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Dreams starting with the letter I

Increasing noise

In dream my aunty gave me black pants

I was charging a relay race

Idli seen in dream

I saw my girlfriend as a demon

I bathed a dying old woman in dream

Interpretation of ghost baby in dream

I am married but i got a dream that i shared bed with my ex

I see myself plucking eating ripe cashaw in the dream what does it mean

I dreamt that someone called me a loser in my dream

I dreamt myself wearing traditional clothes

I am kissing on male nipple in dream mean

In my dream someone gives me cowries meaning

Invisible murderer

Invisible person killing people

I dreamed that i was in the hammock and suddenly i was spinning and spinning very hard i was in the hammock with my head first and i felt pain when i looked at the hammock it was still spinning i saw a black bird with a horn over its eye my color was yellow when i screamed it flew away

I see a black bird with horn

Ice cube tray overflowing

I was finding a christmas plushie ànd then i go in the and i saw a room i opened the door it was a same room

I dream about a sister i did not know i had half sister

I have a sinking hole in my bed

I had a hole in my mattress

I had a dream where i saw two boys wearing their school uniforms sitting in a car

I dreamt i rejected jesus and ran

I dreamt being given bags of sugar by my teacher

Iend from a distance and i dreamt about him that same night what



Increasingly loud whistle

Increasingly loud scary sounds

I saw my favorite fictional character

I saw my crush around religious temple (devi mamdir)

I bit in to acherry with worms

I had a bad dream about my bestfriends ex boyfriend

I dream my husband firy burning

I see two circled shaped thing in the sky surrounded by green lights and they circles are not close to each between them there is distance and in the center where they both circle placed means in the distance there is a two day moon later i see beautiful very beautiful lights like golden purple and also a rainbow light

I see two circles surrounding green light and between them there is two day moon i said that they are portals and the symbol of qyiamah later i see golden and purple and rainbow lights

Insect flying up nose

I couldn’t finish my prayers in my dreams

Inverted legs

I was hugging my girlfriend

I dreamt with hurtful fingers from being bitten

Isiphika esimhlophe

I lost my one of the footwear and searching for it

I was giving a red pepper with a name to pound in a dream that the the person is is agains is me

I put the last brick on the roof and then fell

I always scroll by someone

I became a mom and had two daughters

I opened some drawers and they were empty but the base was glass

I saw that a nun chased me then at the top of my school she painted her potrait and read something from a spiritual book and she died as soon as she died the eyes in her portrait turned blank

I dreamed being called rebbecah

If you get a letter with money in it

Incidently lit fire

I gave my protection charm to my late sister to put it on the waist beads when i woke up my protection charm was missing from my waist beads

I had a dream of my boyfriend’s dead mom

Index finger sucking in the dream by a woman

I dreamt that there was a minor multi car acci

Impepho nekhandlela elimnyama nelired

I dreamt seeing people eating intestines of dogs raw

In temple priest giving me a flower

I had a dream that my step sister kissed me on the cheek

I divorce my polygamous husband in my dream

I saw my self at the plane with my friends

I saw people spraying an unconplited building

Irrigating a field of green rapoko and ground nuts

In swamp

If the stem of rose is cut what does it mean

In dreams i see i am pregnant even i am virgin

I swpcture

I saw my bestfriend being brainwashed by my enemy

I was my bestfriend being brainwashed by my enemy

I had a dream of being trapped in another dimension but i was finally able to find my way to my real world atlast

I had a dream in which me and my sister were trapped in some other dimension where my family members were not of their original character they were opposite to their real character and evil it was really scary somehow i managed to find the way to get back to my world and we came back finally

I ve hit by sling shoot on women and got injuries on chest and back

I was given dog medicine during a dream

I saw my gf sick in hospital

Infection in eye

Impahla ezinekiwe

Individual color entries

I dream of picking up paper money in a river flowing with water

Indian man bare chested on a white horse looking over me

In the womb

Is it meaningful for a boy friend to buy for me boiled eggs

I saw a dream where i went to my school and saw this friend who i hate who was way tall than me now i am jealous

I dream my deceased husband wrote me a letter from jail

I was eating posho and beans while falling on my mattress where i was seated then our country president came and eat on my same meal and collected those left overs throw them away

I dreamt about pooping in a kitchen

I had a dreams that i was standing on top rocks

I dream my car was being repossessed

Inca lillies

I dreamed that have grown big on the upper part of my body from the waist going up

I am feeling manasa kissing me

I dreamed onions

In dream what means if women give white powder salt to other women means

In dream what means if women give salt to other women means

Inheriting a boat

I was having a running race and i became the winner it means what

Insects with white eggs on my child

Iron sheets removed from a house

I dreamnt of my car shutting down whilst i was driving

I a memorabilia shop

Ihand a dream of water pooling on my face

Ihand a dream of water l

I dreamt and saw my husband in short

I dreamt my boy lost

I curled my mom’s hair

I dreamt of a uncle that passed having back pain at night only

Interviewing the president of a neighbouring country

Inside out pants of friend

I was feeding my wife in the dream

I ask some kids queations in my dreams

Insects stuck and pushed out my belly

I broke a girls nose

Items hidden in walls

I had the dream that i met saint jude

I dream my boyfriend was angry at me while riding a bike and i was following him but he rides the bike faster

I dream my partner was angry at me and riding a bike and i was following him but he rides the bike faster

I dream my partner was angry at me while riding a bike with my clothes and a baby

I dream my partner was angry at me while riding a bike

Ik zag een bom en die ontplofte een harde en zachte stem

Ik verstopte me en hoorde eeen ijscoman met ijs en toen dacht ik al alarm de monsters komen en ging ik me verstoppen

I dream my husband clothes in the floor

I dreamed some was dnr


I dremed friend selling her house

I dreamed i drink sperm

I saw dead fish and a snake came out of my body

If you see yourself eating garry groundnut and suger i the dream what is the meaning

I see radha rani bare feet in my dreams

I was in a public place and a boy is holding my hands

I am on a list

I want to a temple in my dream and saw all gods statue except lord shiva and then i comeback at my home and found a new type of pooja is performing

Ignored by ex partner humiliated

I dreamt i carried a bag of chinese tea leaves

I dreant i kissed a guy and he vomited after

I dreamt my neighbors boy half human half with hairy cow legs with hooves

I see honey almonds rice cashew nuts in dream

I dream about tree full of mango

I see my girlfrend in orgy

I dream yellow crept myrtle tree

Intestine came out from umbilicus

If u dream that someone fetch ewedu in your farm

I m pregnant i received saree in my dream

I saw in my dream that my victim is a snake but it is not biting me and i feel its weight on my back

I visited a cosmetic shop and they tested their powder on my face

Ice cooler box

In a colorful field of wild flowers


I saw clearing my worship place

I met tollywood film star chiranjeevi and spent some time with him in the morning while jogging and on return to home on bike caught by traffic police and argued with him for triple ride

I saw a dream that paralyzed person in real was walking in my dreams and i greeted him

In an big cleaned field


Ice tea

Invisible attack

In my dream i was in a house and i want to the toilet and saw the pump open but i try to close but the water wasted on my clothes

I dream the pump was open and i try to stop the water what it means

In dreams seeing already dead people was wrapped in plastic bag and ready making ready for dumping

In a relationship with a guy who is seeking attention elsewhere

I dreamed seeing a lot of umoba

Inyoni engenakhanda

I broke sto nino

I was told i was smart

I got shot in the heart

Inflatable santa chased me

I dreamed of 3 pecan pies being place before me at a table

I was uprooting glass in a field

Is it something i should worry about

If u see ur self collect blood for test nd it showed hiv positive what does it mean

I miss shoot

I had the identity of an unknoun girl and that girl had a relationship

In my dream i saw a child hit by a bus

I am being told i smell so bad by unknown people in my dream

I am being told i smell bad in my dreams

I saw destruction of stadium and building

I saw a dream about my dad fighting with his brother what does it mean

Ird transforms into mouse

In dream i had seen someone name on wall

Imphuphu emhlophe

I dream of bathing my desease mom in a dream

I saw yellow colour sweet fruit eating in my dreams means in islam

I was pregnant without my marriage and my parents were also happy

In a church with my ex girlfriend

If someone is dragging key with you in a dream

I dreamed giving my father food and tea

If you dream of your husband buying a similar dress

I was texting a guy

I had a dream that l was crown with a beautiful crown

I was dreaming dancing with sangomas and there were bones there drums too after that sleeping paralysis got me

In my dream my sister had a turquoise rose in her hair

I saw myself cooking biryani

I caught my girlfriend cheating and hiding in a closet then i beat her up


Interpretation of eating eba and okro in dream

Ingagment with army man daughters

I recieved a flash of bright white light that entered my body

I went out in public and i didnt wear hijab in front of my teacher

If we see someone is snatching food from me in my dream

Invited to a strangers party

In my dream i saw many collins

I saw many collins

I had a dream of my friend being immortal

I dreamt requesting for bread yeast

I dreamed of green green grass

I dream my late mother and me given many maize

I was selling scones in buckets

I dream power in my hand it was like a light

Is it normal to dream of you being in a dark hallway

I was loved by stranger in the dream

I was fighting with gf brother

I pulled basil leaves from my teeth

I was working in a clothing industry

I dreamy a dead person gave me cocainr

I dreamt a dead person gave me cochise meaning

I dreamt i was talking to a friend that had committed suicide in life

I dream of removing a bunch of toothpick in the hair

Inanimate object came to life and attacked me


I met prince william and princess kate


Isiphika esi yellow nobuhlali

I saw a gold wall clock on the clouds

If u dream about a plastic bag full of money rolling then u are chasing it what does it mean

I dated my enemy

I hit by a shoe

I am 18 now but i dreamed that i married in 22 but i hate the marriage

Im having reacurring dreams of me sleeping with my friends sister

I drempt that my dead husband was released from prison

I had a dream about watching the euphrates river flowing out into the sea what does that mean

I was a infint

I met my girlfriends deceased father

I had a dream and sleep paralysis about my mom having a seizure

Invisible dog

Interior of car

I dream that i was fighting somebody with cutlass

I dream that i was cutting someone body

I was working in big company named pwing

In my dream i was wearing like a makoti and everyone was congraculating me

I saw a varanidae walking on the wall in my dream

Impaled by a tree

Indigo crow

I was in a dream my ex girlfriend was naked talking to me

I was in a dream àm

I sawyself falling to a lake

Idly serving

I dream that i’m always pooping in front of other people

I always dream pooping in front of other people

I give my left food to other

I was a using a trash cleaner

I pull my hair to sell

I dream i swallow a 2 small gemstone

In my dream i saw a former prime minister who have passed away some years ago what dose it meant

I dreamed of my father and he was wearing a military uniform

If you dream someone telling you that you promise and you unfulfilled it

I was ploughing in a field with oxen with strange people in a dream

If some one puts red tika on forehead what does it mean

I dreamed about my boyfriends parents who i never met n are deceased

I dreamed snot my boyfriends parents who are deceased n never met them

I was defecating on the road and cleaning myself with a friend screening me with a cloth

Inside eye scratched

If dream kraal

I was standing in a trash can

I was a profet see things but now i dnt see anything

I had a dream of my lobola negotiations

I saw my bestfriend and her crush together talking and holding hands

Impregnating someone

Izingubo eziluhlaza eziyellow

Item returned to me

I dreamed of a saint with its head in its hand

I dreamed of the santo nino de atoche beheaded

Inside stampede of horses

In my dream the old commander give me his baje

In my dream the old commander give me his bag

I dreamt that someone is giving palmwine to someone

I just seen a bucket full of screws

I dream of cutting my vaginal wit a scissors in a dream

Indian weat bread

I saw someone very big dark black eyes in front of my eye

I dreamnt of washing a lady cloth intentionally

I took off a man boxers in dream

I fell down

I dreamt of buying castor seed

I dream and a someone called me a witch

I dream of my daughter of my 8yr old daughter being raped

I ran to the top of the mountains because a great deluge came i climbed up a tree and then later the water reached the top of the mountain ground but it subsided i went down the tree and i heard people singing in worship

I was anointed by a prophet

I wa anointed by a prophet

Inside a metal cabinet

Ice cream in the floor

Intimate with boy and got caught

I was at my 3story farmhouse as the water slowly rose from the ground i closed all the door and went to the roof were my mom and some other family members like female cousins and my aunts they all were laughing and were not in a worried as the water slowly came into the roof i hugged my mom and right as the water came to my stomach i woke up

Ingested thumb tacks and paper lips

I witness my godfather was killed or ambushed with a gun

I want to be a furry in a dream what does this mean

I dreamt getting inside impophoma

I dress up as a bear what does that mean

I dreamed that i wrote my name inside a tomb


I was dream my niece smile at me

I dreamed like white paper plates blew away on beautiful green grass

I had a dream my mom tried to stab me and kill me

I saw a shooting star and prayed for her to come back

I found my baby lost toys

I see a caw falling down over montana

I saw a talking snake chasing a group of people which i was part and i bled because of that

I dreamt when teacher caning me with stick because of failing work

Immigration officer stamping passport

It was a normal day but suddenly it changed to where it changed into war a lot of attacks are happening i was scared any minute all of us are gonna killed and i was screaming like i’m still young haven’t seen much of the world

I dreamt that my sisters and i were putting out a fire to avoid it from spreading to the chickens in the poultry but we were not panicking as we were doing that

I dreamt of my little sister naked in a public place and i borrowed a cloth and covered her

I dream about a bud container

I begged a famous musician for the food he is eating

I see turtle a lot of turtle

I saw 7 moons in the sky three three and 1

I saw shivas coin in dream

I saw ghost at my house

If you dream rhinoceros which lucky number

I saw my housband skiny in the dream

I saw my housband skinny in the dream

I saw my house and skinny in the dream

I dream of my dead wife giving birth to a baby girl

Iron nail through hand

I have a dream that i was pregnant but i give birth to a baby girl with freckles

I saw my friend squeezing breast of death young girl

Inheritance from dead relitive

I dreamt that my 6 years old daughter was wearing scandalous clothes

I saw in my dream a college removing his clothes trying to make advances

Illuminati signs body

I dreamed that i climbed the impassable bridges and reached a tomb

I am tying my deceased father running shoes

I am thing

I was watching rain dust coming from the east going to west

I saw trepidation written in the sky what does it mean

In a hammock with my mother

Ice cube an water in jar

I saw in dream a calf who was kissing me

I dream trying to show my family members my house

I had a dream and my sister told me that am very ugly

I pullout 3 centipede out of my vagina dream meaning

Im real life smokes from nowjere just went past me

I dreamt my husband fell of the dinghy into the river and started swimming to us

I had a dream of someone pouring sachet water on me

I dream of3 aunts

I dreamed of 3 sisters

I dream my holiday is progressing each week

Ingubo mhlophe

I dreamt i was pregnant with a prince child

In dream u r watching rain from shed

I had small hole in my chick and i pull it out it’s start to smell

I had hole in my chick and i pull it out and start to smell

If you are hanging a shirt of mother in law


Injection in the neck in dream

If you have a dream about a photo being broken what is the meaning

Injection in dream

I saw myself in a new storey building in the dream

I dreamt of a dog being hit by a beycle near my gate

Izimbuzi ezibeli

I was carry pregnant women in shoulder

Injured peacock

I saw my father wearing army uniform

I want to learn english

I entered woman native doctor shrine

I was picking fiddlehead in my dream

I dream they stole my gun

I am kissing someone

I feel a earthquake

I have seen myself falling from terrace

I have seen the dream of falling

If you dream of someone you know

Ira killing family

Isiphika esi maroon


I was bad not anyone more

In war with the dead dream

Isla izindoni ezimnyama

If you dream of your deceased mother

Interpretation of three leaf yam

I saw my dear cousin in my dream telling me off

I dreamed i was trying to purchase a bus ticket did not have enough to pay the full ticket amount at once

I dream that i saw a girl i know very well and then i was sucking her breast so hardly

I dream about my aunt and unsleeping who fighting and mom and me trying to stop it they are all dead

I licked orange in dream what does it mean

Iron sound


I dreamt i saw a competition card

I dreamt giving money to an old soildier but he seemed like a mad man because of the rags he was wearing

I saw a seed of tree and oil growing in my hands in a dream

I dream about my phone been missplace in the stream and also i saw my two ex boyfriend in the dream

In real saw a dead crab in bathroom

I was a leader of a ruling political party but the opposition were chinese

Intercourse with lioness meaning

I saw a thin cow eating my plants

I dream about my co wife more often requesting to be my friend

I dream about my co wife wanting to be my friend

Inside a car but someone else driving it

Inside a car in the dream

I ate semo in the dream

I asked for a clothes in someone else dream what does it mean

I saw my late father building a big house and women where coming to buy something there

Icream in dream

I skinning a live cow


If you dream that a mad person throwing stones at you

I and my ex are bathing together dream meaning

I have dream about jagannath temple

I have vowel on my hand

I dreamed of a mud slide that consumed me

I was in finland and eating lox

Is it true that yu can win bet all the time

I dream am buyung open shoes to my mother and i was with her

I received messages from a guy i cut ties with and one of the messages read happy mothers day

I build furniture in ikea

I exist

Im playing halo

I wake up with an overwhelming smell of oregano so i start looking for it all over and cant fimd any

I saw my friend and my husband dancing together in my dream

I dreamnt that i was cutting down two coconut trees

I dream i bought pair of slippers

If breath into my mouth in a dream means

I dream a prophet worn me a golden crown shoe wrist watch what d

If a deceased person asks for shoes

I dream a prophet worn me a golden crown shoe wrist watch and a golden shining cloth what is the meaning

Inverted nipple

I winked at a girl and she winked back

I dreamt that i return a wrist watch i did not pay for

If flowers don’t have petals

If a pot of flowers don’t have the petals

I had a dream that i was fingering a girl that i used to like years ago what does this mean

In the bath with ex boyfriend


I dream of darkness

Inkomo emnyama uyohlawula ingane ngayo

Insecureties gone

Insicuritys dissepere

In dreams dead person giving white rose

I dream and exchange my keypad to collect smartphone

I topped an exam

In darkness flying back and forth to royal blue lights or energies

In a house that my mom and sister and kids were at and i walked to the other room to get something to eat and then a something was stopping me from moving or talking u could barely pray

I dreamt my sister was taking a picture of me and my partner i was dressed but in the picture i was suddenly half dressed

Is it good to eat roasted palm friut in the dream

I dream my step wife licking my penis

I had of my boyfriend being a ritualist

I dream my girlfriend

In church with young man wearing white shirt

Insect coming out of stomach

I dreamed where my brother is mad

I was making a garland and the god was asking me to put on their neck

I dream my fiance and myself enter a class room and i saw blackboard written on it holy ghost acknowledgement

I dream my wife mother told me i am stupid which make angry with her

I dream my mother in law told me i am stupid which make angry with her

I dream my mother in law told me i am stupid

I saw myself in a dream being taught how to sing by frank sinatraw

I dream of ship crushing on the land

I dreamed of someone asking me for $13 000

I tied a wrapper to office

I dreamt opening chicken stomach what a meaning

I saw my self flying

Imposter dad

I saw a stranger smiling at me like evil

I was given a powerbank in the dream

Izingubo ezintsha

I beat someone with cane in dream


I bought airtime in my dream what does it mean

In oven

I caught my parents

I dreamed that i have received a gift from a child who gave me a doll

Isidwaba dream meaning

I lost my dog in a dream searching for it


I dream 2 star sseen

I dream 2 star scine

In temple guru percied dad ear

Inappropriate relations between father and daughter

I stop my flight cuz it was raining

I saw my brother begging in the dream


I hear someone asked me about prophet muhammad while shaking hand with me

If someone helped me to climb a hill

Infected penis

I dream that im looking for christening dress

I have seen my girlfriend so many times in my dreams

I broke into someone house

I was touching the feet of my late fater

I bite a snake head in my dreams

I saw an old woman and then i screamed and woke up at 3:30 am

I dream someone was covering their tire tracks

I dream i spill ink on the right side of my white shirt

Intentionally hit my car

I dreamt there was a little girl dead in a water tank

Ironing board with hot iron

Islamic tribunal dream

I dreamt when aman is smearing the whole of my body with paraffin

I had a dream about my father thats in another country

I saw a man naked in my dream and i was in love with him

I saw some set of dwarf in my window

I defeated a guy who did black magic to me

In the dream you see rain carrying away your slipper in d dream what is the meaning

I dreamt i bought bofrot paid and forgot to take the bofrot and my change and left

I dream of sharing my own wedding card in the church

Irish germinating

I dream of the person was crazy

If we see calf camel injured in dream

I visit temple with my lover

I dreamt of someone waiting on me while i showered but his patience ended after that and broke the friendship

Ingane encane izikakele

I keep dreaming of elon musk trying to seduce me


I dreamt my father celebrating his birthday

I was arranging students for assembly

I saw my gf cooking in a empty bowls i romance with her

Invigilating an exam

If a mad man attack my doors whiles i m inside been afraid

Izitsha ezinhle ezimhloohe

I saw my deadlyfather in dream

I dreamt i was inside the church very happy and laughing what could it mean

I dreamt about black hands but prayed alot what does it mean

I had a black area on my left ankle

I dream about fruit

I dream about santol

I saw wet clothes

I saw so much of moons in our earth

I dreamed me setting with my mom in the bus

Intruder in bedroom

I saw some one write the word solar on a paper

If a pregnant woman is naked in a dream with someone by her side in public but only few people look at her what does it mean

If a pregnant woman is make in a public with someone by her side and few people look at her what does it mean

In the airport with my brother catching a flight

In the airport catching a flight

I have a dream that am cleaning my father grave what is the meaning

I see dice in my eyesight

I see dice in my vision

In dream what mean removing hook from fish

I dreamt of my ex boyfriend standing naked with his girlfriend

I dream my wife sleep with my brother for the second time

If we see asking hoke in out body part

Injuring a white bull attacking you

Inflatable and car

I dream of eating ekuru

I dreamed i went shopping with my dead husband

I was late for my friends graduation

I am the assassin

I was at his house


I slept with my kids husband

I left my car with the keys in the ignition

I dreames about peaking mopani worms

I was peaking mopani worms on the tree

If you are pricing calories in your dream what is the meaning

I dreamt a woman stealing my used pads

In a begging fashion

I saw a man that tie a white cloth around his waist to cover is naked part

I dreamed if picking many coins from the ground and in a babies dipper

I dream mugabe

I dream bob marley mugabe and wink d

I killed my dad

I had a dream where my friend took me to juju house

I murder sidra the wife of my ex lover aamir

If we see turmeric and kumkum in dream

In a dream i saw my dead father shaking hands with me what does it means

If you dream when your partner has be witched you

Idiukuchukwu gracious

Inyama enonile

If someone saw my books that have a poem inside of it

If you see yourself putting kajol on a dead person

I am pastor praying and people fall over

Indian and chief pulling me by the legs then realized they did not want me

I run a hotel

I escaped from phone robbery but others were robbed

I was afraid of gabriel

If baby comes in dresm

I dreamt a fat man took me in a big and clean water right down the water

I was killed bu a wilderbeast in my sitting room

Icee drink

If u dream a man of god refusing to pray for u what does it mean

If the horse is falling

I a cross the river with the boy kid

I was feeding with breast in dream

I was washing my cloths then a snake bite me and i was cry and searching for help but nobody helped me

I accidentally happened to see my boyfriend yesterday from a distance when i was heading somewhere on the same day i dreamt about him what does it mean

I accidentally happened to see my boyfriend from a distance and i dreamt about him that same night what

I’m a storm while on a ship

I was trying hard to get my phone returned after comfiscated

I saw that i cheated on my boyfriend

I refuse to give some i did not know asking for money from me

Ignoring a hand shake and walking away

Iphupha impepho

Income tax raid

I roasted maize while eating it with my fiance

I farted then sharted and cummed

I farted and then sharted and cummied

If you see bramha in your dreams

In jail and dead

I dreamt my plants were knocked down and destroyed

I dream clear water and i pass urine

I had a nightmare and woke up terrified i couldn’t go back to sleep since i was afraid to i stayed up for a few hours until finally i decided to sleep for a short bit i remember waking up and getting out of bed everything around me felt so weird like a different reality i questioned myself and asking “am i dreaming” i touched my hand to see if anything abnormal happened but nothing did but when i looked back up and away from my hands everything went into a chaotic feel but somehow peaceful in a strange way i looked into a mirror and it shattered then i saw myself in each individual piece of glass the room starting spinning the walls and the floor began going into a spiral and the colors of everything didn’t match at all just random colors that went together purple teal blue red white pink are the main ones then everything stopped the spinning went away and it felt as if time stopped and everything froze i was standing there looking around at everything that froze all the spirals and colors the shattering glass then i woke up

I dreamt having blood n ma breasts

I dreamt i was using a broom to get rid of two rats in a house

In my dream a saw people clearing bush what is the meaning

In my dream i saw people clearing bushes while i stand what is the meaning of the dream

Items coming out of my anus

Inside the precint

I dream about maggie

I dreamt about my ex girlfriend was with my brother i initially ignored her then advanced we talked and later i went back to my brother

I discovered smoke ash and water in my bedroom

I am a car salesman

I dreamt my alive mother and decreased father naked in bed

I dreamt wen ma breasts up on its nipples blood was coming of both breasts meant wat spiritual ly

I kill snake in my dream

I dreamed i was inside clean river water inside i found old daddy the guys big brown snake and cow

I dreamt when my pastor was shirtless in church

I was doing an egg cleanse while praying to god

If someone give you udara in your dreams

I dream that the girl i like has three legs what does it mean

I dreamt of my cousin shooting at me

Idli batter in fridge

I am cheating

I walked with animal footprint

Intestines falling out of mouth

Itching clothes

I dream that my brother is dating my ex girlfriend

I dream that my brother is dating my ex

I was picking up a small bowl from tghe ground

Inside of ship


In my dreams i always give kolanunt to river what is the meaning

Iv injections and shots

I was taking pictures of friend and his wife that i have been dating

I dream as i pick my sim card on the floor

I dream i severed my top lip with a scissors

I dream that i g

I dream that i have abs

If i was a superhero

I saw myself doing zikr

I saw myself doing dhikr

I did a really pretty dream so i was in class and we were like giving out tests or something it was math class and my crush came in and started talking ti my teacher who is also his and basically he strted also looking at me and i was of course looking at him too so he then proceeded to start talking to me about the test and i was really happy and the whole class cheered

I killed a kinnar in my dream

Ink stamp pad


I dreamed swimming with my deceased father

Im dreaming about ocean half of it is drying because of the huge wave

I dreamt about you always

I dream lots of money

I saw my mother in a care home dressed all in green waiting to be taken home

I was wearing a yellow dress standing next to my pastor and his wife in church


I see my fav person

I dreamed about getting stung by wasps

I dreamed about a plane crash

I kiss my crush

I dreamed i was called bobo

I was called a thief

I dreamt my husband brought another woman home and then took her shopping

I see myself taking water from the wall in my dream meaning

I dreamt of a perilous time

I had a dream that i placed my hands on someone that had demons and i pray upon him and throw spite while saying in the name of jesus and finally the person was delivered and came back to normal

Imternal organs

I had a dream that you have to die in game

In dream unknown lady enters house meaning

Image of god of mercy disappearing

Image in picture of god of mercy disappearing

Image in picture of god of mercy dissapearing

I saw ghost trying to harm me

I see my mother wearing new suit in my dream

I dreamt that i was in a room and smoke started coming from up the sealing and the room i was in was closed from out side


I’m making the driver avoid potholes

I dream sleeping my bed with my cowife

I will cut my hand in a blaed

Insect eating into my hand

I dreamt my naked husband watching my sister bathing

I dreamt of my late mother sending me to buy herbal medicine

I dream of someone rapping my daughter

If you die in ur dream

I saw my dead brother asking me for money dream meaning

I swim climb walk until i went to that place but disappointed in the end dream meaning

I go dream like one person is taking care of me like iam important to them

I am with my husband in the dream

In my dream i was looking at the moment of the cloud in the sky and saying back to the sender the meaning

In my dream i was looking the movement

I give some one mortal and pestle in my dream

I saw myself getting married in some ceremony on a train very simple kind of wedding with someone i love the lover was same as in real life but face was different in dream a small ceremony was converted into a wedding on short notice so less family members were involved went to washroom 3 times on a train in wedding attire it started raining during wedding

If you dream about tiger

I dreamt dead celebrity saying bye and am having his pregnancy


I have a dream i was eating white rice with paper suop

I drank milk in my dream

I dream someone hit me with a broom on my forehead

I saw a place with plenty tin milk

If a young lady sees herself in the mist of old ladies in the dream

I dreamt about my gold jewellery being stolen

Ingane ilahlekile lingayiboni

Inkukhu emhlophe nemabalabala

I saw my sister in my dream

I now dream a woman lying in a cane field with white on and her head ban up

I gave someone leaves

I dream about my ex family talking with me

Incision in the head

I dream sun and moon explain fire come from the sky and people run

If transgender attack in dream

In a magical garden

I dreamed my parents remarrying again

I dream i saw in my dream my late parents in law with the presence of my xhusband and bother in law i both a light blue blouse with tag price 555 my ex husband told me put a eyebrow and lipstick

I dream that prince charles came to my country and we were in love plugging mango ry

Injured mother

I dreamt that i was with my late grandmum and i was crying asking her why she left me alone in this world and that i have so many things to discuss with her then she told me to help her uproot cocoyam that i should tell her what i want to tell her after then i woke up

I dreamed a deceased friend gave me cakes

I saw myself as a prophetess in the dream

I dreamt a green bulb was given to me

I saw my boy bestfriend shorter than me in my dream

I saw my boy bestfriend shorter than me in my dream what does it mean

I saw my hoy bestfriend shorter than me in my dream what does it mean

I dreamt my boyfriend was employed

I beat a person

I saw myself smoking in a dream

I was in prison and i did not know how long for

I was i

I dream where a man taost me with red flower what does it mean

I dreamed where a man toast me with red flower

I dreamt of my spouse changing flower gardens for in our compound and made it beautiful and even planted more flowers

I am angry with my former boss for giving me a cheque and i did not accept

I dreamt the words beware the sheep in wolves clothing

I had lampreys in a bottle and i was like keep them so i wanted to change the water so they kept jumping out

I smelled my dads perfume

I pushed a living black worm out of my left index finger in my dream

If you have a dream and someone whont to you for rituals

I dreamt that i threw dirty water out onto my kitchen floor

I dream about a mad man who want to date me

I was being chased by 3 men and when i entered a house they became a black big python snake they caught me and wanted to starb me with knives

I drram soursop fruit

I was painting girls as godeed rafha

I was crying for food

Inflating and popping balloon

In my vision like dream i saw open calabash without anything inside what is the meaning

I always dream of wearing school uniform

Inter dimensional travel

In a group performing for audience

I dream my dead grandson carrying a big golden rosary

I dreamed i was picking ripe mango fruits

I dreamed i was picking ripe fruits


I saw myself picking achi seeds

I just work fri

Izinwele ezinkulu ezinhle

I hard a dream about swallow ions like padlock

Is it mean when you walk out of church naked and you came back naked

In dream aeeing silver coin with lakshmi image

I saw myself having an affair with an old woman who died seven yrs ago she was not my love when alive meaning all this then

I saw in dream that i was carrying a new colourful bag i made it my self and i was very impressed

I found gap between my teeths

I saw in dream that i was carrying a new colourful nice bag i made it my self and i was very impressed

Intercourse with brother

In a tank

I was collecting donations

I dreamed my deceased sister was getting married

I saw that i am buying beautiful pink bras in my dream in a good happy mood

I’m a car pedaling

I kicked my girlfriend who is a ghost in my dream

I touched a boy hair romantically in my dream

Imali yamaphepha

I had a dream of me witnessing a murder

I had a dream of everything being perfect

I had a dream of a white slime monster with human lips and eyes and when it seen me it started to scream what does this mean

I had a dream where a prophect poured oil on my hands

I dream that i fall into a old grave with a baby an when i come out i was naked

In love with a different person

I had a dream i was marrying my cousin

I noticed that the 6th toe grows on my foot: what does it mean in a dream

Item out of stock

Id holder

Islamic dream meaning muharam

I wear one leg slippers in my dream

I dropped some crumbs on a couvh

I saw in many dreams that a virus is on the verge of playing in this world

If someone give u a bag full of kulikuli in dream wat does it mean


Inter means

I dreamt of roasting palm fronds in my dream what does it mean

I was ordained a priest in my dream

I saw stitches on my stomach in my dream

I was dreaming about dead people we were close the wanted to be with me not to leave them

If husband is sucking his wife breast milk in a dream

I dreamt to see that a mad man has touched my food and i gave the food to him what does this mean

I collected money from roads in my dream

I dreamt of driving a new white tipper

Intercourse ex girlfriend holding breast milk

I gave kim kim and flowers to women in my dream

In dream electric poll fall on body

I dreamt that i had a hole on top of my head

I dreamt of kissing a girl i kissed a while ago but we never kissed because i woke up

I have no job for you

If your more flexible than you are

In my dreams i kiss white women

I am a half man half fish in dream

I found a wolf pup and then the mother wolf pushed me to the ground and i submitted to her and was left safely

Iphupho ngenkomo ebomvu egcekeni

I dream that i have 6 fingers in one of my leg what those it mean

I got cut in my skin hands without blood

I dream my ancle dead he was shaking hand with my brother

I dreamt of a small n medium size globe with a ring around them but each time get up to look at them they would float away an hide what does this mean

I drea when my husband pregnanted his girlfriend

I found many rings at the beach

In my dreams there was teeth in my muffin

I don’t love you

I dreamt and saw many lawyers in my dream

I saw many seniors advocates in my dream today

I dreamt about bishop david oyedepo

I had a very strange dream yesterday  i dreamed that my boyfriend and i and my best friend were shopping in the supermarket  many people were playing badminton  suddenly a badminton fell at my feet   i see that at several badminton stacked together  i was going to throw them  but i threw badminton  stacked together all scattered badminton  they looked for me trouble  a turn of the head you all suddenly disappeared  suddenly my grandmother came and said you all became fish  in the river  then i tried to save you all  but they grabbed you and threw you into the fire  i woke up crying in my dream and it made me very sad

In my dreams i were picking more coins inside a public toilet

I dreamt of a cow running after me what does it mean

In my dreams there was cow running after me



Intruder leaving through ceiling

I kill rat

I wore karate dress in my dream

I eat a puppet in my dream

I had a dream about my dead dad giving me 2 small trees

I saw myself as lord lakshman in my dream

I got two saplings from my dead dad in my dream

I dream that my boyfriend is in love with my close friend

I am hitting my mother in law in my dream

I ate tasty food given by my friend means

I received money from my sister in the dream

I was denied of giving me money in a dream

Itchy blister on the left palm

If you see your self to think about learning korean language meaning

Interpretation of bon in the dream

I saw lord murugan in my dream

Insects coming from toilet

In my dream a pixie is crying for his flowers

In my dream a pixie is crying because for his flowers

In my dream a old male fairy is crying for flowers

In my dream a male

I had a dream about having a penis in my lower belly but i am a girl

I ripped off others eyes in fream

Ilagetimate daughter

Interpretation over ripe squash

I normaly dream about me and my self

I found a pack of baby black and white wolves

I dreamt i found a pack of baby wolves

Iridescent art on building

I was searching for my late husband and couldn’t find him

Indestructible box

I dreamed of my mom with a boyfriend

I see my uncle and his x wife in dream


Indian on horse climbing mountain

I broke gold chain of others

I saw a woman private part in the dream

I was with my sister and we went to check because we had heard noise coming from the basement when we went down there there was 2 really old decrepit people that were cannibals they tried to bite my sister so i beat them up really bad and then kicked the woman another time just for good luck

Islamic dream interpretation of wearing new clothe

Iron room

I dreamt seeing someone who wanted to take my sanitary pad by force

I dreamt about giving two of my sisters new sanitary pads what does that means

If i dream and harvest eddoes

I dream of being with presidents

I dream of being with very high ranking people

I dream of my boyfriend licking my vagina

In water

I was eaten by a snake

Index finger prick

Idlis in dream

I dreamt my mom giving me a blowjob

In a dream i was with my late sister cleaning our house

I did income tax raid

I dream of a good friend n many many lime trees

I caught a thief red handed

In the dream i saw the gopuram meaning

If dead father wants body massage

Invisible force pushing me forward

I dreamt my dead sister was scaring me

I heard an evil growl on my stairs something was thrown at me

Injured deceased dog

I want to believe

I caught a gar fish

Ivan the terrible

I saw my best friend married again

I saw my friend selling the small moons

I saw a lot of school children in my dream

I saw 200 naira note in my dream and i took it

I dreamed i lost a wedding ring

I saw my baby pictures that i’ve never seen before in y dreams

I was tossed to the ground

I saw my grown daughter as a toddler

I saw a woman seizing and i just watched her

I dream he hangged his clothes

Im washing my ex shirts

I was at a party

I saw i was copying my friends exams

I dreamed of being saved from rape

I found three rings in the sand

I dream about my faceclothes lost

I dream about my face clothe lost

Im dreaming about water mixing with oil

If your crush cares about you

I dreamed about my ex girlfriend being with my brother

I was at the beach with a family member that has died


Invading hordes

I dream i see my sister breast

I was saying la illaha illahhah in my dream

I was saying la illaha illahhah in my deeam

I dream of my teeth falling out in emerald

Interpretation of a dream about a man kissing a woman

I dream of statue st joseph holding little jesus

Interlocking hands with a guy i know

Inkanyamba in the sky with a light on

If my boyfriend dreams about fish

If you are on mensural period and you breast are paining you what is the cause

I dream that my deceased mother is lying beside me dead

Ice skating shoes

I can sense pain

I saw my dead father in my dream in dirty clothes asking fir money

I dreamt my late husband was king

In school uniform

I was drinking alcohol

I was drinking achohl

Iminent death

I dream to give someone whom we are dating with 30 corn of maize and he took to his children since he has no kids what is the meaning

I dreamed i burned my hair off with a flat iron

I was gifted a bottle of cooking oil in dream meaning

Ice castle

Indian chief

I was in my friends house and i was all alone then the sitting room door opened by it self and i ran out the house and i just knew it was my friends dead sister

Intercoirse with a cat

I damaged a young girls gum

I deam of horses dieing from nake bite

I bit a dog

Iam reading guru grinth sahib

I killed some group of kidnappers that tried to kidnappers my child

I dream that my father gave me some old money coins but my father is dead long 5yrs ago what is the meaning of my dream

If karupusamy come in dream

Injection in the butt

I dreamt like some one carrying a big jembe was calling me

I had a dream with my ex looking very ugly with her old friend seducing me and i rejected her

I dream that my son was hungry and i give him milk

In church with nightgown

I was shot

I dreamt i was wearing white clothes and reading salah

If a woman sees that blood is coming out of her private parts in a dream she will have intercourse with her husband during periods

I dreamt a sangoma with a fearless face

If my gf is driving

I dream about my girlfriend and her classmate boy

I was given luck in my dream

I was inside the building in my dreams means

Ice lake

If a widow woman wear red saree in dream

If dead person gives u shoes in dream

I dreamt meeting my friend who gave me chewing gum

In my dream i saw a lots of woman wearing white cloth

I kill a police

If we offer sweet to our guru ji

I dreamed i was in 2025

Importance of seeing copper kushi which is a puja utensil to offer water to gods with iron filings and rice in a dream

Importance of seeing copper kushi with iron filings and rice in a dream

I gave birth to triplets and one died

I dreamt that someone stole all of my gasoline out of my carmy

I found my lost slippers in a river

I was a bird

I dreamt of two merchants selling and stealing my friends purse so i go to get it back and i didn’t find it at first but then i did


I had a very strange dream yesterday i dreamed that my boyfriend and i and my best friend were shopping in the supermarket many people were playing badminton suddenly a badminton fell at my feet i see that at several badminton stacked together i was going to throw them but i threw badminton stacked together all scattered badminton they looked for me trouble a turn of the head you all suddenly disappeared suddenly my grandmother came and said you all became fish in the river then i tried to save you all but they grabbed you and threw you into the fire i woke up crying in my dream and it made me very sad

Insect in flour

I dreamt my dad asked if i was alright

I dreamt i saw money in my locker

I was washing cow intestine at a beach

I was standing when a guy from my class touched my chin gently and stayed quiet the whole time

I was wearing shoe walk to the mountain with thorns

If i dream saying my name surname and clan names what does it mean

Ice on fire escape

In my vision like dream i saw palm of hand open

In my dream i was told that i am suffering because i refuse to obey the morher nature

Ingane idukile

I was told in my dream i was subversive

I stab my dead friend in my dream because he slept with my wife

I collect apple from a girl

I see myself wearing my sister pants in my dream

Itchy woman

Image of jesus and mary magdalene

I found a dead child in a water tank

Implanted tooth with trash

I was carrying the baby from its late mother that died in my presence

Inyama eyesibindi esiyosiwe

Iate mom dressed in white

In marriage picked money

In oversease

In dream uranus disappear

If you see your girlfriend going to school and you also going to school what is the meaning

Ihold uranus at hand and it disappear

I hold uranus at handi i h

I i h


I see my own panis in my dreams

Interpreting dream

I rejected the meth pipe

I saw a big beetle appearing in sky

I got kidnapped by an old man