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Dreams starting with the letter K

Kissing in a car dream

Kuli kuli


King give him a white comb

Kids running towards the father

Kidnapped son

Kids at the assembly point

Kitten jump in the window

Kissed by boyfriend

Kissing and sucking boobs

Killing and robbery


Kill sanke

Killing snike

Killing 10 big brown vicious dogs

Killing crow and spiders

Kids having sucking penis dream

Kill someone accidentally

Kid driving car

Killed in dream

Killed in drew

Killing the person in dream

King of diamonds on fire

Killed by goblin in the dream

Killing something in sharin

Kissing with two snakes

Killing a snake n turns to be a frog


Kill number

Kill with an axe



Killed by sword

Killed by knife

Kales plucking

Kissing your ex feet

Kissing ex girlfriend breast


King death

Kissed by president

Killing someone by gun

Killing dog

Knock over flower pots

Killer nun


King neptune

Kissed on the check by my sister

Kidnapped from school

Killed by polarbear

Killdes by polarbear

Kpop idol


Killing devil cat

Killing a dove in a dream

Killing a cobra

Khaki suit husband was wearing in a dream

Killing a child in a car accident

Killing a rat

Killing a vicious fox

Killing the cat in dream

Kids smoking drugs

Kissing and my mouth tasted like sugar

Kraal meaning

Killing a demon

Knocked out by a closet


Killing wife

Kid worshipping god and crying in dream

Kurota uchifukira nzungu

Key of life

Knitted doll breathing



Ki ni itunmo ti eniyan ba wo aso odi ni oju ala

Killing three infants birds

Killing three infants birds


Kadai in dreams


Kinda scary

Killing ticks that came out of my ears

Kissing acquaintance on forehead

Killing in self defense

Killing person

Killing robber

Killing armed robber

Kill someone with knife

Kissing a blonde boy


Killed by grandma

Kerosene dream

Knocked down church

Killing your crush

Killed by a chainsaw

Kiss on lips 11 times

K pop idols coming in dreams

Killing a kitten

Killing hen and chicks

Kumkum given by godess in dream

Kissing and vomit

Kiss and vonit in a dream

Kissing then vomitting

Knowing princess diana

Kitchen top

Kingdoms at war

Kil the meaning of the symbols of killing pouch and rats seen in a dream

Killing a pouch rat in drea

Killing a soldier ant in dream

Kicking an animal

Kinner dream teer number

Killing a lion with your own hands in a dream

Kist dream

Kist dre

Killing a springbok with dogs

Keys cut

Kidnappers overdosing a child

Killing a lioness

Kidney beans potatoes and tomato soup

Kissing someone you never met

Karaga in dream



Kidney stiches on stomach

Kids failing exams

Kinner came in my dream and gave me duaa what does it mean

Killing cow

Kissing and spit

Killing xnnemorphs

Kissing the same gender

Kiss in car

Kissing dead daughter

Kissing your departed spouse


Kinnar dream no

Killings in a hospital

Killing a war veteran chimpanzee with a samurai sword

King diamond from deck of cards

Killing demons with a flaming sword

Kiss my love in dream

Killing grass cutter for food

Killer flamingos

Kicked out of party

Kurota uchisakura nevanhu vakafa

Kaleidoscope scope

Kitchen countertop damaged

Kids with curly hairs

Killed by aswang

Kaba small

King propose to me


Kicking in a door

Knights templar leader

Killing 2 rat

Kids move with dad

Kaka myself

Kids leading me home feeling safe

Known person asking cloths

Kissing a fictional character

Kiss by death mother

Kissing a man with a beard

Kiss tenderly on the lips

Kids dreaming of snakes

Kumkum in mouth

Kumkum in moith


Kicked out of college

Kashi temple

Killing my crush

Killing a baby or a kid

Killing skeleton gost

Killing people with a machete

Knight on horse

Kate middleton and william

Kicked out of rehab

King visiting my house

Korean boy


Kissing a white woman in a dream

Kissing me on the arm and teasing me


Kittle cats

Kissing a penis

Kissing in church

Knocking on door

Kissing chest

Kissing dead ex partner

Kissing dead



Kings wants to marry me in my dream

Kunkuma arisina


Knee cuts


King giving me his wife in a dream

Kissing quran in dream

Killing a lion



Kill snake like lizard

Kittens in a bath

Killed seven men

Kicked out of a clothing store

Kicked out of a store

Kidnapped friends dream

Knees left

Kissing a deer

Key in the envelope

Killing simone with a fork

Killing earthworm with salt dreams meaning

Krishna foot drawing

Krishna feet



King coronation

Killing a horse

Knocking woke me up

Kid fighting

Kissing forked tongue

Killing guinea fowl in dreams means what

Knocked a car

Kissing my long distance boyfriend in dreams

Kissing my sister law

Killing superman

Kites birds attacking me in dream

Kissed my friend

Knight chess piece

Kissing dream between husband and maid

Kind man

Killing rats in a dream

King getting killed by possessed queen

Knorr in the pocket

Killing a vulture in my dreams

Killing a founding father

King anaconda sucking hand

Ku kluk klang dream


Kids jumping on my car

Killing multiple people with a gun

Kissing your sister in law

King albert


Kill two grass cutter in a dream meaning

Kinnar house steal something

Kings lover kissing king

Khana e kabba

Kidnapping your baby

Kid and snake

Key holders breaking after opening the door

Kittens multiplying


King gave alot of money

Kissing my crush in a form of a demon

Kurota uchibata madora akawansa


Kissing a straw doll

Kill kitten

Kayaking in the mountains on a lake

Killing a giraffe

Killing an evil creature

Killed a police

Kane holani elijah lind

Kid dying

Kit up like a footballer

Kana kabah

Kissing then getting slapped

Killing your friends

Killing a monkey

Kissing my boyfriend he is wearing soldier uniform

Kinner blessing

Kidnap sack

Kali mata tried to kill me


Kissing someone and seeing a lion

Kissing and seeing lion

Kicking and screaming

Kill black cat

Kissing girl in white in bed

Kidnapped by taxi fdriver

Killing dark magic

Kinner comes to your house

Kiss your children

Kissing your children goodbye

Killer that loves you



Killing camel

Kiss woman toe in a dream

Killing a demon in my dreams

Kidnapped with a friend


Kokum comes in dream

Killing human that become a werewolf

Killing humans before changing into werewolves

Kiwi tree

Kicking my sister out of my house

Kaaba black clothe

Kiswa gifting

Knapsack spraying weeds in the dream

Killing a clinging hen by mistake

Knocking book off all bookshelves

Kinners coming home


Kill someone

Killing deer

Kissing attractive woman who has a snakes tongue

Kissing an attractive woman with a snakes tongue

Kiss on hand from dead friend

Killing a brutal animal beast

Kissing in car

Knitting a ball

King protea flower

Known old woman serving meat stew a young child is present in the dream too

Kiss a whale

Kissed a black whale

Keep dreaming of colocasia esculenta

King gives a gift

Killed tiger



Kinners asking money from strangers in my dream

Kinners asking money from strangers

Kam par nji vajz 2 muaj ne enderr


Kiss someone with a fissured tongue

Killed dog

Kissing my dad passionate in a dream

Kids ghosts

Killing of pouch rat

Killing a mink

Killing a monitor lizard in a dream

Killed a snake

King danger

Knickers and tights

Khaki brown

Keeping a promise

Keeping a promise to someone you like


Kids playing in clean water

Knuckle jewelry

Key door dead person

Knocked out

Kissing dead sister

Kissing my husband in the moonlight against a car

Killing a shark

Kill wolf


Killing egret bird


Keep going

Kids bible class


Kissing a girl

Kitten ran away

Killing birds in the eggs

Killing someone who is already dead in life


Kidnapped with my mom

Killing a reptile

Kids being kicked out of class

King joker

Ke bona my late parents talking to me

Kill a male

Kissing dead ex

Knife in ass hole

Killing a cow in a dream means

Killing of a grasscutter

Kissing someone with icy tounge



Killed my ex husband’s girlfriend

Killed a pedophile

Killing people with fire

Knuckle duster


Kuhlatshiwe ubona usu

Kicking out of a house

Killed by moose

Kumkum red colour

Killed black snake


Kamias tree and fruit

Kite stuck in the tree

Kid getting chopped up

Kissed by dead boyfriend



Knots in shoe laces

Killed animal


Ketchup bottle

Keeping secrecy’s

Ku man tong



Killing a bully

Keep finding cooked bacon in my dream

Kissing my feet

Kids playing

Kiss wife’s friend

Kinner comes in dream

Kissing skin out of mouth

Kid gloves

Kissing coworker

Kissing friend

Killing bird

Killing jesus

Kissing kids on lips

Kissing a friend

Keep money in box

Killing guinea fowl

Kusho ukuthini ubuhlalu nebheshu

Kahoy para gama ug balay

Kusho ukthini ukphuma ivan enamaphoyisa

Kitten ppop


Kiss your k pop idol in the car


Killing penguin by accident


Kite and eagles in the dream

Killingsome enemies in dream interpretetion



Kennels nut

Kurota uchibata makonye

Kids swimming clothed

Killed a brown snake in the dream

Kissing a dead person on lips

Kissing a dead person on lipa


Kaaf word saw in dream what does it mean

Kissing imbecile

Kiss friend

Kissed all over my cheeks

King is giving me money

Kissing my neck



Killer porcupine


Kiss on cheek

Kiss cheek

Keep spitting out marbles


Kissed an ex boyfriend

King von

Killing black dog

Kilking a bed bug in your head

Killing someone with arrows

Kissing husband

Killing a snake but didnt die with dad and aunt in a dream

Killing policeman

Killing timid in a dream meaning what

Kissing multiple man

Kids playing in water



Kissing a women with a vigina on her chest

Kali try to kill me in my dream

Kissing my husband in a dream

Kissing and touching with a prophet

Kissed old friend who said i need to decide

Kissed old dead friend

Kissing my sisters bf

Kangaroo killing me

Kamias tree

Kamias treee

Killed by big rig truck

Kissing a short guy

Kiss your mother

Kissing cousins

Kissing another guy in front of boyfriend

Killing and cut someone into pieces with spades

Kneading dough


Kola not tree

Kissing with transgender girl

Kissing a prophet

Khuwab m apni mangni dekhna

Kneeling down and begging in a dream

Killing a fish

Killing someone’s accidentally

Kylir quinn

Killing an enemy

Killing dead person

Killing nile monitor lizard

Killing nile monitor

Kissing with lady maid


Kalasam with wasted flowers

K significa sonar de sus venas perdiendo sangre

Kicking a black bird

Kicking a black raven

Kicking a black crow

Kinnar foghting with me

Kissing someone with rotten theeth

Kamandal filled with something

Kinner giving money in the dream

Killing a snake

Killing a warthog in a dream

Killing a dead man

Killing flying tiger

Knee guard

Kill lion with machetes

Kevin on billboard

Kevin s face on billboard



Kicked in the balls

Killing a man with a frying pan

Kissing someone

Knee bone protruding

Killing catfish



Killing unknown person dream

Kissed naked old women

Kudu or antelope


Kept dreaming about my ex who disvigrin me

Killing a monster

Kid killing me

Killing snake dream

Killing a mouse with a gun

Kissing late queen hand

Keus in a trash can

Kudla amagrapes amnyama

Kill a kite bird


Kiss on the back of a head

Kissed back of neck

Kissing buffalo

Kicked out of hotel

Kuphiwa imali yamaphepha

Killed by demon


Killing bugs



Kinner asking money in dream

Kissing lips nd pressing boobs

Karate fight

Killing cockroaches

Kissing someone in the church

Killing a rapist


Kissing my crush in class


Kale vegetable green

Key holder

Kicking my boyfriend out of house


Kissing a lot of boys in my class

Kinner giving coins in dream


Kate middleton

Kissing late grandma


Killing the devil in dream

Known girl has attained puberty in dream

Kitchen extension


Kiss a dead person under teeth

Kissing animation



Kinner and temple in dream

Kinner fight in dream

Killing my boyfriend

Kids playing by a river

Kumkum fell down

Knowing that your dreaming

Kolams in syreet


Killed a dog

Kitchen cupboard doors

Kabba door opened

Killing monitor lizard in dream

Karuppasamy chasing me

Karuppasamy chase me

Kiss ugly woman

Kissing a ghost

Kinnar comes and gives blessings

Kisi se kabutar ko khareed ke lana

Kissing a skull

Kinner gives me baby in my dream

Krill crustaceans

Keith urban

Kurt cobain and i were going to go fishing together

Killing a child

Karuppasamy deity

Keanu reeves

Kitten chasing a bird

Killing a rabbit

Knocking on father’s door


Kissing a student

Kala nut

Killed a lion without been hurt

Killed a lion with my bare hands in a dream

King philip


Kitten s being born

Keyholder meaning in dream

Killing a fairy

Key in toilet

Killing pounch rat in a dream


Kids shower

Kantey cloth


Killing earth worm in side my house in dream


Knitting with white wool

Kissing someone and teeth falling

Killing bush meaf

Kissing dead husband

Killing snakes


Kiss by a snake

Kidnapped by old woman


Keys in the dream

Kesilen kurbanın kalkıp kaçması

Kabah gilaf

Koltuk altı kılları

Keep misspelling my name

Kids taking draws to school

Knife cut in half

Kids breaking my windows

Kids throwing rocks at window



Killing a demon with the holy water

Kiss dream

Koyal birds ka lucky number

Koyal ka rat ko ku ku krna lucky number

Killing local rabbit in the dream is what

Kissing a snake


Ketchup in milk


Killing brother


Knee on fire

Krishna idol missing in dream

Kinnar refuse to give us blessing in postive way

Kissing kids

Kobe signature my shoes

Killing dog and eating its meat in dream

Kissing my wife virgina

Kid asking if i have a relationship to his father


Kinnar blessing

Killing man

Killing people by knife

Keys in water

Karga dream

Killing with his own gun

Kid being bitten by something

Kissing someone with a snake tongue

Killing sister

Killing white snake and taking a gem from it


Killed a bad person when trying to escape from him


Kissing with dry mouth

Kissing a goat

Killing grass cutter for meat in the dream

Kissing the hand and forehand of a died king

Kissing the head and forehead of a king

Killing someone who’s already dead

Kissing a person with a forked tongue


Killing monitor lizard in a dream

Kids parting at my house

Kissing a classmate

Kamakshi deepa in dream

Kathal dekhna

Kissing a demon

Kamakshi devi in speaking to me in my dream

Key not locking door


Krishna child garbhagudi

Kicked out

Kissing my pastor

Kissing a female coworker

Killing a chicken

Kissing jesus feet

Kissing a naked white woman

Killing peoplle

Kid turns dog

Kuphupa umlungu

Kissing your step sister

Kissing with your step sister

Kali mata statue in dream

Kali mata statue

Kali mata

Kissed by the president



Killing someone

Killing 2 big snakes and bitten by one small snake which ran into my house

Killing rabbit


Keys to my house

Killing a friend

Killing the snake by the men

Key tower

Kid in a tricycle

Kanye west

Killing fish


Killing people

Killing grass cutter means


Killed by a wild animal

Killed a pig with knife

Kissing the dead man

Killing firefly

Killing of evil spirit

Kraal explotion

Killing a snake in my dream

Kissing anime character in dream

Killing my two sisters

Keeping out the bugs on the dog

Kissing a lizard

Kissing my brother


Killing someone in a dream

Killing a mouse

Killing a squirrel

Kill squirrel

Killing grass cutter

Keg of petrol


Kinetic energy

Kid pooping grown pistachio seed

Kitten heel

Killing somebody with cutlass

Kiling snake in dream

Kiwano dream meaning

Kissing wife

Killing a cow

Killing a tiger

Killing tiger with bamboo in a cave

Killing grasscutter

Kissing stepdaughter

Knocked by a truck

Kathal dekhne ka kya matlab h



Kalma shahdat reading

Korean guy

Kinner giving money

Kissing on a mole

Kitting off new moringa tree in dream

Knife face

Killing a person


Keep seeing my dead sister in a dream

Knockout gas



Kissing dead father in dream

Kola nut dream

Killing in self defence

Kissing wife vagina in dream

King give me gift

Kill manquerade

Killing a pangolin

Kitten and non venomous snakes dream

Kitten and garter snakes

Kumkumbharani in dream relates to


Kangaroo dekhna

Killing cat in dream meaning

Killing cat in ur dream meaning

Killing cat in ur dream

Killing a cat in ur dream meaning

Killing a cat in ur dream what those it means

Killing a grass cutter

Kissing late husband passionately

Killing shilong drreem namber

Kenny wayne shaper’s blue on black

King funeral

Kittens have lice


Killer trying to kill me

Keys in the lock

Killing black and white goat


Kini itum adiye awo loju ala

Kino itumo eye awo loju ala

Kissing crush


Kurt cobain

Killing a cat with hot water

Korte duimnagel

Kosten duimnagel


Killing a fish in the dream

Kuqhazani ubuhlalu obumhlophe nobubovu

King order


Kidney being removed in dream

Killer alligator

Kissing woman neck

Kissing neck of woman in garden

Kissing neck of woman next door

Kissing neck of woman

Kill a women with the gun

Kissing my manager


Killing but hesitant

Kissing neck


Kissing in a restaurant


Kurota inda

Kissing your girl cousin

Killing fish in the river in the dream means what

Killing of fish in the dream means what

Killing a pregnant ram sheep in the dream

Killing someone lucky number

Killing a black kite bird

Kissing someone and vomiting


Kissing dead wife

Killing hitler

Kids scattering my room

Ki eyan ra aso loju orun

Kissing a married woman

Kanasinalli brahmin family nodidara vivarane kannada

Kanasinalli brahmin family trave ling madodanna nodiddu

Kanasinalli brahmin family traveling madodanna nodiddu


Killing a baby

Kittens killing bird




Killing an animal

Kissing a stranger in my dream

Killing rooster


Kissed by deceased

Kinner marrying me

Kinner marrying you

Khoi san

Kelorile ba epa motho o swileng ko mabitleng

Ke lorile ba epulla moswi ko mabitleng

Karwan l barca



Killing with rope

Kobe bryant

Killing of assailants

Kicked out of people


Kissed in your temple

Kill a gaints


Killing monitor lizard



Kusho ukutini ukuzi kakela


Killing a giraffe which was attacking you




Kid rhyimes scary


King street

Karupusamy temple

Killing girlfriends uncle

Kolam in front of temple

Kolam in kovil



Kidding feet

Kiss wife feet

Knock someone down

Kissing your friends daughter

Kissing your girlfriend daughter

Kurota uchitemha matohwe

Killer nuns

Kissing woman devil

Kidnapping children

Killing a big red monitor lizard

Kuhujwa inkomo eyodwa ebomvu eyinkunzi

Kissing dentures

Kola nut dream interpretation by ibin siren

Killed a man who harrassed me

Kissing side of chin

Kuchitheka utshwala besilungu

Kubhudza ulunywa tinja

Kissing fellow lady boss i n a dream

Kill daughter

Kidnapped and trafficked

Knives at doorway

Knives at car door

Knives at thresholds

Kurota musvo wenzungu


Kaaba white cover

Killing the shape changeer

Kissin my distance boy friend


Kissing dead mother on the eye

Kneeling and a man of god laying hands on me

Kicking boyfriend out of his mothers house

King kiss

Knee to knee love dreaming

Killed a tamed turtle dove in my dream

Kuchazani ukudla umoba

Keep pongal

Kissing a girl on her cheek in the dream

Kyline jenner inadream

Kissing bar maid

Kissing and hold hands with president in the car

Kneeling down in the river in a dream why someone was putting water on your head on the river

Knuckle open wound

Knuckle bone exposed

Killing evil kids

Kola disappointed in dream

Killing animal by hand in dream

Killing rainbow color snake

Kissing though a mask

Kiss forehead mother

Key to secret closet

Kissing someone other thanpatner

Kissing someone other than mey partner

Kissing an airplane pilot

Killing black goat with pistol in deeam

Kids stealing god accessories


Kiss on side forehead

Killed myself by fire

Kissing an older rich white woman

Khwab main wooden stick dailhna

Kissing man with missing teeth

Keys be put in hand

Kinner dream in pregnancy mean

Killed rabbits with gun in the dream



Kini itumo ki eniyan wo odi aso ni oju ala

Kissing an injured hand

Kiss thats a peck

Kick off the bed

Karuppu samy in dreams

Khaab mai pari deakhna

Killer with mallet and chainsaw

Killing girlfriend


Kissing someone with teeth missing

Kissing pope on forehead and face


Killing striped cat

Kidnapped by a gang

Kingston joined to st catherine

Keep falling

Keep falling collecting things from that

Keep fall collect things from that

Key lost and found again

Keys list and found again

Kili mall

Killing of pouch rats

Killing of bush rats

King of wanders

King of wales

Kissing a woman with reptile tongue

Knocking two times

Knocking over grey paint

Kiss acquaintance


Kill woman

Kamais trees


Killing a tiger with knife

Killing using knife laughing

Kannels in the dream

Kayak with relative on still lake

King crayfish

Killing slugs

Killing with salt

Knocking down a goat

King walking barefooted

Keening and asking a pastor to pray for u

Kind ghosts giving gifts

Kids corpse body being exhumed

Killing husbabds lover

Key bends while unlocking the door

Kissing playing with eater

King tarot card

Knife in nose

Kissing and old boyfriend after showing me his black tongue