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Dreams starting with the letter N

Naked dead man

News headline

New born babe girl

Naked and kissing


Nafthaline in my hands

Number i writing it on da pills

Neighbour sweeping her house

Neem tree breaks in branches

Naked daughter fellatio

Navel cut

Neck cutting

Night time dreams

No bleeding

Not sharing money

New steelwool

Nipple leaking pus

Nail nailed in some one hand

Naked father who past away long time

Naked in front of brother

Naked infront of brptger

Not being includrd

Nude painting

Nice house with everything inside belongs to a dead woman

Not leaving alone

Nipa house dream means

No gravity

Nipa hut

Nips hit

Name on fire

Not caring about others opinions of me

Not offended by others thoughts of me

Not getting clear answer

Nose growing on a woman

Nose growing

No internal organs in dream

Ngiphuphe utikoloshe ngawulwisa ngomthandazo wanyamalala

No internal organs


Name on a sign board

Naked while prayer


Newborn daughter in rice

Not appreciated

Nelson mandela

Native american blanket

Nude people praying

Number for a mad woman

No colour appear from henna

Naked in church

Nail cut in dream

Number 45 in a dream about a loved one that passed on

Naked woman chasing me

November 19th

New pot broke in moms hand

Nysc dream mean

Nun shadow

No flowers at work

Neeple sucking in dream


Naked and drowning


Name written in golden pen meaning

Noah’s handprint

Noah hand

Not wearing hijab in front of the male teacher

Naked people all over

Nuclear explosion


Not biological

Naked people dream meaning

Negative 7


Number 50

Ntamwete akigera mu mwaka wa kane yangaga kwiga

Nuclear bomb attack

Numbers and their meanings in lotto

Nuns standing in line

New moon dream

Numbers 1131

Nun trying to kill me

Name gloria

Next to the tv

Nose number

Ngiphuphe ngidla izindoni ezimnyama

Neanderthal baby

Name called



Naked boner

New hair


Neck gunshot



Need a vacation for peace

New full time job contract

Nuzzle face

Nude with friend

Numbers in dream

Native american dancing woman


Near miss car accident

No one believe you

Naked neatly trimmed vagina

New hobby

Naked bathing


Navy paper with celestial symbols

Navy paper

Nosebleed in public

Not doing your job correctly

Not finding a place to sit


Nipples being kissed on

Naked albino


Njeti cloth dream

Native american sing

Numbers count down

Not seen in dream but in reality


New pink bathroom tile

Newly married couple

New knee

Note on locker

Not being able to find someone in a dream

Neighbor giving eggs

Not being able to see clearly

Name barbara

Naked in bed

New suit well fitting

Napoleons sand castle

Need for helf

Nipple crumbling


No one will help

Nightmare of numbers

New born babygirl

Not being in control

New wrapper

Neck ring

Needles in the feet

Naked in front of familly

Naming ceremony of child

No memory

Ngiphuza amasi

Not having a seat in church


Needles and pins

Naked ancestors

Never ending loop

Not stung

No breast

Naked ex

Noir man

No means of transportation in a dream

Naked roomate

Naked roomaets


Noah’s ark

Not being seen

No being seen

Neighbours house made smaller

Name sylvia called out 3 times

Neighbor digging

Navigation house

Never ending work


Native indian woman

Not getting an exam marked

Naked mother

Nail pieces on the leg

Native american woman with a feather


Next the cornel

No heartbeat

Neighbor moving

New navy blue dress

Needing alone time


Nails out of your mouth

Negative symbol

Newspaper hawker keeping newspaper at my place

Nail through arm

Negative photo

Naked daughter

No wearing shose

No shose

Neighbours having get together

No male organ

New girl friend

Noone believes me

Naked colleague

Naputol ang rasaryo sa panaginip

Neck lift


Naked waist down

Naunt dream

New man (ikrwala)


No pants underwear at work

Number for mad woman

Neked man dream

Neighbor being my daughter teacher in dream

No cloth

Nanda bahadur rai

Needle and thread on the floor

Needle and thread o the foor

Natutulog katabi ang kapatid



Not having a shirt on

Niece floating in bathtub of water

Not being able to to see the bottom part your body

Neaning of lising ypur phone

Nalose nga tuguzemotoka

Naked dead

Nakedness in church


Name dalton in dream

Name written in the sky

Not paying and taking hairbands from a shop

Newborn twin grandsons

N when you saw and old woman wanted to give you food in the dream

No food in dream

Naked eating chips

Name written paper

Neon lions

Not being able to find room to get dressed

Ngiphuphe invigilator

Not being able to talk or move

Need help

New friend coming to my house

Numbers in a dream

Not knowing lines for a play

Not friendly

Non living things moving

Needle and thread in water


No screaming

No lights in house

Naked in prison

Naked mom

Navy blue stoking


Nipa house

Nipa hoise

Naked brother

Naked husband and wife

Not accepting a gift

Name of buddha

Nose peirsing

Night gaurd

Neglected fish tank

Nipples getting dark


Noose beed from one nostril

Naked in front of cousins

Nip slip

Night dream

Natural hemp weave

Neon red and neon orange trees

Naked on facetime

Not wanting to take responsibility


Not graduating high school

New pams

New pam

Natraj statue

Night dancer

Necklace cutting during wearing

Nicholas durocher

Nymphicus hollandicus

New cutlass

New zealand

New doors

Next door neighbors house taller than mine

Neighbors house larger than mine

Notti osama



Not being able to speak in dream

Nan giving money

Not bringing clothes on vacation

Net bag

Name coming across phone in dream

Nightmare demon bride

Neighbor asking you for money in the dream

Numero ng papaya

No plates on car

Not being able to cross an ocean

Nephew putting fist inside my mouth

Naked and fell of the bathroom

Ngiphupha mama wami washona angikhelela emafruits esihlahleni angipha wona kuvuniwe ummbila imningi lokunye usesele ensimini

Negative dream

Naked beach

Not noticing that your about to run out of gas

Not wearing hijab and umbaya to mosque

Not wearing human and umbaya to mosque

Not wearing human and maya y

Number for 65 years old woman

Nice flower and yam

Njeti maroon

Nail stuck in your foot

No sem

Naked friend in bed with husband and i



Neck pain

Name scott

Nipple pain

Naughty nephew and his friend playing after sunset out of the yard

New mobile phone

New phone

New wrapper in the dream


Not being able to take a picture

Needle with a thread in it

Not having school uniform for your children in your dream

North sea

Nan visits with silver photo frame face down

New money notes

Needle in butt

Not properly dressed in a gathering

Nut tree

Naked in a bath

Not traffic

Nurse asking a question

New born baby walking talking with teeth top and bottom front teeth

Name pamela

Naked girls drinking

New shirt


Ngigida njenge sangoma

Neck break

Narrow passage way

Neighbours garden accessing

Not giving my child back

Name missing

No pants on in dreams meaning


Naked in a crowd

New colored bed sheets dream meaning

Nurse collecting blood

Nose bridge

New purple truck



Not having enough food to feed guests

Nails stuck in my feet

Not been served food in adream

Naked madman dream meaning

No door just the opening

Naked bath in front of prople

No noise

Nursing husband



Name written in sky with a love heart


Necklace exploded

Number 12 derrm number mening


Neighbour under construction huge building

Naked under the rain happy

Number 10 means what in dreams

Nimu tree

Nipple and cut

Needles leg chid pocket

Needs child leg pocket

Numerical code for tiger

Naked with ex boyfriend

Naked with ex dream

Nursing an injured small dragon to health

New job

Not allowing a man in the front door

Nose ring

Number five

New direction

Natural disaster

Not fasting ramada


Naked in a church

New packer

No snow at skiing

Naked running train

Naked on a flying scooter

Neem tree

Negative dream about crush and his sister

Numbers on pslm

Numbers down passed love ones palm

Nandi shiva ganesh radhakrishnan in one dream

Now and later candy

Nothing to wear

Non muslim praying

Neck holding

Naked mother in law

No seat belt on a ride


Nose bleeding

Nosr bleeding

Nipple fell off

Not wearing pant

Naked alone with a cloth over me

Not trust

Neon eyes


No skin bear

Nose pinch

Njeti yellow

Number of dreamed in up stairs

No semen

Naked in the rain

Name missing from list

Native doctor in love

Not wanting to leave holiday

Near fall

Naked holding scrotum under rainfall

Nake mad woman in a dream meaning what

Ngiphuphe inyoka enombala obomvu nomhlophe

Numbers changing on a wall


Naked father

Naked on the floor

No pick up in school

Necklace hanging tree

New beautiful wrist watch

Norrow isle

Naked shower

Naked husband with another woman

New washed blanket

Name of relative

New moon

Near death experiences reciting la ilaha ilala

Not getting the job

Naked at school

Neck bite


Nissan altima

Naked people

New yellow clothes

New traditional clothes colour yellow

Nails from nose

Naked but wearing hijab

Naked running

No 3 in the dream

Nameless grave

New boyfriend sucking your left side breast what does it mean

Naked brother in law

Names appear on phone

Naked and crying loudly

Naked women on tree branches

Not able to lit dia

Nice body

Nate river death note

Not quiet ever getting there

Negro pepper

Naked men

Neighbour wins lottery

No sales in work

Names and addresses

Not able to receive communion

Native doctor

Navy coming home



Name missing in a short list

Name being written

Notebook falling in water in dream

Naked and erectile coworker

No one believes

Nursing injured cat


Neem tree having it root burnt

Not finding my room in big hotel

Nasty ex husband chiking me

Not able to remove tight and binding clothing

Name allah written on paper

Naked husband infront of my mother

New boyfriend sitting next to my bed

Naked woman number 230

Not entering dirty old house

Not being able to enter

Norwegian girl in my dream

Not allowed into restaurant

Nipples and foreskin

Nine tail fox

No shoes

Naked husband


Noticing details in a strange room

Nose piercing falling out

Non muslim friend

New cloth in dream

Night curfew

New scattered house

Nicking dream

Nipssey hussle

Notice board

Native dream of building a house in the forest

New food


Ngiphuphe isibuko ngizibuka kodwa akuveli mina

Naked aunt

Navy color sweetshirt

Numbers turned around backwards


Naked and crying

Neighbors backhoe

Noah arc sliding down a mountain

Nesberry tree with fruits

Numbers by seeing a dead person in a coffin

Neo nazi


No control over body

North east

Nephew dead body

Nail in the nose

Needles anus

No limbs

Naked women

Negative five

Ngomuntu ozihengile

No teeth infront

Naan bread

Neck break of a turtle

Not wearing underwear and pooped a small amount


Not been able to move

Needle attached thread and bed


No ceremony wedding

Number 20 in dream

Not going through with a wedding

Ngiphuphe ubaba osashona ekhalela ukuthi akadlile

Navel infection

Naked pregnant woman

Name missing on the examination list

Nurse ghost

Neighbour leaving

Native american flute call

Need a ride home

No way home

Number relatedt madman

Naming a dog

Not recognizing jesus

Non profit organisation

Nail in intestine chest



Neice giving me something

Numbers of clock

Not being able to escape about being locked abandoned and alone

Night front house

Number 1 meaning

Nanaginip ahs pulupot na walng ulo

New short haircut

Naked bloody husband

No snow

Necklace with panflute

Nude grandparent

Neighbor wife having an affair

Nad e ali

New empty white bowl

New born twins thrown in the toilet

Nice scent

Nahahawakan ang abo n ulap

Nude image

Needle in mouth and taking them out

Needles on animals

Naked man

Njeti cloth


Night time

New house

Naked in public


No under wear

No under weat

Name written

Neighbour has fire inside but don’t burn house down my kitchen has burning food in pot

Night dreaming

Not finding appropriate clothes to wear to work

Nose bleeding and fainting

Night sky

Neighbour extension that blocks my side access

Neo classical

New baby walker in trash

New baby items in trash



Not seeing my shoes

Number of dreaming coffin

Native cola

Numbers and dreams

No way down

Numbers one fourty one mean


Nursing home in a dream


Naked with ex husband in bed lying head to feet


Nacked women

Need to go toilet

Naked cousin

Neon optical moving shapes

New white suit

Nudo ne enderr


New clothes

New puppy

Not hearing voices

Navel chakra

Nipple leakage

Neighbor building house


Name missing on the list of others


Nicked died person in dream islam

Nicked died person in dream

No dreams

No nipples

Neighbor making bed

New building

Neighbour replace window frames

Natural disasters

New admission

Naked woman bathing in a dream

Nipples peeling back vertically from wound


Nearly fall into pond in a dream

Naked boss

Necked father sleeping in dream

Neck ed

Nigeria cherry

Not see some rooms at home

Not enough mealie meal

Naked women in a tree

Ndiphuphe ndipeta igadi

Native fowl

Naked showering

Naked dead brother


Nun in blue

Not able


Name henry significance


Nigeriana dreams interretations

New trampoline


Not wearing trousers

Number 1

Naked in dream

Neon white light covered

Neon white light covered by white blanckey

Neon light coverd by white blanket

Newmoon dream on equinox

Nun in habit attacking with a dagger

Notebook scribbled in black

Naked at work

New house with squatters


Naked woman showing private parts


Not being able to pay restaurant bill

Not marriying your actual husband dream

Number 27 on a ring

Not paying bill

Naked on the river

Navy blue color of clothes cover to anew born baby

No one believes in me

Naked and trying to wear black pants

Naked kissing my crush

Neem tree with flowers

Name tag

New lamp that is not lit


New cloth give other person gifte new cloth

Negative 1

Name written in the sky meaning

Native american moccasins

New uniform

No hair on husband face

Naked and bus

Narrow passage

New chief visit my house

Name on a list

New trousers

Naomi name dream

Nerves being pulled out

New hairstyle


N st

Number 7

Not pay attention


New furniture



New heel shoes and a perfume dream

New heel shoes and a perfume

No good


New surplice

Native american chief in full headdress

Naked husband and with another women

Not wearing a wedding ring

New broom



Not flirting back

Nun’s dancing

Not finding shoes

Naked in someone’s house

Name called 3 times


Naked maternal aunt dream meaning

Naked from waist down

Non alcoholic

Not dream but i smell cowdung suddenly what that mean

Not dream but i smell cowdung suddenly eat that mean


Nail polish


Naked woman throwing garbage

No erection

Name of someone vicki stoll


Notes for a book

Nephew got married in a dream


Natural steam water

Naming a baby

Nest in water

Naked by a y in road with other male naked also

No brakes

Name day

Naked in a sea

No water in a pond

Ngiphuphe ngishaya ibhubhesi ekhanda

Number for fish


New apartment


Not believing

Negative energy try to kill me


Noise of a light switch

New sim card


Naked mad man

Nail beind steep in your stomach

Nagging wife

Name on quran

Naked poop

Nine tailed fox

Nine tailed

Nurse giving me injection on neck

Nosebleed girlfriend

Note on head

Nursing injured morepork


Naked with blanket

Nose blood bleeding

Neighbor boy and i have romantic relation in my dream

Naked dream

New car

New cross country benz


Not served soup


Naked girl lucky number

Naked girl

Naked elderly person

Naked person

No choice

Naked woman

Noodles coming out of virginal in dream

New born baby

Not eating

Northern hemisphere


Nicked in a dream

Number of carabao


Naked hit by a car

Naked myself

Nail that cause tetanus

Need to get urgent message to friend

Nasalo ako ng lalaki sa labas ng bintana

Netting your idol

Nasal mucus


Naked friejd

Nandi with darkness

Neighbor evicted


Neighbor house collapse

Naked baby girl seen in a dream


Naked female cousin

Number two

Northern soul

Naughty child

Necklace dream

Night predators

Naked celebrity

Neem tree cut down


New years

Not to touch her breast


Naked person outside the window

Neighbor romance

Numbers on a clock

Nipple piercing




Naked in a pool

Number 20

Naked priest

Naked in a tent

Newborn babies

Nazar ka dhagga todna in dream

Nude in public

Nails stung in foot

New dress



Naked black women

Not to step on a tack

N evil old woman with smoke coming out try’s to attack me in dreams

Naked with a married woman

Nakedness with a married woman

Nose black line

Nipple falling off

Naked mad

Nest of chicken eggs the meaning and number

Nake but im out side of church


Nose dreaming ripped out


Naked and old women

Neck scratch

Naked man showing his penis

Naked woman with husband


New home


Nisar fatima

Night dress

No exits

Native american


No pants

Not able to complete a task

Niece crying

Newborn baby


Necrotic arm

Norse look shining

Necklace giving to dead



Negotiating transport fare

New shoes

Nature dreaming



Nakedness in dream

Neck broken

Naked people lying on bed

Not allowed entering religious place in dream

Necklace rusting

Navel stitched

Naked women in wifes dream

New house and car

Not able to wish happy birthday to a gorl

Not being able to finish a task

No fear calm

Not being able to take a photo

Never ending train

New bed being delivered


Nuns kill me

Ngezinkomo ezimnyama

Nephew broke his neck

Nice pair of false teeth by somone

Narrow oblong

Naked photos

Neck and spider web

Ngiphuphe inkomo ebomvu eyinkunzi ingihubha

Nasty old lady

Not understanding how to play a game

Not receiving letter of promotion

Neem aakulunu chudanaki ardamu

No clothes but wrapped in a sheet or a towel

New clothing and accessories

New cloths and accessory

Neighbors bringing food

Nalla pusalu

Naked under bed covers

Nebula in a rainbow

Native on a black horse

Naked touch

Naked being touched

Not able to bath in ganga

Needle wounds

Numb face

New scenery

Number for parade

Nose pulling things out


Naked in bed with an ex

Non sense

Natural park

None electric guitar

Not wanting to marry your crush in your dream

Nopriest nonipple

Nightime daytime

Nighttime and daytime

Necklace snatched

Needing to use the loo

Naked employees in a dream meaning

Numerous tiny red lights in the sky

New upper molar in child

Naked in water

New born baby boy with piercings

Number in cloud

Name darren

Naked in the kitchen


Neighbour is my freind

Night bright sky

No pants and no underwear

New baby kept away from mother

Not touching my love

Nurses in church with white uniforms

Napping on a table

Ning of dreaming of mandar flower of aak plant

No hijab non mahram man

Ngiphuphe ngithwele ibhakede lamanzi

North stat

Ngiphupha ngigida

Nude intimate girl in street

Naked and people gave you clothes to wear in dreams means

Night wisp

Nude pictures

Nude booty

Nagatha amman in my dream

Naked horse riding

Navy battle

Native american boys

New tires

Not enough money for fare

Number representing water hose

Needing a pregnancy ultrasound

Needing a baby ultrasound


Neighbour asking u to lend him money

Naked lying down woman

Naked coworker

Nuzzling a neck

Nail gun in skull

Noose around childrens neck

Names written in red ink

Niddle triad stone in a pregnant woman stomache

Non nathan man

Nose and mouth bleeding

Nose with large pores

Name signboard

Name sugn biard

Not being able to hear someone speaking to me

Not being able to hear someone when they speak

Not being able to hear when they are speaking

Nude black man

Neighbor wall

New boyfriend fights old boyfriend

Nursing school books that am sitting with

Not allow to fetch water from the tap

Naked woman orgasming on a saddle


Naked leg

Neck crack

Nude community

No one knows me

No one recognizes me

Needles with blue tread

Newspaper editor click your picture in dreams

Next week

Navel point in the back

No as close ceiling

Nude woman in the toilet

Naked woman in the toilet


Not having mint and corriander

Nightmares in twi