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Dreams starting with the letter H

Hating physical


Hiding from shooter

Hears a news if god idol stolen from temple

Hugging and praying for a boy baby

Helping someine by carrying their load

Hanging bag on a tree

House construction

Hieroglyphics p

Helping friends to escape prison

Hugging a dead mn in your dream

Helping a friend find a job

Huge black bug

Hiding under ground in a bunker being chased

Hungry to eat rusted yem and red oil at 12 middle of night

Hiding from s stealth plane dream

Huddles in the way

Handshake with a monkey

Holding king’s hand

Husband asked me if we can try for kids in my dream

Horse and bull fight

Husband future kids

Hat filled with pound coins

Husband white hair shaved it all off

Hearing unknown name in a dream

Horse attacked me

House surrounded by jatropha

Husband cheat on wife

Having sec in the shower

Husband video call to ex and me

Holding phone

Husband flowing with the river

Happy with my co wife in a dream mean

Hearing dead people shouting in dreams

Hanging on for life

Hitting head

Human hybrid

Hearing husband voice in dream

Having a house in the bush

Huge waves breaking over me

Hysband crying to my friend

Horse is eating my hair

Hole in your clothe

Headless dog

Holding two phones and one fall down

Hand and fingers cut with a knife

Husbands eyes bleeding

Half man and half machine in dream

Half man and half robot in dream

Hanging out clothes with a dead person

Heart check

Hitting from goat

Holding horsetail

Huge angry deer charges my dog through a window

Hole in one at golf

Having a bird to feed

Have a bird to feed

Hand sleepy glass broken

Hair covering eyes

Husbands clothes in toilet

He sleep with her sister in the dream

Hiding in a closet then someone touches your leg

Hiding in a closet and then someone feels your leg

Hearing that people are paying lobola for your daughter but not see the people

Hearing voices but not seeing then

Husband dreamt i gave him an id to give his deceased grandmother

Husband dreamt that was giving him his deceased grandmother i’d

Holding baby brother possessed with devil and trying to save him

Hanging handkerchiefs

Honey dream meaning

Holding someone

Helping people steal flowers

Head plate damage


Husband brings two dogs

Hugging your girlfriend’s mother

Hook for a hand

Huge mess everywhere

Holy water burned me

Having new broom

Handbag in the toilet



Hair of private part shaved hair

Hang men rescue

Having food together with ex bf in dreams meaning


Holding cabbage on hand

High weed

Hiding into home depot with my friends

Huge stone door falling apart

Hiding myself

Hear a cowbell

Hazrat ali fatima and muhammad

Hijra in bad mood in dream

Having my pillow taken away from me in a dream mean

Hearing cats

Husband was beaten and bruised

Husband was bruised up

Half human half tortoise baby

Having visions of my mother including me wearing isphandla

Hair fallout

Horse on a sailboat

Hanging off a building

Hiding in your bed

Hit by train

Hearing prophet muhammad

Healed cut on someone’s hand

Head butting someone

Half moon and a star close to it

Have seen some died before few years ago

Have seen some died before few years


Hugging prince james of wales

Half boy half cow

House wife


Holy book

Hitting snake with rod

Hammering the snake head

Hour six a m

Helped a friend out of water

Helping someone who is drowning in the water

Heavy semen

Health and wellness company

Horse roan

Holding hands with my dead sister

Hear a call for help

House transforms into a castle

House transforms into

Honeydew in dreams

Hairy legs

Having a baby and not wanting a baby

Having holes in my walls

Hymn book

Huge snakes hanging and falling from tree on you

Hand grabbing under sheets

Husband commits suicide

Hear cow bell

Hair in food

Horse hit someone

Having birth

Having tiplate

Hijra asking for money

Having dreams when i’m still in school

Hawking watermelon and piniple

Having faith in god

Hair become white

Holding ghilaf e kaaba i dream

Horse cloud

Holding milo in a dream

High heels

Home make over

Hand combong

House keeper

Handkerchiefs in a box

Hurting knees

Hearing my child’s voice

Husband giving you gold ring

Husband sitting on toilet you sitting on his lap facing him

Husband on fire

Husband’s naked male cousin


Having a spinal tap on the chest

House slightly damaged

Haze dreams


Husband sleeps with a dead sister

Haze dream

Hearing the word sleeping in dream meaning

Hazy dreams


Having romantic dream with ex


House on bridge

Helping a friend to sell pure water in the dream mean

Helping your dead mother to harvest cassava

Holding a baby eating a mangoe

Hair elastic on my wrist

Hundred rupees note in dream

Hearing sprit call

Husbands family being horrible to me

Head caving in

House falling from the sky

Horse child

Horse then child

Hiding a body

Happy dog

Human being eating with a male lion in one bowl

Humanoid robots

Honey and water in a bath tub

Husband slept with sister in law

Hearing baby noises

Having two nipples

Hiding in closet

Hold in the floor of an old house you use to live in

Having conversation about prevoius relationship with ex and new boyfriend

Having se with widow

Helping someone to break groundnut shell in the dream meaning

Harvesting three leaf yam in dream what does the symbols of harvesting three leaf and yam mean in a dream

Han in the mouth of a leapard

Hand in the mouth of a leaps de mouth


Hanging alive person

Husband riding motorbike in dream

Half cooked mustardgreens

Horse licking

Husband taking pictures of a naked women

Having fun in los angeles

Hold hair clips

Having amy with twenty four year old cut

Husband family attack

Hitting a cyclist

Husband killed while drinking

Heart shape gelly falling from tree

Horns falling off head

Hanging onself

Hearing of a relative passing away

Husband is going another country

Husband skinny

Horse statue in dream

Head on someone

Hug knees

Hands crumbling

Healed belly hole

Haering of hanuman chalisa through someone

Hindu sweets

Husband putting presserre on my stomach

Half snake half human dead

Husband leaving you

Husband having an affair

Horse running pulllig chariot

Hot lady in your dream

Hit a curb

Homeless little girl

Hanged by the feet

Hair on the palm of your hand


Hearing aides

Heading lights go out while driving at night

Help enemy give birth

Husband wearing my shirt

Helping cross a river

Hiding a dead body

Husband brought another woman in our house

Hiding in the ocean

Hug from fat man

High from fat man

Harvesting cassava with my sister in huge amounts

Hearning ankelet sound

Hands over eyes

Hearing my girlfriend voice laughing in the dream

Half black and white hair in your dream

Hair fall while combing

Hanged till death

Having an affair with a prophet in a dream

Hearing death news of mother

Husband losing his wife

Hale leaves

Husband drink alcohol with friends

Hearing your child call you

Hen eating a snake

Hand pointing at my dog pink eye

Having a dream when a woman visited you children

Hits me with sugar cane in dream means

Hateful person

Have a black rotten boob

Hanging black t shirt

Hundred rupee in my dream

Husband dream his wife get chicken pox

Holy trinity

Human sheath in my underwear

Having lump in dream meaning

Holding my deceased father head then switch to mother current boyfriend

Holding a babe meaning


House filling up with water

House foundation shifted

Hand injured

Hug a buffalo

Having whales in my stomach

Hair turning into snake

Harmless snake

Horse breaking into house

Hit by trishul

Hit by trish uk

Hearing someone say yes

Heavenly veil

Horned bear

Husband wearing wife shoes

Having a baby and a husband

Having difficulty with playing a flute in my dream

Hiding from a monster

Heart shaped moon

Heavy fire stone falling from the sky

Husband and wife are eating together

Holly cross ring


Horse leg turning into wood

Hanging bodies

Heavy rain

Hospital nursery


Hot pan on worktop

House wall cracking

Hole in blue sweater

House falling in the deep water


Having forplay with another girl

Having a period

Hidden evil behind a door

Hornbill bird

Horse fell into well

Hands hovering over my head

Human with goat head

Hanging clothes takenaway by wind

Half human half snake

Having a dream about toy snake at your elder sis funeral which was about to be in the coffin buh someone was in there to test wether to kn that the death body will be able to fit there or not then you and your younger sister start crying

Hurting animal

Having a dream about toy snake you step on it head while they are trying to put your elder sister in to a casket for her funeral

Husband wound head seen in a dream

Hair on girl hand

Holding a wine tshirt with 2 white lines on the colar

Hair in the butt crack

Hairy in the buttcravk


Hugging crying baby

Hanging up bedding

Husband kissing a man

Husband driving

Head on platter

Holding a soft drink in a church

Having a dream where i am having a black babies

Horse palomino

Hair in tooth brush

Having feet washed in church

Hanging by feet

Hanging by feer

Harvesting grain

Held hostage and raped

Having coins

Harvesting sweet potatoes with the late father

Heal in my mouth

Hiding gold

Husband urinating in bed

Husband trying to kill me

Holy family jesus mary joseph

Hair in a cup of tea

Hairless monkey

Hawking bread

Hurts to speak

Huggins your female friend islam

Hugging my friend

Hugging my crush

Hair in mouth

Horse chain

Help us message

Help us messae

Hand with words written on it

Having 2 big phones

Having a dream about you biological parents after being adopted

Hyena bite

Hair tie

Hanging pictures of ancestors in a newly built room

Husband write a letter to another woman

High profile people in my dreams meaning

Hanuman ji in dream

Hit baseball bat


Having a dream about fibroid

Hanging out with a friend who lost contact with me

Having no face

Having someone turned into a child

Hitting golf balls

Hair past your bottom

Holding a hair in dream means

Hole in my pocket

Having two husband

Hand shaking in fear

Hey amani


Handed a guitar

Housefly laying eggs

Head wrapped in plastic

Hair breasts

Husband gets another woman pregnant

Hole in neck

Homeless man dream


Having four legs

House burning with my sister in it

Hororová hra

Head but

Hair burned off while blowdrying it

Husband amputated arm

Horse with 3 legs

Huskey dog pinning down a person

Hiding money inside the bra

Husband girlfriend



Hit with a shovel

Head girl

Hair missing

Husband sleeping with niece

Half woman half lizard

Hippo sound

House plan in a dream

Human meat cut ad cooked

Huge buttocks on skinny person

Homelessness to dream of such event

Hugging a mad person

Hugging amad persn

Happy and healthy baby boy

Husband cheating with dead sister in law

Hole in bathtub

Having interracial kids

Hole paw dog

Harvesting wilting maize

Hand whipped

Helix and colon

Husband bite

Hit by carabao two times

Have intercose with a donky

Head and neck stitched on

Hole by mailbox

Haversting coffee ripe coffee beans

Having 8 pure water in your bucket meaning

Having a full basket of fish in a dream

Husband girlfriend pregnant

Husband bring meat

Hospital death

Hourglass falling on me

Having a crush on a woman while i have a boyfriend as a woman

Having a crush while i have a boyfriend as a woman

Husband naked with friend in dream

Husband is dead inside the casket

Hawk stirring in parking lot

Happy and spacey

Husband getting ready to go abroad

Hanuman in dream

Helping family

Hole in forehead

Horses swimming in water

Having the powers of a god

Heavy object falling into empty bathtub causing large cracks

Husband wearing green shirt in my dreams

Handbag inside the sea

Hanging with a famous person

Hang flowers for death person

Horse falling

Husband give me food in a dream

Hawk attacking puppy

Having a dream about someone who is intoxicated with cocaine

Husband gives wife a bags as gift

Hugging my boyfriend both naked then my body was full of skeleton of dead small fish and 2snails

Hesrt donation

Holding a rod in your dream

Holding a rod and a how cutlass and take in another hand

Having mensturation in dream

Hugging my niece

Holding a stone in your hand

Hug to death

Hitching leg

Holding a baby upward with 2 hands

Hearing others death news in dream

Hand’s interlocking

Head less chiken

Heel sound

Hawking cocoyam in a dream

Husband slapping me

Having the same dream for years what’s the meanin


Hole in daughters head

Hands turning black and then back to notmal



Helping someone to sell food in the dream

Holding shell butter in my dream

Hostage by homeless

Heart shaped rose quartz

House caving in

Heart pain

Haldi kumkum in mangalsutra

Helping give birth

Hermit and integration

Holding a knife

Husband is pregnant in dream

Honey on the wall

Husband shaving privates in the bathroom with a group of people

Hole in gums

Harvesting calamansi in your dream

Harvesting a lot of green calamansi in your drea

Husband fired

Hands holding the lamp

Having a lot of money

Hands reaching up

Having nothing to wear as it is dirty or ripped

Homeless man trying to kill me

Heavy mail

Heavy news

Hair pulled out my butt

Had dream about a period in green colour

Horse nuzzling my face

Horse licking my face

Home of someone else

Hug and kiss

Hearing god speak stating he loves someone

Husband carry me into house

Head of a god

Hanging on a tree branch while being pulled

Harvesting cassava

Husbands ex girlfriend

Having 3 hands

Husband with 2wifes

Huge house party and basement unclean toilets unclean

Hole in face

Hubby with wife and ex of hubby sharing a seat with wife

Hubby driving seating with a wife and ex in front seat

Husband loves someone else

Half of my face was in black

Huntsman spider


Hanging with celebrities

Hinder dream means

Head of baby

Huge waves

Having an affair to the priest

Husband stopping your kidnapper

Hear voices

Hands all over my face

Hair styling

Heading to the swimming pool

Hitting a rat

Having a boy

Hole in underwear

Help someone escape

Hen broken her own eggs

Hand canulla

Hearing bangles voice and feeling some one is with you

Huge bull behind door

House full of people

Hair growing on breast

Having 3 penis

Hearing travelling

Having hand shaking with dog in dream

Hearing of a stabbing




Huge snake with many eggs

House and temple

Horse trailer

Half human half spider demon

Handed money while trapped in school

Horse gram

Holding cow dung and it fell apart

Hazrat fatima

Having a baby in the dream meaning

Haw to dreem your ex girl frend when he cambak to love me agen

Husband asking forgiveness

Henna leaves

Heavy object falling from above and hitting the head

Hearing sound

Hairy bubblegum

He stand behind my back

Hat in wind

Hair turning white quickly

Having a hidden lover

House number 6

Holding baby in left arm

Having a dream of the universe congratulating you meaning

Hair brush crumbling in use

Hair rollars

Helping someone up

Hacked and phone

Hot water on the stove

Harvesting peanuts

Hiking and searching

Hanging wrapper in my old apartment

Hanging my wrapping in front my old apartment

Having my hands washed

Holding rope

Hit by a semi truck

Husband gay


Head disconnected from spine

Hidden room in house

Hidden roo

Husband getting second marriage

Holding once computer part

Historical building and sea

Hindu temple

Half snake half lizard bit

How to dream about lotto number

Hearing car crash

Height comparison transported to other world brain surgery

Hanged dead body

Hurting son with a stick

Husband searching noah arch

Having holes in your pockets


Hear 4 trumpet blast

Honey bees

Husband with other women

Hands as leaves

Hearing the word marriage


Hidden slime

Holding water

Helping small bird

He took a dna test n was the father

Habanero tree

Harvesting and sales of yam

Holding two bottles of wine in a dream

Hole in mouth with pus

Hearing of a gunshot in a dream

Hair as gift

Hair given

Hearing anklets in dream

Healed person

Husband give me jaggery


Husband and his ex wife

Harvest maize

Harvest fresh maize

Having an unexpected visitor

Home bookshelf hidden library grandma cousin jalapeños sprite grimoire foresight magic

Having crusade

House dream meaning

Hovering hand



Horns honking

House falling apart

House crumbling

Hawking in dream

Heart beeing removed and replaced by a artificial one

Houses burning but mine was not burning

Hatching egg

Having a star on fore head very good than the rest of people around

Hit in the head

Husband cheats and you are ok with it

Half broken pot

Holding a lamb



Heart yellow

Hole in persons forehead

Herbalist giving drugs to you


Having an avatar boyfriend

Hand in lion mouth

Heat boils on lega

Helping someone

Huaband always busy

Hole in cheek

Horse with glitter

Hair face baby

Hand bruised with blood

Having a heart transplant

Human snake kissing me

Human body


Honey with nonveg

Hump by lion

Held down


Head cutting of goat

Holding onions and your girlfriend holding that same hand

Holding half onion in ur palm and ur girlfriend place her palm on that same hand the onion is

Husband and his sister

Husband and his bond with his family

House smells

Hand fasting ceremony


How to find the symbols

Husband sleeping with his sister and mom


Harvesting coffee beans



House for sale sign in yard

Hand on tigh

Husband marrying mistress

Holding a keg of oil

Horse climbing mountain

Husband wearing condom

Homeless hungry

Hiding runn9ng fear that your gonna get killed and afraid of everyone but 1 person

Hiding and running from a killer and the killer changes to different people

Having baby

Having baby while standing

Hugging pregnant friend

Houses on fire

Having marriage introduction

Helping old sieck woman who fell down and you help to carry her on your back

Husnd refuses to sleep

Hair band

Hanuman anger in dream meaning

House with surreal changing form

House with surreal changing rooms

Hyssop given

Hugging the dead

Hippo attack


Helping an uncle getting dressed but he died many years ago

Helping a dead person get dressed but he s died many years ago

Helping a person grt dressed but he s dead many years

Hat belly button

Historic home

Hunting zombies christian bale

Hard stomach

Having a golden penis

House by a lake


Hugging my best friend that past

Hugging a pregnant means wat

Holding an african green mat

Husband playing at a pool hall

Hot chocolatw

Hydrangea flowers

Handshake with bishop

Helping someone avoid suicde

Having 3 hands in the dream

Helping a girl cross a river

Hispanic man taking a hat on and off

Having dirty money in your pocket

Hubby being kidnapped

Happy birthday my soldier i wish you all the good things

Homoerotic dream

Holes in lips

Husband offer me a dog

Husband brought me a fog

Huge fruits

Harvest table legs

Having a dream leading praise and worship team in at a rehesal time

Husband spit on me

Helping child escape

Hearing a negative voice from airplane in a dream


House that is not mine



Hiding in foreign country

House wall leaning

Head of prominent person

Hair dryer plugged in and put in a bath with yellow bath gel

Hair dryer plugged in and put in a bath

Holding soft butter

Holding hands with grandmother whos alive in a dream

Husband being forcfully detained and beaten

Hospital surgery

Hearing lullaby


Hugging a dangerous dog

Holding a cut head

Helped by a cat boting the snake

Half mouth missing

Husband asking for another baby

Having a disease

Hearing wings flapping

Harvesting marijuana

Having riotous children in your compound

Hand with a hold and a lot of puse

Holding someones feet

Half of person

Husband hiding something

He didn’t talk

Having hallucinations about family membera

Holdi a head of stockfish in the dream at market to buy


House by the seaside

Horny old woman

House changing

Had a dream to mix beach water and anointing oil together for prayer

Harvesting plenty dawadawa fruits

Hair on body

Hanuman and monkey in dream

Helping each other to stand up

Healter shelter

Having romance with other man

Hiv positive dream

Handsome actor

Hearing loud christian song

Hide and seek

Hold uranus on hand it disappear

Heaven open and golden lion came down from heaven and changed to human beings

Husband nacked

Husband hanging himself

Hair on wrist

Hugging dead relatives at a party

Handing paper

Husband wearing a white mask

Horned stag

Husband penis hands it to me

Hunting down loved one

Horse stuck in a tree

Holes in a fireplace

Housed haunted

House spelled

Holding a yam in your dream meaning

Horn broken

Helping a sibling carry load in a dream

Hair plated

Hairs growing on nose

Hawking pap

Hawking pao

Hearing prophet muhammad’s name in dream

Hole in the head of another person

Hole in the head

Hole in the head of another person as seen by someone in a dream

Husband coming home from afar

Husband kissed his sister

Hair eaters meaning

Hugging a fictional character


Holding face

Having a tree grab you


He visit me in my dreams on his birthday and he is dead almost 18yrs

Horse flowered float

Husband with prostitute

Husband and sister together

House and dog

Holy communion

Hockey uniform

Hedge taken away

Husband kicking me out of house

Hearing pan pipes

Having both male and female organs in dream

Huh from a handsome man

House lighted in the dark

How is rich

House with lights on

Hair in two ponytails

Having dirty spit

Hear the word mother in law

Hearing the word cockpit


He was wearing 3 big heavy silver rings and i held his hand and tried telling him to remove them

Husband bringing back a new pregnant girl

Harvesting banana in dreams

Hanging on hook


Hearing allahu akbar

Heena design

Hospital records

Helping someone to carry beans in the dream

How to write your name

Huge white building

Husband holding wife’s achilles heel

Having a baby with a cleft lip

Hearing the sound of a trumpet

Handbags and shoes in a dream

Hitting and breaking someones back in dream

How to get redit of montior spirit

Head cut cat

Hanging upside down

Hospital chair

Having half heart

Handed a baby clapping hands

Hugging a chubby small goat

Hamster and guinea pig

Headlight dream meanings

Helping someone with a neck injury

Heavy snow in cemeteries

Heavy snow in cemetery

Hotel bed with 5 people sleeping in it

Half dead dog

Husband chasing a pregnant wife with an axe

Husband spraying worms from pennsylvania on my body

House changing rooms

Human with pigs head

Holding onto the outside of an old plane while it was flying

Holding rose necklace

Holding onto a plane as it takes off


Herbalist tell you things about you

Highliting my name with a red pen

Horse six legs

Hand wave

Holding a blonde baby

Hanger in a dream means

Husband erection

House swallow bird walking around in my house

Hand entering through window

Head job sylvester stallone

Happy birthday in a different language

Hawking locust bean

Horse changes into goat

Headless rose

Head lice

Hiding pets from someone

Hear of someone has gone mad

Hit with a pie

Hit with pie

Having ivf

Hide and seek in a dream

Human waste on walls

Holy matrimony sacrament

Hole in wall

Huge turtle hurt and getting help

Holding a gun

Hair hand holding

Hearts in night sky

Happily lighting a match in relay in circles

Husband and wife both sitting in a chair in a dream

Happy baby

Holding a calabash cup water inside the cup trow away

Holding calabash cup and native chalk in dream

Hole in gum

Hanging of a dead body

Having an orgasm

Hex bags

Hitting someone on the head with a bottle

Horses eating urad dal in dream meaning

Hair needs covering

Horizontal pupil


Husband leaving you for another woman

Holding things

Holding a tweezer

Holding a hair clipper with my hand

Having baby with my crush

Having 4 breast in dream

Husband raping our daughter

Hooves as legs

Holding silver

Holding my bf penis

Hammer breaks

Hammer breaking into pieces

Hand written bookmark

Husband buying new shoes for his wife

Handsome bearded man

Husband giving new clothes

Human back

Helping a sheep with a dog

Hanging my clothes to dry

Hanging hooks

Homage to people


Holding a sick baby

Hot ground

Holding baby with 4 legs

Hand bage

Husband gives wife cocaine


Having period years after the menopause

Heart necklace in dream

Hearing a voice

Hairy chest

Husband wearing a mask

House sparrow pecking my door


Husband frat smell foul

Hunted doll

Husband becoming a king with a lot of security

Headless cat

Having dreams of seducing a woman

Holding a bag for me


He said where is another plate for my kids cz the one is not get the plate

Had a dream of an angry bull chasing me 2 times the second time it changed and started to talk lyk a woman and started chaseebt it failed to catch me

Hugging someone you rejected

House washing away

Horse on beach


Henna plant

Henna tree

Hearing scream but no person

Hearing disembodied scream

Hearing thunder

Headlights in a car not being on and not being able to see

Holding the untangled rope firmly

Having a winning hand at a game of spades


Handprint on face


Horse mating a goat

Holding a newborn baby boy and started to giggle

Half naked maid

Home you grew in

Hugging white dog in a dream

Hunting dog

House of horror

Husband comits suicide

Heart shape rocks

Husband saying he wants another child

Holding down

Holding my uterus in my hands

Half spider half human

Horses rearing up


Handwaved by little by baby

Havesting sweet potatoes and cassava

Hanging onto a chandelier

Hand saw

Human with cow legs