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Dreams starting with the letter L

Landscaping with a deceased loved one

Lamb with broken leg

Locked window with eagle trying to open window

La ilaha illa allah muhammadun rasul allah

Lake of fire you fall

Lord vitthal

Low point of view

Low angle view

Light coming out of the body

Left in a pit

Letter x

Li daniel


Letting go of someone’s hand

Locked door

Long vines

Losing dug up root and vines

Lady penafrancia

Large evergreen tree

Laying facedown in grass

Leading blind lady to her boyfriend who is hurt

Laws inside my house


Lilies blossom

Lilies blossom at sea

Lion head chopped off

Leg burn

Little dead girl on a swing

Lots of candles

Lining up for food with your senior pastor

Late father tears of blood left eye

Leaving objects

Lices in hair

Lost of luggage and seeing rasta man

Lost my shoes

Luckey number maize

Left husband for another man

Loved one dying tragically

Letting cats out of rooms and closing each door

Lady bed known man

Late mom carrying water

Losing one shoe

Losinf one sandal

Lizard fall from the sky on me

Large bird caring child away

Leaving server

Loved one dying

Lanky man

Lady in bed with a known man

Lady cuddling with man in bed



Lop of ear

Loved ones head in freezer looks freeze dried

Loves ones head in freezer looks freeze dried

Leopard bites snake

Leopard biting a snake

Lost teeth

Lying on top of someone facing upwards

Leaning head on shoulders

Little boy and little girl in bus

Like shapes of circles and squares falling out of the sky

Lying on top of me

Losing my favourite trousers

Lake that is blue

Lots of ant in closet floor

Lick face

Logs floating in water

Late father hands we wet fire wood

Late father hands me a wet fire log

Living another life in dreams

Later father handing me a wet fire log

Late father cutting tree length log

Late father cutting logs

Late father cutting fire wood come through a door hands me a wet log

Lion face

Locket as keepsake

Locket to remebet

Light around a closed door

Laughing at myself


Loved one popping champagne in a dream

Linen fabric

Living with random people

Looking through blinds

Lion print

Loud knocking at my front door from a deceased loved one

Ludo board game


Ldreamimg of being seduced

Lady with horns

Late dad giving me a sleeping bag

Light white

Lost my wallet with all my cash

Lion n peacock in same dream

Levitating stuff

Living will

Laying down on a grave

Leaking church roof in a dream

Living in upstairs in the dream

Laying my baby next to my diseased grandmother

Long pit

Losing my dog

Losing gifts

Losing presents

Lighting a diya in front of god in dream

Lee ft big toe severed

Little portion of land with strange water here and there

Light house fall in my dream

Late father bluilding new house

Licking ur own ass

Library falling apart

Looking for lost sneakers

Losing chocolates

Light angel

Lonely in a unoun house

Low society

Lost spectacle

Lost in a foreign town

Land documents

Laying on the floor

Locked traveling bag left alone standing but being watched by me the owner

Lion roaring elephant dancing and leopard walking

Liking a vipers

Lemon pie


Low or no headlights

Lime mineral

Less in a dream

Loved one calling son’s name


Looking for a killer

Long braided hair

Long line of people

Lord ganesha feet design

Lord jagannath in person

Leaked messages

Lost husbands gun

Lost a gun

Lady boss angry on me

Lobola day dream

Late father eating raw meat dream meaning

Looking for your shoes

Laying on of hands

Lady putting on short

Low hair cut meaning in dream

Lost a ticket

Losing job

Lion and eagles

Lost asian girl

Living in old house illegally

Lucky number

Lava desert cow teleportation

Large head small body

Looking out a penthouse window

Licking medicine in a dream

Limestone disease

Lions and birds

Late mother giving me water

Little boy mastirbating

Lottery wining

Loss a daughter

Lost my cat

Losing a child

Losing in my eyesight

Lost shoes in a dream

Letter box in a garden

Lower stomach

Losing my guitar then finding it with the strings twisted

Lady licking your lips

Looking for lobola letter

Licking lime

Launched from

Leaking water

Late brother and his late wife

Love debt

Lion attack

Lighting flies

Lion kills my dog

Light blue ribbon

Lost in darkness

Licking a woman vagina in dream

Live in partner drives the car with me


Lemon tree with different fruit

Lost bags

Living basement

Laptop fall in water

Little girl angel dream

Lost grandfather

Long loss family friend

Light hitting

Late mother marking scripts

Lord krishna

Looking two bodies of one person at different places

Lost accomplishment

Light comes through door

Laughing while sleeping

Loaf of bread

Leech in vagina

Losing a job crying

Lizard eyes

Left hand cut off then sewn back together

Losing the heel of a shoe

Looking for a car key boot in a dream

Landing on my hand

Lego characters

Legs handcuffs

Lady suiting at the edge of bed while you are sleeping

Large broken windows


Lost sim card but found in a dream mean

Lambs in sky

Lying with my mattress on the floor in a single roomed house

Lady with burned face

Late grandmother asking tea

Lumps on stomach

Lizard running

Lizard potty on cheeks

Lady in a green jacket

Looking on swimming pool while raining

Lions tigers and elephants

Lucky number today

Lead role in play

Lion husband

Lion husban

Livers coming out of my private part

Lizard urine on me

Logs being thrown

Living in germany

Long beak

Lions kissing

Leg finger seen in dream

Loved one face black

Looking for girlfriend

Looting abandoned houses

Large cell phone

Landscape picture

Lost wedding ring

Leading high school kids

Left baby in the car


Late father’s cloth being toned in the dream

Lion tiger and leopard together

Lion tiger panther

Living in the stone age

Loosing my car

Large leaves

Lated father eating chicken drumsticks

Lemon or lime fruit

Lawyer and legal paper

Loosing pair shoes drea

Little girl scream for mom

Lost sarees in dream

Lift stuck

La hawla wa la quwwata illa billah in dream

Lost hotel key hole in my pocket

Looking for shoes

Lines combining

Lavish money


Leg amputation of brother


Lush to bare

Little boy obsessed with you

Left foot poor circulation and black area

Laying down hugging her

Looking for à identity card

Looking for à disgrâce identity card

Losing competition

Licking palm oil

Lakshmi feet

Looked in the mirror disfigured face bleeding with teeth falling out

Leaving body

Late dad spiting saliva

Late father spiting saliva in a house

Left eye close

Lion chasing me in a dream

Left to right in in a fresm

Lady god immersed and water seen in a dream

Layins down on back in bed

Lost of car


Leaf woman

Long hair dream

Leaning your head back

Losing car wallet phone

Losing phone water

Loud mini fridge

Leaking penis

Lost in a house

Lover digging up a dead child

Lobola celebration

Lake with grass

Living together with a boyfriend

Leading a charge of hundreds of men against an opposing army

Late mom spraying me with strong perfume

Lakshmi in silver pendent

Leopard chasing us

Ligament injury

Losing a trailer

Losing virginity and getting married

Loosing dog in dream

Laughing with snake in dream means

Loosing coat


Leech kin

Lucy hazleton

Leaking breast

Large cement object falling into empty bath tub causing many large crakcs

Large crack in a bath tub from heavy object falling into it


Love making

Living skeletons

Lizard vagina lost shoes

Lizard vagina toilet

Larvae bugs insect in the ears

Laced weed

Lion with bloody mouth

Lord siva

Loved one looked grey and dead but was looking at me like he was still alive

Living on the river symbolize

Lost tooth

Legs unformed


Loss of dead persons wedding ring

Light pink shoe falling in toilet pot

Log floating in water

Log flossing in water

Lost mangalsutra in floods

Left hand full of light

Lover that can’t be together

Lit up grave

Looking down in my dream

Licking other girl private part while am a girl

Lord balaji idol in dream

Lots of dark chocolate dessert

Lobola in my dreams


Living with my friend

Looking for birth certificates

Lake and river meeting

Losing a tooth with the root still attached

Lost loved one wants me to go with them

Lunch box falling out of car

Lost utensil at temple

Lemon cake

Lying on floor with a partner

Looking for shoose

Losing brush bristles

Lethargic monkey

Leg ulcer

Lesbian with a wife

Lioness and cubs


Letters entrusted to people in the mail

Lady in white cryig


Lizard pees on your hand

Losing 50$ dollarsa

Losing 50$ buck

Lost a metal equipment in the river

Lost a mental equipment in the river

Lost a heavy steel grinder in a river

Lost a steel inside the water

Lost in a labyrinth of underground city tunnel

Lion coming out of the sea

Lion coming out of sea


Log flume ride

Leeches coming out from baby eyes

Lost child

Lost in dark forest

Late for train

Losing slippers outside mosque

Lion and camel in city

Lion sitting on me

Late wife washing her feet

Leak ceiling in dream

Leaked nudes

Little boy shadow

Large truck

Ladies underware

Lion fighting wolf

Lion fight wolf

Loud metal clanging

Licking pussy with blood

Leading horse upstairs

Leading a bay horse

Licking boyfriend anus

Lotus flower

Licking tomtom sweet in a dream means

Loved ones passed

Loud demon noises

Leaves that are gone

Lilac blue snake

Left arm painted in dream meaning

Late father giving me half bread meaning

Lion watching me

Landing on head

Live flower plant

Lion watching you

Little squirt

Loosening of hair

Leg bones

Laughing buddha pendant

Looking down at 3 ravens on a tombstone

Lost in a new city

Love one cheating

Losing a dog

Lost in an aeroplane

Lamprey fish


Lampreys in a fish bottle

Lampreys in a big bottle with a lot of force to come out

Licking leech in ear

Lion licking me

Losing gold ring and reciting inna lliahi

Late brother

Loved one wearing orange

Living with my boyfriend and his family

Lots of dreams

Late for class

Living in mars planet

Lion with child and cows

Lions with wife and child


Leather arm chairs

Left kid on bus

Looking for hidden items in the wall

Laptop bags

Leg muscle

Locked up in mental hospital

Lion in a boat with water

Lifeline on palm short

Legs heavy when attempting to rrun

Locusts coming out of ur hand and killing them

Long black haired girl

Long hair passed my butt

Lots of little spiders

Leading an assembly line

Lighted diya

Lobola negotiations in a dream

Long red coat

Leaving my church

Lesbian wedding

La illaha illalhah

Lost in the forest

Laughing with boyfriend

Loved one covered in white paint

Lucky number for donkey black

Lusting after celebrity

Long burp

Liquid paint

Lost in your dreams

Leviathan cross

Love bird in my hair

Lion chasing run and climbing a tree

Living mother swimming in clear water

Late father wearing a suit

Looking for mayo

Large red pet rooster

Lost in a building


Lion reflection in wter

Lizard summersault

Lava and people coming out of the ground

Loosing ring toe

Light afar

Lasers hovering shooting at people burning holes through there clothes

Leatherback sea turtle


Lost gun



Leading prayer rakaat mistake dream interpretations

Laxmi puja

Laxmi puja with lotus

Laxmi puja with white lotus

Licking a navel


Lost biycle

Lost bicycle

Leading prayer by yourself indream

Leadingvprayer by yourself indream

Lizards and snake

Lorry carry loggs

Large zucchini in clear plastic bag

Lightning strike a tree

Looking for a person named pimento

Losing your boyfriend

Licky licky

Land collide

Lady of guadalupe

Locust beans in the dream

Large anaconda with big nostrils keeping me trapped

Lack of contact

Lost wallet

Licking vagina dream

Lady in white and wet

Loading up the wheelbarrow

Left swollen eyes shut

Lossing the virginity of your daughter

Loosing documents

Lizard in the soup dream


Little black boy in africa

Long powerpoint projector screen

Little girl yelling

Looking for a snake

Lovers face close up

Lost wife

Large fruit

Lost a ring

Little brother

Losing a shoeing a race

Licking girls feet

Licking smo girl feet

Losing a watch

Late father want to invite someone at home

Large sum of cash

Loved one crossing over underwater

Lion attacking dog

Lotus leaf

Latrin pit

Log wedged in the head

Large farm barn painted half red and half white

Long flowing green dress on mother

Lots of rooms in large house

Legs of a table

Lord murugan

Leon dream that trued to stack me but i got away

Looking for someone lost

Licking my ear

Large swollen feet

Losing several item unable to reach or slipping from my hands

Late father giving cash

Locked foor

Lift someone up

Lawyer gave me paper money in dream meaning

Lick copper

Lifting up a heavy pot with water and it dropped down and got broken at my work place

Leaking tape water

Late husband leaving me

Lizard mating in dream

Locked in a box

Liserd in a vivian

Lost in familiar place

Laughing at your naked

Losing dupatta in dream

Lions running after you

Lady slippers

Lady spirit holding a key

Literal symbols

Loud speaker

Losing tooth

Lossing buddha statue

Lioness licking my face

Lizard bite in dream

Lighting your younger on fire

Lighting your tongue on fire

Lighting your tongue on fire mean in

Lighting your tongue on fire meaning

Locking a key

Locking a key in a dream

Loading friends


Love story

Loosing at a game i play

Lost money found it in my dream

Linnet blessing

Linnet blessing in dream

Legion we are one

Leaning on crushes shoulder

Licking penis

Lion and tigers

Lucky number of earthworm

Luxury brand

Leading pray

Losing earbuds and then getting ran over by a golf cart

Losing bunny in flood

Lassi drinking dream

Licking roof

Locust beans

Light blue and white beads

Lord balaji

Living in a church attic

Lizard poop in the mouth

Licked my chamaleon

Lost of documents in dream

Loved one swept by a river and later rescued

Life is spared

Lizard bayawak

Lost ltem

Lizard biting toe

Lake full of black goo

Ladies took all the red beets


Long haired young boy

Looking at silver watch for time and noticing a silver necklace too

Lost diamonds from a ring


Losing path

Looking out the window i couldn’t stop cumming sperm on the wall non stop

Limping on the left leg while walking

Loboa meaning

Low car fuel

Letter b pink colour

Loud boom

Loud noise

Laud noises

Losing gravity

Laying down be side fire what does it mean

Logs on track

Leaving my family to go abroad

Leaving my family to fly to another country

Love poem

Long eye discharge

Lava in dreams

L had a dream yesterday about my late daddy moving in swamp filled of sweet potato and he told me to pick two of it and l found him dead covers with sweet potatoes on him


Limestone engagement ring

Loud car

Lookin for a small piece of paper to write something on

Leopard print cloth

Long rubber band mouth

Light turning on by itself

Lobola cows

Losing a coat

Led to a cave

Laugh in your dream

Low marks in your paper

Low marks

Looking for a small dog

Looking for a white dresss

Looking for a white dress

Locus beans in the dream

Late for a wedding


Lighting a fuse on a bomb

La ilaha il lallah

La ilaha written on wall in dream

Laughing on jokes in dream with my deceased mother

Lizard chasing snake

Losing may teeth

Litter of 6 puppies

Looking for native chalk( the licking) to buy in the dream

Lemonade with doughnut

Living in someone else house

Living in someone else space

Legal file

Lord krishna smiling

Lighting fire

Lizzard bite dream

Licking pussy in dream


Lakhe in dream

L dream of my boyfriend in my parents house

Loved like a beautiful dream

Loosing tooth crown

Laxmi mata so many silver coins found

Light blue

Little toe being bitten by a frog

Long thorns in hands with deceased mother behind me

Losing circulation

Losing a phone

Lost seeking administration

Lost looking for administration

Lost at college what classes to take where is administration and coffee

Locked out of my apartment

Loosing your teeth in your dream


Losing dog

Large white object

Luggage stolen

Leaving school

Lion and snakes

Losing my bottle i love so much and then i find it

Land lady dream

Large hangnail

Living person giving message

Legs run over by train

Light bringer

Light ringer


Letters on hand

Loan signing

Late wife putting artificial hair on my head in dreams

Late wife braided my hair in dreams

Living beheaded fawn and mother

Locked suitcase

Large green snake with human face

Large snake with human face

Launch in rocket to space

Losing hearing and losing voice

Landlord tries to kiss tenant

Light feet’s

Losing both arms

Loss of grapes

Loss of grocery bag in a public bus

Lido game dream


Leaking bus

Lover gets haircut

Laptop broken fell

Losing oxegen

Lunch box stolen in dream

Landing from an aeroplane

Lost in a store

Lump of hair in drinking water

Lonely house

Lying down

Lady of fatima

Lion and serpent


Leaves falling on your head

Lettuce dress

Looking at ground


Long dwell


Leo constellation in the sky


Lots of banana


Ladders in tights


Layers of old carpets



Laugh at

Leopards attacking me

Light blue eyes

Law enforcement men



Losing husband

Locker combination

Losing money

Large waves ocean

Licking orange

Lamb being born

Lying on top

Late husband removed seeds from green chillie n gave me whilst him n my mom n i were on pilgrimage

Laying at door of church

Lovers parents

Light blue and white sleeveless jacket

Light blue and white jacket

Losing something and someone picking it up and giving it back

Luxury home interior

Lakota tribe

Lavender waterbugs

Lights go off

Lump in head

Late grand mom holding honey

Living with psychiatrist

Living in a simulation

Late old parent

Late old parentdt

Lemon grass

Late at a wedding

Launching satellite

Lizard jump left hand

Lucky number of banana fruits

Lizard inside my underwear

Lucky number in 6 45

Loud bang and child running out door laughing

Leaking anus


Left right

Locking toes with one partner

Lightening on me and thought of dying

Loved one floating in water


Large amount of poop

Laying down negate at the side of water

Lying down negate at the side of water

Losing wife in crowd

Leading a black horse

Lilac dress

Losing teeth

Low parapets

Losing wedding ring

Left eye melting

Log of wood

Losing hair

Local flood

Little girl has penis

Lucky numbers for dreaming man sweeping

Loud plastic movement


Low time


Lion paw

Lose something important at sea

Lose something at sea

Lose something at the sea

Licking black velvet tamarind

Leaning your head on the shoulder of a friend

Looking for an empty bathroom to take a shower

Like getting amputated

Losing the lotttery


Lost trouser

Legs being dry

Lungs not working properly

Leopard print single shoe

Leporeded print shoe

Life hitting hard

Lost and found a bag with valuables

Little boy

Laughing with a dead minister

Looking into empty rain water tank

Lost memory

Loved one who has passed reaching their hand out to me

Lick nipple

Left shoes

Lots of white men

Little girl wearing saree for solo dance

Lord ram is sad

Lizard fly falling on head

Logs floating on river in a dream

Looking through crosshairs

Lesbian wedding of myself

Listening shank sound

Lava under house

Late father ask me to follow him he wants to give me a message

Loud motorcycle pulling up and a loud knock at the door


Lion sitting on my lap


Lost phone

Lovers eyes changing colour

Losing item in stairwell

Loving a co wife in dream

Lump of yams


Loss in malaysia

Loosing virginity and seeing the devil

Left handbag at bus stop

Left handbag

Looking handsome

Lots of money multiple currency


Long hairs on partners back

Lead sinkers

Love of my life kisses our baby

Licking udara in dream

Lava in a jar

Lizard peeing on me in the dream

Leaving a baby in a car

Lost animals

Lying dead persons clothes

Late mother

Licking a bag

Licking grinded pepper and honey

Lost boat

Liquor in my fridge

Lying on the edge of the building

Lying on the edge of the biolding

Lose a cat

Lock jaw

Licking or sucking pussy in the dream

Lion attacking sheep dream means

Looking at spiral staircase

Looking at metal spiral staircase

Lizard pees on my head

Lake of stars

Lesbian had a baby

Lesbian having a baby

Life danger

Lu star

Leaking water and snakes

List cellphones

Loss of a passport

Large flat river rock

Light in face

Light shining in face

Losing a fictional character as a friend

Late young brother driving a truck with a passenger

Lost shoes by river

Loved one with another

Left hand little finger


Light spirit

Laying face down

Long dark and thicker hair

Living tree log

Loss of limb

Little girl with black eyes

Licking powder milk in the dream

Lending money to a friend

Lost in foreign country

Lost slippers

Losing college certificates

Leaving your place

Lot of braai meat

Lions and wolf in a dream

Lost gold coin

Locked car

Late father visit me with some yellow bananas in dreams

Little boy and following

Long black haired woman

Lift without floor

Lady stranger in saree with vermillion

Long term boyfriend cheating on me betrayal

Loosing money

Lots of parakeets

Losing shoes

Leg rotting with a metal rod inside

Love bossession

Looking at myself

Lost golf club


Lift things without touching them

Lending an item

Little girl asking for water in dream


Long bread nose being cut off

Ladies ring

Limbless people working out

Loss of sarees in wedding hall

Lady with bhindhi

Left breast just fell off

Little boys playing and asking of water to drink

Loosing cop cap

Lion statue

Lava with colorful crystals

Labour dreams means

Lady officer seen in a dream


Lots of people

Lullaby music

Lock and keys


Leading a horse

Leasing a horse

Leaving fold of islam

Lose of eyesight

Lightning fragrance sticks by dead person in dream meaning

Local officials

Laying on floor

Laying on stomach

Luggage immersed in water


Leader great

Lazer branded leg

Lost school uniform


Light tree

Long transparent snake

Lucid dream

Large nail punctured right big toe

Land dispute dream meaning

Lost purse

Lost irse


Lahawla wa la kuwata illa billahi

Ladder wood

Leaking teapot

Lips between the eyes

Let entangled

Loosening your work uniform

Lending clothes

Lotto star

Looking for mom in desert

Losing voice when trying to pray

Lost my wrist watch

Leaking someone toe

Lost baggage in a trip

Looking down at fighting gods


Late husband

Left eye shaking


La hawl wala qwatta

La hawla wala quwatta

Lion judging

Lakes that shock you

Lakes that electricute you

Lakes that school you

Late father gave me a lot of mangoes in my dream

Late father gave me mango in my dream

Locking door before bed

Long distance boyfriend kissing me

Loved one committing suicide

Late grandma giving out sorghum in the dream


Late grandfather cooking with me

Lighting camphor at doorway




Loved ones hand burned

Losing face

La ilaha ilal lah

Long hair in nose

Lending books

Live kudu hang itself on the tree

Lost in wieana