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Dreams starting with the letter M

Mad woman biting someone in dream meaning

My boyfriend is short in height


Meeting woman

My paster angry something what i did

Meaning of carrying a world cup in the dream

My daughter stole 2 dolls

My 7 month old walking

Moving in opposite direction with a former lover he is waiting for a bus i m driving my car

Men scalp

Milk stolem

Meaning of dreaming about your friend buying anew car

Man protecting me

Mother mary in tears

My ex boyfriend carrying me on his back

Meaning of gold and silver wrist watch

My crush and i having a small conversation about a food place location few days after which he called me and told of going there with him just him and me whereas in real life he is committed and hardly talked with me

My father build a story building

My child being drained by sewage water

Mother flying space

My paster insulting me in my dream

My crush watching me take a bath

Model cars

Mad women entering your house

Maggots falling vagina

Mum coughing out her heart

My bestfriends and boyfriend forgot my birthday

My child slippng off boat into ocean and jumping in to save him

Meaning of seating in a house with out windows and doors with a person who died some time back

My grandfather wants money

Mask as gift

Meaning of giving food to a mad man

My father throwing stones at me

Meaning of walking in a water and landed on a rock

Mean teacher


Modern building

My sister cutting off my arm and leg with a black scythe

My prayers are with the community here

Meeting and talking to president

My wife and brother

Myself wearing a beautiful sparkle black fancy uniform

Man asked to sit by the door open

Meaning of seeing powerful man of god in dream

Mal and fimal

Missed assignment

Meaning of eating roasted cassava

Meal ticket

Maam is helping me to write

My ex boyfriend paying my bride price

Man sewing mat for me

Meaning of mixing honey and cream to rub the body in a dream

Mustard seeds means what in the dream

My co wife pregnant

Monkeys or apes

Moisturizing hair

Me alone

Maggots in my toothbrush

Mean to my husband

Mountain and sky

My boyfriend going to abroad

Magical bowl with moving pictures

My dead female give me a ripe banana

Meaning seeing limes in your dream

Madness meaning what in a dream

My crush called me smart

Melting a purple plate

Moldy earring

Mom riding bicycle backwards

Maggots in dogs

Mail in mail box

Milking buffalo

Mother using my toothbrush

My deceased mother wearing a wedding dress

My dream was a nightmare and it would always happen every saturday night waking up sunday morning when i had to wake up to go church i was at my old elementary school and there was a big zipline that was on the tree that was in between the soccer field and the benches to sit down on the zip zipline was out of order but his little kid did not care that it was out of order i told him do not go on it you are going to get in trouble or worse hurt he did not take no for and answer he still went on and ended up passing away but before passing awaying someone saw that he went onto the zipline and yelled at me why did i let him on but i told them that i didn’t then all out of nowhere i hear the boy scream really loud and that would wake me up in the morning knowing it was time to wake up to go to church

Maternal aunt dream number

My dead grandad

Meaning of a dream that am pregnant but was abused

Milking a cow dreaming

My own mother cleaning my dirty feet

My late husband bought me a big house

My father and brother fist fight

Meaning of sewing my cloth and getting prick by the niddle

My nephew hand burn on the palm with acid

Meaning of church in my dream

My sister had reunited with her ex boyfriend and told me not to tell our mum

Married to a celebrity at a young age

Meaning of deaths people giving you a wallet

Machete hiting metal

Military flag

My father give me a car key in my dream

Meeting another version of yourself

My dead sister pouring water

Me and husband split up

Meaning of someone giving my husband food in the dream

Meaning of seeing soaked cassava in the dream

My mom she passed away 2 years ago i saw that she is with my uncle and aunty along with his son and he was driving a car my mom was sitting in front sit and she was crying that come with me why you are not coming with me as i was crying to hard that after waking up i was crying

Meaning of seeing my daughter hungry in in my dream

Mango tree produce eggs

Meeting one of my teachers and a friend then a plane just crashed near us

Meeting one of my teachers

Mmeting one of my teachers

My old friend mentally disabled in my dre

Milking a black and yellow poisonous snake

Meaning of dreaming giving coin to a blind man

My deceased boyfriend wore tore clothes in my dream


My sister got pregnant for my boyfriend

Minister of housing

Mad woman smiling at you

Mad women stoning

Male slept with shemale

My wife touching intimately her son in law

My penis was split in two down the middle

Manager interpretation of dream

Mother and flood seen in a dream

Meaning of saying istigfar in a dream

Me fingering a man butt

My girlfriend being taller than me

Meaning of pawpaw and mango leave or tree in your dreams

Mold smell

Mouse crawled into pocket fear

Mouse crawled into my pocket

My gums

My name in gold

Meat stolen

Mud stove dream

Meaning of giving a mad man food in the dream

My son called to say his wedding is postponed

My baby had no heart beat first ultra sound

Mother inlaw sleeping near me on same bed with partner

Meaning of some one collected my phone and gave me another

Meaning of napier grass in a dream

Me dying and chanting radhe radhe

My boyfriend and me sitting on temple

Moringa seed in dream

My boyfriend dreams about me crying and plenty sangomas surrounding my house and using herbs

Music box cursed

My husband took me to see his other house wife and kids

Meaning of a pregnant woman carrying cocoa yam in her dream

My wife and son crying in a dream

My step mom baby girl i clean her bady

Married woman breast been touched by another man

Man saying it is time to say it

Mother half and naked seen in a dream

Meaning of seeing custard apple in dream during pregnancy

Marrying a mad man in a dream

Makoti dreaminibg of someone wearing a makoti attire walking with your husband

My mom as a teacher

My cousin was reciting the prayer of sincerity in arabic

Meaning of the dream crossing over a stone to another

My death and a river

Meaning of a poison snake turning into a fish

Meaning of name isaac in dream

Meaning of looking for a car to leave my hometown

Maggots coming out of my vagina

Marvel meaning in dreams comes out from the nose

Medical report on floor

Mother and father in the dream

My dead mother carrying a baby

Meaning of counting plenty hundred

Mom cooking in dream deceased

My husband wear pantie

Maizemillng machine

Money buy house

Meaning of child giving me dollar in a dream

Muddy water drinking


Murder on a boat at a great resort

Meaning of dreams going to a crusade

Meaning of lighting a candle at tombstone while bowing down

Mother doing a white wedding

My pastor wearing me his necklace in the dream

My boyfriend is mean on my birthday

Meaning of dreaming your boss showing you her nakedness

Marrying my neohew

Money in dream

Meaning of seeing a pregnant woman seeking for treatment or sign of feeling not too well or good in the dream means what

Meaning of seeing a pregnant woman seeking for treatment or sign of feeling good in the dream means what

My father in the same bed as me

My late mummy took me to work then i saw my former seniors and she gave me bread nutella and biscuit i ate the biscuit

My mother took me to work and i saw my seniors in secondary school after that she gave me bread nutella and biscuit i ate the biscuit and i took the bread

My late mom took me to her working place then they said that i am going to work there i saw my seniors in secondary school then after that my mummy gave me bread nutella and biscuit and i ate the biscuit

Mukimo meaning


Multiple extra nipples

My husband wearing ayappamala

My niece raped by my husband dream

My niece rapidly my husband

Massive mansion

Many snakes inside the temple

Milk converted into curd

Math teacher is disappointed in you

Mother with children

Mother and girlfriend together

Meaning of dream about fence

Meaning of someone bathing me in temple

My boyfriend and his children

Making snake with clay in dream

Maggots in my vigina

My body is made of china and i am cracking

My nails broke

Meaning of a dream removing my freind jiggers

Man sucking woman breast in dream

Met my dead aunty

Male people on their traditional attire

My grandfather

My mother beating your head with stick

Mother using a stick to bear your head

Multiple gifts

Missing a plane

Missing plane

Moving into small apartment

Marrying an old love

Man wearing beige pants

My son have school uniforms on

Mum with white hair

Monkey cooked

My wife and sister together

Meaning of a death man happy

Missed juma namaz

Mentally unstable

Mad man falling in love

Meaning of dreaming about your boyfriend buying groceries for your family

Milk pot bursting

Meaning of catching a barbel fish in a dream

Meaning of barbel fish caught in a dream

Meaning of wearing prisoner waders uniform in a dream

Meaning of dreaming my child swept away in the river

My dead friend offer me we coconut in my dream

Machete slashing my head open and not dying

My boyfriend want to borrow my pen

My aunt doing my hair witha

Mom being electrocuted in dream

Meaning of dream that someone gives you a new wrapper

Monster girl crawling backwards

More snakes

Merit certificate

Mother in law kills wife

Mother push wife down stairs

Moving into new house with diseased husband

Mupani worm

Money means

My father protecting my mother neck

Multiple new bright lamps

Mum committing suicide

Made a king

My dead husband planting seeds

My dead mother gave me jewelry in my dream

Meaning of seeing a coconut and breaking it

Me to dead person to give matchbox in dream

Me to dead person to give matchstick in dream

Meet up

Mother under rhe table

Meaning of dreaming wearing black suit with white t shirt




My dead father giving me 5tubers of yam in dream

Meaning husband peeing in dream

Mom injecting

My boyfriend introduced me to his father in a a dream

Mistakenly eating baby poop excreter

Mistakenly eating baby poop

Meaning mopping in my sitting room with my sister and have lunch

Man i love walking away with another woman looking back smiling at me

Maize field

My dead mother dances in red clothes


My boyfriend fingering another girl


Many classic cars in garage

Many old cars in garage

My late mother baked fat kook

Mother in law giving me her black top to wear

Mother in law giving me a green dress to wear

My mother in law giving me her clothes to wear

Maize planting

Missed a job opportunity

Marying a prince meaning

Me having my boyfriends penis attached to me

Mushroom necklace

My husband cheated with a transvestite

Making kool aid

My 3 year old daughter was bleeding from her virgin in ny dream

Mason logo


Mother died after giving birth to twins

My died neighbors buying foods

My mom combing my hair

My key snatch by a man

Man hitting bottle someone head

Music and bright lights

My mother in law got a call saying my husband was dead in prison

Mother giving me a white envelope

My boy friend is a business man he has a big company he dreamt that i send sad and heart broken emozies because he died on a whatsup group that i created it and named it deceased profile identity whatsup group and am the administrator of the whatsup group that dream made my boy friend very scared what does the dream mean

Maggi cubes in dream

Making out with a midget

Motorcycle with no helmet

My motorcycle burning meaning in a dream

Mixed breed horse cow rooster

My enemies track against me

My crush imitating me in a dream

Military takeover

Miracle leave in the dream

Meeting crush

Meaning of dreaming pope dead

My father having a twin brother

Meaning of school and assembly

My late sister gave me and my friend chocolate on the dream

Mom and me visiting above theatre

Meaning of throwing food on the wall and all over the house

Many building sites

My dead brother giving me blank white paper

Male having vagina

Male woman and vagina

My bedridden son can bike again

My baby boy face turn dark while he is white

Mangos ing from a tree

Mother with no teeth

My nipple got bite

Moon on fire

Making turnips pickles

Money to med people

My sister with law my gray hair

Married on a ship

Mother’s cousin and bad breath

Made up

Man dressed as bird

My chunni ceremony

Mooing of a cow

Mu boyfriend kissing with ex gf

Mopani eorms

Mad woman with her children

Man in a trenchcoat

My girlfriend was kissed by a snake

Meaning of dreaming bathing with traditional herbs

Mad in my dream

My legs locked in chains

Meaning of a tree full of pilipili hoho

M pregnant and i dream of fetching firewood

Motorhome rolling

My dead mother pouring water on me

Meaning of someone putting cinnamon in a bowl over money

Mother giving ring in dream

Meaning of khoisan people coming out from the river in a dream

My mom accepting my boyfriend

Ming of sing two mad people making six

My son has ring worms on his head

Meaning of transparent eggs in my dream meaning

Marrying rich man

My girlfriend dreamed about me giving her two beautiful suit

My friend wearing my white shoes and staining it

Meeting a dead old friend in dream

Meaning of hosting a king with his family and entourage

Meaning of seeing calabash full of blood floating inside flowing water

Meaning of ten in the dream

Meeting point rever and sea seen in dream

My body having holes and seeing blood

Mashed dead mother

Meditation in the water

Meditation above water

My friends taller seen in a dream

Massive robots

Meaning of friend from abroad

My mum carrying a lot of money in my dream

Meaning of dreaming about empty jericans

Molded bed

Meaning of a dead father asks for light

Mother sick for20years no standing on walking distance seem her walking upright

Mother sick for20years no standing on no walking distance but seem her walking upright

Meaning of dreams of empty jericans

Mother sick for20years no standing on walking distanceseem her walking upright

Meaning of dreams of deadly

Meaning of a dream carrying empty jericans

Mother putting you at risk for illness

Mother being deceptive

Mortal without pestle

My boyfriend touching my girlfriend vigina

Meaning of running away from sick woman in a dream


Mum was cold

Meaning of sunflower in dream taking picture

Men attacking

My late father bathing for my brother in bathroom in my dream

Meaning of dream about shattered glass in church

Mass on head

Making soil chulha in dream means

Meaning of fufu in a dream

My daughter playing with spiders and then am snake swallowing her and mother pulling her free

My wedding ring fade off in my dream

Maphupha ulotsholwa

Meaning of parking building blocks

My mother dream about crab under my neck

Metal junk

Meaning of road turn to bush

My daughter wearing green and red mixed wool around her waist

Meaning of a pastor romancing you in the dream

My friends became sea monsters and i had to watch the doctors kill them

My cousins bring their deceased parents to my house

Meaning of about to kill cock

Mother dreaming of her son being raped

Mystery game

Meaning of dried maize field ready for harvesting

My pst angry with me in a dream


Meaning of a breast

Married to two men at once

My mobile is drop to water i very broken

My dead father asking for coffee

Mother and mirrors

Marrying an angel

Mouse talking

Meaning of picking achi in my dream

Meaning of vomiting office pin and nails in the dream

Meaning of green gram sprouts in dream

My child always dreams with her friend

Making my crush blush in dream

Mom with stone that has groove in it

Me broken a egg in my spouse mouth

Milk in breasts

My wife dream that i used my younger brother for ritual

Military man

My sister is a demon in a apartment i live alone in and when i wake up she is still there

My boyfriend kicked me out his house

Me and my daughter flying with parachute

Man in suit with goats head and newspaper

My ex girlfriend pregnant

Mother getting married to unknown person

My dad wants me to breakup with my boyfriend

My neighbor was fixing me weavon in my dream what is the meaning

Making name mistake in a dream

Meaning of a ghost slapping you in a dream

Meaning of buying afang

Menuai padi

My dad is on a bus to the afterlife with my dead uncle

Mountain in lucky numbers

Missing wig

Monkey licking your neck

Moving bus and running river

My car was cooking in pot of far

My gf with short hair

Milk flowing from a viginal

Moved from back row to front row in performance

My color got yellowish and brown in dream

Meaning of picking turkey berries

My car was stolen from locked garage

Meaning of sieving pap in a dream

Mustard seed give to me one person

My daughter came home from abroad

My ex leaning his head on my shoulders

Many bread

Meaning of drinking palm kernel oil from a bottle in the dream

Making a painting of flying bird

My brother dead feet

Meeting relatives abroad

My parents got agreed for my love marriage

Mean of eating bush mango on the dream

Met lady diana

Muzzled dog

Meat packed around a person

Meat around a person

My father selling fruits

My sister dragged my money with me

My ex bf send gift a ring and i put on my finger

Measuring beans in the dream

My 2 year old daughter is a demon

My demon child tries to kill me

My ex runs me over with an airplane


My husband chasing me in a dream

Monkeys paw

My dog ate my girlfriends turtle

Mother and greeting in dreams

Mad man throwing stone to another

Meaning of picking up passion fruits on the groynd

Meeting my ldr partner

Meaning of graduation and food in dream

Mango fruits

Manage fruits

My girl friend give me money

Mother and water dream

Madness of sibling

Meaning of the symbols of picking black plums under plum tree in a dream

Meaning of holding a panga

Man of the year award


My husband brought 2 womans in our house

Matohwe in dreams meaning

Mother in law sweeping next to my feet means

Married woman being widow in dreams

Meaning of dreaming being sent home for school fees

Making my hair

My ex boyfriend sending me a written note at work giving it to my colleague

Meaning of swiping your boyfriend house

Many money

Many food

Measure of land

Musical instrument played by priest

Murdered but not dead

My ex is back from abroad

My ex who lives in abroad is back to homeland

Meeting with powerful person

Mango in a dream some baracn start getting dry

Marriage of my husband

Money tree leaves falling

My current cancer spread dream

My partner being completely different

Moon and cloud


My sister was driving me in a plane

Mayonnaise jar broken

Malachite was lost and then found again

Meaning of the blue colour fish in dream

Metal clothes hanger

Metal hanger

My fine phone was swapped to old phone in dream

Man mader

Mơ thấy giấc đốc cho tiền thưởng

Meeting deceased parent

Money and river

Marriage rejected

My dad wears my cloths in dream meaning

Meaning of my dad going mad

Meaning of eggs in a dream

Making a fence with bamboo

Me and my ex boyfriend is in church

Mom hit by train

Meaning of pooping in the bush

Meaning of selling suya beans in a dream

Mom in the church with you

My girlfriends dad came to meet my family

Meeting a nice stranger in the dreams meaning

My sister fall in a river

My boyfriend having intercourse with another guy

Mad man visiting my house

Meeting little strangers from abroad and become friends

My husband hoovering the house

Money plant

Moon turned into a white bird

My dead nephew come back alive in my dream meaning

Mermaid giving me jewellery in water

My name written on white paper in a dream

Mother being queen

My love my vanishing

Missing salat juneau

Meaning of the dream i saw big flowing river near a big rock

Missing food at an event

Missing certain meat and rice at a party or even and kater on i got what i had missed

Mum lesbian

My husband having a second wife with a baby in the dream

My girlfriend ran to me and was a ghost with no face

Marriage and underwater

Mango tikka

My children are always young in my dreams

Man of god seeing naked in dream

Meaning of giving cooking oil to my aunt

Murugan with peacock

Man parachuting with fish

Man parachuting with fidh

Man parachute carrying fish

Meaning of dreaming you wiping pure water poure on the floor

Murugans vel seen in dream meaning

Mahi mahi

Money in tomb

Man with colin lower head

Meaning of tea in adream

My husband wearing my pants

Move to south in dream

Mermaid and boyfriend

Men on a roof one falls

Meaning of wearing choir in the dream

Maroon snake bites me

Meaning of plucking colanut in dream

Magic man locked up

Meaning of pounding in a dream

Meaning of dream of pounding mahangu

My dead mother awakes from coffin and cry like my son

Meaning of giving children water to drink in a dream

My phone fall in water and i never got it back


My dog turned into a bird and flew away

My dog turned into a burden flew away

My late father say congratulations to me in my dream

Missing nimaz

My daughter got piercings

Meaning of picking ukpaka seed in a dream

My dad lost his leg and suffers

Meaning of seeing soldier ant in dream

My husband kiss my helper

My husband kiss my housemaid

My husband kiss mu

My dog died

My brother dream of me getting maggots in my virginia meaning of maggots coming out of your virginia

My long distance boyfriend came back in a dream

My ex give me a dress

My pastor flogged me in the dream what does it mean

Making crumpits

Meaning of oxblood cloth

Maintenance worker

Meaning of having maggi in the dream

Mourning the living

Mourning the live

Metal coming out of skin

My husband bought a new simcard

Money in bank accounts

Meaning catching a mammy water

Mountains with beautiful flowers in it

Multiple dreams of apose leaving me

Mean of reading namaz during periods

My house near a cemetery

Murder killing

Mackerel large fish in dream islam

Move forward

Meaningful gift

My late grandmother gave me peanuts in my dream

Meaning of painting blacks faces in a dream

Meaning of spit out coconut sprout in dream

My daughter have a penis

Meaning of giving my sister transport money

My jewelry was stolen

Meeting someone in a dream at atraditional healer

Milking cow

My neighbor selling used clothes

Mean of hitting left leg in a dream

Mr green


My deceased mother was standing in the graveyard and told me it was cold there

My child doing prays

Meaning of a girl sucking a woman breast in the dream mean what

My ex wife walked into my job naked

My parents caught me and bf together

My mom got married

My mothers ring falling off my finger and it keeps rolling

Mothers ring falling off

My dead father feeding a baby

My hands have no substance when i try to touch something


Meaning of friend in your bed


Meeting pastor church

My house is a labyrinth

Man inside of tree

Mopane worms

My friend sleeping with my ex

Move from one side to the other

Man and woman dinning together

Mothers bed

My step mom have a pet snake

Meeting my online boyfriend

Mandazi meaning

Mad man throwing stones at me

My wife was my sister

My mum was buying pepper in my dream what does it mean

Meaning of being chased by a blind man

Meaning of holding cooking oil and giving it to a relative in a dream

My son says he hates me

Miniature animals

Mother being mad

My pet dog dreaming change a bird

Menstruating in a dream

Making heap in dream

Making love with someone in a dream

Meaning of children and war in the dream

My marriage with a person whom i never seen in my life

Meaning bathing naked public

My wife is sleeping with my friend in a dream means

Meaning of planting plantain sucker in the dream

Mother goes unconscious while driver and i recover the car

Mother unconscious while driving and i’m trying to do cpr

Mother is unconscious and i’m trying to do cpr

Meaning of sweeping at school

Mening ofdreaming shoe blttom drop off

My brother and my girlfriend is loving each other

Man dressed in dog costume

Meaning of sorting simsim seed

Man in my house

Magician and necromancer fighting

Muscles man

My kid at prison

Muslim woman

My male friend smiling back at me

Meri mummy ke ghar meri sans i meri mummy se bahut ladke gai uske sath kinnar bhi the aur vah safed color ki gadi fore wheeler mein ai the jab vah wapas gaye meri mummy se lad kar tab meri mummy unki gadi ke piche bhagi thi jab fir mud kar kabhi nhi ai

Meri mummy ke ghar meri sans i meri mummy se bahut ladke gai uske sath kinnar bhi the aur vah safed color ki gadi fore wheeler mein aithe gadi ke piche

Meaning of three yam tied in your dream

Meaning of cassava turb

Mother mary grave

My ex girlfriend wore a green dress and we were together

Meeting a celebrety

Meeting a celebrett

Meaning of dreaming cracking an egg with chicks inside

My brother cheating with a man

Me and my ex girlfriend in a playground

Meaning of two gecko fighting in my dream

My showing a photo of a woman in a dream

Mom being hit by train

Mother being hit by train

My daughter being rape as a child

Man writing his number on my hand

My spouse kissed a female in my dream

My mother drowning bu resuscitated

My father dead kp teer dream num

Magadi letter

Map of a country in western europe

Making a mess of a meal

Mad woman trying to play with me in my dream

My aunt was telling me a secret then suddenly lights got off and on

Meaning of someone snaps me picture with her phone in my dream

Meaning of your brother becomes shorter in dreams

My dead parents saying goodbye to me

My husband bought a mosquito net in my dream what does it mean

Meat and mouth dream

My dead elder sister and me inside a store

Mask demon god dream meaning

Meanin of woman in red long coat at my bedroom door staring

Me freezing

My boyfriend inside my parents house

My house paint yellow in my dream


Making it in time

Mucus with blood in nose

My late grandpa gave me bunches of unripe bananas in my dream

My favorite show

My girl was sitting on another man lap

Many executives


Making love under the sea

Millet cultivation dream

Me and my son sleeping with an adversary in between

Meaning of yam in dream

My boyfriend kiss my sister in my dream

Missing pieces of military uniform

My late father gave me a white shirt in a dream

Millet flour

Meaning when your phone burn in your dream

My husband promise to give me money in my dream

My mom hates me

Makoti meaning in a dream

Millomate brothers

Man brushing my hair

Mom giving me 30 dollars

My brother getting out in his body

My friend is a cashier

Men giving me a date and a month

My brother opening up a tarven

My old house from shrubs removed

My old house front shrubs removed

My old house front schrubs removed

My son drinking rice water

My ex wife becomes a lesbian

My dad was on operating table

My mom praying for sick person

Moslems and christians praying in the same place

Making love with dead person wearing purple dress

Making out with landlord

Moon and face completing each other


My feet turning white

Meaning of the symbols of removing white mucus and eyes seen in a dream search your dream meani

Meaning of the symbols of removing white mucus and eyes seen in a dream

Meaning of pregnant woman eating pounded yam and okro in her dream

Meet tiger

Mimpi nampak harimau

Meaning of clothes flowing away by the river

My mother was pregnent

Moving a mound of soil

Maggots coming out of boyfriends penis in a dream 

Mushroom paul jackson

Meaning of selling egusi in the market

My ex introducing me to his mom

My dead mother was giving nice coconut

My 9 months daughter being raped

My boss giving me a sweater as gift

Meaning of an old wooden structure filled with modern day provisions as a shop with people coming in to buy even at night belonging to me


Meaning of paying tuition fees in a dream

Missing temple

Meaning of food staff

Manual book

My partner

My supervisor giving me some of her old clothes

My dead grandmother was vomiting

My partner running mad and being naked in public

My car was impounded what does it mean

Moving east to west

Mother showing snake god

Meaning of buying groundnut oil in the dream

My house didn’t have walls they had sheets tied together and a man was looking underneath

Madonna of the street picture in dream

My small brother is sleeping in my feet in dream

My pet dying

Meaning of someone pouring honey on head

Meaning of been given a good jembe in a dream

My married daughter ex boyfriend

My vagina being stitch up by a woman

My mom dream that i was at i bus stop lotioning my feet to go see my sister and i turn back to my home saying i left the bed

My dead mom gave me a ring

My wife’s parents building a table

My dad gave me a necklace

My pastor gave me golden ring in my dream

My boyfriend has two pens in my dream

Meaning of being interviewed for a job by a panel

Me my husband and another woman in bed together

Moving to new country

Mountain trails leading to caves

My ex turned lesbian

Marrying a friend

Me following ghosts

Maa durga saree has given to me in dream

My boyfriend was roofing my house with dry grass

Miscarriage of twins

My friend nun my dream wear gray habit writing in a white paper in speak my name

Meaning of seeing someone plenting my hair in the dream

Mum giving gifts

Mother diyin

My ex dog paw got cut off

Mud suker

My diological father naked in a dream

Matric ball

Moving out of unfinished house

My daughter calling out to me dream

Menthol smell


Millions in my bank account out of no where

Mental asylum escape

My boyfriend play with baby

Maggots in foot

Mustard leaves plucking dream meand

Married to a policeman in a dream

Multiple chains hanging around neck

Man dreaming of a girl child

Man resting his head on my chest means

Marching band uniform

Man in wearing all white clothes with hoodie on

Man gives lots of money

My father give me new clothes and new shoes in dream

Molding brick with soil

Moonnu chedikal nadunnathu

My father building an ice castle

Mad woman saying she loves me in a dream

Marking an exam in adream

Meaning of tying a george wrapper in a dream

Miss understanding in dream while praying what does it mean misunderstanding in dream while praying what does it mean

Misunderstanding in dream while praying

Meaning of my old mother pregnant

Marinating fish to fry

Middle finger detached from right hand

My ex prostituting

Meeting with my goddaughter

Money given to someone

Men to men killing

Meaning of pastor holding hands and praying

Meeting a old teacher

Meaning of dreams about child sliding down in the hole

Metal and teeth

My crush was taller than me in my dream

Making holes in walls

Missing shoe

My mothers friend had a dream about me offering gifts to my inlaws

Meaning of steel scrubber

Man sweeping in my shop in dream meaning

Massive rat

My pastor preaching whilst members go away

My son falling of a roof

Me i tolk may spiritual need green cloth

Me i tolk may spiritual

Mahangu in dream mean

Money bonus or windfall

My ex boyfriend friend flirting with me

My ex boyfriend friend



Missed court date

Meaning of the symbols of red cloth covering and head in a dream


Multi coloured shirt hang on a tree

Meaning of an old man praying and blessing me in the dream

My dead brother come in my dream and his face is full of turmeric paste and he said he is not dead yet

Milk pot in a dream

Milk spilling pot

Meaning of a fairy in pink

Missed phone call

Mushrooms growing on bottom of feet

Monkey and turtle

Mixed vegetables dream meaning

Mom going for surgery

Mother preparing birthday party for child

Mother in law gave me a kissed my forehead

Meaning of pistol in a dream

Meaning of symbols of gallons of palm oil in the dream

Male with black hair

Man dream about uncles wife pregnant

Mad man touched my foreheadhead in a dream

My daughter

Mad man collecting bread from me

Meaning of 6 moons in a dream

My ex purpose to me

Mother falling from a cliff

My eyes were in my hands

My neighbor digging my yard

My wife getting brain wash by saint people

Meaning to be digging out fish from the ground in the dream

Meaning of showering with others in a bus

My child go to marry a different race boy

Masterbating with vegtables

Meaning of father beheading son

My uncle beat me

Meeting a murderer

Mother beating you with a broom

Meaning of stealing maize in a dream

My mum seemed not okay and was driving recklessly

My boyfriend buried my clothes in a dream

Mind line

My father law gives me medicine in a dream what does it mean

Mad man throwing stone at you

Meaning of the symbol of bangles flower and kumkum seen in dream

My husband was a demon

Mentally retarded dad

My deceased brother gave me a silver bracelet

My late my refusing to give me shoes

Meaning of dream of sankha pola

Moisture damp

Meaning of a madman in a dream

Mould in fireplace

My partner is being bewitched in my dream

My brother got paranoid in my dream

My boyfriend has been bewitch

My body twisted

Meeting running man

My son says he hates me in dream

Meaning of seeing sufi saints in your dream

Man in black and gold fez gold sword

My friend falling into river with my sons wallet only to lose the wallet we saved him

Mom asking for money

Missing fingers

My boyfriend had an affair with my sister

Metal chains

Mugisairene@gmail com

Meaning of eating apple

Meaning of eating apple an

My friend having a rose tattoo on her face

Mother mary wing was broken

Mirror and demon

Man lying about his looks

Marriage carriage

Mother shot

Melting glass bowl

Meaning of limb falling from tree in dream

Monster with white eyes and glowing white mouth

My boyfriend bought me white shoes in a dream

My firend wearing my clothe

My incisions leaked breast milk

Multicolorful swim pants

Meredith came to dream

Makoti attire in dreams

My baby looks sad

Mother gave birth

Medusa in water

My husband peeing on the bed

My friend was putting on bad hair on her special day

Meaning of eating amala and ewedu with fish and meat

Meaning of dreaming snuff

Meaning of seeing wooden mortar and pestle in a dream

Mothe mary train track and child praying

Mom cooked for my boyfriend

Morula nut

My sister git slim

Meaning of my death father ignoring my friend

Making palm oil in a dream

My ex selling waterleaf in the market

Meaning of seeing my friend being given sardine in the dream

Meaning of giving v

Meaning of dream about monkeys and lizard together

Meaning of rice

My dead brother planting cabbage

My dead mother saw me while i was intimate with my partner

My boyfriend getting drunk and yelling at me

Marula fruit

My cowife gave me a necklace similar to the one i have

Murder of cow

My dad called me on the phone twice he is dead

Meaning of someone asking you to sleep with a mad man in a dream

Man in lock up

Mice caught in a bag

Mice eating chicken

Mother was donating her dresses

Mouth piece

My man dreamed that we are in the same bed we are in a long distance relationship

Me watching clothes for me and my mother

Mexican candy

Mom suddenly hear attack and my dead father appears in dream

Misplaced staples

My deceased husband wearing dirty clothes

Mom nudes

Mom nude

Masterbating all day

Meaning of throwing out drink sweet cheegum

Man of god cleaning your tongue

Meaning of giving gold and given chicken

Metal buried in skin