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Dreams starting with the letter G

Getting in trouble at school

Glowing hands in my dream kissed my hands what does that mean

Gold foot


Gratitude dreams

Gold tea cup and gold tea pot

Gold tea cup and pot

Gurney in hospital

Granson rats

Golden fish is dying

Give the bird water

Ground cracking under a tree


Giving bread to a mad man

Going through offering money in the church


Gel beads

Gell beads

Given spearmint candy by a dead friend

Gold necklace worn by sister

Gallion sailang away

Grandmother making long coat to granddaughter

Green blood

Gaps in floor boards

Guy pinching girl cheek dream


Giving white clothes to an old woman

Getting shot then getting put at gun point and robbed

Girlfriend bleeding

Getting my windows tinted

Gold head band

Goat give barth

Goat give birth

Goat give birth to twins

Given debit card and seeing atm

God scrolls

Groundnut and garri

Giving kola in the dream

Getting an expensive cellphone as a gift

Giving birth under water means

Gambling and win silver coins

Getting played by boyfriend


Girlfriend being stolen from you

Giving a pair of moccasins


Giving chocolate cake to mom

Girlfriend moving towards the hospital


Greek team

Getting mt testicle pierced

God daugther

Group chaİrman

Giant books

Girlfriend hugging another boy

Giving ex rosary in dream

Giving birth to seeds

Green turning to pink

Guy grabbing girfriends ass

Gashed open foot

Green towel

Girl falling into hot oil

Giving betel leaves

Golden porclien cups

Giving a mad woman water

Greenhouse and friend saying run

Goat with horn

Getting spoiled by someone

Grass in water

Garden bed


Green face bael

Giving alms to the blind

Grandma giving white gemstone


Green snake give me number

Giving someone a white cloth in your dream

Getting seashells in a low tide

Getting ready for prom

Gas stove leaking

Greeting hello


Getting an apple

Genitals falling off

Greeting vip in a dream

Giving mad man money in the dream

Giving bedbath to a dead person

Gold sport car

Ginger ale in dream

Gingerale in dream

Gremlins and murder

Giving a servant of god money

Giving for dead father

Glasses scratched

Gun and riding a bicycle

Girlfriend is a stripper

Get a money card from a man

Growing nose

Getting diagnosed

Girlfriend and family

Ghost lady with bone in her mouth

Girlfriend and me playing in chocolate pudding

Getting back with your ex girlfriend

Giant beautiful black women



Green orange and dirty water

Gift crystal

Girlfriend applying cream on her body

Green chilliest

Garage filled with water

Gold e

Grabbing and holding neck

Going out with a korean guy

Getting sindoor from pandit of nidhi van

Gangrene on toe

Glass with spider webs

Getting a hug from a person in a vegetative state in real life

Got insulted by the priest in church


Golden crown dream

Giant teddy bear

Getting trampled

Green flies

Graduation dreams

Guy driving my wife’s car

Grasscutter bite in dream meaning

Girl child

Graves vanishing


Goth girl

Goth gurl

Golden snow globe

Giving birth with no pregnancy

Green and white with isiphika sengwe brown and black

Gym equipment

Ghost child

Girlfriend pregnant

Grandchildren falling into storm drain


Green witch and green bees

Girl child died on car accident

Green jumpsuit woman with horns

Gabi plant

Gorilla killing dad with sword

Golem behind glass

Getting cut with knife in right cheek

Going to a flea market

Guy chasing another girl

Giving a blue cup

Giant bug


Goats burned alive

Grabbing hands in bed

Giving my thali to own brother in dream meanin

Going to a wedding but never make it

Gorgeous look

Ghost pulling blanket

Going shopping with my dead father

Girl vegina dream number

Going inside a rondavrl in a dream

Giving stranger lot of incense

Given a an empty wilbarrow

Ghilaf e kaaba

Going past a gypsy in a dream what dose it mean

Giving your ex flowers

Green conch

God photo frame fallen down broken in the dream

Giving raw rice to my dead father

Gift bird

Gypsy giving me a life of good luck

Grocery cart stolen

God throwing silver ball down from the sky

Glass of milk in the earthen pot

Green discharge from my vigina

Growth on palm of hand

Groverment buildings

Gold car

Greedy people

Give some amasi

Grey lady

Game up

Grey venomous snake trying to bite me

Green pants

Goddess disappearing from temple

Green cobs

Gypsy baby

Going temple with my boyfriend

Giant dog that you pet but scares others

Giving money to a pastor

Gigging for gold

Grandma death

Giving food to old lady

Given bit to dry leave

Going on a picnic in a bus with friends

God stepping over me then rising up into the sky

Giving someone red papper in your dream

Grocery aisle

Getting sand from lake

Gray handbag

Grandma in green dress

Girl with a hijab

Grabbing brain

God turned into devil

Good turned into devil

Green chilli given by god

Grinding casava flour in the dream

Grey rabbit

Going from water fall to dry water fall

Golf club membership

Gem stone

Golden yellow eyes

Ghost with red hair

Gemstone number in dreams


Gemini attemted killings in dream

Giving white guinea corn

Giving someone peg

Giving birth to a jin

Giving silver to someone in dream

Goat black

Girl farting in my face

Grandparents rejected boyfriend

Guy in a white mask

Giving thamboolam

Grim reaper and killed carabao

Going up a steep hill with a bus

Getting fingers in your butt

Giving someone a frozen flower

Giving birth in cemetery

Guru paduka in dream

Grab ass

Gas disconnected

Getting a tattoo of a frog on a lily pad on my upper right arm

Game piece

Gloves burning on the stove

Gold and silver mixed snake dream meaning

Gifted green leaves

Green beans

German shepherd put his mouth on my left leg but when i moved he was friendly

Ghat marg

Giving blind man money

Gold dress with light blue slip

Getting rid of

Gold in mud

Girlfriend wearing traditional clothes

Giving white cream to smear my face

God photo frame fallen in dream

Gold bowl on its top


Grinding in stone

Gold belt buckle

Gold buckle

Getting a high rank office in politics

Gave my mum my mestral pad

Grow penis

Growing penis out head

Getting married by force

Green ditch

Green woman

Green ganesha looking woman with 16 titites and

Grabbing at my hands

Giraffe in a hole

Getting medical school average

Giving an old woman food in the dream

Giving ring as payment for food

Galactic dream slow motion

Getting called cute

Given a silver nose ring

Girl friend selects clothes for her boy friend

Gone off

Girls flirting

Gold measuring tape gift

Giving maize

Giving birth to twins one fully developed one under developed leave placenta inside after birth

G o visiting your home

Giving back massage of your died father in dreams

Giving food to a old woman nd finding herself to be god

Green and water

Giant monsters coming out of ground

Gorilla like creatures

Getting hair cut

Giving red rose

Going in your c wife s shop

Glass overflowing with liquid

Geometrical form on the sky

Greetings humans

God kisses my forehead

Gnomes attacking

Getting a new full time job contract

Girl sitting

Green bottle

Grey currawong making a nest

God asks you to repent

Ghost goat

Green vehicle in crash

Give birth to a kangaroo


Getting a tattoo

Gold legs and feet

Group can’t stay together

Get badge in auditorium full of applause

Groom dies before the marriage

Girlfriend cooked for another guy

Giving watch to dead grandmogher

Girlfriend put clothes in toilet

Geluksdal primere skool

Gas refill

Given money to a blind person in my dream

Garcinia kola in a dream

Giving water to a pastor

Guarded entry way


Gold particles in salt

Gray clouds above me while i sleep

Giving peas to kids

Give food to a mad man

Going to hill in a dreams

Giving land

Going to maintain in a dream

Gripping on to not fall

Grave dream

Giving birth to baby girl in water


Giving a wrist watch away



Getting off

Gay passing by

Girl grab my penis

Grabbed on neck

Genie essence

Giving birth to a pine cone

Getting cat as a gift

Given medication

Giving me a pot

Getting shrimp

Giving money to an elderly person in the dream


Giving an elderly person money in the dream

Giving money to a baby

Gress clean

Gun shot on your right shoulder

Getting married with transgender

Golden cord

Getting hugged by your crush

Giving a girl my number in a dream

God on a blanket

Giant want to kill me

Giant gecko chasing me

Green thumb

Glitter in eye

Gifts coming down a river

Giving a white shirt

Golden cloth

Girlfriend is trans

Getting in the wrong taxi

Grand mother applying coal on my body

Good story

Growing feather

Getting stranded at the bus station

Gems in my tooth

Given mabela sorghum in your dream

Giving someone lime fruit in the dream

Graduation ceremony

Giving some one lime in the dream

Giving someone lime in the dream

Giving kumkum turmric

Grandmother peeing on bed

Getting violent with a partner

Given a chicken whose leg is broken but still alive in dream

Going for a picnic

Green jacket lady

Gold coffin meaning of dreams

Girlfriend being pregnant with her ex

Guru giving sweets

Glimpse of future paths

Grabbed from behind and crushed

Green menorah


Ghost alive person spider web

Glass cherries

Gems coming out of baby’s mouth

Going back to the villeg

Getting a girlfriend

Grey star falling to my body

Going through girlfriend’s phone

Giving someone your sanitary pad

Givin back coin

Giving oxygen to my baby

Giving a frozen flower in a dream

Green plant pots

Gold d

Getting lost in the night next to bin that makes strange sounds

Give shelter to strangers

Godess statue with four eyes talking to you

Golden potatoes

Giving a slotted spatula to mom

God beat me in the back of my body

Give money

Given chicken belly

Giant red eye

Giving and receiving green leaves

Gingham 12

Grandfather amputated arms

Giving a gift to a child girl

Getting attacked by a tree

Getting old clothes

Getting old clothes from someones stock

Girl crawling to you

Giant anteater

Getting mocked by family members in a dream

Grinding stone

Grab robber

Grab thief

Girl bring on shoulder to home

Grabed the thief

Giving sel roti to others

Giving birth to maggots after my boyfriend living me

Giving someone airtime

Giving a little boy pure water

Growing beans in a pot but they keep on dying

Getting beat up while pregnant

Getting torned by a cactus

Giving away the new job to someone

Going down wooden stairs

Ghosts in your photos

God in stone

Giving others falttened rice and jaggery sseen in dream

God photo falls from wall

Green socks

Gifted phone in dream meaning

Glowing crystals


Grey stones

Going blind in one eye

Ghost fondling my nipples that hurt

Guy named nick

Getting ready

Getting ready and getting late

Gossperry in bible

Guy has a night cap with my girlfriend

Green long thin serpent moving in circle below me

Golden snake in water

Green snake bite

Green milk in a dream

Guy named peter

Girls in their school uniform

Green figues

Going back and forth

Gummy bears

Ground provisions

Gave deliverance from devil


Green trouser

Gas tank save from explode

Gorilla rape me

Gorilla tape me

Going to school

Gold chain and silver chain tied together

Getting chased by a chainsaw

Giant coke can

Grandmother giving pearl and gold necklace

Grandmother giving ornaments

Greeting people at church

Green christmas tree ornament

Green shiny christmas ball

Getting money back from a lawyer

God drunk

Giving dead mom earings

Given an instruction on maintaining the same good character

Gold head scarf dream

Giving mad man food

Girlfriend meeting my parents for the first time

Girlfriend meeting my parents

Giving a testimony about the goodness of god

Giving money to an old woman inside the river


Goats ears and heart

Gang members

Grey hair

Gray discharge

Given full gallon of palm oil

Gift of big house with water views

Glacier fish

Grown up stillborn

Golden scissors

Golden hair

Gold cup


God open her eye

Ginger plants

Ginger poplants

Ginger pot plants

Girlfriends dancing gracefully

Gf going to another country

Giving vibhuthi to friend

God gave me a shovel

Grinding dried yam

Golf hole

Gold dead

Giving waistbead in a dream what does it mean

Got extra money from shopkeeper

Girlfriend dancing with freindd

Grandmother handing my clean panties to me

Girlfriend and boyfriend dead

Got lost

Giving mad lady food in the dream

Grasshopper coming out from mouth

Gf bald

Getting lost to each other in the graveyard

Gas cylinder

Global domination

Girlfriend in a green dress

Getting pregnant by a snail

Green light

Growing and coming

Grandson had chickenpox

Gold jewellery and fish’s

Given a prescription to a man

Grey bag

Gay and wedding

Green bird

Ghost in painting trying to kill me

Gorilla killing parents

Glowing hand with a diamond bracelet and a atm card in the palm

Girl watching a man ejaculate

Girl giving a blow job

Girl watching a guy cum

Girl blowing guy

Gooseberry tree with fresh fruits in dream

God statues seen in goilet

Grandma dead

Giving orange beads earrings

Glow on dark

Green branch

Garuda in tree

Goats milk cheese

Gathering caterpila into a clear pot

Gave neighbor a drink of juice

Give neighbor a bottle of orange juice

Ghost buster

Green bambo tree falling in river

Given gift from former son law

Girl and her face seem blurry

Graduation caps

Graduation hats flying

Girlfriend wear a crown

Giving birth what a meaning

Going to someones house

Giving poisoned water

Grand white temple

Getting new dress from my mother

Ghost putting hand on chest

Gold cows and white man

Goddess baglamukhi

Growling dog

Ground swalowing

Golden bells

Group of people sleeping together

Girl touching my stomach


Giving me spicy

Gold mouth

Girl child eating chips

Girl child eating

Giving priest silver coins

Guinea pig

Garbage bins

Given 2 neck tie in the dream by my pastor

God’s eye

Going on a bus trip and taking a shortcut

Giving money to a lady

Giving birth all over again to a grown son but he was covered in little fluid filled beads

Giving pedicure

Gift of blue sword

Game glitch

Green gungu

Guy being sown into a horse

Girl peing

Getting your mints stolen

Golden eyes

Girl drinking red wine sucking directly from the bottle meaning what

Glue song

Grey trouser and grey t shirt

Greek food

Getting charge

Giving cashew nuts

Ginevera having a boy

Generator dream

Giving white pill in dream

Granddaughter missing upper left molar tooth

Guests sitting on floor

Growth of armpit hair

Giving earpiece by somebody in a dream meaning

Giving earpiece by somebody meaning in a dream

Ghost and men drime number

Great tribulation

Getting ready to skydive

Green moong dal

Grave of sahaba ra

Goat horn broken

Gold hat

Giving a mad man food in your dream

Giving candy and sweet to children in a dream

Giving cashew to a boy in dream

Given an injection in the butt with my consent by a doctor

Give my mother bream

Giving grandparent a clock

Goddess of light

Grandma dressed in yellow


Grand pss as rent

Giving palm fruits to someone

Grave caving in

Green blanket coming through a bending wall

Goddess hera

Ghost playing tricks

Getting gold from husband in dream

Giving phone number to someone in a dream

Groundnut shell

Grade b

Guerilla fighter

Granny giving me white plastic

Get a job in navigation feild

Getting kidnapped

Getting wedding wearing a blue ring

Getting wedding wearing a blue ribg

Gina isangoma

Giving turmeric in dream

Giving meat to dead mother


God opening eyes

Giving number six

Gun in a dream

Gas left on

Gold numbers

Gold water and death

Gold and tree

Garland of leaves


Giving golf to the dead

Golden winged dragonfly

Giving sweetmeets

Gather with white wedding suit

Green snake killed person

Green snake killid person

Girlfriend blind

Going up a block

Giving someone botox

Gathering and cooking

Girlfriend pregnant with someone else


Getting rugby ball in a dream


Gemstones i the ground

Gemstones in the ground

God footprint

Great skill

Getting draged

Getting a new phone case

Gift by old friend

Giving us brass vessels in dream means

Girl kiss your jaw

God photo fell down

Garlic plants

Glass of milk and a glass of water

Gold and white light

Glitter clothes

Getting food while other mises

Gold durag

Getting a gift part animal part human

Glowing flowers


Gratng coconut

Gathering egusi in dream

Giving someone dead animal

Growing eggs under my feet

Giving birth to a disabled child in a dream

Getting tortured by family

Giving thamboolam to relatives in dreams

Ghost girl

Golden fat long cows chasing with short back legs

Greater rhea

Girlfiriend got lost in crowd

Glitter on tongue

Golden cross necklace

Goods meaning in dream

Getting married to unknown person

Golden people

Going to a new place

Grave by bed

Green horned cucumber

Girls sucking other girls pussy

Giving blessings to your friend in dream

Guns pointing on my ring finger

Getting blessing in dream

Giving a mad man food in the dream

Green boat

Green rice field

Guy in love with me

Glitter in bed

Good breath

Girl urinating on me

Group of religion people

Green empty container means what in a dream

Giving shower to your mother who already passed away

Gave a child a blow job


Green snakes

Giant crack in the ground and skeleton arms grab me inside the hole and i die

Girlfriend circumcising his boyfriend


Gray stone and seafoods

Grave and plot stone

Golden light in a eyes


Grey ashy skin

Given ace of spade card by an indian man

Gold spiders

Green friendly snake

Grandmother was fishing and caught two crabs


Given a staff

Gift buying

Guru accepting flowers in dream

Goat bite in the dream

Goats attack in the dream

Gods judgment

Guava leaves

Golden lord ganesh idol

Girlfriend came out the closet

Girlfriend is lesbian

Green grass and a river dream meaning

God of time

Green ox

Godess of time

Give bread to a mad man in your dream

Girl in a cave

Giving a child chocolate

Giving someone feathers to eat

Girlfriend in the hospital

Giving a gift to my dead father

Grinding of pepper and tomatoes with grinding machines

Giving a mad man unsew cloth meaning in islam

Gaia goddess

Getting goose bumps in dream

Gold and white

Grandma being possesed

Grandmother possession

Getting out of a speeding ticket

Girl with a lantern

Ground nuts


Giving food to hizra in dream

Goat cutting

Giving a glass of juice to dead father

Grand baby

Green cow coming from the sky

Grapes in a plastic hanging on the tree

Growling squirrel

Goddess statue drowned in water meaning

Guy fixing a boat

Giving bath yo a small girl of 5 with lots of foams but lacking water to wash the body

Giving bath to a girl of 5 but lacking water

Goat feet

Goodwill near me

Guest sleeping with me

Getting help unexpectedly from a friendly man in a dream

Goddess mariamman in dream

God holding shovel high building

Goat cub

Group tried to kill me while sleeping

Goat with triplets

Gift bed sheets

God idols in toilet


Green gums

Giving a mad person food

Goddess idol


Gushing period in bathtub

Grav av snakes

Gum stuck in my teeth

Going to trip

Gobi ng birth meaningful

Gold bangles

Girl chasing in a saree

Glory of god

Giving someone a hoe in a dream

Getting caught without a train ticket

Ganesh made from tumeric

Gold lungs

Giving birth to object

Getting rugby ball in dreams

Getting a ticket

Grand mother

Grain silo on fire

Giving clothes dead person seen in a dream

Garden snakes

Getting wounds easy

Getting someone thats alone in a room

Getting unblocked


Girl beating my chest

Giving bracelet to a dead

Getting sewed

God giving kum kum

Grave inside kaba

Golden stat

Giving a mad man food in the dram

Giving x partner part of cut tree

Giving security man money in dream means

Giving food to my x boyfriend

Getting shot in hard


Gooseberry while pregnant means

Gang chase

Getting in a car with a stranger

Gautam buddha

Gautam bu

Grand ma praying for me

Glasses next to my bed

Going somewhere new

Group of people were naked

Giving dates to someone in a dream

Green glass bangles

Given peeled melon in a dream

Giant fruits

Girl sucking heart out of chest

Giving new matiries

Giving new cloth

Gun powder

Girl naked on facetime

Glazed place

Green key

Going to kentucky with someone

Giant fake skull in sky

Giant skul

Green brick wall

Giving your new bra to a friend

Gay friend dreaming that i am a male

Gingham material

Ganesh visarjan

Goddess of beauty

Giving my ex food


Giving carrots

Grim reaper blue robe

Gray snake with read and orange around it

Giving plants to more people equally

God daughter slaps god father

Giving ex bf birthday cake

Grey water

God gave me the number 5

God gave me the word grace

Grandma deceased

Gathering hog plum in dream

Golden trumpet meaning in a dream

Grim reaper

Guy copying you

Grandpa wearing rainbow owls

Garden deceased love one

Gold from stomach

Glowing gold

Giving advice about a job interview to stranger

Giving someone cowries in a dream

Gun pointing at you

Goat urinating on face

Gay people

Ganesh ji and visarjan

Going to hollywood

Going to hollywoood

Ghost whistling to you in your dream

Giving chilli

Green stones

Genet in my house

Grandma borrowed money

Group people picture

Gold coffin

Green grams represent what in adream

Going into senate building to meet senators

Given magi in a dream means

Girlfriend brain

Ghost child boy

Grabbing by dead

Getting hijacked

Giving enemy money

Got appendix taken out in dream no pain

Golden fountain of sparkles

Golden fountain

Golf hole in one

Giving a child needed eggs

Gifted a cocoa yam in the dream

Ground spinning

Girlfriend wearing my t shirt

Giving money to dead nani

Got pranked

Gift silver car


Green sindoor in dream

Gift of own protrait

Girlfriend put her finger in my anus

Goat horn fell off

Got bleeding in sperm in dream

Gele in a drean

Giving green cardemon to other person

Geese goslings

Gender swap

Giving money in hindu temple

Giving yourself oxygen what does it mean in a dream

Given elder sister clothes in dream

Girl pregnant i am afraid

Ground nuts under your bad

Guli in your dreams dashing

Growing flower on chest

Grey clothes

Geese laying eggs

Grandfather naked

Gus his colour

Girlfriend becoming skinner and feeling sick

Golden globe

Getting a hand with four kings

Given a shot

Gioa monster

Giant feet

Girl wearing red dress and tilak on her forehead

Gangbang my wife

Green bindu in dream

Given a phone

Getting a job

Gum stuck to glass cup

Gum stuck on cup

Giving birth to dead quadruplet

Green fireworks

Gifted a sanitary pad


Gas gage low

Giving one moimoi and eko

Girlfriend packing out

Getting shot in leg

Golden photo frame

Greating tool meaning

Golden tablets

Growing tree

Ghee rice

Getting pinned to the wall by a guy you don’t like

Gained weight and unattractive woman

Glass vase glass flowers

Glass flowers in a vase

Given cansi

God giving me a brick

Generation of women

Gecko pooping

Gold fish shaped ring

Garden cress

Girl chose other guy

Getting kiddnap

Glowing rosaries moving

Grabbing ankles

Girl showing you her pravite part

Gold ring with a white stone

Goat giving birth to snake

Get asked out

Greenfield maize

Green and black means wear

Gry and white snake in the dreams

Going to a wedding

Giving present

Guns in a cave

Girlfriend cheating on me

Grinding a rice

Green penis

Getting 100 rs in dream

Garden egg

Given cashews nut in a dream

Getting married in a forest

Grasping; holding; hug; restrained; cuddle

Giving money to temple

Giving food to guru

Gypsy on graveyard

Godesses opened her eyes in my dream means

Giving out red oil to someone

Gost on tree and snake pound

Giving someone a white handkerchief

Giving gift


Gifting wine to muslim

Givine wine to a muslim

Givine wine to a muslkm

Ghostly moving of furniture

Green plant

Going for hajj

Giving me a rope

Gold suitcase

Gold suitcase train

Goldfish in mouth

Green car door

Girlfriend tied up and naked

Grandmother passed away dreamt that grandpa apoligized that he was not at funeral because he was dating someone