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Dreams starting with the letter J

Jealous desesed husband

Jaap mala burning

Jesus handing me in the paper

Jesus handing me in the papera

Jewelry was stolem

Jean valjean

Jumping from high stairs

Just a mirror

Jiggers being removed from my toe

Joseph mulofwa

Joining a fraternity

Jump off a cliff

June 7 in a dream

Jack rabbit

Jumping from balcony to balcony

John andre

Jumping of the building

Jumping and swinging

Judgemental day

Joel 37 14

Jump start

Joyful people

Japanese prisoner of war

Jesus in the sky with a neon pink heart over him

Jumping from high building rug

Jumping from a hut house

Jaw getting stuck open and can’t close

Jordan river water


Jail sentence

Juju grub

Jumping over a large body of water

Jewelry melting of me and others

Jumping off cliff with someone

Jesus in the sky with the crown of thorns

Jogging with a fat man in the dream

Jupiter and ghe moon


Jewelry floating in a flood

Jewelryvfoating in a flood

Jumpin on a home

Jaguar killing peacock

Jaguar killing

Jaguar killing people’s


Jewelery stolen by mad woman

Jwellery stealing


Jehovah witness



Jean dress

Jungle flower hunting

Jumping from building fall into tree to death

Jin shows himself enter husbanfs body

Jin shows wife of leaving and reentering precence

Jin shows wife gettin in and out of husband

Jin shows wife of precence

Jeans too big

Jesus frame in the dream

Jehovah’s witness

Jade rings


Jogging up a steep hill

Joining cooperative in my dream

Jumping ship

Jinn screaming

Jinn screaming my ear

Jumping out of a bus

Jump in the air


Jumping in another body



Judgment day in islam


Jumping waves

Jump through a small window

Jumping on one leg

Jupiter and its moon and rainbows

Jesus telling me to run from the devil…

Jumping a car

Jin chasing me

Jamun seen in dream when am pregnant

Joking big curbs out a rock

Jasmine tea

Jute mellow


Jump off high wall

Jump from really high and not dead

Jewish party

Jade stones

Jain thirthankar idol

Juvelyn vega

Jon snow

Jade pyramid earrings

Jet boat ride

Jesus baptizing me



Jellyfish sting you in dream

Jowar harvested crop seen in dream

Jamiiforums siaaa



Jamiiforums sports

Juju money

Japanese abandoned house with a lot of gold


Jewel eyes

Jewel ehes

Jowar in dream

Jumping in sea

Jerking of your pastor penis


Jesus death

Jesus crusifixion

Joseph from the bible

Jump off cliff

Jeeb me


Jewish prayer cap


Jack fruit while pregnancy

Jack fruit in dream

Jesus christ up side down in a dream

Jumping out a window

Jesus picture



Jumping from a tall hill mountain

Job quit argue

Jumping down steps

Jacket with cap symbolize

Jaggary rice and rice pudding together

Jaggery comes i the dream


Job offering

Joining three dots to form a triangle

Jesus picture breaking in the dream

Jello water

Jumping into the arms of your boyfriend

Joseph and mary

Jesus coming down and hovering with two blue bird circling above him

Joining a body part

Jump bridge



Jackfruit number

Jellyfish sting

Jellyfish stings on legs

Jelly fish stings on legs

Just a person he to ran out of house and he was also running with you and started flogging you

Joyce coultman

Jewish girl

Javelin throw


Jail for handgun

Jaman fruit

Jinn named gur gur

Jumping down a huge high staircase to wake myself up

Jinn possesses

Java plum fruits spritiual meaning

Jummah day

Jehovah witness persons

Journey to india by train

Jade plant

Jesus touches my forehead

Jae lovking teeth falling

Jesus face wearing a thorn crown

Jose pouring out water

Jesus kiss

Jack fruit eating teer number

Jack fruit eating

Jesus cross blood on me

Just planted rice field filled with water

Jumping across moving water

Jumping over moving water

Jute leaves

Jumping over a car

Jumping over a car with a bicycle

Jumping worm

Jesus kissed me on my forehead


Jumping repeatatively touching game on ceiling

Jamuna giving dream

Jinn in the bottle

Jugular vein cut

Jugular vein cut open


Jaron robinson


Jungle bolo

Jumping across water

Jeff the killer

Jade dragon

Jesus figure walk out of the sea


Jumping over water means what

Jewish shawl


Jinn hurting me in friday prayer

Jinn killing me

Jumping on cars

Jumping on car

Jupiter sartan and venus in a dream

Jaw bone being pulled out

Jawbone pulled out

Jesus killed me

Jerking off a teacher

Jumping from a height but landing with feets on dry land

Jumping from a height to a ground

Jumping and falling

Jesus covering someone’s eyes

Jumping out of a car

Jump of a building

Jesus kiss me and it was sweet to my taste

Jesus kissing my lips and it taste like a fruit

Jain monk in dream

Jealous boyfriend

Jewish celebration

Jealous friend

Jesus neglecting me

Jesus doesn’t select me

Jesus turns me down

Jump out of window

Job offe

Jogging in a road which has cows and elephants by the roadside

Jumping cliff

Jaap mala

Jaao mala

Jelisa bourgeois


Jinn possession in dream


July 30th

Jewels gold


Jackfruit equivalent number in dream

Jack of spades card

Joel 3

Jollof rice and fried meat

Japthi notice in whatsup


Jewelled white serpent

Jumping out of a moving car

Jesus statue broken


Jumping off a cliff holding hands

Jumping off a cliff holding hangs

Just taken my food


Jacobs well

Jesus coming down inverted

Jamun fruit in dream

Jail of someone

Jiggers on my toes

Job time clock

Japanese apartment

Jigsaw villain


Jumping and touching the ceiling

Jesus on cross above ocean

Jumping from one side of water to another



Jesus smiling

Jesus winking his right eye

Jimmy fallon

Jason voorhees chasing

Just forgetting the swimsuit



Jumping spiders

Jumping spiders in someones hair

Jesus photo in a dream as a pendant

Jumping in a pool

Jesus ideal broken

Jesus ideal

Journey with pastor

Jumbled speaking

Jumbled speakinf


Jaggery mixed rice making for distribution in poors

Jurassic park dream

Jamun in pregnancy



Jaguar biting

Just hearing wind in my dream

Judge robe

Jumpin on the stones



Jesus holding sword

Judging another person

Jesus hand me a paperweight with flower in it

Jesus giving blood


Joined the illuminati

Jinn possessing me

Jesus christ photo broken in dream

Jin in body of a dead person

John wayne

Jagganath rath yatra dream

Jesus glass picture broken

J b

Jesus comforting crying

Jasmine garland at temple in dream


Jesus redeemer

Jumping high

Jaguar sitting on shoulder

Jesus head on fire

Jew protector


Jumping off a boat into the ocean

Jackfruit seen in drean during pregnancy

Jolt of electricity

Joining a secret organization

Joining the cia in school

Jesus with a bloody face

Jump off dam

Jump from stairs smoothly

Joan f

Jelly ball discharge

Jumping from high into water very deep

Jade teacup

Jumping from one stone to another at a river with clear water

Jesus christ returns

Japanese spirit

Jumping lizard

Jesus bathing at river

Jesus letting you into heaven

Jumping animal my body

Jamons fall down from tree

Jesus christ wearing red robe and vision seen in a dream

Jumping out of plane

Jumbled clothes drawers

Jewelry in a drawer of a dresser

Jamunfruits in dream

Je khenpo comes in dream


Jeffery dahmer

Jumping off a moving train

Joint popping

Jesus next to judas

Jump window

Jinn leaving body

Jerry eating in dream

Janaza dream


Jinn women hug dream


Jammed lock

Jewish mysticism


Joker and batman bff

John the b hi

Jesus in a robe

Jesus in a rose

Jesus in a ribe

Jumping out of a car while it moves

Jewels being stolen and people not helping me

Jcb dream

Jai shree ram

Jesus in a red robe

Jane vescorando

Jump in volcano

Jack sparrow


Jesus flags

Jumping high in the sky over stuff

Jhanda dekhna

Johan liebert

Jujube lucky numbers

Jujube teer number

John the baptist telling me thst i will live by the sea and i saw the back end of the ship two story

Jesus in a picture

Jin in room trying to afraid me


Jumping high away from someone


Jumping in puddles


Jumping from

Jewellery shop

Jaganath temple and god

Jumping over a hole

Jewelry silver

Jumping snakes

Jumping in snakes

Judging a baking contest and protecting people from seeing the food i could actually taste the food

June plum

Jeffrey damher

Josefina dream means

Japanese girl

Java plum eating

Jumping into the water

Jackfruit tree in dream

Jackfruit tree

Jumping window

Jade plant on a grave

Jagganath subhadra and balabhadra in dream


Jar of steroids

Jw org

Jigger removing

Jumbo shop

Jinn in dream

Judgment day

John 80

Jamun fruit eating in dream during pregnancy

Jumping off rail of stairs


Jumping water

Jumping a river

Julie andrews

Jaw shut

July 19th


Jack fruit in dreeam


Jongoli hathi

Jaggannath temple

July 7 and 8

Jesus and throne


Jesus died body

Jelous dead husband

Jose morinio

Jealous deceased husband

Jacaranda tree in islam

Jinn entering the body



Jesus and evil looking person in dream

Jail and superintendent

Jumping over chair


Jesus as a statue on the ceiling

Judgment day dream meaning


Jaganaath looking at me

Jupiter and its moon

Juju in ur dream in front of the school

Ju ju in ur dream

Juju in ur dream

Jacket gift meaning

Jaganath temple

Jewelry in the beach

Jane fonda with dentures fallingout

Journal full of scribbles

Jericho rose

Japanese girl with open mouth

Jumping on bed

Jiggers on both wife and husband

Jumping a very big stream

Jiggers removal in a dream

Jumping in waves


Jesus statue alive

Jeweled crown


Juice drink from a glass

Juice drink

Juice drinking glass of juice from a dead relative

Jumping over a stream in a dream

Jain sadvi in dream

Jar full of dimes

Jar full of coins

Jin biting leg


July 12

Jinn chasing

Jaw bones fall out

Jesus in the manger

Jumping over food naked with period

Jumping to river

Jesus wearing red

Jumping up to a balcony at night then falling and getting shot at

Jumping up to a balcony on a skyscraper from the ground

Jewellery toilet

Jets helicopters

John wick

Job 37

John melting


Junk food

Jiggers leaving the body

Judgment day happing

Jumping around beach

Jumping on hill cilmp on top

Jagannath temple

Jumper with star

Judgement day meaning

Jersey on back facing front

Justifying yourself


Judgment day dream

Jesus crying


Jewish fleeing

Jupiter planet in south

Jesus of nazarene

Jesus infant of prague in dream

Julius caesar




Jewish church

Japanese soldier soul

Jackfruits symbol


Jewelry of gold

Jewelry of gawa ld

Jockey limb loss horse

Joyful lone bride

Joshua 1


Jaw falling apart

Jumping in moving car

Jewel in pocket

Jumping and behaving like wild animal

Jacaranda in my dream

Jung penis chopped off dream

Judging competition

Jackfruit green leaf

Jumping over a creek and going up

Jumping safely to ground

Jupiter and full moon

Jumping off a vehicle

Jerking off with my uncle


Jackfruit tree lots of fruits

Jack pop

Jewelr i used to know

Jumping in to well to help sister

Jesus looking me in the eyes

Jesus appeared


Jamun fruit in dream during pregnancy

Just married

Jumping tru the window

Juno godess of marriages and families



Jurassic park but we have to jump from platform to platform to escape but we always forget the key nd have to go back when we get out raptors and protect us from military men

Junk food before set

Jfk assacination

Jungle cats

Job transferred from one place to another place

Jumping on a bulldozer


Jade horses

Jigsaw puzzle broken wrong pieces


Jumping rain water in a dream

Jealous y

Jumping from building


Jaw bone crumbling

Jump on my right arm and twists and titans

Jumping in ocean

Jason voorhees chasing me with my brother

John g



Jesus as a statue running towards you


Jug pitcher dream meaning


Jesus touched my forehead and i saw his face

Jasmine in dreams during pregnancy

Janine in dreams during pregnancy

Jewelry store gold cross

Jesus crying in your dream

John who is unborn saving her sister in accident

Just sitting and people clasping their hands in respect to you


Job to dead people

Java fruits

Java plum

John 16 1616

Jaw falling out

Jesus on the cross with thorn crown dream

J dreamt when aman is taking me pictures on his phone and the time he finish i saw when my face picture is very black and ugly

J dreamt when a man is taking me pictures and the time i saw the pictures when mu face is very ugly

Java plum plucking dream

Jet shooting

Jet chasing another plane

Jack of red hearts

Jackfruit seed germinating in dream

Job transfer to anotherplace

Junkfood dream

Jackfruits seeds sprouted

Jesus giving me a second chance and cleansing me


Jumping on waves




Japanese horseradish

Jumping in a car carrying a coffin

Jesus and the moon

Jerking someone

Job as a cleaner

Jinn playing with me

Jaggery in dream during pregnancy

Jamaica tree


Jessica fiorentino


Journey into ocean

Jerking off with someone

Job transfer

Jesus kissed my forehead

Jack white

Jammed finger

Jumping off

Jumping over gushing water


Jar of seamoss

Jumping into a moving coaster bus then paid the fare

Jar of silver coins

Juice in a dream

Jute seeds

Jute seed n leave dreams

Just dream

Jiggers in dream



Jollof rice


Jumping into the window of someone cat


Jumping at someone

Jade earrings

Jamun throwing in dream


Jesus stable manger

Jaw bone weapon

Jaw bone weapom

Joining track team

Just washed hair

Jaw being ripped off

Jigsaw piece out of face in forrest

Jennie like man sucking out life

Jailed in dream for nine months

Jailed in dream for nine months and others control your finances


Journalists photographers

Jesus blood

Jesus on a hill pointing to a island

Joe hawley


Jam hi

Jinn insider

Jiggers in my foot in a dream

Jiggers in my foot

Julie ann


Jason vorhees

Jamnu fruit comes in dreams

John the baptist

Jesus riding in a chariot in the sky

Jumping sheeps

Job seen in a dream

Jumping black ball big

Jummah prayer

Jesus christ statues being broken



Jumping into tomatoes water

Jaw tumor

Jackfruits tree

Jackfruits tree with fruits

Jamun in dream

Jaganath photo

Jet ski



Judgmental lion

Jumping out of a plane

John 3:16

Jumping from a trolley



Jumping on the sea from a stair means

Java apple dream

Juju woman

Jiggers on my son hands

Joker and number three

Jackfruit eating in a dream




Joe biden

Jiggers in hair

Jamun bunch dream

Jain sathanak

June 16 2004 makavelli ghost


Jaguar shape shifting

Jazz musician

Joff rice

Jiff rice

Judgement day

Jesus riding horse in the sky

Jaw stuck

Jesus holding torch

Jumping off a cliff

Jeans skirt means what in dream

Jumping through a portal


Jack fruit dead person

Jumping from tree

Jamaican large cup in a paper inside the mouth of a black man

Jail naked

Just a voice saying hello


Jumped out of the window into a military car


Japanese house made of ice

Justis pao


Jumping in a train

Jumping in a tram

Jug along with cup

Jumping to touch ceiling

Jeep is burning


Jeepney on a fire

Jinn basement

Jackals killing deer

Judgement day is dream

Joining a club of runners


Java apple

Jin appears as sister in dream

Jiko meaning in adream

Joy lucky number

Jeep stolen

Jam tangan hilang

Jumping off fast moving bus


Jesus touch your head in dream

Jagannath prabha fell in my dream


Jain mandir in dream


Jumping into a persons arms

Jumping into someone’s arms

Jumping and being caught


Jewish household

Jamun tree

Janivaara in dream

Jesus hugs my mom

Jumping into a sea


Jiggers and removing

Jigger and removing in a dream

Jelly candy



Jewels vagina


Jungle fighting lion


Japanese 5 coin yen

Jelly green

Jacket carrying away by river

Jump high

Jump up and hover


Jumping in and out of moving car no doors

Jumping from building and landing safely

Jumping from high building and landing safe

Ju jitsu

Japanese woman face appearing

Julius casesar

Jesus the god of heaven

Jesus christ

Jewelry in a fish mouth


Jogging naked

Jumping to the boat


Jackfruit in dream

Jump off bridge

Jason jason

Joshua evangelist



Jaw and surgery


Jumping off a building

Job offer

Job interview


Jesus and me in a boat together standing


Jack the ripper

Jumping out window

Jesus mary and joseph

Jesus cross

Jekfrot kaoya dreem nambar

Jay z

Jamun fruit


Jealous on you




Jesus locket andmoney coines in dream

Jumping grave

Job appointment letter


Jet engines

Jujube fruit

Jackal pack


Jars of truffles

Jadic ausmatic


Jinn entering body

Jesus mary joseph

Jain temple


Japanese bow job


Journey with my wife


Jumping and touching the clouds



Jiggers on my fingers

Java fruit

Jumping over a gap

Jump out of a moving car and watch it crash but remain calm

Jinn and butterflies

Java apple in a dream



Jack fruit



Jaggery rice in dreams


Jagannath idol in dream

Jumping in water to save them


Jelly fish

Jimmy page


Job turns into a night club

Jewelry rusting

Jumping into an swimming in a secret clear pond of calm cool water

Jump to safety


Jack pot

Jumping poop in the dream


Jumping off crescent moon

Jericans full of water

Jumping off cliff into river clear water

Jumping off cliff into clear water

Jumping on moving terraces

Judging a test

Jumping from high to the ground

Jojoba trees in dream

Jump right in front of me to the other side

Jumping off the top of a tree

Jumping from a tree to the ground

Jogging naked through the streets in your dream

Jasper melting

Jumpscared by a family member

Jesus heartbeat


James bond driving a speed boat

Joshua evangelic

Joining a law firm

Jiggers in foot killing

Jumping out of the bus

Japanese love curse

Jesus open his eyes

Joining of two piece of land in a dream

Joined land

Jump scare by faceless person in bed

Jenga falling




Japanese school girl s

Jerican with a green leaf

Jellyfish out of the vagina

Jason bothers chasing me

Judge a boy

Jumping super high and going far


Jute seed

Jumping off the swing on top of the building and falling to ground

Jet canoe


J bought millet in my dream

Jamun in dream during pregnancy gender prediction

Jungian symbolism in dreams

Jesus face floating

Jcb removing house

Jesus giving a white envelop to my financial

Jewelry given by a dead person

Jewelry given bu dead person

Jonathan name

Japanese sai


Julius ceasar

Jackfruit trees destruction


Jesus playing with my son in his dream


Jesus holding a baby lamb in his right side

Jahwa abantu

Jesus in black and red robe

Jesus in a black and red robe i died and went to heaven

Jaddo on hair


Joining the orthodox church

Jenion brother

Jaw bone break

Jack fruits seed

Jewelry color

Judy garland

Jumping off too high

John cena

John cean

Jesus saying all my sins are forgiven

Jj convert to number

Jagannath yatra

Jesus and mary images in the sky

Jewlay of iron meaning in dream meaning

Jesuscross with full of diamonds

Jal jaap meaning

Joined in water by another


Jumping to the cieling

Jair brush

Jelly cornflour

James glenn moore


Joke in a dream with the dead person

Jump into mud

Jumped in front of a bullet

Jerish jean bagaboyboy

Jumpscared and running away

Jumpscared and running

Jesus give you a key

Jesus gives a key and a gold necklace


Jamu dalaman

Jembe meaning spiritualy

Jade ruby and sapphire

Jenner decoration in men leg

Jim carey

Jogging pants

Jello red

Jumping over a graveyard

Jesus in the attic standing at a bright door

Joking priest


Johnny charleston public records

Josh kennedy

Just married and dreaming wife is going to leave

Just married and dreaming

Jewel stones growing like fruit

Jealous over a woman


Just a christening gown in the dream

Jasmine flower hinduism

Jerking off a guy

Jump by dead husband mistress

Jumped by husband girlfriend

Jumping from river bank to the other

Jumping from one bank river to the other


Jinn telling you not to do something



Judgment day death

Jesus christ baptising me

Jesus christ baptising me in rock pool in a cave


Jhad agrinding machine and some body came to grind casava after grinding j asked him to pay and he said j asked much money he started to fight me

Jade tigers

Jew temple

Jewel encrusted elephant statue

Japanese conception dream symbols

Jump on seagull

Jelly bean coming out of the vagina

Jam ping