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Dreams starting with the letter H

Hair plaited by a dead person

Husband niece relationship

Hotel key

Holding fufu in my hand

Helping mad preson

Hunting and dieing

Happy fish and dolphins in a clear ocean

House which i build is falling apart

Hearing i love you from mother

Hide evidence

House that being constructed

Holes clothes by someone and i got embarrassed

Hen swallowing chick because i touched it

Husband making love with his sister


Having an affair with elvis

Having different face

Holes in fish


Holding a snake by its head

Holding a deformed baby in dream

Holding a deformed baby

Healing someone in a river

Hole in boob

Havesting banana and cutting the stem for juice

Heavy duty trucks in dream

House visitors

Hiding guns from army

Hurting my husband

Harvesting cocoayam and cassava in my dream

Head of boss who passed away and body in ground

Hop in a vehicle

Hoping in a vehicle

House flooded and seeing a dead relative

Half beard

Hearing lymerics

Horse being cooked

Husband is a priest

Harvesting turmeric in the dream

Harvesting turmeric in dream

House maid biting me on my breast

House maid biting my breast

Helped a pregnant animal to deliver her baby in dream

Horse carrying snake


Hand prints printed on the wall

Husband not coming home

Having a genius child in a dream

Horse and goat

Hiding from a spirit

Headless cow

Holy books searching

Housing official

Hot frying pan

Having a difficult bowel movement

Human and spider seen in a dream

Having a twins in a dream with my boyfriend

Hit with a belt by family members

Hanuman idol half broken in dream


Hearing sounds in the basement

Hanuman ji broken leg or arm in dream and real monkey seen

Having a traditional marriage with my boyfriend in the dream

Harvesting barley in dream

Hand ghost

Hornbill bird entering to nest

Half bald head of stranger withme

Harvest honey from bee hive and tate it

Hospital for old people that were empty

Hospital with no electricity

Hiding book


Husband wearing lace panties

Hurting vagina

Haunted room with dolls

Having dreams about my girlfriend before i met her in person

Husband asking to have a baby

Horror figure

Having big bag of good cocoyam

He is tall i am small thinking of things in the past


Half moon and stars

Holdind president hand and walking on a street

Holding the rope

Holding a rope

Helping a mermaid

Hair being unbraided in church

Husband having a skin disease

How can i overcome confinement in a dream

Half snake half bird

Have a nightmare

Husband touching another woman

Huge lightning storm


Husband pee in his pants

Heard of deer

Husband bleeding in the eyes

Husband complaining to you about stopping work

Health warning

Hug from my estranged daughter

Husband walking naked in front of family members

Husband brought home another woman

Harvesting fresh healthy groundnuts

Horny dog with big penis

Head being slashed by machete

Holding a dirty child

Herbal pig soup

Herbal meat soup

Having short maroon hair

Heiring as a king

Hurt pegion

Haversting graundnut and eating some

Husband swept away by moving water

Happy hijreeating food in bedroom

How to convince sister to press her boobs

Hard palm

Hake being cooked

Hills in front of me

Hanged clothes on rails

Harvesting ripe mangoes from a tree and eating it

Husband penis chopped off

Holding a huge butternut

Husband urinating on himself

Husband cleaning another women’s hands

House turned to a church

Husband driving another car

Hand bag covers with gold

Hearing a voice in your sleep

Heaven is on fire

Husband jumps from mountain

Husband is black in dream

Holding of two fanta

Holding bottle of a fanta

Hill gets bigger walking down

Hibiscus drink

Husband giving a diamond ring then dies

He meaning of the symbols of mother and mirror seen in a dream

Half human and half lizard

Household mess being exposed


Hanging white sheets


Hair stuck in clothes

Harvesting jute leaves

Head in lap

Hit by the lightning

Have skin reaction

Husband pregnated another woman

Hit yourself on the ground

Handed staff in a dream

Having umemulo in your dream

Having an affair with a married pastor

Having romance with dead person in dream

House surrounded by the green trees

Huge aeropl

Hiding from bad guy

Half fish cooking

His face was dirty so i clean it

Holes in palm which are painful

Husband buy new dresses for wife

Handbag filled with water

Husband urinating in our matrimonio

Human sparkling light

Husband with chest pain

Hacked facebook account

Holding a dying persons hand

House in a cliff

Holy oil being poured on your hands

Hizra refused to sell me vig

Happy dog at the graveyard

Hair in bath

Have a lot of material things

Hearing someones death news

Husband and me

Hair tye

Horse swallowed half of woman

Horse swallowed part of woman

Having a party with people who are dead friends

Hold breath

Harvesting corns

Haunted jackfruit in dream


Husband giving a key to wife dream meaning

Hear a crying baby in your dream

Hitting a dead person

Hand pulling my arm

Hervest fastival

Hair split in half

Hatching bird on hands

Handing partner coin

Holy water sprinkled

Holding my two sisters hands and keepibg them away from a drunk stranger

Hanging white clothes in a clotheslines

Holding advanced remote control

Healing the sick raising the dead in my dream

Holding a mic in church in a dream

Horse and moose

Husband having baby for another woman

Horse and tiger fighting in dream

Horses cage in dream

Horses caged

Helping bird give birth

Holding a snakes mouth closed



Herritage from uncle

Heir from uncle

Heir from unt

Holding out a flower

Home chaos

Hearing someone throw glass at my house and the glass shatters

Husband missing

Hiding a object

Had a dream that u are eating with your friend playing together

Hyena bitting left hand

Human naked with shi long teer dearm

Hurting z

Husband giving ring in dream

Honey and crossing ariver

Holding white rope with person

Hind legs

Horse on ground no head

Haiy legs

Horse nuzzling your cheek

Hiding corpse

Holding shoulder

Hood in a dish

Hidden rooms in basement

House roll

Hitting out dust from my hair or head

Headmaster being in love with me

Horse turning a woman


Hands and feet being anointed

Harry but dream

Higher path to dry and and the lower path to shallow water

Horse and fish together

Hair in coffee

Holding a small snake and wallgecko in a plate

Husband going shopping with another woman to buy her a tshirt

Husband going shopping with another woman for ts

Husband being a priest

Hades in the underworl just me and him asking me qustiones

Holding mobile phone

Husband leaves wife


Horror song in dream

Harvesting and eating tiger nuts

Husband ticket

Husband getting a ticket

Hearing desation in dreams

Hanging in my dream

Hanging in my drean

Harvesting black plums in a dream

Helping the dead peelimg cassava

Hole under the ring finger


Head hanging in tree

Hissng sound


Hand gesture

Hispanic woman shaking my left hand

Half in a dream metaphor meaning and examples

Hiding from a desperate ox

Horn worm

Heads in trees

Hearing adoor close

Hacked phone

Husband giving house keys to wife

Hanging out breast

Hayride with black goat tied to a tree

Hen biting in vagina to sister



Host in holy communiom

Husband naked and other woman is watching

Haunting ghosts holding hands in a circle around me

Human turd

Hanged man

Having robot hands

Having your period while taking a bath

Hee in my head

Husband in khaki and in a trance

Horse eating a snake

Handshake with your boss in a vacant office

Help someone croos street

Hiding in bathroom

Horse and dog

Horse attacks dog


House project

Hanging noose in dream

Husband sings on stage of fancy hotel with woman in red dress

Half ate fish

Hanging punishment

Hitting an instrument in the dream

Having a baby from a one night stand

Half werewolf top half bottom half man very huge and dark what does it mean

Hitting a wall in your dream

Hug old women

Hug from old women

Holding eggs

Hyena with white eyes

Husband surfing

Halloween costumes

Horse gram in yellow bag

Head cut off with a sword

Having eight babies

Human skeleton riding in a horse up in the sky

Hearing clock chime

Head butted by a goat

Hearing grandfather clock

High above city

Home with abandon pets

Hijras are danceing in my house

Hole in a step of the stair


Having baby animals

How do you get united in dreams

High speed driving

Having meal with the dead

Home coming of initiation boys in dream

Husband bringing another woman home to live

Harvesting vegetables giving to families

Horse is dead

Harvesting a butternut

Hitting a snake with a broom

Hitting a snake that want to beat you with a broom

Hawking groundnut in a dream

Hair compliments

Hamba odakeni

Helping pregnant women

Holding a ball of light

Husband articles were removed from my closet meaning and because it

Highly intelligent

Hooded crow in my neck

Horse poops

Hear dead cows and raising

Horse manure

Hala yang ube

Hakuna matata

Hand print wall

Husband gets lethal injection but doesn’t die

Holes being punched in walls

Harvesting radish

Harvesting radish and potatoes

Having multiple babies mothers

Hang onto airplane tail

High in air on bed

Hanging wet torn clothes

House temple being stolen in dream

Husband living me for another woman

Husband get separated from me

House as a gift

Happy early birthday

Hangman noose around neck

Having gel on a leg

Having an argument with your daughter

Husband buying meat

Hitting pothole

Helping people escape from prison

Helping prisoners escape and killing mental patient

Hand in hand

Hopkins meaning

Helping to tie gele on the head of a girl

Highway in sky

Having mad man as a friend


Helping cripple people to a hole

Hughes tomato

Holding hands with the pastor praying

Hearing alleluia in a dream meaning

Holding a blue and white ishoba

Half naked back

Husband claiming money

Having imbecile child in a dream

Husband was a demon

Hanging over a cliff

Hippopotamus in dream

Husband shave beard

Hairy monster

Husband gives you a ring

Huge scab pulled out

Handheld shower head spraying


Helping a badly bleeding person

House extra room

Husband crying over his mistress

Hearing deceased mothers voice in dream

Hair growing out of fingernails

Horse with stiches

History presentation

Husband removes penis

Height of a tree

Hanuman feet

Hand buried in front garden

Holding a pot

Hostage in the basement

Husband car accident

Head line

Having a hiding cell phone and jail

Hijack laddie


Husband deceased

Husband driving a truck and eating

Husband driving a truck and acting

High tension wire

Having romance with transgender

House covered in mould

Holding only a cats tail in your hands

Holding just a cats tail

Handprint on ceiling in dream

How it means to dream building a palm tree house

Husband sewing wife’s dress

Had to keep information a secret


Hawaiin shirt

Half spider

Holding gold in a dream

Having a wedding in a dirty environment

Half cast baby girl

He gave me a chalice

Half a snake

Hanging a man

Hiding behind the car

Hanging clothes on straight new wires

Honey river

Half human half eagle statue

Having a baby boy from a one night stand

Half penny

Heavy load removal in a dream

Hey load removed

Hotel house road possessed demon child dead father child turning into stuffy stabbing stuffy sad getting thanked

Hotel house road possessed demon child stuffed toy stabbing sad thanks

House down the road

Half webbed feet

Hamster and rape

Husband in water with baby

Hand pum

Huge tree growing money

Hear loud sound in a sky

Hand cuffs on my hands

Henna leaves in dream


Hanging out riding rollercoasters with a teenage boy

Husband wants to go abroad

House without a roof

Hearing a sound of broom sweeping outside

Head with scar and hole

He meaning of the symbols of mother and choking seen in a dream

House upside down in the sky

Hair growing back long

Helping the groom with water

Husband take me a picture

Hen with two months

Harvesting ripe paw paw fruits

High hee shoes

Haunted trousers

Hanging person

Husband wanted to extend the house

Husband psycho

Horse with two heads

Holding a bar of pure gold bar

Husband deceased and soul following my baby

Husband buying a dress

Husband marrying someone else

Headless cock

Half a face missing

Husband travels ahead and can’t catch up

Hungry buffalo

Hug someone

Hair horse and animals

Hearing an invisible clock ticking

Holy michael

Held hands with a girl and we squeezed each others hands and hugged

Hair dreams

Husband having affair infront of myself

Husband coming back from work with not enough money

Honey in a bowl

Home broken into

Hide in a banquet

Husband peeing bed

House falling into a hole filled with water

Having to wash a wedding gown

Hand waving

Harvesting green corn

Hurting my son in law

Husband was wanted by police

Husband was wanted by police for a robbery of a woman

Horns coming out of my head

Head split with axe

Heart shaped red rubing ring

Holy warden

Husband peeing on you

Husband trapped in a box

Hospital smells

Holding lotus flower

Hundreds of funnel web spiders

Half naked next to a guy

House surrounded by cemetery with my bed in it military uniform pins

Hearing orchestral musical instruments in my dream

Hiding in bush

Huge wave inland

Husband sleeping

Hound black

Husband swept away by water in a dream

Health remedy for stomach upset in 1month baby

Hanging with somebody wife


Helping with installing curtain in a house

Hubby helping me with house chores

Houses with secret rooms

Husband driving a car

Hand with an eye

Head chopped off with a guiloteen with 4 others

Hair braids

He took his penis out telling the dog to come while sitting in the car

Held by royal guards

Holes in bones

Humen dung

Holding hands pray

Hands sivering

Husband crying in his old coat covered in stains except for the shoulders

Hair growing out of tooth

Husbands head no body in dream

Hypodermic needles

House flipping in cicles

Hiv posetive

Hog pig walks on water

Her unblocking me after i told her that we were better off as friends

Hiding from harm

Hair on my arms and chest

Hate the world

Hooded stranger


Hajar aswad

Heavy rain and hearing a trumpet

Head with spring neck

Hitman who wanted to shoot but he realised not to do it

Having a construction truck back on top of you

Having a farm truck back on top of you

House fire with gargoyles

Having covenant with my siblings in dreams

Huge tamarind tree in my dream

Husband and wife fight and naked husband

Hr department

Human resources at work

Helping a lady in the river water

Helping someone move

Having native incision all over my body

Husband licking my ass

Horse and foal

Hen killed snake

Hot faucet

Hot tap

Hook big silver fish spiritual meaning

House hidden repairs

Haulage truck race

Hanging yellow dress

Hog roast

Hot roast

Helping a blind person cross a road

Hip of ashes

Having jigger in dream meaning

Hun jamming

Hand pus

Houses with lots of rooms


Hand life line

Harvesting root taro in a dream

Husband giving wife a dress

Hairdresser tools broken

Hawk in sky

Hand replaced with someone else’s hand

Hearing doors shutting

Hiding in a pile of clothes

Husband having twins with another woman

Him slowly rubbing my ear

Horse head with a human body

Human rib

Husband threatens to amputate his arm

Hanging off a cliff

Husband cheating with my sister

Husband giving house key to wife

Having arguments with adult daughters

Have a dream eat cassava leafs rice

House invaded by crowd

House being invaded by crowd

Having dragon or big wings

Having a conversation with a dead person

How can i dream my girlfriend

Husband go shopping with another woman

Having no mouth in a dream meaning

Honey bathing

Husband with maid affairs


Holes in my toes

Herb oregano

Having big buttocks in a dream

Husband came home from prison and we were in the middle of love making at my childhood home where i grew up that i dint live it anymore

Hare krishna maha mantra

Hard drive stolen

Hex dreams

Hank landed on my hand


Haunted housse

Having every dream twice with some little changes

Half past two

Half 3

Helping stranger

Harvesting sugar cane

Horse white pink shoes

Holding oha leaves in a dream

Husband disappearing seen in a be dream many times it means

Happy dead sister

House sale

Husband beheaded

Happy departed ones hug you

Hair on your bottom and back of legs in a dream

Helping someone with monetin a dream

Hospital turn home

Having someone not help

Hpeople following you

Hurt brown cat

He is looking looking at my sister in law while changing clothes


Husband having a girlfriend


Husbands wallet

Heavy period clots

Husband throws my things out

Horse and eagle

Hairless mouse

He tried to kill me

He’s tried to kill me

Horror dr and

He wants to hurt me

House falling down


Hole in the palm of your hand

Hole in the palm

High school classroom

Husband clone

Horse neglect

Human resource manager

Having palms in hour dream

Hair cutting

Hunting dogs running after you

Hedgehog infestation

Husband buy gold neclake for wife in dreams

Heavily like double being physically

Husband dead for 18 years with another woman making fun of me

Htop of a huge latter trash bags

Holding a sleeping baby

Holding a detached baby head

Hearing allah

Hair plugged off in a dream

Hair cut down in a dream

Have cat and mouses come out from my head

Home visiting

Hymalayan salt dream meaning

Honey bee biting

Husband turns away from kiss

Have my mom stuck to a railroad track and getting runner over by a train

Having twins

Homeless exercise

Hiding raw meat

Hand prints in a wall

Husband receiving profume

Husband receiving prefume

Hasband receiving prefume

Helping blind man cross the street

Helping man cross the street

Holding cane and command students

He say i will wash my foot

Hearing a vibrating sound while i hear someone clearing their throat

Handed blue scrubs

Herbalist place

Herbalist place in a dream

Hair growing on the wrist

Hearing blood drops

Hot palm

Holding hand strong

Hitting myself

Hanging myself in a dream

Hummingbird licking my feet

Human head with an iron bar


Highway drying construction

Human with a bird head

Hole of an antbear

Hellhound dream

Husband sleeping with daughter

Heaven and he’ll

Help evangelist joshua orekhie

Handing microphone to the pastor with no microphone

Half body person

House with antique furniture

Husband dressed in white and a coffin like box covered in white muslim

Hold on hand after shaking hands

Humanoid tiger

Hazreti İsa


Hole under big toe nail

Half teeth falling

Hidden cake

Holding sachet of water

Hearing the 7 trumpets

Haldi kumkum falls down

Hunting knife kills dying person faster

Holding my deceased mother

Having bumps of my coochie

Having bumpe of my coochie

Hot towel

Hat falling from head

Happy kids in yellow clothes

Husband crushed by log on a boat

Husband dies on boat

Husband chops pork with neighnors

Husband chops prok with neighbors

Husband chops pork neighborhood


Holding your breath

Hair growing from finger

Humping my moms legs until i cum

Hearing my heart beat in my dream

Heart chamber

Husband beats up wife

Huge quantity off batter

Hole in big toe that you see through

Hole in the bottom of my foot

Handcuff sec

Heavy items being held

Happy and walking on a floor full of water

Headboard breaking and me trying to fix it

How to ulock a dream 5 for open carrier

Hair on face

Husband is married to your mom

Happy to see a loved one that’s passed away

Husband becomes unconscious

Helping someone to conceive

Helping someone giving birth

Had a dream the moon was falling from the sky and it felt in my hands and changed to an oldgold vase and i took it home what does that mean

Husband married another woman

Harvested three dried coconuts

Huge friendly dog

Humite furniture

Hand dragging my son

House of fire

Hiv test dream meaning

Having baby bit twisting the head off

Hand cut open

Help a jellyfish

Heat stroke

Having a heat stroke in a dream

Having no shoes and being lost

Hear something hiss at you in the woods while cutting trees

Hand didtorted and burned

Human interstines getting cleaned

Husband helping to ridd off the fire

Houses on a green hill

How to remember a dream

Hunchback piano professor

Hunchback music teacher

Hunchback teacher

Husbands ex wife wearing black and white

Holding up a weak person

Hands on chest

Hair face

Hair pulled

Husband and sister in my dreams

Hit with belt

Hearing we will rock you

Hole in the grass

Husband calling my cell phone

Holding a lighting bulb then suddenly melts

House roberry

Heel of the cattle

Hawking broom in my dream means what

Hands surrounding my yard from above

Hallelujah seen in dream

Husband licking other woman breast

Hearing train whistle

Hose vacuum

Huging a ghost

Hooray khaladzi o lovha

Happy about mom dying

Hange pants in dreams

Husband touching someone else breast

Head crack open

Hook in vagina

Hot rice fell on leg

Hole in sky

Hotel changing rooms

Hair where there should be none

Head cut all over with blade without bleeding meaning

Holding a wine colour dress on my shoulder

Hole in abdomin intestines coming out

Husband cheating on wife

Hair on palm of hand

Horse and carriage trying to be sold to me

House roof damage by strong wind

House roof

Husband is young

Having new job

Holding a killed impala

Hairy hands

Hiding people

Hole in window

Husband in a room on fire

How long do dreams last

Harvesting maize

Having four breasts


Husk of coconut

House turning upside down

House being flipped upside down

Hanging arrangements

Hanging o

Hanging ornaments

Handed an envelope

Husband and wife separated by water

Holding a lamp in a dream meaning

Husband’s ex

Horse ana a goat

Hopping a fence

Hijra dream teer

Huge bowl with a crack in it i am trying to repair

Hollow palm tree

Hand crafts

Holes in church means

Horse lick your pussy

Husband being sneaky or stealing

Hay bail

Hand in lion mouth but did not hurt me

Home in my sons head

Holy family of mother mary in dream

Holybfamily in dream

Husband and cousin making love

Having a gem in my mouth then i put i

Hospitality by acquaintances

Husbend with second wife

Honeycomb eating in a dream

House full of people i know one face i enter the bathroom and the door was open

Half snake half lizard dream meaning

High grass

Holding a gun in ur hand

House lizard mating each other

Hands inside a charcoal

Horse with missing leg

House with a missing leg

Holding an egg

Husband drving truck in a dream

Healthcare logistics

Hole in foot

Husband overdosed on meth at aa function while wife and mistress was there

Hell hound sniffing

Hands in water drawing

Husband pushed me in front of a car

Headgear falls off

Hole in a hedge fence

Hands reaching from the sky

Home means in your dream

Holes in elbow

Hearing bagpipes

Hitting right leg with stone

Hedgehog being attacked by komodo dragon

Helping someone down the cliff

Helping a male on a journey

Hit by bus

Hiding from a woman i really care for

Hare trying to get into house

Holding two stones of gold in my dream

Hakf naked woman bottom oart

Horse running over water

Husband cheating with maid dream

Hailstorm rain

Half nude woman in a bath house with children

Helping a young woman who was involved in a cult

Husband trying to sink his boat but can’t

Holding someone with my hand on his waist

Hit by red car

Husband had a vagina

Humming birds lands on your finger

Hand on head seen in dream whele namaz

Hungry male doll

House in the bush

Hooded monk

Hajar al aswad

Having 2 boys children

Hearing cps in a dr

Heart shaped candy

Half fish half man

Half fishhal

Hole in white door

Horse biting head off another horse

Hair rinse

Hear whispering

Having pusy armpit in a dream

Hugs and kisses

Home is dirty

Husband talking to another woman

High white walls inside of home

Head in a jar

Husband dead

Helping a woman put her dress on

Having purple skin

Huge bloody pimple on abdomen

Husband met with accident

Hear knocking at door

Hole in babies head

Hole on chest

Half human half bird

Heart shape in dream

Holding a gun to me means what in adream

Husband cheating and getting another pregnant

Husban and son come help me protect my belongings

Having conversations with rev sister in church premise in dream meaning

Harvesting root crop ong the ground

Helping others with resources to buy food

Husband in an accident

Hitting a bull

Hundred thousand dollars

Hitting your chin

Hole in my lip

Horse riding dream

Hummingbird eggs and nest

Hanging orphans

Her family and she were going on a trip and they got to a hallway small room with a separate hallway going downstairs her dad asked if she wanted to do it again and it was a weird cave system and she said she wanted to do it again so she went down a mine shaft cave with spiders

Hitting the game winning shot

High walls inside a large house

Help from a man

Hot left hand

Holding a cross

Husband pushing wife in a wheelbarrow

Hooks for crocheting

Half parrot half person

Hitting someone with a hammer and hair got stuck on it

Hell entrance

Hole in left breast

Holding stick in dream

Head boy of a secondary school

Hibiscus flower tree falling

Hiding my vagina from sight with my hand

Hands on the light

Hand snatching money

Husband molesting a young child

Helicopter crash night before wedding

Hell god

Hearing pyar nabi name in dream

Hijra coming home in dream

Helping my brother in law masterbath

Houses foundation cracking in a dream

Horse fighting with lions

Hotel restaurant private room

Happy visit to grave with sunflowers

Huge growing sunflower on grave

Huge orange moon


Hand in mouth

Hatrick to win cricket game


Had a dream while my ex boyfriend bought me new clothes

How to tie a blue tie

Headless dark bird blocking the road

Hearing the word mr lollipop

Hearing gun shot


Hurt vagina

Hair changing darker

Harvesting mopani worms

Helping a little girl find her shoes

Holding hands moon

Hot spa pools

Hole in arm

Halloween and oversized candy

Halloween and iversized candy

Halloween and big candy

Hermione granger

Hasband peeing on the bed

Head injury to my daughther

Husband in children in a room

Hanged woman

Husband crossdressing

Human monk

Having a witch doctor possess your dad

Having a high five with a complete stranger

Horror cideo game

Horde with golden wings

Having dream about living grandma cooking in kitchen a meal spiritual meaning

Help and climb

Half human half dragon

Huge maize garden

Hurricane with running water outside a home

Hawking solid pap and adun in dreai

Hawking solid pap and adun

Head on the bowl confort room

Husband beating best friend to death

Husband beating best friend

Husband cheating with niece