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Dreams starting with the letter L

Lion meat

License bunt

Lucky number for dreaming steam bread

Lost hairdryer

Lotto number of a dead celebrity

Lady wanting to hurt me

Licking honey

Looking for boots

Looking for boots to go horse riding

Lost my alpaca

Large animal foot prints

Losing a vehicle

Leopard killing kids in dream

Lion coming in dream

Love the picture

Lion and owl in dream

Loose belt

Lion going in an out of the river

Long black hair in food

Lizard drowned in a glass of water

Lucky number for dreaming removal of furniture from a house

Lime trww lots of limes

Lime tree with lots of limes

Lottery number for crabs and fishes

Living with significant other

Lavender onesie

Leaving a person

Lightning and thunder killing people

Longhorn dream

Late husbang bought me a big house

Locked up in prison

Lord balram and krishna in home

Lion knocker

Little girl gave me money in my dream

Lion on fire

Lt father


Levitating from bed by ghost

Lichee fruit in dream

Licking a woman pussy

Lotus growth in hands palm

Limping with a walking stick

Lily pad being pulled from penis

Line drawn in sand

Lion with blue eye roaring

Lion with blue eye

Living with my boyfriend in the same house

Long wriggling silver snake

Laying on same bed with my mother inlaw

Loft apt dream


Lentils in the container

Lord ganesha visarjan

Level of floors in condos

Lesson learned

Lying next to a celebrity death corpse in my dream

Lion attempting to murder my mom but she is not dead at last

Lion attempting to murder my mom

Losing my pillow

Lizard on an empty bottle

Loosing finger

Late husband returns and said i will see if i can get that for you 8880 euro


Lord vittal

Lights flicker and go out

Land rain

Land moving around

Land moving

Late mother doing laundry

Leaking water in the house

Lion and lambs

Lovable dogs

Looking for father pio

Loved one already passed on

Late grand mother pouring soup on my head

Lids on entryway

Light house

Loved one refusing to cut your beard

Lion chasing a goat or sheep


Laying down naked with a woman

Loud bang and flash of light

Lemon tree attacked by ant

Limbs of a body becoming dirt

Long hair coming out of nose

Licking palm

Little boy with pen knife

Light post on fire

Lost cart

Little tube

Lucky numbers for today

Looting guns

Lying in the river reeds

Lying in the feeds

Losing a pet dog

List of baby clothes given out

Late assignments

Laying in bed with woman

Lamb with blood on it

Lime tree with limes

Loud classroom


Looking samp

Looking for parents

Lavender (color)

Laundry basket with baby spiders in it

Landing safely walking down hill

Leaky roof collapse

Lucky coin

Less food cooked by you was enough for the guest

Lady giving thambulam in dream

Lucky number of being chased by a black carabao

Late family members dream

Lion cub in bed

Lots of snakes in swimming pool


Losing one of your sandals whilst crossing the river

Letter v in dream

Lamb with 2 heads

Loosing a front tooth with blood

Loosing front tooth with a bleeding

Licking tomtom sweet

Losing control of machinery

Lucky number of dreaming mountain

Licking toes of my brothers wife

Large robot

Loosing tooth

Lost tricycle

Lizard egg

Losing your daughter while snowboarding

Licking my feet

Love and temptation ver0 4

Like a carabao in a mud pool

Love and light spoken to me

Leg slippers missing

Loss of private part


Lion elephant dream meaning

Lost white towel

Large ship anchored on dry land meaning

Late mom admitted in hospital

Losing left arm

Limited edition seal

Lot of big white prawns under the tree like a cloud

Lower right lip dream

Ladybug sworm of flies

Lotus as well as snake

Losing money and bank card

Leading the way

Locked alleyway


Looking deeply into lovers eyes

Late aunt bathing


Lake level low

Lions blood

Loose of teeth lower four theeth

Late to airport

Lots of different meats in oven cooking

Lifting a big gallon of water from the river in my dream

Lumps around one eye

Lost of sim card in dream

Lady aghori

Lizard falling in palms

Lion number

Little girl crying

Lack of furniture

Lack of furnature

Lizard in a closet

Losing things into a well with water

Looking for metal hanger

Leaving car and walking to destination

Large white house

Lobola negotiation of my sister

Large city

Lavander paint


Lizard urinating on me

Lioness with two horns

Lying in the road

Lot of milk coming out of tree

Lizard falling in food

Loss of car in parking lot

Ladder back chair

Lizard biting right hand of a women

Lending someone a saw

Lotions and oils

Leopard skin thong

Lip sync

Larva under my skin

Large table

Lysol spray

Long weeds and lost road and deceased love one

Large snake looking at me

Lizard chained

Lantern flies

Los and frustration

Light from the night sky

Lying down in a green bush biblical meaning

Lying down in a green bush

Lizard with long tail moving

Large mushroom icon

Lakhey giving money

Lint from dryer

Layered wedding cake

Lover wearing red cap

Leveling soil

Lizard falling hand

Loyalty being tested

Lizard falls on my right shoulder and fall on back side meaning


Lots of breadfruit

Lord shiva come in my dream

Leaving your sandals in toilet

Locking that door

Light on in hallway whats the meaning

Light fanning out from palm of hand

Laughing with a fat man


Little orange man

Looking for a dryer ball in blankets in bed

Looking for dryer ball in blankets in bed


Loosening hair in dream

Lay off from her job

Lady give you gift in a dream

Lakhey running towards you

Lost one finger

Light entering in body

Lording on the truck

Lording cattle on the truck

Lots of dillies

Lizard in plate

Licking cousins pussy

Losing car wallet phone keys being left behind

Large brown dog jumping onto my lap

Leaving a wolf outside during a war

Less clothes to wear

Less clothes

Looking at penis

Lima country

Loaded lorry with firewood just standing

Lying on refuse dump

Left ovary pain

Lump in breast

Lower heaven

Lions eating people

Lady with eyes closes says they took roots off me

Lossing on shoe in the museum

Living father rides a horse

Light violet chrysanthemum bouquet

Lion with a man’s face

Lion eating meat

Love with stepsister

Losing tennis shoe down the toilet


Loading a car with your stuff

Large mother

Locust transforming

Large snow wall falls then turns to soft foam blocks

Liking another girl

Labradorite stone

Lottery numbers for white flour

Losing and finding shoe in the sea

Licking pee

Laying dead in casket then becomes alive and start crying

Looking self in mirror but it’s not me

Lizard trying to go through my head

Loss in surplus

Lower lip got cut off from my face

Leaves down a toilet

Leafs down toilet

Lord shiva in my dream

Lices on full body means

Lives on full body means

Lord balaram

Lover wearingdead husnands clothes

Late mom packing your clothes

Lord jagganath

Lower case sigma

Limited edition

Loan bike

Lethal injection but dosent die

Leading singing

Looking at myself being eaten by me on the dining table

Losing a baby

Long nipples


Legless frog

Licking my neck

Looking for something

Late father in dirty clothes

Losing diamond teeth

Lizard biting your left toe

Looking tattered in dream

Locked rooms

Lord murugan in dream

Looked through girlfriends phone

Loved one being hurt by someone i know

Leaving partner

Living in an underground pipe

Living in a big pipe

Lioness walking and lion seating

Long gray hair on someone else

Losing a watch in a dream

Losing one’s mind

Looking up at the star colliding

Lava apocalypse

Lost of a basin

Losing basin

Lipkiss in dream

Loads of polystyrene balls coming out my mouth

Labi labi

Loads of polystyrene balls in my mouth dreams

Loads of polystyrene balls in my mouth

Lions liking my face


Late for high school class

Light shining house upon entering a room in a dream

Losing a shoe

Loved one refusing a gift

Littles snakes

Learher shoes

Little girl screaming

Leather book with number seven on it

Leg over someone head

Lost a baby i was watching

Lion baby sitting inap

Losing a fight

Looking for way home

Lost doors


Looking into the mirror and get terrified by your eyes

Leading people

Losing my wallet

Lost in a field

Lethal tablet

Late mom refusing to give me shoes

Let washing my baby in dirty dam water

Light not coming on

Losing my virginity and it hurting and bleeding

Lighthouse as decor

Leonardo dicaprio

Lying on a boy shoulder

Ladies washing dishes including one white lady

Latex man

Long bridge ocean god

Love cruise ship captain

Love captain ship

Late husband building something indistinguishable

Lost my car in my employee parking lot cannot remember where i parked

Lack skull head

Lottery tickets

Lemon smell

Lump on left arm

Little boy pretending i hurt him

Light in my palms

Losing sandals in a stream

Lotto number for umbrella dream

Lend slipper on dream

Lend slipper on drea

Looking for black jack plant

Learning dance with spade in my hand

Lots of coin money in a dream

Late father cutting trees

Legless daughter inlaw

Lightning strikes church

Logging truck

Left leg attack and i growled when it happened

Large snake dissapearing quickly

Love one visit in your dream

Lots of palm fruits on the ground in the dream

Left leg stiff

Love interest spoiling you

Loud heaven sounds

Love competition

Light in a dream represents consciousness the absence of light in a dream represents unconsciousness to not be able to see in bright light or open your eyes in bright light means that a brighter consciousness is not yet within your reach but can be in the future with more self knowledge

Lizard attacking a snake

Lotus rangoli

Looking after a grand house

Late father and honey

Lady with fire torch in hand

Large timber

Lighting rod thru a cross

Lump in eyes in dreaming

Lion and anaconda

Lost in empty mall

Lid of a jar in hand

Lower body seperated from upper in a dream

Lying in a garbage

Lobola letter in a form of shirt

Lost loved one in crowd

Liquid into nipple

Lying face down on the ground

Low ceiling

Losing jewelries from pocket

Losing diamond gold ring and earrings

Lost 400 dollar check

Laughing at me with my current situation

Lobola cousin

Lost and a man that is dead wanted to keep me for his self

Looking towards a physics book sadly in dream

Lying about people and denying it

Little golden book

Life upgrade

Lalamove car accident flipped on the road

Lizard drinking your blood

Ladder with friend

Lobola ceremony

Lending someone your phone and they refuse to return it

Leaf blowing

Lakhey dream

Log cabin with a man iside

Left wrist swollen

Legs not touching the ground



Left baby in hot car twice

Lord muniswaran eating and smiling at me

Long loud fart

Lion licking my face

Lady asking for blankets while others are laying them on the ground

Loose sight

Leaking kettle

Lifting yourself up with one hand on a wall

Left wrist abscess

Late mother gave me new shoes

Loads of colourful birds on the road

Little boy peeing blood

Looking for my boyfriend in a garden

Looking for my boyfriend in a harden

Living dies

Looking for hand cream

Looking for mainstream

Looking at property on an island

Losing right thumb


Loosing a phone

Luxury yacht

Licking a girl blood

Lost in a crowd

Little girl mouth full of bees

Lightning and rain

Large fortress

Liquor in dreams

Leafs on toilet

Losing everyone

Life coach came to my table in resturant and took bad food off my plate

Left ribs

Licking vigina

Leave by 4

Look for coffee cup to use

Looking for a specific fruit tree

Linked acc

Larimar store full of larimar colors and

Lord vitthal idol

Long knife

Loved ones that passed

Luxiriouus beauty shop

Lost during a race

Losing piece of uniform

Little girl drowning in a river

Lots of handbags in a bathroom

Lost stranger

Lightning storm

Losing work for my lesson

Living in tent

Looking at a house

Love to daydream

Licking a woman in dream

Lost wallet and mobile

Lost pocket money and mobile

Lost presser money and mobile

Lord laxmanan in my dream

Licking condensed milk

Leaves changing colors

Leftovers eaten by someone

Loved person hiding behind a maple tree

Lock jaw of a puppy onto another puppy submerged under water

Lockjaw of a puppy on another puppy

Lord krishna pendent in dream

Light drown nail

Leg shaking

Lobola payment dreams

Levitation in my dreams

Lion mouth hold right hand but not hurt

Lumps of ice

Living in concentration camp

Loose fitting dress on your mother

Little girl throw stone at me

Leaving a wedding

Luggage in dream

Large cucumber that was a reptile

Lip pimple in dream

Light yellow house being renovated

Lost my school uniform

Long garden hose

Large bag of oregano

Luggage with fruit cocktail

Licking someone feet

Letters mme

Lady in a sofa

Lied on


Love with the king in the dream meaning

Lobby of a college i study

Looking for a picture of lover girlfriend

Laying on the sidewalk

Lowering rope in a grave

Leaking water seeping

Living with sister in law after divorce she bake this beautiful cakes and then a loos my job and she is moving out but try to help with another job

Late brother putting toilet paper in offen

Losing a friend in a croud

Lion and green snake

Lucky numbers for seeing corn in dream

Left hand with 7 fingers grabbing me

Lightning strikes a tower

Looking your debit card

Lifting heavy objects in my dream

Lots of crayfish in river

Lose child in airport

Luggage dream meaning

Lakhey as a ghost

Lakhey dream about ghost

Labourer work

Lion fighting with dogs in the mountain

Linoness giving birth to cub dream meaning

Lot of shrimp

Loafer shoes

Loud crisp whenever i move dream

Life partner being broke and homeless

Looking for classes

Looking like a clown

Loud footsteps

Long thin and young black snake

Losing a pillow

Legs being on fire

Losing of taste of foods in dream

Looking under bed

Laying on insect eggs

Lights ufo dream

Lost memory

Lion is mating a tiger

Looking for one leg of my silpass

Lint roller

Left ear infection

Large praying mantis blowing a trumpet

Losing custom wings

Losing shoes and jewellery

Lobola negotiation for a cousin

Living in all white painted house

Locked a key of safe in that same safe

Lost of memory

Leaving child

Locked a key of locker in that same locker

Low tide dream meaning

Lion and a lamb

Land crack

Lost you

Leaning on my bestfriend shoulder

Leaving husband for old best friend

Light a cigarette for a woman

Lying on your back

Lost purse in flooding water

Lion and dog in a dream

Lord shiva shaking his head

Leaving a crowed event

Luggage and my husband

Lion scratches on arms and legs


Lottery number

Licking ogbono soup in the dream

Lemon tarts and a sister who has passed away

Licking girl vagina

Lightening storm

Late father in coffin

Late father in a coffin

Licking cat

Locked basement window

Locked chest

Land lord quit notice

Loose teeth falling by tongue twisting

Limber adjustment


Loss of legs

Losing top of middle finger

Loin attacking and eating a monkey

Lady carrying a rice bowl behind me

Losing a black relay baton

Leaving thru window

Leaking maggi

Leaking maggie

Little boat floating

Last page

Losing a finger

Loved one lying in the middle of the road

Lion and bear

Little easter island statues

Looking for my blue dress to wear on stage

Lower back sergery

Lion cub injured

Long hedge now cut short

Lamb cooking in a stick

Log falls in a water

Lemongrass vanilla latte

Land denacation

Loosing my shoes

Letter written in red letters

Lighting candles

Leaves in a pool

Late mother eating fruits at home


Losing the index finger and re appearing

Look older aged

Lion breaking out of cage

Land or farm and water


Large white eagle with black spots


Leaking water swimming pool

Luquid from flowers

Little girl fallen in big and gross latrine pit

Lion hurting you in a hold

Lions teeth in you

Loss of consciousness to self

Lakhey in dream

Lost chest of drawers

Large spider on head

Leaving a cat a gas station and i’m crying

Large harvest

Late president greets you in a dream meaning

Learning music

Losing skin

Lady laying on street asking for help

Lying on street asking for help

Lord ram and lakshman

Lil durk offer me a record deal in my dream and i am a artist

Lost in the dream

Laughing snake in forest

Large bags

Large suitcase

Layinh in bead with my dead dad

Light green passport in the dream

Live sphinx

Losing a shirt from my body

Lizards crawling on body

Legs crushed by bus

Licking someone private parts

Lined up hands surrounding my yard from above

Lined up hands surrounding my yard

Laying on the beach

Lost tape recorder

Losing my music system

Lord wrote the endeavour in the sky

Loved by a mad man

Losing screws


Learning in the same class with my bf

Lamb dreaming

Loved one being pushed

Large trying to open door

Licking ex girlfriend

Labor not pregnant

Lowering a country flag

Loved person

Live wire


Looking for a spoon

Lost cap

Long walkway

Losing hijab

Losing limb

Lost in airport

Lets meet

Lion as a pet

Lpg hose

Lost gas cap on car

Lion bite beg

Leaked nuds

Losing a sandal

Losing earring

Landslide in village

Losing teeth and gold and diamond mix

Lossing truck in parking lot

Licking an arm from a deceased person

Lizard shape snake in dream

Lost with a stranger

Large brass doorknob

Lettermen jacket

Little chicken

Looking for utensils in a cabinet

Losing phone in the ocean

Loosing hearing

Lakshmi photo got disappeared in dream

Loose bowel

Late father removing dirt in my eyes

Looking for my kids

Looking smart

Leading group of people in prayer at my dream

Long hair dead husband meaning

Licking oozing honey

Lizard burning


Likiliki fruit

Looking your hisband with no hair on his chest

Loosing pets

Leading people in instruction

Lesbian attraction

Llama milk

Large booger

Looking my father wear white clothes

Litter kittens

Leaning house

Licking soy beans powder in the dream

Little girls praying

Licking navel

Licking belly

Lizard shit on head

Lizard shit on my head

Lost on turtle farm

Lion peacock and tiger

Luggage in water

Losing a game

Late for a flight

Lighting brass diyarbakir in dream

Lakshmi devi feet

Locking soybeans powder in dream

Little krishna in my dream my crush and me kissed him

Leading a grey horse

Lot of thorns

Lot og thorns

Losing son in a dream

Long hard boner

Love and temptation

Ladies pantyhose

Laying in bed with ex

Looking for black tights

Lion footprints in blood

Love shape in dream with birds

Lomboy fruit

Lying in my old bed

Living in uncompleted building with my boyfriend

Lady begging for gold

Late mother in law in white dress smiling

Left leg on fire

Leaving a man at the alter

Leading a casket carried by relatives to be buried

Lion and tiger mating in dream

Light holding a latern

Lighting a charcoal stove and it fails to burn

Lump on throat

Light dark and mortal

Luxury home

Long walk

Looking for children on a beach

Losing items

Leo messi

Loved one die

Lepecorn dream

Lost in direction

Lighting striking car while driving

Loose lug nuts

Losing vagina

Lucky stone

Living in glass house

Loading a spare tire on my car

Losing your jewelry

Licked on forehead by devilish monster

Late grandmother giving oil

Lizard in drinking water

Lose voice in dream mod argument

Laying a big egg

Lost back pack


Licking cherry in dream

Lions eating prey

Light circles

Laughing woman

Laughing fat woman

Lottery balls

Little sweet girl barried alive walked on

Loud engine

Loosing your cane

Losing gold

Looking at self through fishbowl

Love interest naked

Laughing boyfriend

Live baby in a closed box

Letter p

Losing everything

Losing a breast

Licking water

Leaves and shoes

Living in a relative house

Life fish out of soil

Leaking toilet

Lost my oregano


Leftover dream meaning

Lost with my husband looking for a place

Lock down for 2 houra

Legs touching

Lost love ones

Little girl waving at me

Left behind purse

Lost lyggage

Late to catch a boat

Laser fat

Liking viginal

Laying down with a white horse

Lighthouse with the light off

Lying dreams

Long beautiful hair busy coming the hair

Lobola money being paid for me

Long beautiful and com them in the dream

Lots of silver necklaces

Liquid silver chasing me

Lay and scoot

Lighting strike the house food

Lost on a cruise ship and can’t find my wife

Looking unkempt in the dream

Laying down in opposite directions

Lots of people in my house

Losing my girlfriend in a crowd

Late mother kissing me on my forehead

Losing my teeth

Love promise

Lighting and headteacher in the office

Looking bear in dream with not can be seen to others

Little cat being eaten by big cat

Linking woman private part in dream

Line of people walking through my house

Large cat attack dream

Licking cum from pussy

Lion monkey and tiger in a cage

Lawn on fire

Looking for a shoe

Left breast pain in the dream

Lion entering cemetery

Laying on a yellow lioness while on a yellow attire

Light tower falling

Lost of hen

Lost of pet

Lost of pet hen

Loud hurtful noise

Loud like ringing noise

Losing tail

Licking blood from a pig

Lucky numbers for mist

Lizard sticked to under feet

Lizard sticker to under feet

Long golden hair

Liked flirting

Little girl with my boyfriend

Laying paving

Looking after naughty kids

Late mother giving me twins

Lubega mahad bagala

Lubega mahad

Licking jerrycan in a dream

Land encroachment dream means

Leaving car keys in the house

Leaving cr keys

Lighting a stick

Large numbers of cows eating maize plant

Lucky numbers: 24

Licking vagina by ex

Leaving a ghost town

Leading a group


Light colour mehndi

Lightning hitting ground in dream

Lifted by a man of god

Light between boyfriend and girlfriend

Light between you two

Laying head dawn on the ground dream

Loose dirt embankment

Leopard snake

Loving boyfriend

Loving partner


Late grandma giving me oil

Late boyfriend with bruised eye

Loud phone ringing

Little baby girl

Little baby gir;l

Lady with fire in her stomach chasing me

Lilith dream

Lump on nipple

Laying on colored sheets

Laying on top of colorful sheets

Lady in white scarf

Lady in white head wrap




Lossing something

Looking in roof of some mouth

Lover pluks mangoes and give them to you

Letting a homeless girl in your home

Lion eating a dog

Loosing a match

Lava erupting from ground


Lying tree trunk

Lord muruga aboshek

Lion entering my house in dream

Looking for zakaria in india

Lion on a kite

Loyola dreaming

Live people dug up


Looking up and shouting jesus name

Levitating in a school hallway

Lower back massage

Long white dress with a long white red

Leaking milk from carton or jug

Letting snake go

Lying sadhu in my home

Lipstick on teeth

Letting daughter walk away

Leaves decay

Leaves in my pocket

Lawyer and police

Laundry soap

Late grandmother filling pot with water to give me

Lioness eating

Laying hardwood floors over carpet

Lord brahma in dream

Leg sole gangrene in dream

Late father give chocolate

Lion purring

Limestone building

Laptop crashed in dreams

Leaving college

Lost jacket and keys


Laying head on a man’s chest


Losing math books

Losing my red backpack

Losing looking for things

Leopard attacking my baby son

Luggage boxes of belongings

Lawn being cleared to soil

Late brother asking for money

Learning new knot

Licked girl feet

Lost documents meaning

Lizard attracting me in a dream

Losing cute toy

Lord ram and sita in dream

Late brother asking for his clothes

Licking a hand

Large spool with no thread

Luggage wheels

Liking palm oil in the dream

Listening to music in my room

Laying outside in the rain

Lake waves dock

Lions malting

Lady in white dress and black hair drooping over face

Lack of security guard in a dream meaning

Long lost friend

Looking for friends

Looking foe friends

Left hand in dogs mouth

Left to sleep at the beach

Love intest seeing me naked

Lagged vision

Loosing something in a flowing river

Lock steering

Loaded truck

Licking cows

Little girl dying in my dreams

Lustful acts with stranger in unknown home

Laying on a lap

Laying on a man’s lap

Losing all your teeth


Leg pain in the dream

Large gray wolf

Learning about paranormal spirits and how to fight them

Laughing on phone call

Late mother cooking

Late mother cooking porridge

Like someone walking

Lost and found in sea while swimming

Livig room

Ldr boyfriend you havent meet yet but different face in dream

Lose coat

Llama changing into a horse

Late father plastering the house

Lunch ticket

Let injures

Lucky for others

Loosing one bracelet

Loosing one of two bracelets

Lose a teeth

Leading the audience to singing in a gathering