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Dreams starting with the letter M

My girlfriend gave me money



Meaning of black spots on the face

Meaning of the symbols of vice president giving money seen in a dream

My husband tried to sleep with my sister in my dream

Meaning of colours of dye in dreams

Meaning of imvunulo

Meaning of a friend promise to pay debt in a dream

My sister washing my clothes

Mother commiting suicide

My boss showing my bf her private part

Mouth full of bread and not able to chew

My name removed on class list

My name is not on my class list

My furniture was reposessed

My boss involve in road accident and died

My sister washing my clot

Manikarnika ghat

Merging spot light

Money in mouth

My classmate was flirting with me and never leave me alone

Mother and father calling me

Mountain lights

Mimpi dikasih hadiah oleh bos

My ex boyfriend giving me food in my dream

Meaning of pounding cocoyam

My daughter with beards in dreams

Mom buy footwear for me

Meaning of dead person giving refreshing drink to you in dream

Meaning of stealing jack fruit in a dream

Meaning of two dead pregnant woman

Melon seeds vomit

Meaning of walking in dark place with touch

Meaning of wearing white trouser without shirt

Many unknown children in dream

My dog turned really thin then curled up and slowly turned into a bird then flew away and died

Money from your uncle wife after working for her then she over pays you

Money from your uncle wife after working for her then she over pays

My husband having hiv sickness in my dream

Munggo seeds in the container deum

Mud dike

Moon breaking into 4 pieces

Married man wearing slippers for a married woman

My dream is finding a christmas tree again and again when i sleep i keep fonding the christmas tree plushie

Marked script

My husband having six with a mad woman

My ex boyfriend asking for her

My ex boyfriend is barbecuing in my dream

Marrying omer dream meanin

My boyfriend impregnated me

My guy smells vagina

Me and my bf in same classroom

Monster in the shoulder

Making a hotdogs

Marhmellows ans hotdogs

Meaning of left eye in pains in a dream

Meaning of old dead actor

Monggo in the dream meaning please

Meaning of receiving debit alert in my account

My girlfriend was a prostitute in my dream

My ex ask me for money in my dream

Meaning of selling sutra in the dream

Maggots in blood inside a banana

My mother gives me old traditinal dress

Meaning of giving kola nut in the dram

My worker gave me hair straightener asked me to use it

Mad woman lotto number

Mad step sister dream

My ex boyfriend went to prison

Meaning of someone gifting me curtain in the dream

My hand been chup off

Mango on top of a tree

Meaning of picking a one thousand naira note

Malnutrition children

My late wife with tattoos

Mad woman throwing stones at me but stones missed me

Mermaid touching

My sister is amputated

Meaning of seeing ludo games in the dream

Meaning of eating bread and fanta in your dream

Miracles in fatima

Mqn in suit


Missing wand in dreams

Micro chips under arcrylic nails

Many white dressed pastors talking that you are going to save the peoplw

Maker of rose oil

My dead husband crying

Making rose oil

Mom getting eaten by alligator


Money bowl

My inspector have lices and im picking it ouy

Massaging her stomach

Massaging her abdomen

Massaging her and


My ex boyfriend giving me a money in my dream

Making wudhu with an oily water

Mother giving new dress

M g n d

My dead child

My deceased son as a little boy

My deceased soon as a little boy

Mushroom growing from inside my arm

Moving snakes lord brahma lord vishnu

Man sucking boobs

Maori singing

Mom sleeping on bathroom floor

Mold wall

Mild wall

Monkey eating a snake

My best friend is taller than me

Menstrual blood on hand

My son caught stealing

My son stole

My son beaten by father

Manager in hotel

My sister visiting me from abroad

My ex naked in swimming pool

My id

My back of the side rear view mirror got scratch

Mother rubbing my penis

My step sister kiss me on the face

Meaning of dry maize in a dream


Meaning of dreaming while seeing a happy couple in the car laughing

Mouth covering


My wife agreeing for polygamy

Murugan saint blessed me

My skin turned in to a beehive

Madman beat me this morning

Madman collected my slippers and still beat me in real life

Madman collected my slippers and still beat me real life

My head on my crushes shoulder

Mutilated bodies

Multiple dead corpses

Multiple corpses

Meaning of shaking hands with a politician

Messy woman with curly hair

Meaning of buying bitter cola in a dream

Mango tree in the grave

Meaning of vagina discharge in dream

Market burning in dream with erosion

My baby falls off the couch

Man licking period

My new house

Mum killing herself infront of u

My wife mustubating


Marriage counseling

Meaning of buying new clothes give to ex girlfriend in dream

Meaning of someone sturbing people

Married couples taking and pictures

Man in snow

Multiples of the same person

Meaning of mandazi in a dream

Miszed plane

Mothers womb

My mom ask for tea in dreams

Making dua

Man with scary eyes

Mother flower cut

Merlins hat

My boyfriend and his baby mama

Me and girlfriend playing

My husband brings me two dogs

My deceased father was holding a new born baby in his house

Mother in law gives you a hug

My brother was trying to kill my daughter

Moko jumbie

Mother and baby with snotty nose

Melted sneakers

My boss slapped me infront of everyone in a meeting

Mother and baby with runny nose

Mom had a baby girl

Meaning of someone giving you moi moi in a dream

Marble floor

My brother is dead

Man named noor

Many people losing their job

My father is fat

Mother performed a hysterectomy on me

Motorcade in a dream

Mother sweeping

Meaning of ugu seed and pod in d dream

Meaning of crates of minerals some were open some close

Meaning seeing car black sliding from a hill

Mother in law giving me raw meat forcing me to eat

Mother comming suicide

My crush says hi to me

My mother asking a favour

Meaning of hervestimg maize

My sister and i were kidnapped and drugged

My girl friend pregnant by someone

My baby made of wood

My father

My friend bought me a black gown in dreams

Marking some one in the dream and blood out

My friend dream my dead father buying me new shoes

Many colours


Moving items around in a car

My hard drives stolen in dream

My hard drives stolen

My daughter picked up flowers and the man who was the owner beat me up

Miracle leaf

Meaning of eating ogbono and groundnuts in a dream

Man dresses in black

Mum angry at food not buying food for her

My dead grandfather give me white rice in my dream

Mother asking for sweets in dream

Medieval dress

My girlfriend got pregnant by other men

Meaning of a dream consulting healer

Measuring kabah

May 24 2023

Myself dead in a dream

Mean angry black bird staring at u thru closed window

Milk of wife

My brother is being violent to me in my dreams

My boyfriend dreamed we were at a party and another girl from his past told you something and you left the party

My mom sold the family house in the dream


My mom sold family house

My mother slapped me in a dream

Meaning of eating papaya with my late mother

Male with big breasts

Meaning broken id card in the dream

Marrying an unknown person

My dog falling off roof

Moses face then a light

Mother warning me and i put my foot on her face


My dress wearing another women

Maopane worms on my house

Monkey grabbing my hand limb tightly

Meeting a male celebrity dream

Meaning of 50naira being given to you by a friend

Meaning of yellow paint in a dream

Maggots coming out my vagina

My x had a rash on her butt

My classmate called me baby girl

Meaning of 3 story house that have dusty floor in dreams

My classmate called me princess

My name listed as a billionaire

My name on list that says billionaire b

Man wearing white overalls

My dream in future i want to become a assistant commissioner

My boyfriend study in class

Mary statue on fire

Milk eat

My husband very angry because he brought a male child home and when i questioned him he slapped me on the cheek very hard

My bf forced my kids to suck his penis

My mummy was frying things

My mummy open a new frying shop

Making coffee in oriental cup


Makeup kit gopro

Meaning of seeing the word peru in adream

Meaning of letter peru in adream

Mirror monster

Monster made out of mirrora


Mangalamukhis are in my old home

Meaning selling garri

My mother who passed away had given new shoes in my dream

Multiple needles in arm

Meaning of color ash

Mealie comb

My wife given money for other man

My ex buy me boots with heels

My husbands ex wife is always dressed in black and she was sitting in front of a sangoma

Meaning of dreaming becoming a makoti


Meaning of bro in law naked in the dream

Meaning of bro

Monster trying kill

Men giving kumkum in dream

My calling out to me in a dream

Mom calling out my name in dream

Mom calling my name in dream

My brother got injured and loss his remaining power

Meanig of a moving golden cars

My son came between bus wheels and injured

Marrying cockatiel bird

Moon fnaf

Marrying a snake

Many seeds falling from my nose

Moringga leaves

Multi colored shirt

Meaning of dreaming of a family member having a third surgery eye apart from the two eyes

Meaning of agidi in a dream


Mosque and thunder

May 31

Meaning of seeing two pestles in a dream

Meaning of dreaming jesus singing

Muffing ex girlfriend

Mother wants a kitchen tool returned

Mark zuckerberg

Mean of bed ng given some butternuts

Martini glass

Monster fish

My died a uncle giving me a walking stick

Mother giving me money in a dream

Meat stuck on tooth and removing

My dead uncle celebrating

Mom tells me i stink

Man made object flying in the air

My mom is giving water to me

Meaning of dreaming about night dancers chasing you

My father asked me what can he buy for me

Meaning of mother exposing private parts in a dream

Meaning of escorting someone in a dream

Meaning eating meat and iceblock

Man walking on fire

Money and bus in dream

Mother had a baby girl

My brother was scolding me

Mother in law touching private parts

Mad man chasing me

Mad person throwing objects at me

Mad man gave a hard core stone to someone in the dream

Monk giving me money bag

Met gala

Multiple piles of bones

Moter bike head light

My car ended on a tree top

Marrying your uncle

Meaning of eating bitter kola in the dream

Missing child

Man from india

Meeting former girlfriend

Meeting an ex

Meaning of pounding rice and flour seen in a dream

Moving out of home due to job loss

My grandmother cooking food for me in dream

My father gave me a gun

My dead cussing was in my wedding

Merlin the wizard

Menstrual blood on floor

Merlin wizard

Moving to a new house surrounded by the river and splashed by the river nearly falling in trying to get out

My daughters ex boyfriend

Meaning of picking ugba seed in your dream

My head gonna explored

Meaning of testing secondhand clothes in a dream

Meaning of a man touching my vagina

My dead father under too many blankets

Medicine stirring on big vessels

My pastor off his cloth and gave it to me to wear wear

Meaning of washing black pot in a river

More feather in tongue

Mother mary smiled

Meaning of pounding palm oil fruits in dream

My girlfriends vagina

Money falling in water

Mad man dying

My enimies

Mass murderer

My gas cylinder and gas plate being stolen from the kitchen

Man with his tongue hanging out

My own son with me

Meaning of seeing sugar cane in dreams

Maroon beads

Meaning of a black sedan mecerdes benz in a dream

Mother being abused in dream

My dead husband pead in bed

My pot of white rice was stolen

Me abusing mother

My husband is kissing my feet in my dream

Meaning of eating boiled ripe plantain and palm oil in the dream


Meaning of someone pressing my neck killing me

Mules team farming being shot

Meaning of tying broom together

Match box

My future dream and him

Mother and good smell

Mom turns into monster

My husbands penis cut off and growing on the wife

My husbands penis cut off and growing of on the wife

My husbands penis cut off and growing of in another place

Meaning of my adult child giving me money

Mad man giving me money


Mark on the forehead

Making amala flour casava in the dream

Many people wearing white

Meaning of having a surgery safety

Meaning of a male lion

Meaning of eating with a lion

Meaning of harvesting groundnut and eating them

My boyfriend broke up with me and i slept with his friend

Meaning of earing sapodilla in a dream

Membership card

Meaning of eating eba in ones dream

My older sister giving me hairs packages

Men dreaming about being in a woman body

My dad’s skin was turning yellow as he talked

Mother dating younger

Movie star

Mad personal giving you money

Message from a friend

Making amala in the dream

My ex girfriend sister is point a small gun and threatening to shoot me

My ex girlfriend biological sisiter was pointing cop 357 derringer at me in dream


Missing work desk from office

Masked follow

Masked man following me

Meaning of buying card in a dream


Married woman bless me in dream

Meaning of orange color water

My husband gives me a gold set in a dream

Meaning of me removing sand from my tongue

Meani g of thirst cow i dream

Mad woman collected my clothes but i retrieved some of it back

Married without a groom

My sister putting on my cloth

Maggi taste in my dream

Meaning of sharing ofals in a dream

My father fighting and throwing stones at me in the dream

Meaning of escreater in a dream

Mare foal

My friend seducing my boyfriend

Meaning of making marula oil in a dream


Me and my crush taking a picture

Moringa baby tree

Missing trash can

Murders roaming around

My crush move a hand to shake for hello with me and the dream end

Meaning of picking r50

My baby replicate herself

My wife and i are enemies

Message in a black book

My husband taking pictures of a naked women

Man in white mask

Meaning of the symbols of changing and clothes seen in a dream

Mother having baby with twenty four year old cousin

Melting face in mirror

Moving furniture with boyfriend into a new house we bought together

Moral dilemma

Man in bedroom

Me and my boyfriend got married in the future

My dead body

Me taking sweets

Maggots coming out of virginia

Meaning of sharing mineral water to people in a dream

Meaning of cleaning up my husband semen

Meaning of udara in dream

Meaning of udara in the dream


Making salad with grapes

My husband was going to sleep with my dayghter

Mother want to shower

Milk tree

Milk running from tree

Meaning of dreaming about kist

Meaning of receiving money from a politicians in dream

Male with a vagina

Melting silver ring


My dead father give me paper code

Mortar came out of well

Mom put beads in my waist

My love paying me lobola

My ex putting a ring on my finger

My friend has a recurring dream of me driving a black and yellow rolls royce

My boyfriend returning from abroad

My husband reconciling with his ex wife

Meaning of fruits falling on my head in the dream

Meaning of prince charles sons in a dream

Mud food

Meaning of black stains on washed clothes

My boss asked me to give him water to drink


My employer requested me for drinking water

My friend taller than me

Metal cabinets

My sister is fighting with my brother

Mom symbol

My dead mother pee sleeping on ground

Madman asking of water to drink

My baby swept away by floods

Magic being

Magic abilities

Man paying for dinner

My cat being hit by truck

Moving back by not crossing bridge

Mom running away


Meaning of seeing range in dream

My own feaces and used pad of others in public toilets

Meat and bones

My friend snatched my green dress from me

Mold under fingernail

Moulds in clothes

My crush ignoring my rival in a dream

My crush passed by my rival

Mushroom growing between toes

Mom shaved my eyelashes


My late ancle

My skin on my nose peeling off

My brain surgery

My friend had become rich and comes with iphone and gold

Mending slippers

Many snakes bite kitten



Meaning of a pregnant woman selling cooked beans

My uncle rubbing jasmine on my mothers hand

My dead auntie gave me a phone to talk


Meaning of the symbols buying cooked jollof rice

My slippers fell into toilet in my dreams

Meaning of dreaming your boyfriend at your parents house

Miscarriage of triplets

Meaning of dreaming about wearing a light green bhindhi

Meaning of receiving a pride price

My parner who is an electrician trying to electrify a fence to keep out a fox

Me and ex parner owning a farm

Male tongue piercing

Mum carrying a baby on her back

Meaning of given scent leaf in the dream

Married dreams mean

Matherinlaw tells son to remary

Meaning of a dream where you see your mom paying your debts

Meaning of dreaming flowers

Making ladoo

My dead wife gave birth in my drean

Mother in law was a prostitute

Money in shoe

My mother in law sweping my bedroom at night

Marble river in a dream

Murdering mother

Meaning of having an affair in a dream with a prophet

My girlfriend was married with kids with another man

Meaning of seeing a prophet making love to another woman

My mom was sad because of my relatives in a function and my ex tried to sort situation and made me happy he also made projection of my dad on wall to make me happy my grandfather was not happy initially as my mom is sad but he also is happy at end i hugged my ex very tight and he said thanks for hug

Meaning of there are two boys in the dream

Meaning of there are two men in the dream

My sister and i were shopping together

Mental breakdown

Marrying my brother

Military uniform

Man showing me his healing wounds covered with sanitary pads ounds

Man showing me his healing wounds

My dead cusin giving me pistachio to eat

Meaning of garden egg

Meaning of dreaming your ex boyfriend mad

My sister commits suicide

Meeting dog

My friend giving me needles

My sister having both genitals

Murder in the shower

Mom having seizure

Making dua in dreams

Monkey trying to kill snake

Meaning of losing a mirror

Meaning of mother beating daughter

My brother dream about me giving birth

Meaning of fruits fall on my body


My dog’s eye fell out

Mad frowning face to my neighbor

My wife was holding a plant

Man wiping my face

Making out in bathtub with u gf

Making zobo drink in my dream


My daughter being bitten by a snake

Metal elephant

My dad fingering me

Martial arts

Molesting a child meaning

Moving hanging clothes from outside

Moving clothes from the washing line

Meaning someone giving you a face cloth

Mushy rice

Manna in church

Meaning of giving maize

My husband ironing my clothes

My wife dream she was given mortar

My partner and someone else falling in love

My partner is kissing his long time friend

Match stick dreams

My boyfriend cheated on me

Man in crean color suit

My nephew dream about me of being tangled by a rope around my neck

Meaning of attending introduction in a dream

My white shirt stained on mud

Men being hung and decapitated

My ex boyfriend come to see me from oversea in dream

Menstruation and urinary

Mom making me cry


My mom laughing at me as i cry

My father wearing army uniform

Meaning of seeing a prophet nakedness in a dream

Mother giving blessings in dream

Ministry delvience to my sister

Money that i caught up in the street

Monkey drinking my water

Money in calabash and later turn to leave

My sons dad chose another girl over me

Me giving away money

Many little sea turtles at my door

Machine parts moving at different rates very noisy

Machi e parts moving at different rates

Monster that’s tellaport

Money in shoes

My tongue turning into a snake tongue

Mother dieing

Meaning of eating fish head in the dream

M͎e͎a͎n͎i͎n͎g͎ o͎͎f͎͎ c͎u͎t͎t͎i͎n͎g͎ s͎t͎i͎c͎k͎ i͎n͎ dream

Me scratching a baby

My brother in law shooting himself

My adult self hugging my child self


My grandmother handing me divination bones

Meaning of talking on video with your love

Mothers death

Mexican woman wearing all black

Making a shampoo advertisement


My mother’s leg being amputated

Meaning of a white cross in a dream

Mad woman attacking random person

My husband gift my sister a baby pinklingerie

My dead husband holding a huge docile wasp

My mother said goodbye to me

My father on top of sea

Meaning off a dead to share food from the pot

Moth and spider web

My best clothes got burnt in my dream

Marriage dream

Man half goat being rude then nice

Meeting footballer

Mouldy books


Moving light

My deceased sons death certificate

Making bhakari

Meaning of dreaming eating maas

My boss slapped me

Meaning of eating semo and ewedu in the dream

Mom telling me how she died

My dead grandmother fainting in front of me

My moms dead mom standing outside the door not talking

Musterd oil gifted in dream by dead father

Missing of god idol from their place

Meaning of a mad person throwing a big stone at you

Mouth snakes

Married partner

My friend committed suicide in my dream

Man chasing with hammer

Myself being a strict teacher

Meeting with some friends in a supermarket

Meaning boil eye

Meaning of drinking mashed kenkey

My boobs got swollen and hurt

Men without top number

Men without top

Mops i

My husband liying about money

Meaning of blood vessels bursting in a dream

My husband getting married to rich family

My dad getting shot

My eyes being like black

My eyes being like snake eyes

My kids were eaten

Meaning of scratching back

Maroon njeti

Michigan state dream

My exgirlfriend gave me a white handkerchief

Metal falling from the ceiling

Meaning of an instruction from a stranger about finding a certain car boot key

Meaning of sfinding a lost car boot key in a dream

Meaning of something to be unlocked with a key in a dream

Missing pieces of a clarinet in my dream

My valorant elo is 0

My dead mother giving me water

My ex who im in a major despute with apeared sick and un healthy

Making peanut brittle

Mom suicide


Missing part of foot

My 6 year old son took magic mushrooms

My 6 year old son ate magic mushroomed

My 6 year old took magic mushrroms

Meaning dirty in the dream

Monkey hug

Meaning of blood covenant in a dream

My ex was on a stripper pole

Meaning of having a blood covenant with your guy in your dreams

My dead friend gives a baby

Mother punched in the nose

Mother with church roof exposed

Mother is white dream black

Mad person tear clothes in dream

Meaning of purging in the dream

Marrying a jin

Music sheets and doors

Meaning of prophet anointing your hands in my dream dream

My boyfriend wearing my jeans and shoes

Moon covered by darkclouds

Mother of someone you love

Meaning of eating uncooked groundnut in dream

Metal pip opening w rebar inside

Massage by gay masseur

Mentally iii preson

Multiple snakes

My cousin was hit on the head by a coconut by her father

Meaning of wearing stitch shoes in the dream



My mother being swept away by wave

Meaning of picking up shoes in the dustbin worn shoes but not toned nor old both for children and adult

Mom gave me cakes

Meaning of pink cup

Meaning of dressed inappropriattrly in a sikg temple

Man with cross eyed woman

Moaning worms

Male with vagina rapes man

Mealie meal

Mastubating in a bath or water

Mwaning of a dead person giving you a cap

Meaning of the symbols of wife enemy seen in a dream

Meaning of a man spoiling my name in a dream means what

My head

Missing of alter in the house

Meditating about riding horses in the native american culture what foes it means

My head caved in

My self and my wife beaten by cheppal in dream meaning

My husband married to my sister

Money dreams

My pubic hair turn to dreadlock

My favorite person told me to move on with my life without him


My classmate saying me i love you

Mother naked

Male child with 2 male organ in a dream


Meaning of a woman rubbing white chalk in the dream

Meuse i’m

Meaning of mad person hugging you

Married to lion

Man in fire


Madman naked

Mountain slide in a home

Moa bird

Mother doing black magic in dreams what is meaning in islam

Military rank

Man licking boobs and cooking together in playful mood

My friend going to abroad in drm

Mother mary; hooks

My ex was crying in my dream

My ex asked me for money what does that mean

Marked exam scripts

My husband second marriage in dream

Mesopotamia dream

Manila tarmind in dreams sign

My boyfriend and i climbing up a hill on our vehicle and then the vehicle stop and wend down the clean river

Meaning of dreaming of brother giving me food

My sister wearing my cloths

Mad man almost rape someone

Money silver and paper

Meaning of been flogged by a teacher in the dream

Meaning of a dream about a uniform personel pursuing me

Magpie feathers

Mad man laughing at you in dream

Meaning of symbol 3 dead bodies in a dream

Myjellybean dream interpretation

Meaning of buying keke

My dead ex bf came to me during a bad dream

My ex girl friend she is close with some other guy

Man in white robes

Man in black

Man dressed in black

Muscular legs

Mother got cancer in dream

My pastor talking to me

My deceased mum was breathing at me

Mom wearing blue

My dead part er gave me a kiss in my dream

My dead partner gave me a drink of water in my dream

Meaning of the symbols of kingdom and war seen in a dream

Meaning of a priest sheltering in my house in adream

Me and my enemy is shaking hand and smiling together

Me and the person going to court is smiling together

Many big tarantulas making webs around my school and attacking people

My front yard was dug out

Mother in law and brother in law taking away my son

My partner going abroad with another girl

My boyfriend introducing me to his family

Money boat

Makoti clothes

Message written on a hand

Making an international call with someone u know

Miss an exam

Mad woman chasing you

Meaning of dead person showing you a banana in blue plastic

May 19th

Moving a restaurant


Meaning of dead person holding a knife in a dream

Meaning of broken identity card in my dream

Marrying choice

Man with woman in bed


More than one person possessed

Man monster made of ice

Mum killing my siblings

My deceased son wearing a light blue suit

Mind framing

My boyfriend in my church with his brothers sitting in the ultur

Meaning of arriving late at graduation ceremony

Meaning and symbols of husband boss coming on to me


Material getting stuck in the door

Meaning of a strong neighbours fence

Mother with luggage

Making ridges with how in a dream

Mad man throwing stones at you in dream meaning

Mad man asking me for food in dream

My troopy is broken

Mixing muthi

My daughter married to royal family

My late wife plaiting her hair in a dream

My ex boyfriend wants to come back and wants to marry me

My boy friend fighting with my sister

My employee resigned

Meaning of dreaming about a big diamond shape rock falling from the sky

Mum standing in a bucket of cold water

Monitor lizard following

Making love to deceased wife

My dad gifted me iphone

Mogra flowers in dream

Mogra phool dekhna

Meaning of my dad gives me an iphone as a gift

Meaning of rotten cassava in a dream

My dog and blood

Moving back to old house

My dead dog

Me and him at temple with holding hands

My uncle having romantic feelings for me

My shoes are with my ex boyfriend

My daughter asked me for a kiss as i was leaving

My ex fiancé and deceased grandmother in the same dream

My ex fiancé and my deceased grandson in the same dream

Mother going for umrah in a dream

My dog having a seizure

Making tea with milk for 2 persons

Milk land with family

Mines combining

My daughter keft eye blind

My husband carrying my child to another woman

Missing cat come home

Mother washing your feet

Meaning of someone says god bless you on a dream

May day port coquitlam

Meal meaile

Making seed bed

My grandfather asked me to dish up some food for him and i told him to pick the meat he wants but the meat got spilt on the floor

Makings starch

Meaning of a dream that a child has her head wrapped in plastic

Micro processors


Man with hair with needles sticking out

Melting bag

My wife killing me

Meaning of cervical mucus in dream

Mom being hit and seizing

Mom being hit and dieting

Mouth gun choking

My dad died his hair

My ex watching me with binoculars

Man sucking my nipple and sour discharge

Man sucking my nipple and sour liquid comes out

Man drinking sour juice from my nipple

Meaning of oil mixed with water in a dream

Melie meal in bags

Mad women blessing me

Meaning of a dead hanging on a rope

Meaning of dream of my disease father gave mo guava fruit


My introduction ceremony

Maize meal

Many black horned animal in dream

My boyfriend as a guest in my house

Making a mat

My daughter hanging from a rope but i saved her

Man without aocks

Madman bathing in a dream

Mother chose sister over me

Muslim woman in my dreams

Meaning of drinking garri groundnut and sugar

Meaning of picking ukpaka seed in dream

Mornings soup in dream

Mom asked me my name

My wife cooked geco and served me in a plate

Monster from cookie run kingdom

Meaning of buying plenty fried peanuts with a silver coins in a dream

Meaning of sun and moon together in a dream

My boss and me heated by wood branch

Man with virgina

Mad man asking me for money forcefully in the dream meaning

Mad man kiss in a dream

Monkey bite on my heel

My sister gave me palm kernel

Meaning of seeing your daughter being attacked in your dream

Mother accident

My mum wearing my dress

My school surrounded by water

Mother died but still living

Meaning of green in kimbaguist church

Man in house

Meaning of keke in the dream

Meaning of a dead person spitting saliva

Meaning of people coming to pay lobola for my daughter

Moon behind clouds with green tint

Me getting kidnapped

Monsters home darkness dim lighting

Meaning of receiving dry fish from my late mother

Money in hands

Mom washing clothes

My mom washing clothes

Me and my frind performing ummarah in deeam

Mothers exposing her private parts

Monk reciting to me

Murder for fight

My dead mom give me hand bag

Meaning of the dream living together with my boyfriend

Melting vessel

Massive cargo ships running aground

My blankets being washed

Mums picture

Meaning of eating bread and 3 akara in the dream

My mother law dreamed of me wearing a white robe

Monkey killing a snake

Magical dreaming in islam

Many dead people after storm surge

Making small roti

Marries mother

Meet somoene

My brother hurt me physically in my dream

Meaning of oil and salt in the dream

Meaning of licking small mango in the dream

Meaning of dream where you see unknown boy died in your lap

Mom swept away by flood

Mother in law bring turmeric with ginger paste while i am bathing

Making seedbed in a dream


My dead man leaving me

Mawu phupha ucamela espajini

My shoes filled with water

Mango fall on hand

My lecture accompanying me somewhere

My dress ripping

My hanfu ripping

Meaning of pimento in dream

My ex boyfriend naked dream

My way dream that i am praying for her

Meaning of coconut tree burning in dream

Metal slivers

My girlfriend was a sylph

My daughter disappeared during a flood

Meaning of green flies

Meaning of green vaginal discharge

My girlfriend left



My sister i law is giving lots of kisses

My boyfriend spit after us kissing

Meaning of boyfriend throwing pee to me

Moving in a new house in the dream

Meaning of 500000 digits in a dream

Meaning of obb

My fiance gave me a pad in my dream meaning

My fiance gave me pad in my dream meaning

My mother wearing my dress

Malevolent spirit

My brothers farm burning

My boyfriend paying loyola for me

Mad woman put on my clothes in my dreams

Mum coming to my school

My phone fell inside the river

My children’s uniform is dirty

Missing train

Me being a prophetess in a dream

My eyes turned lighter from brown to hazel

Meaning of the dream seeing a old class mate