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Dreams starting with the letter K

Kiss on neck

Kissing and embracing a dead father in a dream

Khaki with white

Killing a parson

King gave me pen

Killing people in dream

Killing a bird by throwing stone at it

Kinnar torturing me

Kalash falling down

Kurota uchipiwa nzungu

Killing a furry


Khaab mein kangaroo dekhna

Killings with knife

Knee cup detached moving under skin

Knocking someone in the head

Killing soemone

Kitten eating mice

Killing me with a pillow

King author

Knotted belt

Kirikiri star

King married his slave girl

Kuchazani umhlwehlwe omhlpphe

Keyholder in the tummy

Kitten heads

Keeping beautiful rangoli with full happiness

Kids praying for me

Kaşların gürleşmesi uzaması

Koran on the floor

Killing red cardinal bird

Killing a cardinal bird

Killing a mad man

Kalasha falling in dreams

Khud ko haldi lagate hue dekhna

Killing baby colorful bird

Kicking by horse

Kneeth lenght multicoloured satin shirt dresses

Kissing and vomiting after kissing

King asking me to give him some paperbage and every one sings praise


Kissing my sister in law

Known person leaving

Kundalini goddess persephone breakdown breakthrough dream

Killing a blank bird and took down the egg laid

Kutora uchisakura mumunda

Kasi biswanath mandir in dream meaning

Kids telling the truth

Kurota tsime rakazara mvura yakasviba

Karrupusamy in my dream

Killing person with axle

Komodo dragon facts

Kinner giving blessings and hug

Killing a fish in your dreams in ocean

Kissing cat

Kessler dream meaning

Kissing the neighbor

Killing my brother

Kissing someone with split tongue

Kill a man cut on neck

Killing someone with a automatic gun

Kissing skulls

Kissing skull

Killing ex boss

Keke stolen or lost in the dream

Kid krishna standing with cows

Kneeling on flag pole

Kusho ukuthini ubuhlalu obomhlophe

Kissing exes new partner

Know i’m pregnant

Kick door open

Key on the wall like safe

Khowab mein kangro dakhana

Killing earthworms with salt in dream meaning

Killing a man number

Killing a father of a girl

Killing 3men by me

Kissing the top of my head

Kurota mumango

Killing mice

Kusakura mihomba yembambaira

Kurota muchsakura mihomba yembambaira

Kurota mihomba yembambaira uchsakura

Kurota mihomba yembambaira

Kinner is doing humiliation


Killing white cock dream

Kissing badly

Killing a wild elephant

Kissing in a pool

Kissing of ass of a girl in dream what is meaning

Kurota uchibika sadza mbodza

Kurota uchibika sadza mbovha

Kiling man dream

Killing a lizard snake and being comforted by my boyfriend afterwards

Killing a defenseless kudu


Kicking dog down

Killing elephant

Kissing a sangoma

Kidnapping my pets

Killing chipmunk

Kurota ma twins

Kurota vasununguka ma twins

Kerosine stove

Killing a stalker


Kneeling down before pastor

Key in keyhole

Key keyhole

Killing fish in a dream

Killing the mongoose

Kissing and laughing

Killing a white cat to protect a swan

Kids old clothes on someone else

Kicking out a turtle

Kissing ex

Killed girls

Killing my ex husband

Keyboard not typing

Killing an elephant in your dream

Kissing a cold tongue

Kist carried into a house

Kapenta and nshima

Kissing on the lips

Kiss on the lips


Killing trmites

Killing mother in law

Kitchen bench top dreams

Killing a wall gecko in your dreams

Kumkumam plant nadunnathu

Kids sucking cock

Kissing someone but they vomit in your mouth


Kissing an ex

Kids in 3

Kumuma pasupu

Kumkuma and pasupu on my head by someone

Krishna and radharani in palna

Kissing son

Kid is not well took him to someone who took baby and gave in return a basket full of ash and has iron and some hair on it when dug the ash a small body with head off and five different heads of different monsters

Killing a yellow spider

Krishna alive smiling at me

Kissing your girlfriends best friend

Kissing ex best friend

Kinner in dream

Kissing a korean idol

Kovil kumbaabishegam

Killing nuns

Kamala harris su ked my neck

Killing the mistress

Kicking dog seen in dream

Killing black goat

Kissin white woman or making love



Killing a fowl

Kissing your pant then marrying you when your pregnant

Kissing a foreign girl

Kissing a foreigner who is a lady

Kinner stealing money

Kissing a white lady

Kissed a girl i know

Kicking a door close in someone face

Kindergarten teacher

Keep havin ghost dreams of my haunted house and my dead grandma

Keep havin ghost dreams of my haunted house and my dead randma

Kissing your cousin

Koka nut

King and queen give me a fish


Kissing the king

Kissing the ring of the pope

Killing dove


Keelback and earthworms in dream


Kissing sensually

Kissing your own sister on a cheeks mean

Kneeling to greet old woman in a dream

Kissing a hand of a king

Killing jason

Killing yourself on motorbike

Killing a mouse with knife

Killing a murderer in a dream

Killed a short snake

Killed a short snake that swallowed a chick

King cobra

Kurota uchisakura chibage

Kissing mother

Killing a witch in a dream

Kittens sucking on me

Kissing a killer whale

Killing a buffalo in dream


Keep out

Kip pay

Knight in shining armour on white horse coming towards me

Killing people during bank heist

Kinnar asking for money in dream

Killing earthworms with salt in the dream

King and queen meaning

Kissing your brother

Kalyanam god

Kuchazani ingane yakho ilahlekile

Kid dreaming of another women

Killing your crush on a dream

Kidnapping in dream

Killing goose

Kkk dream


Kissing uniform

Kind lutscht penis

Killing a mad woman in a dream

Killing trantulas

Killing a poisonous spider

Koala bear

Kill a silverfish

Kissing someone with a weird tongue

Killer clown kill my sister in my dream

Killed 3 times in a dream

Killing an intruder with a pick axe

Killing an intruder

Killing a cat

Killing a bird in dream

Killing snake inside my stomache

Kissing a black man

Knock on my head

Killing a spider

Kill a man

Kissing a college friend

Knees give out and fall

Kings sitting on chair



Kissing girl above water

Kissing my deceased dad on the cheek

Kumari goddess third eye

Koy fish

Kissing a handsome young man

Kissing someone above the water

Killing a dove

Kiss for the bride

Killing 2 babies and let to live

Kiss my forehead by a dead person means

Killing sparrows using catapult

Knot bathroom and jinn

Kurota uchisakura mumunda



Killing a cock

Killing peoples

Kissing my boyfriend who’s tongue was forked and limp

Kissing my love interest and his tongue was forked and limp and enormous taste buds

Killer tryna kill me and my friend in a theater

Known deceased peopple are participants in your dream

Kung fu panda tai lung

Kung fu panda





Killing myself

Kinnar asking money in dream

Keeping money in my friend wallet

Kissing a person that changes to demon

Killing an alien

Killing god

Kwla fetna

Kali in dreams

Killing someone to save someone else

Killing a group of snake

Kusakura munda une nzungu shoma dzegreen

Killing two people with gun

Kitchen flood

Killing others

Kissing the side of your neck

Killing of very tall fat man meaning

Kinnar dancing

Kid head on backwards

Killing a guinea fowl in my dream

Kids cemetery

Kissing death grandmother

Kiss on forehead from a loved one that passed away


Kissing someone passionately

Kissing loose lips and eating styrofoam head

Kissing loose lips and eating styrofoam

Key of f

Killing fish in a stream in the dream meaning

Kobe brynt

Kaduputho unna amme kallo ki vasthe am avuthundhi

Kaduputho unna amme kallo ki vachindhi mango undham ani ante vadhu ani annadhi anduku ala annadhi

Kissing my deceased dad cheek

Killing a springboks

Killing a warthog

Kissing the foot of the saint

Kids surrounding the car

Karma 8888

Killing pedophiles

Kneeling cattle

Kissing widower feet

Kitten stealing

Kissed by the moon

Kiss from a lion

Keys fell into a pit toilet

Killed a snake and another popped up in its place

Knocked on the head in dream means what

Kumkum felling down in dream

Kissed on head

Killed cow with the car

Killing a brown snake

Kill a mad man

Kissing a parrot

Key won’t work

Kissing a green parrot

Kissing green parrot


Killing witches

Kill lioness

Kids resssuraction

Knees bent

Keeping perinwinkle

Kissing my boss

Kneading dough with curd means in a dream

Kurota nzungu

Killing a bat

Killing a pig

Killing a black and white cat with my bear hands

Killing a wolf

Kill snake

Killer machines

Killing a bad man in a dream

Kinner entering in house indream

Killed bywomantoman

King cobra vs leopard

King crying

Kissing in the car

Killing my ex

Key of solomon

Kicking a pigeon

Kurota madora ari mumuti

Kolling peoplrto dream of a soilder


Killed by a knife

Kumkum falling down

Killing cows

Keanu reeves giving you something in my dream

Kittens and frogs

Keys and a chair

Kraal meaning interpretation

Knocking in dream


Killing a dead brother who is already dead in a dream

Kissed by fictional character

Kukhanya ugesi

Kudutshulwa ubaleka kodwa kungaduthulwa wena

Knife bent tip


Killing with spear

Kissing lucifer

Kissing sister

Karupu samy

Killing an old black dove

Killing a snake in dream

Killing crabs in ocean

Kissing dead brother

Killing someone by pressing is neck is what

Kid having food

Killing a serial killer

Kist in a dream

Kissing a drunk crush

Knowing the date

Kidnap by someone

Killing of grass cutter what does it mean

Killing leech

Kissing your teacher

Kidnap by stranger

Killing someone who is dead already

Killing witch

Kissing a snake in a vision

Kill of pig

Killing of pig

Kill in pig

Kraken eating people in my dream

Kissing someone feet

Kill someone by mistake

Kurota uchipiwa madora

Kailash parvat

Kailash parwat

Killing an injured squirrel

Killed a robber

Killing a lizard

Killers on farm

Kissing ex girlfriend

King giving me lots of money

Kinner giving blessings in dream

Killing mistres

Knitting mana pants


Kissing my crush’s sister

Killing alien dreams

Knocking at a door

Kalalo yoni ni chushte




Kissing my stepdaughter in a dream

Kitten in crocodile mouth

Kissed a friend and we both liked it and i tried to hide that anything was going on between us from my family

Killing a prey bird means what in the dream

Kobe bryant inside the car

Kobe bryant inside the cat

Known people

Kissing a celebrity sister

Kids with coins

Kids and their grandma

Khanapara teer birinjal dream nambar


Kumkuma falling down dream

Kinnar preparing food in dreams

Kissing someone i know

Killing of big fish out of water

Kumkum haldi and temple early in the morning dreams

Kneeling bishops

Kissing person who died

Kids clothes in a drawer

Keeping bundles of money

Kissed on top of head

Killing a deer presenting on altar

Killing flamingo

Killing a golfer

Kurota uchisakura zvirimwa zvisati zvamere

Killing mouse

Kabba was away from me only with 2 peice of land in which ine had mosque andcover of kabba was removed by over cover but the design was change

Kissing vomiting

Kamasinalli halasina banni bandre yenu artha in kannada

Killing pests

Killing lots of centepides

Kidney heart liver

Kids dancing in a circle

Kids dancing in a girl

Khuwab ki tabeer

Knitted cap

Killer ants

Kopp idol

Kiss on forehead

Killing someone who wanted to rape you in a dream

Kissing my older brother in a dream

Killing a running lizard in your dream

Komodo dragon coming out of the house

Kumkum apperance

Knights templar

Keisha statue


Killing a deer

Kiss by an owl

Kurota uchibura uchi

Killing of wall gecko mean in a dream

Kissing a little bush

Killing fish in the river what does it mean

Kind spirit

Kind entities

Killed and woken up

Kriahna gold idol

Kissing a gypsy woman

Kissing with former girl friend

Kissing with former love

Killer plants

Kind wife in a dream

Kaye tattoo

Killed kittens

Killed a lion with my hands as it tried to attact me

Kissing wolf


Kissing a dead sister

Kissing moment

Kicked out of church

Key put in the vagina

Kissing a preacher

Kopis sword


Kunkuma means in dream

Killing an earthworm with salt in a dream

Killer in house attacks my dad

Killing of frog and snake together my me

Knocking at the door

Kill stabbing self defence

Kissing and getting intimate with a demon

Kneeling in front a grave site

Known niece persuasive in a dream means

Known daughter persuading you in a dream mean

Kalasam kumbabishegam dream

Killing police

Kalasam and god photo misplaced

Kissed someone and their tongue got stuck between my teeth

Kid priest and devil

Kids staring at you while bouncing bouncy balls on rhythm

Kids start


Keys inside shoes

Killing someone as defense

Kneeling before a pastor


Killing birth

Killing president lottery numbers

Killing president

Killing my little brother

Killing a bush animal

Kidnap dreams

Killing a mad woman

Kissed by a lion in a dream

Kritika mayur

Kid falling in sink hole

Kitchen cleaning mother

Kutshoni uliphupha amacimbi

Killing snakes with barefoot

Killing of springbok

Killing snakes with iron rod

Killing snake iron and rod

Killing the snakes with iron and rod

Kiss in pool

King in the card with a sword over it

Karaga festival in dream

Kissing my ex gf sister

Kissing my landlord

Knock door

Killing earthworm with salt in dream

Kniting wool stuck in my teeth

Khaki pants with black belt mean in dream

Killing a feral opossum

Killing evil spirits

Killing a person with an axe

Kpop idol kiss

Killing my mom’s boyfriend

Kings bedding

Kini itumo ojojo jije

Killed rabbit accidentally

Knock on the head

Kiss with teeth

Killing a succubus meaning

Kissing a fat girl

Kiss inanna

Killed by a terroist

Kicked down into fire

Kissing a bird

Kissing a dove

Killing to someone dream meaning inislam

King sago palm

Killing intruder

Kurota uchinhonga madora


Killing of your dog

Killed in the forest

Khaki pants in dream

Killed man dreams

Killed man teer dreams n


Kidnapped escape disappointment

Killing a rabbit in dream what

Killing rabbit in dream means

Khalid ibn walid


Killing 2 headed turtle

Kiss and vomit

Killing white earthworms with salt in the dream

Killing a pet

Killed whale

Kissing a man and bits of food dropping in my mouth

Kitten with its intestines out and goes away to die

Kitchen cabinets doors open

Kitten with owing green eyes sitting in the shadow

Kissing albino

Killing stranger

Kissing a kpop idol

Knives in ground

Knives in the ground

Kiss my love

Kiss someone

Kicked out of store

Killing seagull

Kittens being buried alive


King looking for his bead

Killing men

Kicked our

Krishna statue in dream as gift

Killing of birds in dream

Killing of wild cock

Killing fishes with knife

Kissing my long distance boyfriend

Killing every one but me and my friend we where running

Kiss with neighbour

Killed by a witch

Kissed a married man

Kids overboard on ship

Keys wont open lock

Kola nut tree with its fruits

Karupa sami came in dream

Kinnar giving coins to me

Kids climbing climbing from a hole

Kali maa

Knees sliced

Kisses seen in a dream

Kite bird hitting you in a dream

Kissing grandma hand

Kuchaze ukuthini ukuneka izingubo zokulala


Killing spider

Kali ma

Kissing a man that is trying to kill me

Kissing a baby

Kendra’s name written with a line through it

Known person shooting me

Kashi temple in dream meaning

Kill my mother and eating her eyes

Kitchen tap turned on its own

Kettle leaked water all over work top

King of dimonds

Kabba on fire and damage

Kneeling down in front of friend

Kolanut in dream

Killing someone unintentionally

Killing snake inside d well water means what

Kissing in my naked shoulder

Kidnap me

Killed a evil spirit

Killing a evil thing

Knife rock

Kid wearing a mask

Kiss a cow

Kernel oil in the dream

Kingdom on sea

Killing two lions

Kissing to my sister in law meaning

Kicking fingers

Kreps with honey

Kids and snake


Koca ünüfirma

Kissing snake

Killed by a stone

Killed by being stabbed on the top of head

Killing baby

Kissing cousin

Kissing siste

Kissing your ex bestfriend

Kick out my girlfriend

Knock my head

Knife coming out if nose

Kurota chibage

Killing with a sharp cutlass



Kashi vishwanath in dream

Kingdom hearts

Kept busy

Kitten converted into lizard

Killing a earwig

Killing earth worm with salt in a dream

Killing people and hiding bodies

Kitchen dis array

Kitchen is a mess totally torn apart

Kissing a girl with snake tongue means

Kissing a girl with snake tongue neabs


Knocking in dream meaning

Kissing recovering and eating


Killing a clone

Kill goose

Kippah jewish hat


Kissing dream

Kissing king cobra snake



Known person

Killing someone in dream and trying to cover it up

Killing a beetle

Killing a snake and disappears

Knocking on wall

Kissing and banging teeth

King tummy

Killing a warthog in a dream with a pistol

Kutip cendawan di halaman rumah

Killed an un usual snake in the yard

Kissed on the lip


Kissed another woman

Killing a white dog

Kill machete

Kiss by woman in dream

Key on fire

Kissing my late father hand

Killing stag

Kissing my best friend

Kiss on cheeks from an enemy

Killing someone to protect someone

Killing an antilop in a dream

Kill big titus fish in dream

Kuphipha banglobola

Killing kidnappers

Kiss by my step daughter

Killing s king

Keypard mobile

Krishna feet pressing in dream

Kmbiasg com

Kissing a lion

Killing a pedophile

Killing a pediphile

Kissing mad girl

Kill big grasscuta


Kissing a lover

Kissing with a stinky mouth

Killing evil

Kiss tongue with your ex

Kulikuli in dream means

Kerosene poured in my body

Kissing top of a head

Kiss on crown of head

Killing a cockatoo to get to heaven dream meaning

Killing dolls

Killing scorpions flies and snakes in a dream

Killed a black snake and then walking across a bridge


Killing 4 womans


Kissing your best friend


Killed wit axe

Kissing my son

Killing your self

Killing bears

Kids clothing

Knock the door

Killing a snake and eating its cooked flesh


Kissing with ex lover

Kitchen appliances stolen missing

Killing emu

Kimodo dragon and snakes

Kissing my husband on the mouth he has passed away



Killer whale showers water on you

Kissing different woman while being in relationship

King and queen giants

Killing a pangolin in a dream

Keep loosing theatre tickets

Kissing and licking 3 girls feet

Kicking and kissing 3 girls feet

Killing grass cutter in the dream

Killing agrasscutterin the dream

Kinni ltumo ki eniyan ba wo aso odi ni oju ala

Kissing feet and washing them

Kini ltumo bi eniyan ba ri ltagiri

Killing a cow and seeing blood

Kingfisher beer

Killing demon but feel overwhelmed

Kiss a woman

Kiss woman

Kissing best friend

Killing a bat in dream


Kissing someone who has semen in their mouth

Known person refuses my handshake

Kid saying mom

Killing warlock in dream

Killing warlock in cemetery

Kalema shahada





Khwab mein kangaroo dekhna

Kuroterwa uchi sakura pamba

Knocking you feet fingers unknowingly

Kissing beloved and eating from her mouth

Kola but dream

Kurota uchibata madora zvorevei

Knit sweater with holes

Knocking over a microphone stand

Killing and crying

Kiss ex boyfriend

Killed brown recluse

Killed a brown reclise

Kiss on head

Kitchen floor separated into two pieces down the middle when i was making cake

Keys fall into toilet bowl

Killing a bird

Killing other people



Kinner in temple

Kitenge means what in a dream

Kissing her lips and touching her leg

Knive trick

Knife game

King in a coffin

Kola dream gives it to someone

Ketchup blows out of bottle


Kissing girl you liked

Killing lion

Kusho ukuthin ubuhlalu

Kissing a girl on neck

Kettle pouring water into a cup

Ki ni itumo ala ki eniyan wo aso odi

Ki ni itumo ala ki eniyan wo ask odi

Kissing someone and them walking off

Kisika jaan bachana

Kid napping

Kiss on top of head

Kissing a goat in a dream

Kneeling and crying

Killing wolf

Kicked out of a birthday party

Kissing a cow

Kiss bonani in a dream be with my mother was passed away sleep over to my frnd

Knife cut hand

Killing single bee

Kapenta for sale

Kailqsh mountain

Killing devil


Koa wood

Korean man

Kissing a woman

Kiss at cemetery

Kids mental hospital


Kissing pastor


Kissing snake in the dream

Killer priest

Killed my baby

King under funeral

Kickings crocodile away from me

King of clubs


Knife cut leg no blood

Kalasha falling dream meaning

Knight on a horse

Kissing a dead person in my dream

Kansas city

King charles

Kittens killing chicks

Kids being taken away

Knocking down spider web

Kicking a picture

Kusho kthini ukubona u anyanisi ephusheni

Kini itumo ki eniyan wo aso odi ni oju ala

Killing zayn malik

Kinner giving coins in dreams

Killing a attacking bear

Kissing a girls and there teeth come off meaning

Killing alion

Kinner happy face in dream

Killing pink snake

Killing and then feeling scared

Killing weevils means

Koked red beans

Kidney beans that was koking is spoiled

Kiss on a lips

Kiss in dream someone

Killer laughing

Keeping building vaulted ceilings

Killing someone with a rope


Kissing a girl on the lips

Kissing a white wolf

Kissing his teeth

Kissing deceased ex lover


Kissing as the sunsets

Killed a pic

Killed a pick in my dream

Killing a captured pouch rat

Killing it

Killing your girlfriend




Kissing a mad person dream

Kaki shoes

Knowing the time

Knee giving out


Kneeling in a dream

Keep seeing a white pick up truck dropping my fiance home

Killing with a fork

Kissing a dead girl in the dream

Killing lizard

Kiss a goddess

Killing of 8 mouse in the dream

Killing a crow

Kiss cold shiver

Killing evil creatures

Karpooram and lily

Killing a cockaroach

King arthur shield

K dreaming your cousin is sitting on your kneess

Kissing someone that has a girlfriend

Killing black bird

Knitted baby cardigans

Kim name

Known woman setting in bedroom

Kiss a boy

Kissing fictional character

Key machine

Killing dad through a friend

Killing polar bear

Kiss dream interpretation

Kisses on my face

Kissed on the face

Kissing my boyfriend breast

Kissed on the eyes

Killing cash fish in dream


King give me and my brother money in my dreams

Kid voices

Kid locked in cabinet

Killing a kudu

Kissing a love one

Khoi khoi son dream

Kidnapped fat

Killing an attacker

Killing a snake in a dream using hands

Killing someone with a spear

Killing a wall gecko in the dream what does the symbols of killing wall and gecko mean in a dream

Kumkum fell down in dreams

Kolapodi in dream


Kitten eating junk food

Killing a lion in a dream

Kumkum and haldi lemon fall on road

Kumkum and haldi fell on the road

Killing a man

Killing millipede

Knife and blood

Knif and bloor

Kid with three faces


Kidnapped in a mall

Kissing vagina



Khaki cotton material received as a gift

Khaki material

Killing a lion trying to harm me

Kissing zuko from atla

Knitting a doll

Killing a cat in a dream

Killing antelope

Killing someone you know in dream using agun

Killing someone you know in a dream using agun

Killing someone you know in dream

Kissing a stranger

Killing boyfriends lover

Killed a grasscutter meaning

Killed a grasscutter

Kitchen disorganised

Kamias tree in a dream

Knocking of door

Killing vild cow

Krishna crying image dream meaning

Kit hen

Kinner taking 2k among 10k in dream

Killing giant

Kill giant


Keywords for the dream symbol: being hill broken land purple sky and under

Kidnapped and evil presence

Kissing a white girl


Kini itumo ki eyan fo aso loju orun

Kissing someone with tongue

Kiss someone don’t know

Keys on fire

Knocking bully out

Kissed by a white woman

Killed two thieves

Key chain horse

Killing with knife

Killing with nife

Killing a witch

Killing furries

Kurota uchidya nzungu

Killing snake and frog



Kill the girl

Kiss on forehead dream

Killed by lion

Knife thrown

Kissing dead friend in church

Kissing a person who is deceased