gutters and water damage in the house

Overflowing and crumbling foundation

One eye rabbit

One horn

One horn bill

Off set heartbeat

Orange beacon

Open wound on both legs

Old lady giving u roti


Own picture in grave

Over pass

Owing bill for medical expenses

Of seeing a ig window

Old lady shaking

Old woman give you blessing

Old tree in the city

Oil soil

Osaka pit evacuation

Ordering pani puri with relaitives and strengars

Old woman and my wife having argument over drinking beer

Our dead father celebrateing his birthday in a big way

Older self killing younger self

Of a crocodile licking you

Only short trousser with white piece of cloth covering means


Orange sherbet

Office furniture bookcase


Our dream future family would look like

Orange tiger behind a door

Oiling yourself with alovera in a dream

Out of prison



Orange cars

On a boat looking at the beach

On a boat near a beach on a sunny day with someone

On a boat near the beach

Outstretched arms

One winged angel

Ocean raising

Old lady giving me food

Overpriced pad of paper

One moon and two suns

Overwhelmed nothing where it needs to be

Ones mother having testicle